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12 part 2

Sexual content ahead ;)



If there was any word to describe this place it'd be that.

It smelled of soft yet heavy on the nose perfumes and yet a doctors office at the same time.

I had Casandra accompany me today because I was still trying to wrap my head around this whole mating situation and wanted some space . Understanding Casandra relayed the message that Joseph agreed.

"This is where you humans put your elderly?" Casandra asked wearily looking and the residents who were either watching tv or hooked up to an IV.

"Um some people.., not all. It's not so bad is it?" I said putting the clip board back on the receptionists desks and walking towards my mothers room.

"We don't have many elders because of being a werewolf it slows down aging, but this just seems like a drop off point before death." She said looking at the old paintings that hung from the walls.

Jeez make me feel like crap more than I already do.

"Mama?" I said knocking before entering her room, I could hear the faint yet loud voice of Steve Harvey and small laugh.

Her and that damn family fued.

"My baby? Oh how I've missed you." She turned surprised then slowly got up as we met halfway.

Enjoying this moment until became bitter sweet as I got a bop on the back of my head which made Casandra snicker.


"How long was I going to have to wait until you came to see your mama again it's been almost two months!?" She said yelling before crossing her arms, and then side-eying Cassie who was now interested in the fued on tv.

"Who's that a girl? Or is that girlfriend or a you know?" She questioned before making a gesture with her hand.

Oh gosh here we go.

"A girlfriend."

"No she's not my girlfriend she's my beta, i-i mean bestie" I defended coughing over my words in an attempt to cover them up hoping she just get distracted with the tv like Casandra was so the subject would change.

There was an awkward silence.

'What might a blind date conveniently forget to mention about himself?'

"That he's blind." Casandra replies to the television.

Me and mama burst into laughter cutting the awkward tension.

"What is that not correct? It's a blind date,so he's blind right?"

We continue laughing until there was a knock at the door and a smell I was all to familiar with.

"Nicole can we talk?"


"Come on bro you can't stay like this, a day has already passed."

I ignored him. With my emotions like this I couldn't or shouldn't be around anyone especially my mate.

I growled at him annoyed he wouldn't leave.

Over the past 24 hours Androse, Ares and myself have been discussing becoming one with our mate and ourselves.

"I'm getting dad." He said taking off sucking his teeth.

Ares being feral and Androse's power was enough to over power our small mate.

"Joseph." I tried to act like I didn't hear him.

"I may not be alpha anymore but I am still your father shift back now" I may be alpha but I respect my father more than anything plus he'd probably kick my ass.

"Here." He handed me a pair of shorts and a small leather journal that looked old and worn ancient if anything i'd ever seen.

I suddenly felt a wave of energy tingle all over my body like it was calling to me.

"It was your great grandfathers. It was supposed to be given to me or your uncle Steven once we got our powers or started having problems with them but you know how the curse is, Russian roulette."

"Why didn't you give this to me when I was younger?" I said not looking up feeling drawn to the pages in this weird language that I couldn't understand.

You'll understand soon enough.

"You seemed so adjusted to your powers I thought you didn't need it. Plus your grandfather made me and your uncle practice that damn book all the time even though we never pay any attention I didn't wanna put my sons through that." He said awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck while explaining.

There was a soft silence, a breeze blew by reminding me of the change in season.

"Alright I guess i'll be going." He said turning on his he'll heading back to the house but stopping halfway.

"And Son?"

"Yea?"I looked up awaiting his answer.

"Don't think too much into it, the moon goddess made you two to fit for each other" he put extra emphasis on ‘fit for each other’ and winked in the process, I could feel the blood rushing to face.

That damn old man.


I felt like a fucking doofus, but the way she had her arms crossed looking she was ready to beat the hell out of me was making me nervous and hard.

"Baby I'm sorry I left out like it was just the stuff with stupid Eric was getting to me."I said pulling the bouquet of pink and red roses I got for her.

She took them smelling them before looking back up puzzled. "Getting to you?"

"I-I mean Androse, Eric has always been the type to try and take what's mine and he's younger than me and not that bad looking so why wouldn't you be woo'ed by him"

"Now I know i'm not a werewolf expert but I know you felt, saw or smelled how I felt looking at you all mad. Muscles bulging everywhere and there was this like beautiful aura around you, I can't explain it. I thought we were on the same page and then you just left me hanging." She explained adjusting herself as if the mere thought of that situation again was making her hot, not that i'm complaining.

" I didn't wanna hurt you."

"Hurt me ? Boy, we were made for you." Her eyes got really low and as changed slightly as Onika was over her but they seemed to be onto the same idea as she dropped the roses pulling me closer grabbing my hard on.

"S-shit babe we're outside"I said trying to back away only to have my back hit a wall. I felt like a damn flustered teenager.

"NICOLE!" And just like that her eye changed back to her chocolate browns as we backed away from each other and looked up to her mother sticking of the window with Cassandra.

"You and that wolf boy go get a room with that mess!" We both looked at each other with wide eyes at the 'wolf' comment but that would explain how my curvaceous mate is one just not which parent had the gene.

I shrugged but before I could think of anything to counter her response she kept going.

"Go home you to and make me some grand babies, but next time I hear from you two I want a formal introduction and we have to talk more do you hear me young lady!?" I could see Cassandra laughing at us being scolded for fooling around.

"Yes mama" Nicole replied embarrassed, but not that much because her enticing aroma was filling my nose.

She turned to me before replying "Now shall we continue what we started Mate."


Kissing her plump lips I began to suck on her tongue gently as we moved to the bed I tried to break the kiss feeling my inner beings come arise but she ran her hands up till her fingers ran up the nape of my neck and though my hair massaging my head holding me in place.

Breaking her hold I pulled up staring at her worryingly, listen I know what you're thinking. But, how do I put this most the time when these my hybrid is over me I grow up a size or two everywhere to say the least so I think you know where i'm going with this.

"It's okay, as I said we are made for you mate."

Nodding I leaned over to the dresser drawer and grabbed a condom putting it on as I positioned myself at her sweet entrance.

Leaning down I brought my lips to her neck dragging my canines over her skin making her hiss in pleasure, no hesitation or whimpers her hips rocking forward giving me the signal to get on with it.

The feeling as I pressed into her almost made me dizzy. She wrapped her arms back around me pulling in for kiss gasping out as I rocked my hips down against hers.

Feeling the ache in my groin and the ache in my mouth was driving me insane and it was get harder to control them.

Mark her now!

I leaned down licking up her shoulder moving down to her neck biting down and marking her, slamming home we climaxed together.

I released myself from her neck cleaning and licking on it gently. She moaned still coming down.

Gently she turned to cupping my face her hand staring at me lovingly as her eyes swirled with specks of her wolf and mindlinked me saying.

“I love you”


I tried to make this long since it was a part of a part.

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