The Prince's Gift

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Romance / Fantasy
L. E. Hunter
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Chapter 1

I knew I was in trouble the moment her words left her mouth, dripping in regal authority. My queen had decided to give me to him as a final gift before his ceremony. The purest gift he’d ever receive. A consolation for taking her as his mate instead of one of his choosing. I knew he wasn’t mine to have, but that didn’t stop me from falling in love with him all the same. He wasn’t mine to lose either, but I’d have to give him up just the same.

The night before was such a blur as I stood before him now, his eyes taking me in as if for the first time.

“It’s time my beauty,” Queen Isla had said, taking my hands into hers.

I nodded shortly and bowed my head. “Yes my Queen.” My voice came out in a breath, anticipating the next phase of my life. What did this mean? What happened when he was finished with me?

“I can’t believe you’re going to throw her away for nothing. Zane is fine with the agreement. He is accepting his duties like a man and cooporating! She’d be better suited for an actual diplomatic need, not to give my son one last piece of ass before he’s mated. He doesn’t need his mother’s gift to get that.” King Kyran hissed as his hands flew into the air in frustration.

Queen Isla snapped her gorgeous head around, glaring her husband straight on as she squared herself to her full height. “Exactly Kyran. He deserves this. He’s giving up everything for your damn treaty. The least we can do is give him some small reward for doing so willingly. She is by far the best gift maiden I’ve ever had, and by far the most beautiful. This will be good for him. What he does with her after that is up to him. She will belong to him from then on. For now, she is mine to do with as I see fit, and I will give her to him, and I don’t need your permission to do so.”

He grumbled lowly and ran his hands through his hair angrily. “Well, then get it over with already. The ceremony is in just a few months and he needs to get it out of his system so he can focus on what’s coming. Hell, he can keep her on the side after he mates Lilith for all I care, but he will not be distracted from his duties once they come.” Kyran walked over to stand inches in front of me, my eyes trained on the floor in submission. “Such a waste.” He snarled before walking out of the room, the door slamming shut behind him.

Isla took a calming breath before turning back to face me, her fingers holding firmly beneath my chin to bring my gaze up to meet hers. I felt my body tremble against her touch as my breath came out shortly. I worked hard to slow my heart rate, realizing she’d sensed the change instantly. “Don’t be afraid dear Adriana. This is what you’ve been prepared for your entire life. You will do wonderfully. I know it. That’s why I’m giving you to him. I know you will bring him some comfort before all of this hell starts for him. You will please him in more ways than just sexual, which is all Kyran would use you for. A piece of ass to trade for a more land in this god-forsaken kingdom. I won’t have you just thrown away. I put too much into you to just waste your gift.”

Her mahogany eyes were warm as she gave me a small smile, cupping my face in her hands. She had been the only mother figure I’d known my entire life. They found me at age three, wandering the woods outside of their kingdom. She took pity on me and brought me in to join her personal slaves, having me taught beneath her private servant.

As I began to age, she noticed my creamy skin and long wavy blonde hair paired with my deep emerald eyes as a gift to be nurtured. She separated me from the rest of the slaves and began to have me serve her individually. She’d had me fitted for a chastity belt the moment my curves began to come in, knowing the males in the kingdom would try and use me. Most knew better because of my position with the Queen, but they often did not keep their hands to themselves, only to find that they would not be able to be successful with the barrier seated tightly around my hips.

I was thankful for her. She’d treated me with a firm kindness, nurturing me from the beginning. She did not however blur the line between master and slave. I knew my place. I knew she was in charge of my every movement, my life. But I knew nothing else. Only her authority and guidance throughout what I knew of my life.

She’d ensured I trained not only under her personal servants, but in all aspects. Isla had me learn the art of seduction and pleasure as well, knowing my purpose would one day be useful in tight negotiations or to show gratitude to another kingdom or warrior after a major battle. I’d known my fate all along. I’d accepted it.

Isla had me spend the entire day being cleaned and prepared, and a new outfit was made for me. I slipped into the thin skirt of the white gauzy dress before pulling the halter over my head and around my neck. The neckline plunged to meet the skirt sitting low on my hips before it wrapped around my back, covering just enough skin. Two slits split the sides, exposing my hips and the silver of my chastity belt. My back felt the delicate gold chain as it draped against my bare skin, sending shivers down my spine each time it touched. The sides of my hair had been braided into a partial braid meeting in the middle of the back of my neck as the rest of my long blonde hair hung in cascading waves down my back and arms. My gold metal collar was placed around my neck, the center open to indicate my status. It matched perfectly. I was ready.

“It’s time for you to be presented to him.” She squeezed my shoulders reassuringly and then turned, leaving the royal suites and walking slowly towards the throne room as I followed closely behind.

She was announced and I trembled slightly as I followed her in, my barefoot steps quietly padding against the cold stone floors. My eyes remained dropped to the floor as I moved, focusing to calm my breathing. She stepped up onto the platform and sat in her golden seat beside the waiting King, as if it was any other day. I felt a presence standing at my side and my heart fluttered as I realized the prince was standing only inches from me, waiting. I fought every urge not to look up at him, but I could see in my peripheral that his hands were clenching and unclenching. Did he not want me after all?

After a moment, Queen Isla spoke with complete authority as the King rolled his eyes in annoyance. “Zane, in honor of your cooperation with the terms of the peace treaty that King Tristan has laid out, you are being gifted with my most sacred possession. She has been raised with the sole purpose of gifting her purity one day, and that time has now come. Today, and from now on, she is yours. She holds her key and is ready to present it to you at whatever time you’re ready.”

“I told you I didn’t need this. I understand what’s expected of me. You don’t have to bribe me.” He spoke through gritted teeth, tension rolling through his body.

“Zane, this is not a bribe. It’s a reward. And it’s one you’ll accept. Whether you like it or not, she now belongs to you. Do with that what you will.” Isla spoke firmly and absolutely. There was no room to negotiate with her.

He hesitated and took a deep breath before grunting, “Fine.” He bowed shortly and turned to leave quicker than I could follow. Keeping my eyes to the floor, I gave a small bow before turning to slowly walk in the direction of his suites. I knew the way, and would be there waiting until he was ready. It was my duty.

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