Seal Team One Book 3 : Worshipping Amara

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The adventures of SEAL Team One continue. Catch up with William and Colette, Romeo, Tino and Molly and see what is happening with them now. Introducing Preacher and Amara, who meet in an operation to stop a slave trafficking ring in Germany. Preacher was a man of faith and a soldier. Falling in love with Amara would test his faith in ways that would either break it or make it stronger. He prayed for the later.

Romance / Erotica
Sway Jones
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Chapter 1

It was a huge fucking bed!

Easily accommodating the three of them no matter what position they were inclined to be in. Right then both Romeo and Valentino were kneeling at either end of Molly who knelt between the both of them.

“Like this?” Molly asked grabbing Romeo’s cock and sliding it slowly between her lips while undulating her tongue against its underside. The corners of her mouth lifted slightly when she heard Romeo moan and watched his head tilt back in ecstasy. As his manhood glided all the way to the back of her throat and hit it, she gagged slightly but didn’t pull away. It wasn’t her first blow job for Romeo, but the last one had been less than stellar. She had to get over her gag reflex and the “ewwiness” of having his cock in her mouth.

It took a few tries over the last several months, but finally, she was able to suck on him for a few minutes without being disgusted with herself about it. He had quickly pulled her way sensing her hesitancy and proceeded to fuck her pussy hard, but she had felt like she had disappointed him by not being able to let him cum in her mouth.

So tonight she was determined to make it happen for both of them. Valentino made her moan as he fucked her from behind at her other end. He wasn’t in her anally, but boy was he deep inside her cunt. Her moan reverberated up Romeo’s cock and made him groan out loud at the vibrations suddenly stimulating him. He grew even harder burgeoning to a diameter that cut off Molly’s airway. She started breathing heavily through her nose but did not take his cock out of her mouth. She’d rather die than disappoint her lover again.

Valentino grabbed her hips and plunged hard into her body. Romeo sunk his hand into her hair, clutching her head and pulling her closer to him. As his cock sunk even further into her throat, Molly’s nose touched Romeo’s flat hardened groin, and she moaned in delight at how deeply they both were penetrating her, marking her as theirs from the inside.

“Jesus Christ Molly,” Romeo growled as he felt her throat tighten around his cock when she swallowed. He nearly lost it then but managed to maintain some control over his need to orgasm. She was a fucking natural, he thought amazed. Pulling her back and forth on his cock he could feel her tongue moving against him when she had room and her throat muscles closing around him when he was buried in it. All the while her big green eyes stared up at him with total trust and love. She had to be having trouble breathing, but she wouldn’t let go of him, devouring him over and over and over.

Romeo looked away for a second to his partner and almost lost it then to watch Valentino fucking their lover. His dark skin against her flushed alabaster skin was such a study, in contrast, it was beautiful. His pumping his cock into her red, inflamed pussy, as he gripped her ass tightly was so damn hot. Romeo had to admit he loved watching Molly get fucked almost as much as he enjoyed fucking her. What he truly needed was to watch her get fucked and then fuck her with the hard-on he got from being a voyeur.

Seeing her satiated at the end of a marathon lovemaking session was the best feeling in the world. She practically purred as she fell asleep between them, genuinely contented and happy, finally at peace with her place in the world, with them.

Two months ago they had a commitment ceremony with just the guys, Colette, and her parents attending. They found a minister willing to wed the three of them. Not such a hard thing to do in California. Afterward, they took everyone out to eat and then went away for a beautiful honeymoon on a small tropical island known for its privacy and discretion.

They had returned six weeks ago to a new member of the household arriving.

Colette and William had had a bouncing baby boy! Born healthy and beautiful, with his dad’s long length and his mother’s dark hair. They named him Joseph after William’s grandfather. His parents came to visit for a week and then returned to Nashville. Colette’s parents were staying in a house they had rented down the street to be close by in case they were needed. They were.

Colette had a difficult time getting used to this new being in her life. She suffered from postpartum depression, and it was hard for her to take care of both herself and little Joe. William and the guys pitched in but had been called away for one weekend. Molly could help Colette, but Mrs. Sullivan took over caring for the baby cajoling Colette into helping out as much as she could. Slowly but surely with help from medication and some counseling, Colette was returning to her usual self and taking on the responsibilities of motherhood quite nicely.

Hence this night of lovemaking they could have with Molly who wasn’t exhausted from having to take care of the house and Colette. It had been a week since they had last made love and they all sensed each other’s desperation for the other. They needed this tonight. To revel in this intimacy that only sex could bring to them. The emotional, intellectual, and bodily intimacy was all tied up into a sweaty pulsating trio of need, desire, and love.

Romeo pulled out of Molly’s sucking mouth, reluctantly. He could stay there all night, but he wanted something more from her. Laying down he pulled her along on top of him. Valentino pulled out and breathed heavily, watching what Romeo was doing.

“Come here baby,” Romeo whispered into her ear while pulling her ass up. He guided his cock into that tight warm pussy, impaling her on him. She groaned with the exquisite fullness she felt as he entered her. Her hands fell to his stomach and held her upright, fully engulfing his manhood inside her. Her hair cascaded around her face hiding it from him.

He smiled when she finally looked up, and he could see her beautiful emerald eyes staring at him, filled with need and love.

“Lean forward baby,” he commanded her gently. “Put your hands on my chest.”

She did as she was told all the while never breaking eye contact with him. Her total trust in him made his chest tighten with emotion. She had been so wary for so long, but now she knew they loved her and only her. They would do anything for her. And she would do the same.

“We’re both going to have you,” he told her. “At the same time.”

