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Chapter 24 - Olivia (Part 2) **STEAMY**

“What do you want, Olivia?” he asked. A faint rumble vibrated within him that made her heart skip and her thighs clench. “I can’t lie this close to you any longer and not enact the desires plaguing my mind right now.”

He was giving her an out, a chance to say no, she wasn’t ready. He’d made his intentions known, his ambitions for the near future that included her and Chloe. She knew that her trust issues wouldn’t go away overnight but what more was there to fear? His wolf was part of him and Chloe. She would have to accept it, if not for him then for Chloe.

She could feel his need against her thigh. It pulsed with the life-giving force that made her wet and aching to receive every last drop of his essence.

What did she want?

Her heart beat frantically as she stared into his eyes. She couldn’t think straight. All of her thoughts and emotions swirled together. They all revolved around him. From the first moment she saw him to waking up alone and back to seeing him again on the beach with Chloe at her side to him kissing her fiercely before running out to battle last night.

How many more times would he come and go? How many more times would she fear it would be the last?

He closed his eyes with a groan and was about to roll away from her when she pulled him back and clasped his lips with hers. His discouraged groan turned to one of desire as he slipped his hand behind her head and pulled her closer, deepening the kiss.

Fire roared to life within her, the flames spreading out to her fingertips and toes. Her scalp tingled with warmth under his grip that extended down her neck and spine. She wrapped her leg around his hip, drawing him closer and not willing to let him go. She could feel him between her legs, brushing against her cotton pajama shorts and exciting her further.

Deep down, she knew this was what she had needed all along. Not only to go back to where it all began but to recreate how their first morning should have been—together, making love all morning until the hotel kicked them out.

She kissed him with all the fire and intensity she had burning fiercely within. Kissed him as though it would be her last because, at that moment, the last thing she wanted was for her insecurities to drive him away.

She broke away for air and to utter, “I want you to replace my old memories with new ones.”

He groaned. “Gladly.”

He pushed her down on her back and pulled her pajamas from her body, kissing her neck, chest, and stomach as he went. Her body was alight as she raked her nails lightly across his back, urging him on. Her panties were completely saturated as his hand slipped down to rub his finger along her slick and aching folds. She gasped his name at the caress.

“I want to hear you beg,” he whispered.

Oh, fuck me, she wanted to say but bit her lip.

Last time she said that he thrust so hard, it hurt but the pleasure outweighed the pain and she screamed in ecstasy. They both came so fast that they barely caught their breaths before starting round two.

This time, she wanted to start off slow like round two did—drawn out as they explored, caressed, and kissed each other’s bodies, slowly building up to their earth-shattering climax that had been better than the one that preceded it.

They didn’t stop from there, worshiping each other’s bodies and coming again and again until they fell asleep, too exhausted to move another muscle and still intimately connected.

He wiggled her drenched panties over her round ass and down her thighs. She released a shaky breath as his fingers brushed down over her leg before his palm gracefully slid back up, bringing with it a raging fire of passion that made her tremble with need and anticipation.

She watched his eyes take in her figure as he settled back down next to her, propping his head up with an elbow while allowing his free hand to trail over her thigh, ass, and hip, and trace her stretch marks before meeting her gaze. Heat rushed to her cheeks as she shifted onto her side, facing him.

He reached up and clasped her lips, breaking momentarily to utter, “You’re so fucking gorgeous.”

Melting under his touch, her self-consciousness ebbed away as he pulled her body against his. His hands caressed across her jaw, down her neck, over her shoulders and spine, and down her ass, squeezing her closer to his throbbing dick between her legs.

She needed more. She couldn’t get enough of his lips but her lower lips were starving and dripping with hunger.

“Cam,” she uttered, wrapping her leg around his hip again and pulling herself closer.

He groaned, grabbing her breast and pinching the nipple lightly between his fingers. Electricity zapped through her and she gasped, shuddering in pleasure under his touch.

“Not until you beg for it,” he reiterated, kissing her neck.

Two could play that game and she wanted him to feel every bit of sweet agony until they came apart at the seams.

She raked her nails over his shoulders and arched her back, rubbing herself against his hard-on and making him growl. The sound was oddly exciting and encouraged her to continue. She kissed the muscle between his neck and shoulder, mirroring his movements so he could feel the same bodily joy he was inflicting upon her.

His throat rumbled more fiercely and he pushed her down on the bed and pinned her arms over her head. “Liv.” His voice was a deep tremor that vibrated within her core. It was a commanding tone, but also a pleading one as he straddled her, his weapon of physical rapture standing strong to attention between them.

“Cam, please.” She bucked her hips, rubbing her burning and aching opening against the base of his shaft.

“How do you want it, Liv?” he asked in a husky voice, his lips hovering over hers. He rocked his hips in response to hers, coating himself in her milky essence. “Hard and fast or slow and sensual?”

She bucked again, trying to gain more control over the position of their bodies, but he was far stronger than her. She groaned in frustration. “The longer you tease me, the faster it will be over and it won’t be enough.”

“Impatient and greedy,” he teased, kissing her and nibbling on her bottom lip.

She moaned. “Stop toying with me!”

A sly grin spread across his face. “I need a little more coaxing.”

His mouth moved down her neck, nipping lightly at her skin and sucking harshly. Pleasure raged war within her and she gasped when his mouth clasped her breast and she couldn’t stand it any longer.

“Cam! Fuck!”

His mouth claimed hers, silencing her cry as he plunged his length deep inside her entrance dripping with desire. A sharp pain struck her but was quickly replaced with elation as she adjusted to the intrusion.

His muscles relaxed as he exhaled a shuddering breath. “Finally.”

He released her arms and she wrapped them around his neck, digging her nails into his back and urging him forward with her hips. She needed more. His presence inside her wasn’t enough to quell her mounting passion.

“I’m never letting you go. Ever,” he whispered, kissing her again, tenderly at first and grew in intensity as he eased himself out and back into her aching folds.

Her legs embraced his hips, pulling him closer as his thrusts grew deeper, faster. Her breaths came in ragged as Cameron rocked her body back and forth, higher and higher. She could feel herself coming quickly, her body quaking with the build-up to her release. She clung tightly to him, gasping for air as it was too thin at the heights he was carrying her and when she came, it would shatter the earth.

He grunted, driving her with such force while kissing her as if he would die without her.

Sweet friction, panting breaths, hungry kisses, and clenching muscles bunching up together in a flurry of emotions and sensations exploded within her at the same time he set off fireworks—blasting down the walls their inhibitions and insecurities created and leaving them both standing there in their naked truths, staring at each other as the dust settled. The past leaving scars as their open-wounds closed.

She could see clearly now that he meant everything he said and she could no longer deny everything she felt for him as well. She could not rebuild the walls she created over anger and anguish—because they would all be lies bound to destroy her, not protect her.

Cameron fell limp, half on and half off her, gasping. His cognac-eyes gazed at her in adoration. Reaching up, he brushed a curl from her face and kissed her lips gently. “I love you.”

She closed her eyes and kissed him back. “I love you too.”

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