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Punar Vivah means second marriage. 'Punar vivah' means 'Second Marriage'. What happens when you are married with a wrong person, and that wrong person leave you and your 4 months old baby? What happen when you stop living your life for your family, for your baby? Every person need someone with whom he can share his happiness, his sadness, his life. This is a story of Manik, who has stopped living his life for his daughter Aarohi. This is a story of a 2 and half year old Aarohi who needs mother's love. This is a story of Nandini who enters in Manik and Aarohi's life like an angel. What will happen, when this two people will be knoted in a relationship called Marriage? Will Manik get another chance to live his life? Will Nandini accept Manik's past and his child. Will she give chance to this relationship? To get answer peep inside the story. BY J.

Romance / Drama
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“Manik, u have to marry Nandini.” Nyonika said in a firm tone.

“No ways mom.” Manik again shouted on his mom.

“Plse Manik, for Aarohi u have to marry Nandini.” Nyonika again insisted. Manik rolled his eyes seeing his stubborn mom.

“Mom, I don’t want to spoil Nandini’s life. Why can’t u get this!” Manik said firmly.

“Nandini’s dad brought this marriage proposal. This mean even she want this marriage.” Nyonika said. She came near him and cupped his face.

“Manik, even u need love. U need a partner who take care of u and Aarohi. Plse say yes to this marriage. Plse move on in ur life. All girls are not like soha. Nandini will never do anything like soha did. Plse Manik.” She said softly. She wants his son to move on in his life. She want him to get all the happiness which he deserve. She want him to marry again not only for Aarohi but also for himself.

“Mom I know everyone are not like Soha. I know Mr Singania from last many years. His daughter can never betray me like Soha did. But mom, just for once think about Nandini. No girl wants to marry a guy who is a divorcee. If I will marry her then she will never be able to love me. She won’t be happy. And even I don’t know if I will be able to give her rights of my wife. Mom, I don’t want to spoil her life” Manik said holding her hand.

“And what if she herself want to marry u?” Nyonika said again.

“And what if I marry her for Aarohi and she herself don’t accept her?” Manik asked. Nyonika looked down in defeat.

“Manik plse just for Aarohi think about this marriage proposal.” Nyonika said and left Manik with his thoughts.

Manik entered inside his house, dead tired after working for so many hours. But his tiredness flew away as he saw his little princess sitting on the floor with her toys spread everywhere. She was playing with her favourite toy. He smiled seeing her cute little smile.

“Hey aaru.” Manik said and threw his bag, blazer and tie on the couch. While Aarohi looked at her dady who sat on the couch. She immediately stood up and ran towards her dady. Manik smiled and picked her up in his arms. He made her sit on his lap.

“Dady.” She said with a big smile and kissed his cheeks. Manik smiled and kissed her nose making her giggle.

“So what my princess did today?” Manik asked caressing her cheeks.

“Dady firlst (first) I went to skool (school) then I eat (ate) my food. Then I payed (played) with Neha.” She said cutely.

“Who is neha?” Manik asked politely. He heard this name for first time.

“Neha is my nle (new) flriend (friend).” She replied and Manik nodded in yes. Manik smiled at her words mistakes. When she started speaking, he was very tensed seeing her mistakes. And few words were very hard for her to spell. And he was hell tensed. Thats when Nyonika said him “that it is totally normal. She is learning how to speak so 1st she will make many mistakes.”

“So dady u know Neha bhapp.” She said making “bhapp” sound which means she “fell down”.

“Oh neha fell down? Then, what happened?” Manik asked.

“Then hel (her) muma came and huggie (hugged) her.” Aarohi said with a smile. Manik also smiled and kissed her forehead.

“But dady, that day when I bhapp down. Why muma dilnt (didn’t)come?” She asked. Manik’s smile vanished hearing her question.

“Princess, ur mommy is at Nana Nanu’s house. U know today she called me and said that today she will come back to her aaru because she is missing her aaru baby.” Manik said softly. Aarohi’s eyes Twinkled as her dady said that her muma gonna come back today.

“But then nanu fell ill and so I insisted ur mom to stay there and take care of your Nanu. He needs ur muma, baby. I said to ur muma that Aaru is a big girl, she will understand that muma can’t come back right now.” Manik said caressing her cheeks. Her twinkling eyes turned sad as he said this. She hugged Manik tightly. Manik don’t like to lie to her but he don’t have any other options. How will he say to her princess that her mother left them? That her mother didn’t liked her and dady. So she left them.

“Yes dady I am a vely big girl. Tell muma that I undelstand. Tell her to take care of nanu. And even tell that I miss her slooooooo much.” She said in a low tone while hugging him tightly. Manik know that she need a mother. But he can’t do anything.

All this was seen by a Nyonika who was having tears in her eyes. She came towards couch and said.

“Aaru baby u want to see ur muma’s pic?” Nyonika said lovingly. Aarohi opened her eyes she jumped from Manik’s lap and ran towards her dadi.

“Mom, what are u saying?” Manik asked her sternly.

“Enough is enough Manik. Now I am not going to listen to u.” Nyonika ordered. She opened the envelop and took out a picture. She gave it to Aarohi. Whose eyes Twinkled seeing her muma.

“She is shoo beaultifull.” Aarohi said with big wide eyes. She ran towards her room with her muma’s photo.

“After 10 days ur marriage is fixed and I don’t want any kind of discussion on this.” Nyonika said and left.

On other hand.

A girl was crying while hugging her mom.

“Mom plse tell dad I don’t want to do this marriage. Plse mom.” She pleaded.

“Nandini, u know how much he like Mr Malhotra. He always wanted ur marriage with him. I don’t think he will change his decision. I am so sorry.” Swara said while crying. Nandini cried more and more. She don’t want to marry a guy who is a divorcee.

“Just hope that Mr Malhotra deny for this marriage.” Swara said while caressing her cheeks and whiped her eyes.

“Mrs Malhotra, I am so happy that Manik said yes for this marriage. Now I don’t want any kind of delay. I want that they marry as soon as possible.” Rajesh said to Nyonika.

“Yes Mr Singania even I want the same.” Nyonika said with a smile.

“Okay then lets fix their marriage this Sunday?” Rajesh suggested.

“Great.” Nyonika nodded in yes.

This was heard by Nandini who ran in her room. She laid on the bed and cried bitterly.

“I don’t want this marriage.” She cried.

What will happen, when this two people will be knoted in a relationship called Marriage? Will Nandini accept Manik’s past and his child. Will she give chance to this relationship?

To be continued...


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