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Chapter 12 part 1


Her smell was driving me insane.

I should've killed that bastard for touching my mate but I didn't want them smelling what was ours to claim.

She was squirming at my touch and these two wanted out.

"Fuck you smell so good" I said using my powers to open and close door behind me before putting my mate down on our bed.

He touched our mate we should've killed him, they think they can get away with what they did.’ Androse spoke I could feel him rising forward.

'Now is not really the time to push your hatred' I said trying to shake his thoughts pushing them aside finally getting some alone time together.

"Joseph.." she moaned in waiting seductively staring at me slowly taking of shirt leaving only her white lacy bra showing off heavy breast like a trophy.

"Come mate."she said reaching her hand out pulling me towards her so our lips could meet.

I kissed her on her jaw and down herneck. She moaned and I could smell howmuch I was affecting her. She smelled mouthwatering.

Moving up down her jawline and her neck sucking on it I could feel my canines coming out grazing them against her neck I heard her whimper some.

'MARK HER! MARK MATE!' Ares damn near screamed at me. With the mixed feelings of Androse and Ares and myself my head was spinning. His anger and his well mine as well hormones all over the place. I didn't want to rush this nor hurt my mate.

"Shit, sorry. I-I'll be back I promise."


He just left.

Like he transformed into Ares and just left. Like jumped off of the balcony left.

Was it me ? Did I do something? I felt like it was the right moment and we finally gonna do it you know ?

Onika whimpered feeling rejected by our mate.

Maybe he doesn't want tarnished goods. You were married before girl.

I ignored my stupid thoughts even though they might have a point I won't sour my mood jumping to conclusions. Maybe a nice bath would help me clear my head.

I miss my mama she'd known what to say.


"That white boy nicole? How are his family? You know how people can be with mixed couples.." she said weary rubbing her hands and James went to look around to place he offered helping to get my mother settled into, her arthritis was probably bothering her.

It was a really nice home, nursing home that is, top of the line! I'd live here, it seemed like a resort from the huge entrance.

"Mama be nice! He's a nice man and he treats me alright. We've only just started dating." I hissed because of her comment thinking James might hear.

"But this place Nicole! It's too much, too much." She said shaking her head being stubborn as always. Mama never liked hand outs.


"Don't mama me you still haven't answered me about that boys family how are they towards you? I wanna meet them"

"They're...nice"I said not really trying get into it with her about the subject especially to lie and say they're nice.

" Nicole...-" she said about to scold me before being cut off by a nurse.

"Miss Jennings?"

Flashback over

"Miss Jennings hello?" I was brought out my memories by the voice of the receptionist at the home where my mother was and now cold water from my bath around me with minimum to no bubbles left.

" I um, yes I'd like to visit with my mother."

After getting out, getting dressed and setting everything up sitting on our bed I started to think.

Did he really not want to mate with me ?

"I want mate." Onika said.

Yeah me too girl.


Damn I was doing it again, I wanted something my cousin had. She smelled so sweet. My hybrid felt connected to her and I wanted her.

"Androse doesn't know what he's doing with a mate like that. He could never keep a princess." Andreas said as he spoke freely.

Probably because you stole them right from under him?

"Are you not thinking of doing the same? Have we not done since we were younger? "

I wanted her so bad I could taste it. She was so small and feisty, and that untamed wolf would be tamed by me and Joseph was not going to be in my way.

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