He saw a flare of concern in those verdant lipid pools, but it was gone just as quickly. A shy smile curved Molly’s lips, and her mouth opened slightly as her breathing became shallower in anticipation of what was about to happen.

They had done it once before, and it had been painful at first. Soon, however, as she relaxed, she began to feel a myriad of sensations in her body that drove her crazy. She had never cum so hard or so long in her life. It had been incredible.

Yet they hadn’t done it again. Until this week when Romeo asked her to fast yesterday and today. During their shower time, he had also cleaned her out in anticipation of what they were going to do now. She had hoped but didn’t count on it. All this sex was relatively new to her, and she was still having trouble accepting that she was doing it right. They always seemed satisfied, but maybe they were just kind. She was so inexperienced, and they had been with so many women before and knew so much about how to please her.

She tried to get them to tell her what to do, but more often than not they told her to do what came naturally. But maybe it wasn’t good enough. Even though she had cum hard and long with the double penetration, perhaps it was something they didn’t like doing with her, hence why they hadn’t done it again until tonight. Wanting to ask them she had always lost her courage to do so not really wanting to hear about how disappointed they were with her. Yet how else would she learn, she tried to argue with herself. Her cowardliness always won out.

“Is that ok baby?” Romeo asked.

“Oh yes,” she answered without hesitation and nodded her head for good measure.

He chuckled at her enthusiasm. “I know it takes a lot of preparation for you,” he continued. “Which is why we don’t do it too often, but we want you so badly.”

Her face frowned up.

“What’s wrong baby?” he asked, suddenly concerned.

“That’s why you didn’t want to do it again?” she asked surprised. “Because of the preparation?”

“Yes, Molly. You have to fast for two days and then be douched. We didn’t want to make you have to do that too often. You need to eat.”

“I guess,” she said slowly. “I thought maybe you didn’t like it. I love it. I would do it every night if you wanted but I guess you’re right. I do need to eat.”

Valentino laughed out loud.

“Little bit,” he began. “Yes, you do need to eat, but we enjoy making love to you at the same time. It’s intense. But maybe doing it infrequently will make it all the more intense because of the anticipation.”

Molly looked over her shoulder at him. He knelt behind her in between Romeo’s legs. She smiled, and Tino fell in love with all her all over again. She was the only woman he had ever met who could reduce him to such emotions with just a smile or quivering lip. Heaven help him when she cried. He never felt so helpless and torn up as when she had tears streaming down her face. Unless they were happy tears, then he was never happier.

“Ok,” she said to him and then leaned over Romeo, exposing herself to Valentino.

He growled with the offering of her ass. She was so trusting of them even though she also had no confidence in her own abilities to please them. They would teach her differently.

The bottle of lube sat on the nightstand. Tino picked it up and squeezed some into his hand. After putting the bottle down, he placed his hands together to warm up the viscous fluid. Sliding it on her asshole, he pushed it into her warm hole with his thumb. Feeling her tense, he gently rubbed her ass and the small of her back, one of her erogenous zone. His motions pulled her attention away from the penetration and helped her to relax. He rimmed her hole with the lube and then layered it on his manhood.

Grabbing her thick ass with both his large hands, he steadied her as his dick lined up with her puckered hole. The sight of Romeo’s cock already in her sweet pussy drove him crazy with lust. They were going to satisfy their woman tonight in every imaginable way.

When Romeo pulled almost all the way out, Valentino plunged into Molly’s ass making her gasp from pain and desire. He groaned at how even as tight as she was, she enveloped his whole cock, stretching wide to take him all in. As he pulled out, the friction was nearly unbearable until he felt his friend’s dick push back into her pussy, rubbing the thin membrane between them and he was thrust into a whole other level of stimulation.

“Fuck,” he moaned as the two of them went in and out of her, synced with each other’s movements.

Her groans were driving him even crazier. God, he loved pleasuring a woman, especially the woman he loved. Molly was his everything along with Romeo. The three of them were a triad that was unbreakable. Those kidnappers had tried to take her from them, but his squad had gotten her back and he and Romeo nursed her back to health. She was stronger despite or maybe because of the hell she went through but still was the gentle, quiet soul she had always been.

He leaned down over her and kissed her neck.

“I love you, Molly,” he whispered into her ear. She turned her head toward him and moaned loudly, “I love you too!”

“Me too?” Romeo asked grinning.

Molly threw her head back to laugh, but it soon turned into a sob of pleasure.

“I think that’s your answer,” Tino said grinning as well.

The two of them started to laugh but stopped immediately when they heard Molly say in a clear voice, “More.”

“You need more baby?” Romeo asked, grabbing her around the waist and pushing himself in until his face was next to hers. Tino’s head was to the left. She stared at Romeo, her eyes glazed with need, breathing hard.

“You need more or deeper baby?” Romeo growled.

“Oh God yes!” she cried out. “Deeper please sir! Deeper!”

Romeo sliced his eyes over to Tino, and his partner acknowledged the unsaid coordination. They both started slamming into her at the same time, pounding her asshole and pussy, going in and out with the same rhythm. They filled her to bursting. Her keening wail grew louder and louder as they continued to relentlessly fuck her simultaneously.

When she screamed her orgasm, the two of them moaned and emptied their seed into her pulsating body. Their entwined bodies jerked and spasm with their climaxes but they held on tight to each other and soon settled down on the vast bed, Molly sandwiched between the two men. Molly buried her face in Tino’s large chest wrapping her arms around him while entangling her legs with Romeo’s who wrapped his arms around her chest. Tino wrapped his arms around her waist, and the three of them fell into a deep, satisfying sleep.

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