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Chapter 2


Slowly rising from my peaceful slumber, feeling returning to fingers and toes, I grunted, rolling over and curled up more tightly, hugging the soft the covers closer to me.

Something about the atmosphere in here didn’t seem right, so cautiously opening one eye I quickly scanned the room.

Awareness came in a flash, this was is not my room, and i’m pretty sure this was not my home.

What happened - how did I get here - where was here... ?

I thought as fear was setting in and there was nothing I could do to stop it, no comforting words or thoughts, nothing reassuring came to mind.

Wait I remember being attacked by some wolf man thing! I looked down and realized that I was not in my clothes before, but a silk nightshirt with matching shorts. Who changed me!?

I slowly got crept out of the bed and walked towards the door.

When I opened the door there was a blonde curly hair was there which scared the hell out of me and caused me to let out a small shriek.

“My bad luna, I am Cassandra. Alpha told me to see if you were awake.” she said giving a reassuring smile.

“Ok Cassandra, I don’t know who you or this Alpha guy is, but all I know is that I am not supposed be here.” I said pushing past her making my way towards the stairs.

“-Luna wait!” she tried but I was trying to make my way through this huge house, and I thought my house was big.

Where the hell is the exit!?

It seemed like an endless maze running through this house I thought until I bumped into something knocking my ass down.

I looked up to see the gorgeous man-wolf whatever from before sticking his hand out which I willingly took and pulled me into his embrace which sent tingles through my arms.

“Where were you going baby?” he said in a deep husky voice sending chills up my spine leaving me a loss for words.

Shaking my head regaining my composure trying to break out his hold I said. “Look, Alpha, is it? I don’t know who you or any of these people are so I think if you just let me go peacefully I won’t press charges okay?”

I said finally getting out of his grip about to walk around him but he just pulled me back and threw over his shoulder laughing.

“Hey! That’s wasn’t what I said! Put me down you muscle bound dog!” I said kicking and screaming beating on his back repeatedly earning a hard smack on the butt which made me yelp and silence myself.

As we went up I could hear that Cassandra girl laughing I glared not caring if she could see it or not, snitch.

We ended up back in the room I was in before and he plopped me down the bed.

“Listen I just want to go home man!” I said crossing my arms at him.

“This is your home, you are my mate and where I live is where you live.” he protested.

“Mate? You mean like soul mates?“I asked which he nodded to.

“Well for your information I am married, well was I guess.” I said mumbling the last part thinking about James making me frown twisting the ring on my finger.

I jumped and looked up when a growl erupted from the gorgeous Alpha.

“You are mine no one else’s, now what is your name mate I am Alpha Joseph of the Wildmoon pack.Well our pack.” he said with his eyes turned a dark golden color as he said I was his.

“My name is Nicole Jennings. Now.Let.Me.Go.” I said sternly and he growled at me like some damn bear.

“Watch how you talk to me little mate or I will punish you.” I didn’t say anything else because whatever that “punishment” was I didn’t want it.

“Now as you know or are about to know everyone in this house including myself is a werewolf. Well i’m half witch or “warlock”. But yes even you.” he said which made my eyebrows knit close together in confusion.

Did he say me?

“Me?” I said pointing to myself then shaking my head saying. “No, not possible.”

“Yes your wolf and body are calling to mine even though you have your mind on a another I know you still feel the pull between us. You will forget about him.” he gritted through his teeth.

Forget James? How could I forget James,and my old life just like that? It’s not like I will be treated the same since he’s gone now,all my stuff is probably gone but this guy is crazy to think i’m going to stay in this nut house with him.

He growled ripping me out of my thoughts to look up at him, he didn’t look to happy.

“I can’t and won’t forget about James he is my husband and you are not!” I said jumping up screaming in his face well tried my short 5′5 compared to his tall 6′0

He pulled me by my waist with one hand while the other held my head smashing my lips with his.

I didn’t move.

“Kiss me back.” He said, I didn’t want to but I feel compelled to.

‘Don’t reject mate!’

What the fuck was that!?

I managed to push away from and he let out small growl.

‘I warned you.’ I heard again.

“What is that voice?“I asked looking around hoping to find my answer.

“What voice are you talking about?We are the only ones here, well in this room.” He said looking at me confused .

“In my head! It’s like someone is talking to me, I know I heard a voice.“I said still trying to get out of his hold.

He let a small smirk grow on his face before saying. “As I said before, you are a werewolf too. I guess you are now coming in tune with your wolf now that you met your mate.”

“I am not your mate and I don’t want to be.“I said letting out a small growl that scared me.

He let go and it looked like his expression seemed to change. “So your rejecting me?”

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