Davidson (Book 3 Halo Series)

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Davidson Ryder Runningbull is a laid back, easy going kid until you mess with his family, especially the females. Davidson loved his mom like none other. Unlike most teenage boys Davidson hung on everything his mother would tell him. He never wanted to disappoint Halo until one morning he was walking past the laundry room and heard a very private phone conversation that turned his world upside down and changed his view of his mother.

Romance / Erotica
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Davidson was breathing hard, sweat rolling down his back as he helped his friend Tucker unload the U-Haul that was carrying their furniture. They had decided to share an apartment to help cut the cost of living and give them some financial freedom, especially since Davidson had refused to take his sister Chloe’s help. He could not take money away from her or his niece and he would be damned if he asked his bitch of a mother for help. With that being said, that left out his father too. He did not want to cause any more trouble between them.

It had been six months since he had seen his mother and did not have any plans on seeing her any time soon. She was a lying, conniving bitch that did not deserve a man like his father. He used to love his mother wholeheartedly and hung on every word she said until he heard a phone conversation that was not meant for his ears or anyone else’s as far as that went.

Tucker yelled “David! Where are you, man?” This pulled Davidson out of his thoughts. “Yeah, Tuck. Sorry, I was in la-la land I guess. Where do you want to put this couch?” Tucker chuckled at him, “Do I look like an interior designer or some shit? I guess let’s just throw this shit in here and figure it out later.” Davidson smiled, “Or we could get Chloe to come and figure the shit out while we play with Jordan. I haven’t seen her in a while.” Tucker liked that idea. He loved Jordan and all of Davidson’s siblings.

“That’s a great idea. We could have a cookout and maybe Loaf could help unpack the U-Haul and giving us more time with Jordan.” Both guys chuckled. Davidson pulled his phone out of his pocket and dialed Chloe. “Hey, Sis. Do you have any plans for today? Tuck and I want to have a cookout so that you, Loaf and Jordan can see the apartment.”

Chloe laughed across the line. “Brother, you are so full of shit. You just want us there so that Loaf can help unpack the U-Haul, I can decorate and you both can keep Jordan entertained and be fucking lazy.” Davidson just laughed, “Sis, would I do that?” After several minutes of debating with each other, it was finally settled that the little family would be over in an hour.

Davidson couldn’t believe how big his niece had gotten. He loved her so much and couldn’t wait to have his own kids one day, but that would be a while from now he hoped. Curiosity finally won out, “Hey, Chloe? How is Dad doing?”

Chloe gave her brother a sad smile, “He’s doing alright. He misses you, Davidson. He loves you so much and you know that but how you were treating Mom was wrong and you knew Dad wouldn’t put up with that shit. What’s going on? Why do you hate Mom so much? She loves you, brother.”

Davidson took a huge breath, “I know Mom loves us all, but how she is treating Dad is fucking inexcusable! Did you know that our beloved mother is having an affair? Don’t try to tell me she’s not either! I heard her on the phone with the mother fucker!”

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