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Chapter 10


It was silent, just me and the sound of my bare feet against the cool marble floor. Most of the furniture was covered and wrapped up I didn't really want to be reminded of anything that day I got the news.

Walking up the white carpeted steps felt almost unreal. Each step I took almost felt like a normal day but I knew it wasn't.

My, I mean our room looked the same since the day I left. The bright pink carpet that I persuaded him to get seemed dull now,no life in it anymore.

A cold breeze from the balcony door broke me out of my thoughts, but I didn't bother getting up to close it going straight to the closest grabbing first thing I could.

Of course it's this right? Life loves playing these damn games.

It was the fur jacket James brought me on our second date. He knew I love wild or to some "outlandish" prints and colors and didn't bother me about it. His words were always.

"If it's gonna be crazy why shouldn't it be crazy expensive?"


"If it's gonna be crazy why shouldn't it be crazy expensive right babe?" James said standing there watching me admire my appearance in the the three panel tall mirror.

It was a Alexandre Vauthier tiger print boob-tube dress with a slit in front. Of course I had to get my hair done to match.

Turning with eye roll that led into a pout I groaned, "But James how could I even wear this infront of all those people? This is all way too expensive and those upity stuck up assholes always have something to say. Y-you know what i'll stay I can go next gala."

"The next one isn't until next year, I love it and I know you love it. I'll be right by you the whole time you have nothing to worry about honestly"he said holding me by my waist before giving me a reassuring kiss on the cheek.

At the gala he was not right by my side the whole time.

In a classroom it's different, they're kids that I know and teach. These people here they were all watching and judging me from every angle,whispering and muttering. I felt like I was gonna vomit.

"Champagne ma'am?"

My nervous internal monologue was cut by a man in suit holding a tray of tall glassed pink fizzy drinks.

"I really shouldn't, i'm not much of a drinker anyway. I should find my husband-"

Three screeching taps on the microphone on stage caught my attention and low and behold my beloved husband was up on the stand.

"Hello everyone, as I do enjoy coming to this gala every year and as you say 'strutting my stuff' we do have to remember it is for charity." He said chuckling showing of he signature pearly whites with his charming boyish smile.

"So who am I to not throw more than I could possibly need into the event, I honestly wasn't going to come to this one with all the gossip and rumors you chatty Cathy's love to spout" He said before finishing off whatever drink he had, oh god he tipsy as hell.

I looked around seeing his friend Shawn I think his name was and with my eyes I said hoping he'd understand.'What the hell is he doing!?'

Shawn just shrugged like he couldn't see my dismay

"But I am here to clear the air, YES I am happily married. And that lovely woman is here with me today, say hi honey"

Oh no why,why!?

"On second thought i'll have two please"I said snatching them off of the platter chugging them down one by one before putting them back on the tray as a stage light shinned right on me.

I hate this everyone was looking at me and i'm starting to feeling a little dizzy.

Pushing past the crowd going outside I could hear James calling my name.

Leaning on the scaffolding surrounding the building I groaned out loud in between hiccups. "UGHHH *hiccup* he just makes me s-so *hiccup* mad tries a big event out of our relationship it's like are we a secret or not at least let me know man."

As I sat while balancing myself paparazzi started to show up just great.

Well they want a show? I'll give these vouchers something to snap.

I was posing for them and twirling around the poles, straight model material I tell you.

"Baby please get down you're embarrassing yourself" he hissed try to reach me while I was up on the pole.

"No,we never do anything anymore it's always not now Nicole. Or I'm busy Nicole. Nicole don't do this, be a house,wife give me babies blah blah"I drunkly said pulling away from him.

We've been together for 2 years and it seems like I was a secret most of the time.

Nicole, nicole,nicole

*Flashback over *


I turned to see my handsome mate but it wasn't Ares over him I could feel the power off of him, his eyes were an intense brighter gold.It was his witch.

"No" Onika,I mean we replied turning to him.

"You are one in the same mate. We are being patient with you but I cannot lie actions like this do hurt." He said walking closer lifting my chin to meet his gaze.

"I-i don't know what we were thinking, I think we or more so Nicole wanted to say goodbye one last time. " I didn't know what to say or feel I was always torn but I did not fight her when I saw her take off my wedding ring and placed it on the dresser.

'Our actions have caused our mate a great deal of pain, he understands but there has to be some line that we draw. Ares says he's waited for us for a long time.' Onika said to me,everything she was saying I was understanding.

I felt like I was trying to push or fast forward my stages of grief straight to understanding this my old life was over.

"Finding acceptance may be just having more good days than bad ones. As you begin to live again and enjoy our life, you often feel that in doing so, we are betraying your once beloved . We can never replace what has been lost, but we are here to make new connections, and a meaningful relationship bonded by the moon goddess herself mate. We love you." He said pulling me into his chest caressing my hair as I sobbed.


I wasn't sure about letting Androse take over but he said more that I could every say.

Today took a lot out of her, I couldn't imagine just shifting and taking off like that. Onika will need to be handled that was out of line.

We all walked back to those, Nicki in my arms out like a light. I kissed her hand out of just appreciation for my strong beautiful mate when I noticed her previous wedding ring was gone. I smiled and kissed her hand again.

I know it seems a little selfish but she is my soulmate and progression in any form big or small is great news to me.

Walking it to the house I slowly carried her up the stairs going to our room only to hear this annoying ass voice coming from MY OFFICE.

Backing up and staring into my office watching my chair spin around to see none than stupid ass cousin.

"Hello cousin."

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