Davidson (Book 3 Halo Series)

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Two months have passed since Davidson came out to his family and everything was going well. Anvil had asked the club for a meeting so they could inform them about Davidson and Tucker. They all had gathered at the clubhouse not knowing what they were fixing to face. Anvil stood proud in front of all his brothers and informed them that his son was gay and that he was in a relationship with Tucker.

All the men in the club were shocked at first but then came around and congratulated the boys. Axe walked up towards the front where Anvil was standing, catching everyone attention. "I would first like to say that I am proud to call everyone here a brother for how they have taken Davidsons news and showed them the love we have for these two young men. I'm also proud of how these guys had the courage to come out. It could not have been easy to come out to us. You have my utmost respect, Davidson and Tucker. You both are my nephews, brothers, and kids I will never have. I love you."

Before Axe could finish his speech, Croak the president yelled up to Axe. "You'll have kids one of these days brother. You just have to meet the right woman." Axe cleared his throat, "well, you see. You're wrong there because I'm also gay. I just never had the courage to tell anyone. I have been miserable all my life because of it. These two gave me the courage to finally open up."

Everyone was dumbfounded. Never in a trillion year's would they have thought Axe of all people being gay. Croak finally pulled his thoughts together. "Axe, brother. I'm glad you finally came clean and told us the truth. We love you and never want you to be miserable. I know this is going to take some time to wrap our heads around all the changes that will be coming up but we are family first no matter what! Is there anyone else who needs to confess anything? Now or forever hold your peace or at least till we can digest this." All the guys laughed and went to congratulate Davidson, Tucker, and Axe.

Croak pulled Davidson to the side to have a little chat. "Davidson, have you considered prospecting for the club? Now that we are totally legit I don't see any problems from your family, especially Halo." Just the thought of Halo on his ass about her son scared the shit right out of him. Davidson laughed at his huge Uncle being so frightened by his tiny mother but knew she could take him down without a doubt. "Actually Uncle Croak. Tucker and I have been talking about it and I have decided that I do want to prospect. I just didn't want to cause waves in the club with my being gay so that's why I came out first." Croak smiled down at the man standing before him. "I'm so fucking proud of you, boy. Your mom and dad have raised some damn fine kids but you have become a fucking great man on your own. You can always come to me and Aunt Sis if you ever need anything." Croak grabbed him in a headlock rubbing his knuckles across his head making Davidson laugh.

Anvil invited the boys and Axe back to the house so they could eat and Axe could inform them of his news. Just after lunch, they all settled in the living room. Axe caught their attention and filled them in. Everyone was happy that he finally came out. Rowdy Sue was pissed. She walked up to Chloe, "Sissy, you need to hurry and get pregnant with another girl. I'm serious. Look at how many boys we have in the family and Bubba and Uncle Axe are bringing more in!" Everyone laughed at the little girl.

Chloe pulled Rowdy up on her lap. "Well little sister. We are going to have two more little girls in the family in about five more months. You can go give Loaf a huge hug for that one." Rowdy jumped down squealing and ran into Loaf's arms. Halo, Anvil, James, and Sue couldn't stop smiling. Sue looked up to James, "shit, I'm going to need more wall space!" James smiled down at his beautiful wife, " it's fucking great, isn't it?"

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