It All Started with a Dare

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Veronica was staying up with her BFF Sarah, then suddenly the dare was what changes her life, and flipped it upside down ♡

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Chapter 1

It was a dark night and Sarah and I were playing truth or dare. “Roni!” I snapped out of my daze and gave a sleepy response “Huh?”

Sarah rolled her eyes and said ” K, now that I got your stupid attention,” she paused and gave me the stern look. She leaned in close and whispered in my ear ” I dare you to text a random phone number, with the same area code, Hi.”

My jaw hit the floor in a flash. I pushed her on my mattress. But Sarah started to giggle. ” Thats what you get Roni!”

I pouted and crossed my arms while thinking ” I shouldn’t have dared Sarah to do the chicken dance in front of her crush!

And I shouldn’t have picked dare... on second thought Truth is always boring.

Sarah and I already know everything to know about each other so Truth really didn’t have a purpose, it should be called Dare or Dare because Sarah and I are dare devils, but we thing Truth or Dare has a nice ring to it.

Sarah passed me my phone, and I groaned as I made a new contact called ” Mystery Dude” while closing my eyes and entering a random number. I quickly texted a “Hi” to whoever and shut my phone off.

Lucky for me, it was 2:30 A.M so I wouldn’t die of embarrassment.

Because that person was most likely sleeping, and goes in the same school as us.

Sarah flashed me a satisfied smirk, and I mumbled “Happy?” Sarah replied with that stupid smirk across her face ” Very,” I stuck my tongue out at her and she did the same thing back.

I burst out in laughter. ” Night Roni,” I rolled my eyes and didn’t reply.

❤️ I hope you guys enjoyed my first chapter!!! Plz leave some feedback even though it’s horrible ♡

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