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Chapter 4


I awoke to a strong arm around me which I tried to move because I had to pee but the persons grip got tighter.

“James I have to -” I stopped in mid-sentence realizing it was not James and was Joseph.Clearing my throat I tried again tapping his arm.” Joseph I gotta pee.”

He groaned pulling me closer inhaling my sent saying. “Five more minutes.”

“Joseeepphh.” I whined finally prying his arm from me rushing to the bathroom. After using the bathroom and fixing myself up I stood leaning against the doorway just watching him sleep he looked so peaceful. As if he knew I was staring he opened his eyes and smiled.

“Morning beautiful.” he said, his morning voice thick husky. I can’t lie and say that wasn’t sexy as.. well you know.

“G-good morning.” I said back blushing. It’s early in the morning and he already got me blushing and stuttering.

He sat up letting the covers fall on the bed his hand over his face then said. “I’m sorry about yesterday I got a little ahead of myself.”

I slowly walked over to the bed sitting next to him saying.“It’s ok Joseph, i-it’s just that you have to understand this all new to me. I literally just buried my hus- ex husband a week before you found me. I didn’t even get a chance to grieve myself. But I promise I will try.”He pulled me into his embrace kissing all over my face then on my head making giggle and Onika purr from the affection saying.

“And I’m willing to except that, that proves you are strong. But that doesn’t mean you can do whatever you or Nika want, you still will get punished when the time is needed.”

“Well i’m hungry are you coming?” I said getting up, changing the subject happened to be a habit of mine.

“Not right now, but can I get a good morning kiss?” he asked with a nervous smile before puckering his lips leaning a bit.

“Um is that my stomach? We’ll when your hungry you gotta eat right?” I said feeling the blood rush to my cheeks as I quickly dashed out the room. Walking into the kitchen the maid walked up to making me jump back.

“Sorry Luna would you like me to fix you anything?” she asked. She was a sweet looking old lady. But just like I said to the maid’s I use to have-

“No thank you I got it. But thanks for asking..?” I replied waiting for her to fill in.

“Marisa.” she replied. I feel me and her will be good friends.


I groaned pulling the barbell down to the floor finishing my morning workout.

“So mom tells me you got a mate.” My younger brother Jordan says as I pick up my towel to wipe off my sweat.

“Yea, what’s it to you? And if you came to the ceremony you’d know that.” I asked hitting him with the towel.

“Nothing just wanna see my new sis.” he said innocently, innocent my ass. He flirts with anything that walks, I don’t even think he has a mate. Some people don’t have mates and just go from person to person we call them ‘loners’ they might as well be human if you ask me. I’m still trying to determine if he’s one of them.

“Well i’m about to go to her so you might as well come on.” I said walking ahead of him.I could smell food as I made my way to the kitchen and I could hear music playing. As we got closer I could hear someone singing, walking in the kitchen seeing my mate looking sexy as ever with her hair up in a bun cooking, moving her curvy body to the beat while singing along.Walking up behind her as she was in her own world she stopped when she felt me wrap my hands around her waist.

“Why’d you stop, you sound really good.” I asked tilting my head at her.

“Because you got your dick all on her back, I would stop too.” Jordan said bluntly eating a piece of bacon.

“Sometimes I just hate how blunt you are.” I said making Nicole laugh moving from my grasp bending over to get from what I could see what were muffins. I bit my lip looking at her round ass until I heard Jordan do one of the those cat call whistles that they do to women on the street.I growled at him and Nicki looked at me confused.

“What’s with the growling?” she asked putting out plates for us.I was about to say something but he cut me off.

“Because he’s old and grumpy, hi i’m his younger,sexier brother Jordan.” He said sticking out his hand.

“Nicole, nice to meet you.” she said politely shaking his hand then he raised it up to kiss it but I pulled her arm away.

“Oww Joseph, that hurt.” she whined rubbing her wrist then raising it up to my face with a pout.

“ I think you should kiss it to make it better bro, it was your fault.” I glared at him as Nicole took his side nodding her head.I smiled at her saying.

“Gladly.”I grabbed her wrist kissing it then began kissing up her arm towards her neck which caused her to shiver.

“You don’t think i’m old right?” I asked looking at seeing a little bit of lust in her eyes.

“No. Don’t listen to him he’s just mad because he’s single, I bet you can still kick his butt though.” she said pulling my head towards -well down to her height kissing my forehead.That will do as far as kissing for now.

“Hey! I’m not single i’m just open to my options right now while i’m waiting for the right one.” he protested.

“Mmhmm delaying me my grandbabies.” Mom said walking in getting a plate then walking over to where me and Nicole were sitting kissing her head.

“Goodmornin baby.“she said smiling at her.

“Good Morning.“she replied back serving us both.

“But Joseph has a mate already, him and Nicole can go make you as many grandchildren as you want.” Jordan said. I saw her tense up when he mention ‘children’ and then she just looked down continued eating.

‘Ask her about that later.’Ares said to me.

“I was thinking we could have a girls day later just you me and the girls to better get to know each other how does that sound Nicole?” she asked Nicole who seemed to be in an inner conversation with herself or her wolf.

“Nicole?” mom tried again.

“Oh huh?“she asked breaking out of her daze.

“Girls day?”

“Oh that sounds perfect.”

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