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I shouldn't being feeling this way with another man when mine was buried just weeks ago. "I am the only man that should be on your mind baby. Sleep "he said and I was out like a light. Nicole Jennings was a 27 year old teacher who doesn't know she is a wolf yet and falls in love with a rich young billionaire who later dies from lung cancer. She doesn't even begin grieve before his family who never liked her from the beginning is ready to kick her out. One day when she decided to take a walk to clear her head she felt a presence watching her. ﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏ Joseph Wildmoon is a 36 year old tough alpha warlock who doesn't take crap from anyone and just wants to find his mate. What happens when he stumbles upon his little mate take a stroll and takes her when he finds her?

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1


Can’t they leave me to myself right now? Can’t they see i’m hurting to? How dare they say I didn’t love him, I had my own job just like he had his! He just choose to spoil me even though I told him it wasn’t necessary.

I walked not to far into the forest connected to our backyard and went to the tree where me and James carved our names into.Our little peace place, our sanctuary.

I take off my heels and set them beside me as I sit down at the bottom of the tree and lean my head back against the it looking up to the sky saying.

“Why did you leave me?” I said letting my tears run down my face.

And like always I received no answer. I sighed as I looked at a small Daisy on the floor. I was about to reach for it when a growl made me jump back with a small shriek.

“Hello?” I asked looking around to see nothing but then there was rustle in the bushes and wolf walked out! But what shocked me was the wolf slowly transformed into this gorgeous naked man!

I got up and tried to make a run for it but he caught me like he wasn’t even trying.

I let out a scream/groan as I hit the tree that held so many memories but was shortly cut off as his strong hands covered my mouth and he came close to my face saying.

“You are mine, anything and everything about you I possess.” he said in a deep voice sending shivers down my spine.

His hands roamed my body and once they got to my ass he gripped it pressing me close his obvious hardened arousal and I let out a slight moan.

I shouldn’t being feeling this way with another man when mine was buried just weeks ago.

“I am the only man that should be on your mind baby. Sleep “he said and I was out like a light.


“One! Two! Come on ladies, let’s move it!” I screamed at my warriors as they trained.

“Your really working them today huh?” My beta and best friend Jack said chuckling.

“What do you mean them? You are no exception either, join right in.” I said patting his back and looked back at me in disbelief holding his hand to his chest.

“You’re no fun.“he said running to join them.

“I might as well patrol the area.“I said to myself.

’Jack hold the fort down i’m going for a patrol run, Nate and Cassandra come with me.’I said mind-linking them.

‘Yes alpha.’ Nate and Cassy replied and I looked at Jack receiving a nod.

I went behind a tree and shifted into my wolf Ares and started to run sensing Nate and Cassy behind me.

‘I feel something...’ Ares said but nothing else, he’s really distant.

As we began the patrol I caught a smell that was a mixture of berries and the forest.

‘Follow that scent.’ He said but I was already ahead of him doing so.

As I kept going the mouth watering smell was getting closer. I stopped once I stumbled upon a women leaning against a tree looking sad.

‘MATE!MATE! MUST TAKE MATE!’Ares screamed in my head.

‘Calm down!’ I growled at him which seemed to scare our mate and made her jump with a squeak.

“Hello?” she asked looking around. Her voice is beautiful.

I slowly stalked towards her crawling out the bushes transforming back to my regular self.

I guess she thought I didn’t see her try to run and I grabbed her pushing her against the tree she was sitting at before. Ares and I don’t take disobedience well.

She let out a small scream which made Ares calm down thinking he seriously hurt her.

I began to message up and down her body which wasn’t good for me who was raging a hard on.

“You are mine, anything and everything about you I possess.” I said but it was mostly Ares taking over.

I pulled closer to me grabbing her plump ass and she let out a small moan which caused me to smirk.

I gripped a little tighter when Ares tapped into her thoughts and heard that she was thinking of another man.

“I am the only man that should be on your mind baby. Sleep ” I said using my warlock abilities and she was out like a light.

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