The Forgotten Claim - The Claim: Book 1

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Chapter 25 - Cameron (Part 1)

Cameron allowed ten minutes to pass before he rolled Olivia on top of him and encouraged her to ride him as hard as she liked. He then took her from behind, doggy-style. After that, she tried to take a shower and he came after her there.

He made damn sure that she understood that he would always want her, need her, and never leave her and Chloe like her dick of a father.

Then came the hard part—letting her go.

She had to return to the city for an open house and he had to check in with Alpha and Dr. Waaban—Sam too, for that matter. It sounded terrible, but Cameron hoped that Sam’s mate was still unconscious by the time he got there. Now that the threat was over, he needed to apologize and assure Sam that Cameron’s intentions were to inflict the least amount of damage possible to disable the rogue and ensure Olivia’s safety. Sam’s mate put up a good fight and that worried him.

He waited about ten minutes on the beach, looking out over the water before his father came to pick him up. His thoughts drifted from Olivia and Chloe to Sam and his mate. He thought about Andrew too—how different everything would have been if the attack never happened five years ago, or if things hadn’t ended the way they did.

The past is the past. Let it go.

He heard his father’s approach before he smelled him. The breeze blew against his face with all the freshness of the water before him. Tranquil, yet invigorating.

His father put his hand on Cameron’s shoulder. “How was your night?”

A smirk played on his lips before he met his father’s gaze. “Good.”

“That’s good to hear.”

They turned to walk to their waiting car.

“I have a date with both of them later.”

His father’s hand was still on his shoulder and he gave it a gentle squeeze. “I feel the Goddess is smiling down on you now.”

“I pray it is so.”

The drive to the packhouse was silent, Cameron daydreaming the entire time of his future. He could see it clearer now, brighter than before, with hope filling him.

That all shot to hell the moment he stepped out of the car only to be greeted by Sam’s fist right between the eyes.

It wasn’t the strongest punch he’d received, but he certainly hadn’t been anticipating it and definitely didn’t see it coming.

“What the fuck?” he yelled, staggering back with his hands cupping his face. Blood poured down from his nose as he struggled to gather his bearings and meet Sam’s hardened gaze.

“That’s for nearly killing my mate last night, asshole,” Sam spat, blocking the doorway to the infirmary with his hands balled into fists at his side.

Cameron’s father growled in warning, making Sam bow his head in submission.

“Dammit, Sam! We went over this already!”

“I know, but I’m still pissed!”

The pain between Cameron’s eyes subsided slowly and he looked up at his ruffled friend, with his black hair sticking up all over the place and heavy bags under puffy, bloodshot eyes.

“Damn, you look terrible.”

The fight left Sam and his shoulders deflated. “I couldn’t sleep all night.”

Blair took his son’s face in his hands to examine him, but Cameron jerked away, mumbling that he’ll set it himself.

He apologized to Sam for hurting his mate so severely. “But he wouldn’t stop. I had to stop him,” he insisted.

Sam’s eyes misted over as his bottom lip began to tremble. “I know.” He hung his head and wrapped his arms around himself. “I know.”

Cameron’s heart broke for the young male he regarded as his own little brother. He knew Sam couldn’t handle another rejection. He pulled the scrawny teen into his arms as Sam began to break down, blubbering about all of his insecurities. What if his mate didn’t wake up? What if he didn’t want him?

“Why wouldn’t he stop for me, Cam? Why?” he kept asking and Cam couldn’t answer because he didn’t know.

One thing he did know was that Sam needed to be strong. “He’ll wake up soon and he’ll need you to take care of him,” Cameron told him as he gripped him by the shoulder, his head bowed. “Show him that you’re a worthy mate.”

Sniffling, Sam nodded and rub the snot dripping from his nose with the back of his arm.

“Come on, let’s get you some tissues before I go see Dr. Waaban.” Cameron slung his arm around Sam’s shoulders and urged him forward.

Dr. Waaban scowled when he saw Cameron’s face, but he set to work cleaning him up before checking his ear. Everything looked good, but his nose would take some time to heal now and gave him an ice pack.

Sam returned to his mate’s side in the infirmary and Cameron went to Alpha Noodin’s cabin. Alpha asked him a series of questions, but Cameron had nothing new to tell him that he hadn’t already heard. There were no traces of rogues now. The threat was gone unless Sam’s mate woke up with other news.

Dismissed, Cameron went to his parents’ house, needing company as he waited to hear from Olivia. He had a hearty lunch of rabbit stew with his parents, his mind drifting back to Olivia and his daughter.

She invited him to meet with her and Chloe but hadn’t told him when or where. Alpha gave him the day off, so he relaxed and fell asleep on his parents’ couch. He was still healing from his injuries and had a busy morning with insufficient sleep the night before. His body was exhausted.

His phone woke him up a couple of hours later. Groggily, he picked it up and pressed it to his good ear. “Hey, Gorgeous.”

“Cameron? Did I wake you up?”

He rubbed the sleep from his eyes. “Yeah, just took a nap. How are you doing?”

“I’m pretty beat too but I’m okay.”

He smirked to himself. “I bet you are.” I beat you so good this morning. “How was your open house?”

“Good. Got a few offers already and I haven’t even pulled out of my parking space at my client’s house. It’s a bidding war for sure.”

His heart fell. “So, that means you’re busy tonight?”

“Not necessarily. It takes some time to negotiate and things can’t progress if I don’t do the work.”

He could hear the humor in her voice and it drew his lips up in a smile. “What’s the plan, then?”

“How do you feel about meeting us later for tea?”

Us. He liked the sound of that. “That Ocha Gardens place?”

“Yeah. I’m pretty sure Chloe would love to have a tea party with you and her favorite mandarin orange tea.”

He grinned so hard his face hurt. “I can’t wait.”

“I haven’t told her yet, so it will be a surprise.”

“Even better. What time?”

She hummed in thought. “Seven? We’re going to have dinner before that because they don’t have a kid-friendly menu.”

“Or a wolf-friendly menu,” he added.

She hummed again. “Yeah. I’m going to have to remember that from now on too.”

After working out a few more details, he got up, searched for his mother in the house, kissed her goodbye, and went back to his place to get ready and grab another bite to eat. Leaving early to ensure he’d be there on time if there happened to be a traffic jam on the highway, he arrived ten minutes ahead of schedule and waited for them to arrive outside the cafe.

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