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Chapter 11

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The only other person who knew how to get under my skin more than Connie. For some reason instead of Jordan getting his warlock at his coming of age Eric got his own.

"Andreas" (on-drey-us) Or so he says, he thought that automatically meant he had the right to be Alpha. Yea,in his dreams. He would always try to upstage me or try to outdo me to show that he would be a better choice for Alpha.

"What no love for your favorite cousin?"he asked smugly spinning in my chair. Getting his fowl essence over all of my stuff.

"Favorite would the understatement of the year Eric, go home and get the fuck out of my office." I said starting back on my journey to the bedroom, I was getting more annoyed the longer I stood here not putting my mate to rest.

"I mean wouldn't I have to get out of your office first to go home?"

I growled annoyed stopping in my tracks, shaking my head and continued only to be stopped when he popped up infront of me.

"Hey is this your mate? And a chocolate honey too? Nice."

I snarled feeling the combination of Androse/Ares through me.

'He's testing us!' They said in unison.

"Oh Come now, don't be like that dear cousin. " he said smugly smirking as his eyes turned a bright gold resembling my own.

Stepping forward, I had forgotten about my tired mate sleeping in my arms until she stirred most likely both our powers combined affecting her.

"If you know what's good for you 'cousin' stay the fuck away from my mate."


Ever since the incident for the past two days and Joseph has been catering to my needs, and honestly i'm loving him for it. He even gave me a room in the house and help me set it up as my "in home office so I'm not always away from him late hours at school"

As selfish as that sounds and I know it help move things along with our relationship if I stop comparing them but he was my everything at one point ya know?

With James he was rarely home mostly business after the 'honeymoon stage ' of our relationship. When he was home we only spent but so much time together it was either us against the world or us against his family.

I missed him more than I saw him and then our final moments together were just sad, scary and filled with tears.

'That means we can mate with mate now ?' Onika said which startled me because I haven't heard from since that day.

"-I. Girl, you need to slow down. Let nature take its course, we're taking things slow at the moment."

'Too slow if you ask me, watch when heat comes then you'll be all over him.' she huffed then went silent.


"What the hell is heat? I need a werewolf 101 class or something." I mumbled to myself packing away the rest of my work and getting up. I was ready to continue my relaxation and spend sometime with my mate if he wasn't busy.

"I can help with that."

I looked up to see a guy maybe around Jordan's age leaning against my doorframe.

I've never seen him before...

"Um no thank you, my mate is fully equipped." I said reassuringly picking up my bag walking well trying to walk out the door but he blocked my path.

'In more ways than one..'

I mentally rolled my eyes at her,"excuse me" I said try to get past him moving to opposite side in which he did the same.

"Please move" What's with this dude ? Does he not know who I am? Or who I'm mated to rather ?

"Aww don't be like that I'm just being nice, I'm Eric" he said sticking out his hand which I just stared at.

"You're being too nice quite frankly. MOVE." I said growling feeling Onika push forward.

Then suddenly his eyes resembled Jospeh's when his witch was over him and it made her back down with a whimper feeling the power off of him.

"Now you wouldn't wanna do that love I wouldn't wanna have to silence that mouth"


I was starting to back away heading her warning when a force slammed him against the wall, and I turned to see Joseph and his father Anthony with Jordan trailing along behind them.

"What's the problem guys?" He said chuckling like he wasn't just bothering me.

"I told you to stay away from my mate ShitFace!" Joseph growled getting in his face as Anthony tried separating them

Eric slightly raised his hands only for them to get pulled down against the wall from Joseph's hold in a sort of surrender motion.

“BOYS! Joseph he’s family,you guys can’t keep fighting like this every time you see each other!”

“Not with him, not with with the dark magic he uses. Not when it comes down to my mate, and not especially after what he did!” Joseph sneered at his father while angrily pointing at Eric’s who’s face went from obnoxious to stone faced.

What happened between these two?

My mother would’ve slapped the taste out my mouth wolf or not. My mother was old fashioned down to me not being able to wear red nail polish or lipstick to no hats on the table to no boys till I could pay my own bills. Me finding out I was a werewolf would’ve been

His father took a step back giving off the vibe that Androse was over him. I don’t think he’d hurt his father but sometimes you can get an ass whooping that was meant for someone else just by intervening.

“Come on bro he’s not worth it.” Jordan said not caring how angry his brother was or that Androse was over him putting his hand on his shoulder.

It’s like I could barley make it out but it was like I could see his anger it was like a glowing yellow aura almost. It was beautiful.

Jeez Nicole get it together.

As if he heard me fawning over him,mid conversation he looked at me those golden eyes felt like they were the putting me in a trance,I felt my whole face heating up.

I don’t know what they were saying I was too lost in my own hornyness all I saw was Jordan point at me and Joseph nod letting Eric go and walk up to me.

“Come mate we have much to discuss” he said grabbing my hand and leading me to our bedroom. The wave of power almost knocked me out, feeling my legs trembling and my core dampen I felt done for. Sensing my weakness my powerful make picked me up and to the bedroom we went.

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