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Chapter 6


Its been tough but im really adjusting to this place and Joseph.

I don’t know why Onika doesn’t talk to me she only really comes out when she wants to or when I get riled up.

But Joseph is like the closest thing to a bestfriend I have here, little goofball.

I laugh at that thought as we we’re just relaxing as the radio played as Joseph was upstairs doing “alpha stuff.”

I swayed to the music as I was tidying up at the same time stopping when I heard my mates deep voice.

“Oh I think that I’ve found myself a cheerleader.She is always right there when I need her.“he sang dancing towards me. I stood there laughing at his moves when Jordan pushed me into the arms of my mate.

“Hey baby.“he said showing his sexy smile. I felt the rumble of his chest as he laughed wrapping his arms around my waist.

I hope he didn’t -

“What hear your thoughts? Thank you baby,I like yours too.“I blushed looking down and he kissed my head.

“Stop reading my thoughts!“I said slapping his chest and turning away from him.

“Well I’m out guys see you later”Jordan said rolling away on his Phunkeedunk Cyboard.

“Jordan how much did that thing cost!?“Joseph yelled as his brother rolled in circles around us then away.

“Just a $100 and change.“he said stopping looking at us.

“What did I tell you about recklessly spending money like that?“he said scolding his younger brother.

“Come on we’re rich, what the hell man loosen up. Look at how Nicki’s looking at it I bet she wants one too this is awesome.“he said throwing a fit then turning the attention to me.


“It does look cool...“I said sheepishly playing with the bottom of my shirt.

“What color?“he asked catching me off guard.

“Huh?“I asked furrowing my eyebrows at him.

“I told Jack to order one for you and he said there are different colors,what color do you want?“he asked that made smile.

“Thannnkk you!! I want a red one!“I said giving him a squeeze dancing around.



Today has been a peaceful day. I like feel Nicole is really what my brother needs to feel like he can let loose and be happy again.

He used to act like me, now he’s all uptight and prude. That’s how they get you, they tell you being alpha is all this and that but it just seems like you turn into a buzzkill.

I was about to get in the shower when I heard a weird noise coming down the hallway.

Me being the investigator that I am I peeped my head out to see just the funniest thing.

Nicki had her legs and arms wrapped Joseph’s body and he was speeding my way on her new red Cyboard Skywalker and they were laughing their asses off.

“Slow down Joseph!“she laughed looking at him as his hair blew in the wind as did hers.

Then he did the family trademark.“WOO!“holding his hands in the air.

They didn’t even notice me watching them as they zoomed by and I put my shorts back on and got mine following behind them.

“Hey guys wait up!”

I can’t wait till I find my mate.

Just some cute filler

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