The Forgotten Claim - The Claim: Book 1

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Chapter 5 - Cameron (Part 1)

Cameron was too stunned to stop her when she climbed into her car and peeled out of the parking lot.

She recognized him.

Fear, anxiety, and anger filled her, but it was because she recognized him.

How was that possible?


Before she could disappear from sight, he caught the dealership plate. Wentworth. He didn’t know where that was, but he knew he could figure it out.

“What happened? She just took off!” Sam exclaimed as he stepped up behind him. His teenage-blemished face was pale, his blue eyes wide.

“Where’s Wentworth?” Cameron asked, pulling out his phone from his back pocket. His hands were shaking so bad, he couldn’t even tap in the pin to unlock his screen. He tucked it back into his jeans and ran his trembling hands through his hair.

“I don’t know,” Sam confessed. “Maybe a suburb in the city?”

Cameron swore under his breath. That could be it. He hadn’t looked for his mate in the city. Only humans lived there. Werewolves didn’t like the city. It was too loud and crowded. Their pack’s territory lined the eastern edge of the city limits. Only the alpha, luna, and betas went into the city when they needed to.

His lungs constricted. He couldn’t breathe.

He was so close. He got so close to her before she shut him out and ran.

Sam snapped his fingers in front of Cameron’s eyes. “Hey, snap out of it. We’ll find her.”

“I need a drink,” Cameron muttered.

Sam nodded.

They walked to one of the pubs along the beach and ordered a beer on the patio. Sam was still underage but at that moment, he didn’t argue about staying sober. Someone had to keep a level head.

Cameron set his phone on the table the moment he sat down and stared at it until the waitress set a glass of cold beer next to it and he quickly downed half of it.

Sitting back in his seat, he closed his eyes and exhaled, letting the alcohol slightly numb him before he opened them again. He picked up his phone and turned on the data before opening up the map app.

“You okay?” Sam ventured.

Cameron grumbled under his breath.

Sam didn’t push and after a few minutes of searching for Wentworth dealers, Cameron found one that had to be it. It was in the big city an hour away. She had to live near there. Maybe not in that exact neighborhood, but near.

He could find her.

He had to find her.

Even if she had chosen to spend her life with a human male, he needed to find her to know if he had a chance with her. He couldn’t give up on his soulmate without making sure he had no chance with her at all.

Why the anger and hostility though? He didn’t say or do anything to make her run, but when he tried to confront her at the car, she snapped and told him off.

“Talk to me, Cam,” Sam urged.

“She recognized me.” Cameron swore under his breath again. He brushed his fingers through his hair before he took another swig of beer. “Dammit, why can’t I remember her?”

No one mentioned him finding his soulmate either—that was definitely something no one would have left out when he woke up from his coma.

“I don’t know.”

“You think it’s possible I met her right before the attack?” Cameron asked. His stuff had been found with a hotel key, a room booked for that night and the next with room service ordered for breakfast for one.

He massaged his face with his large rough hand.

Shit. What if he met her and because of his coma and amnesia, she thought he abandoned her?

She had a kid with her too... a little girl.

He didn’t get a good look at the little girl or whiff of her scent. He’d been too stunned to see his mate standing there, his heart in his throat at the thought of her betrayal.

Could the child be his as well?

Fuck. This was messed up.

Sam swore under his breath as well, his fur ruffled. “It’s possible... but we’ll find her.”

Cameron gulped down another quarter of his beer and nodded. He had to find her again and learn the truth. Nothing added up, which only added to his frustration and guilt of what could have happened.

He couldn’t sit idly by. He had to excuse himself from his pack duties and set out to find her. Alpha would understand.

He called up Alpha Noodin and arranged a meeting with him and his mate, Luna Aki, to explain the situation later that evening.

With that settled, he drank down the last of his beer and paid the bill.

They marched to one of the small packhouses at the edge of town where canned food and clothing was stored for anyone in the pack passing through and needing a snack and a change of clothes. They stripped down and left their clothes neatly folded along one of the walls next to another set of folded clothes.

Stepping out onto the porch in the open backyard, he and Sam stretched before shifting into their wolves and leaping forward.

Sam’s wolf was a mixture of black, gray, and white while Cameron’s was mostly gray with some dark brown mixed in with a tan belly.

Running with the wind in his fur, a little of the overwhelming emotions had slipped away.

Running and working out was like therapy for him ever since he woke up to discover his best friend dead. Running freed his mind while working out numbed it. He had bulked up some, catching the attention of several females in the pack, and now he understood why the looks they cast his way made his stomach churn. Even though he couldn’t remember his mate, maybe a part of him knew and hadn’t forgotten? He’d never intentionally cheat on his mate, but most wolves had no problem sleeping with other wolves if they had not met their mates. He shouldn’t have feelings of revulsion toward another female if he hadn’t previously met his mate.

He had to have met her before!

Moreover, what if the little girl was his?

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