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Chapter 3

[A lil sexual content ]


I watched as his whole demeanor changed awaiting my answer.

My mouth gaped open and then closed. I had nothing to say. On one hand there’s this adonis looking wolf man who I just met saying he is my mate which I sort of feel a connection to. Then there is my husband that I have been with for what felt like almost forever.

Then I guess he got impatient of my answer and it looked liked the sadness just washed away and he just had a blank stare on his face.

“Casandra will bring up your dress and help you get ready.” he said turning to walk out the door.

“Get ready for the welcoming ceremony, to introduce you to the pack as their luna.” he said closing the door behind him with a slam making me jump.

What crawled up his butt and died?

I plopped down on the bed with huff and a pout and then laid down starfish form blowing a piece of hair out of my face.

“What is happening with my life!?” I screamed out in frustration.

James why did you leave? Why? Would things have been different if you didn’t leave?

I don’t think it would be that different....

It would have probably have been worse!

Because what if that day I was in the woods, we were together and that wolf- I mean Joseph came and you tried to protect me and he killed you? Then it would be all my fault...

Or he captured both of us and kept you in a basement until I start to love him - not saying that I will love him or that I even like him -

“Luna?” I heard Cassandra bringing me out of my self conflict.

I sat up seeing her with a basket of cosmetics and hair supplies in one arm and a dress in the other.

“Ready?” I asked as she began to set up.



‘Give our mate some time’ Ares said to me. Now that Nicki was here he was talking to me more and more.

‘I’m tired of waiting..’ I replied back impatiently groaning. I’ve been waiting most of my damn life.

If she won’t accept me i’ll make her want me.

‘You are playing with fire, our mate is a pup and she is wild. Don’t do something we both will regret.’ Ares warned me but I pushed him aside in my head.

‘I will do as I please.’ I argued.

‘You can not except our mate to fall like putty to us and she has just lost another! How do you think I feel knowing that her wolf and body are connected to us but not her mind and heart?’ He replied. Letting his words sink in the ceremony began.

As everyone was beginning to enter I took it as an opportunity to start.

“Now I know everyone has anticipated and waited for me to find a mate for this pack -” I started but was cut off.

“I know I have, need me some grandbabies...“my mother said earning a playful glare from me.

“Sorry continue baby.” she said throwing her hands up in surrender with my dad just chuckling in the midst of it all.

“Anyway.. As I was saying, your wait is over. I have found mate the beautiful Nicole Jennings.” I said with my arm out pulling her towards me as she entered the room.

Her hair was a rich shade of raven black. It flowed in waves to adorn her glowing, peaches and cream like skin. Her eyes, framed by long lashes, were a bright hazel which seemed to brighten the world. A small cute nose, full lips - she seemed the picture of perfection. Had she smiled, the world would sigh with contentment. Had she laughed, the world would laugh with her. And had she wept, the whole world would want to comfort her.

She looked breathtaking. Just the sight of her was making my pants tighten. If I could I would mate with her right there on that table.

“Hello everyone.“she shyly said to everyone blushing.

“HELLO LUNA!” Everyone else said enthusiastically back making her turn a darker shade of red.

“You guys are crazy.” she laughed along with everyone else.

’She is already connecting with the pack within a few seconds of meeting them′ Ares smiled.

But not with us.′ I gritted through my teeth.

As the room began to fan out as the party began, I watched as Nicole got to know and conversed with the pack.

“Jo-jo..” I heard an annoying voice whine my name.

“Leave me alone Connie.” I replied back plucking the person on her forehead.

“Oww cuzo don’t be like that.” she said rubbing her head groaning.

Connie was the cousin that likes to start stuff and play pranks, she was the little trouble maker of the family. I’ll be glad when she finds a mate to tame her ass.

“Where is your mate? We could be bff’s.“she said with a devilish smile leaning on my shoulder.

“No you’ll only make her as evil as you then she’ll have to get punished.“I said with a smirk thinking of different ways to ravish and pleasure my mate.

Once she caught on to what I was saying she scrunched up her face and hit me on my arm saying. “Nasty ass, always being fresh.”

