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Chapter 5


I stare and watch as they leave for whatever they are going to do on this girls day thing.I look to my right as my father comes over to me asking.

“What’s wrong? I can see something is bothering you.”I sighed before turning to him saying.

“It’s Nicole, it’s already hard for her to open up to me as it is still having thoughts of her late husband on her mind. But yesterday when Jordan and mom were talking about children it looked like it sort of bothered her or something..”

“Maybe she hates kids, or she had some before you ‘found’ her and she misses them.“Jordan insinuated pausing his game.

I never thought of that...

“I don’t want to agree with him but your brother might be right.“Dad said nodding a Jordan who seemed to turn his attention now to us.

“Why did you put quotation marks around found?“I asked him.

“Because you basically just kidnapped her not caring for her current situation. I’m not trying to be doctor Phil or anything but you stole her away from her life, all her friends and family and just expecting her to adapt to living with us and worse she is a new wolf. That’s all i’m saying though.” he said throwing his hands up in surrender picking up his basketball walking out to the back.

“I hate that he’s not a psychiatrist or something, waste of a good mind. But again as much I hate to keep saying this your brother is right.” he said shaking his head.

“YEA I AM! SAY IT AGAIN OLD MAN!” Jordan screamed from the back of the house somewhere.

“YOUR RIGHT SON!” He yelled in the direction of the hallway.

“I know.” he smiled triumphantly popping he head around the corner before disappearing again.

“That boy is something else.” he chuckled.

“I really don’t know what to do dad.” I stressed blowing out a breath of frustration.

“Just talk to her and see how it goes maybe you’re just overthinking. Maybe she’s just scared of the idea of kids.” he said walking to back where Jordan was.

“I hope so...”


I smiled as I watched the lady paint the nice shade of pink I picked out on my toes while this other woman messaged my shoulders. I really needed this.

‘Our mate can release our stress....’ Onika said to me.

She’s been a little needy since i’ve been a little distant towards Joseph. Everything thing is our mate this our mate that blah blah blah.... let’s think about us for a second.

“So Nicole tell us about yourself...“Julia Joseph’s mother asked.

“Well before I met Joseph, I was a teacher...“I didn’t really want to go into much detail bit I feel it’ll come up.

“Mmm I like a smart girl for my Jo-Jo he can be a little level headed at time.” she nodded approvingly which made me smile. A little...?

“Did Joseph give you that?“Connie asked pointing at my wedding ring that I don’t feel quite ready to take off yet.

“I-i um...“I knew this was gonna come sooner or later might as well get it off my chest.

“Can I be completely honest with you?“I asked looking at them.

“Yes you can tell us anything baby.“she said lending a reassuring hand on mine with a kind smile.

“W-well before me and Joseph met, I was married.”I breathed out before continuing.

“Two weeks ago my husband died from lung cancer. The week after we buried him I had took a little stroll to clear my head and that’s where Joseph found me. I just found out about this whole wolf mate thing and I assure you I am trying I-i really am.” I said reaching over as Cassandra passed me a box of tissue as tears were came in the mist of my emotional rant.

“Oh you poor thing.” Julia said pulling me into her embrace.

“And i’m so sorry Julia but I don’t think I can have the grandkids you’ve been wanting. Not that I haven’t thought of kids but I don’t think produce children.Me and my late husband have been trying for awhile and the thought of adoption or a surrogate was there, but then he got ‘sick’ before it was finally set up.“I said sincerely.

“It’s okay baby i’ll just pray that Jordan will bring me some grandpups.” she said getting up along with me and the others as all our nails were finished.

Grandpups?Puppies? Oh wolf /dog -puppies... Got it.

“Come on let’s go mama’s hungry and I bet the boys attempted to make something edible.“she laughed.

I love this woman...


“BOYS WE’RE HOME!” I heard Cassandra call from in the house.I passed the ball over to Jordan which he caught trying to shoot but dad was blocking him.

“Don’t worry bro I got old man here, go talk to her.” he said to me which distracted him long enough for dad to steal the ball and shoot it into the net.

“YEAH!” Dad shouted throwing his fists up in Jordan’s face.

“OLD MAN THAT YOUNG BOY!”I laughed walking into the house seeing my beautiful mate enjoying herself with the girls.

“Look at these claws girl why did you get them so long?!” I heard Connie yell as usual.

“They’re not long they’re just pointy, and you’re just jealous with your little bitty square nails.“Nicole said back looking at her nails which made everyone laugh. I slowly walked up behind her and they all got quiet as I wrapped my hands around her waist leaning down to give her a kiss she was hesitant at first but soon complied.Going deeper into the kiss we soon heard the ‘oooo’s’ of my nosy family which made Nicole pull away smiling then look down probably blushing.

“Could I talk to you for a second in the other room real quick?“I asked her, she gave me a questionable look and looked at the girls for a quick second before walking ahead me to our room.She sat down and nervously wiped her hands on her pants then said.

“So what do you want to talk about?”I know she’s still nervous around me but I want her to break out of that, I want her to feel comfortable and start to get used to me and love me the way I do her. I know there’s something there but there is still that pull she has from her past.

“I know we’re taking this relationship steps at time and you telling me about your past piece by piece but yesterday I saw something bothering you, and now it’s bothering me thinking and not knowing the answer.When Jordan was mentioning pups to my mother it seemed like it hit a nerve or something. Jordan said you probably have kids at where you lived before you left but I don’t think that’s it because you probably would have fought harder than that.The other thing was that maybe you hated kids I mean come on we can work that out -”

“JOSEPH!“she screamed cutting off my endless rambling.

“Huh?What?“I asked trying to calm my breathing. She taps the side of the bed where she was sitting for me to come sit next to her.

“I-it’s not the fact that I don’t want kids, it’s just I can’t have kids.

“she said looking down.It seemed like my whole world just stopped.

“Oh. I-uh are you sure?” I asked making her think for a second.

"What do you mean am I sure? Me and my um... ex-husband have been try without protection and there’s been nothing. I went to the doctor and they said i’m fine.“she said throwing her hands up in defeat letting them fall at her sides.

“Well maybe he has or well had a low sperm count. Maybe it was him.” I said making her look at me wide eyed.

“I never even thought of that.“she said playing with ends of her hair.

“So there’s hope?“I said with a little excitement in my voice, Ares seemed to perk up also.

“Y-yea I guess there is. But that doesn’t mean I want them right away though-” she smiled at me, Ares was doing yelping excitedly.

“WOO!” I screamed cutting her off pulling her face to mine merging our lips together and she laughs into the kiss running her hands through my hair as I pushed her down on the bed. Hitching up her curvy thigh pressing myself in-between her legs and kissing up her neck she let out a slight moan.

“J-joseph wait I think someone-“she tried saying in between shorts breaths.

“Hey guys mom said foods-WOAH! If you guys were gonna go and be gross at least put a sock on the door.“Jordan came in yelling making us stop before walking right back out.


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