She glanced over my shoulder then said.“Your mate is looking right at us with a look in her eyes, I think someone is jealous.”

I couldn’t help but let a smile creep on my face at the thought of my mate being over protective of me.

“I hope that is not your intention, you guys just met and I heard from other pack members that she has just came into her wolf. That is not good to piss off a new untamed wolf.” she shook her head.

“CONNIE!” I groaned and she laughed at her equally annoying best friend Samantha who has liked me since high-school.

“Why did you bring her?” I whisper yelled at her. Them two together is just double trouble and she is just so loud but she means well, most of the time unless she’s trying to get with me.

“She didn’t believe me when I said you had a mate, wanted to prove her wrong.” she shrugged sipping her drink.

“Hi Joey, how you been?” she said and I bent down to kiss her cheek and she turned her face and caught me SMACK on the lips.

Before I could protest I heard a growl from behind me and I turned to my now blonde haired mate with bright green eyes.

“I’d run if I were you.“I heard Connie say as Nicki stalked towards us earning a squeak from Sam who ran away.

“Baby calm down, she was just -“I was cut off with a slap to the face that pissed my wolf off and made everyone gasp. I let out a short growl before she pulled me down to her face and merged her lips with mine.

I was surprised when she pulled back and gripped my shirt pulling me to her face . “You are pissing us off, I don’t like all these women touching what’s mine.”

“Nicki?” I questioned looking into the green eyes of my once brown eyed mate.I have to say this is so sexy but i’m kinda scared at the same time.

“No I am her other half,her wolf Onika. She might be scared to show her emotions but I am not.” she said pushing me away then walking upstairs with a sway of her hips.

“Everyone go back to what you were doing, I have to go speak to our luna.” I said chasing after my sexy vixen of a mate.

Once upstairs I walked into our room to see her patiently awaiting on my arrival with her legs crossed.

“You were taking forever alpha.” she whined looking at me with a pout. Talking like that i’m pretty sure it was onika.

She wants to play? Well we’re about to play, I could feel Ares coming forward and I let him. Time to tame her ass real quick.


Why was she making me do this? I am not this ambitious and sex crazed person.

Trust me i’m no virgin, not saying that I had sex a lot but when I was with James I would try to be sexy but somehow fail. He always would laugh and think it was cute for trying but, we still made it work.

“Come.” he said curling his finger and I watched as his eyes changed from brown to gold.

Is this his wolf? Or his witch?

She-well I shook my head no crossing my arms.

He rose one brow saying. “Are you saying no?Don’t test me mate. Come.here.now.” he growled.

She whimpered pushing me forward. She was scared of his wolf and right now I was too.

He pulled me into his embrace which I welcomed letting his hands roam my body making Onika purr.Then suddenly smacking my ass making me yelp and slightly moan.

“What you did earlier was very naughty.” Messaging where he had hit.

He then picked up my legs lifting me up walking towards the bed and I heard the click of the door.

How did he -his witch duh..

Dropping me on the bed pushing my legs open I began to panic.

“J-joseph-” I tried protest but he cut me off.

He shushes me saying. “Shhh, we won’t hurt you but don’t think because Onika was in control at the time that, that makes it okay. Now let us see our treasure.” He finished moving his head between my legs.

I tried to argue but he licked the outside of my panties. His tongue and heated breath made me shiver making me wet.

He was licking me and running his teeth over the thin lace of my panties. He gripped my thighs and I could feel his tongue moving over the crease side of my panties teasing me.

I was so overwhelmed with feelings I didn’t know weather I should be mad or feel wonderful.

“Oh!” I cried out which probably brought a smirk to his face when I felt his tongue inside me.

I tried to push myself away and growled pulling me back smacking my butt again.

I screamed out as I felt a ball of pressure in my lower stomach as I came.

He came up licking his full pink lips making me blush hard saying. “You are both delicious as you are beautiful.”

“Goodnight.” I awkwardly muttered slightly flushed and embarrassed pulling the covers over me fast turning off the lamp hearing his fleeting footsteps answer then the shower running.

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