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Chapter 7


I was taking a stroll with Cassandra just to get some fresh air.

“So luna are you pregnant?“she just asked out of the blue, still getting used to her bluntness almost choking on my smoothie.

Clearing my throat I looked at her wide eyed saying. “Heavens no, we- we are taking things slow Cassandra. No baby,not right now girl.“I said pating her back walking a head.

“I know but Jordan said you guys were-” I cut her off waving my stopping her.

“N-no, we were just um-“I didn’t really know how to defend myself here.

She laughed “I get it luna no baby,I was just playing.”

“Look I don’t want any trouble man.“I heard a voice say making me slow down and change direction.

“Luna where are-“I heard Cassandra saying as I walked towards the commotion.

“Then why was my sister crying you little shit!?“I heard another voice scream as I saw a group of three boys surrounding another.

“I swear I didn’t mean to hurt her feelings or whatever-“the smaller boy being surrounded said getting cut off by a blow to the face.

“HEY!?“I yelled,don’t know why maybe it’s being Luna because normally in this type of situation I would mind my business.

Catching their attention they moved aside as the smaller boy I heard defending himself was holding his cheek as his lip was bleeding.

As I walk through them they bowed their heads,crouching down to where the boy had fell grabbing his head cuddling him into my chest.

“No don’t bow your heads now, wait ’till I get Joseph.“They seemed to tense at that.

“Too late,I already know.“I heard Joseph say turning to see him next to Cassandra with his arms folded across his broad chest.

“Now what is going on here,and Nicole let him go your smoothering the poor boy with your breasts.” he asked trying not to chuckle.

I looked down at the boy who’s face I had crushed in between my breasts who had his hands softly gripping my forearm trying break free.

“Oops sorry, but Joseph he’s so cute and they we’re bullying him!“I said squeezing the young blushing boy back into chest.

“Luna I’m fine.” he said pushing away me fixing his hair.

“YOU WON’T BE ONCE I GET TO YOU!” The other boys growled at us but it was directed at him.

“WATCH WHO YOU’RE TALKING TO LITTLE BOY-” I started but was cut off by Joseph.

“STAND DOWN DREW!” He growled back at him and the boy who I now know as drew. Even though he wasn’t talking to me I felt the authority in his voice and shut my ass up.

“Now Grayson tell us what happened.“He said running his hands through his hair.

It looks soft...

Oh shut up! I said to my inner thoughts.

“All I know was that I told some girl that I didn’t want to date her because I was waiting for my mate and then these guys come after me for no reason.” Grayson said checking if his lip was still bleeding.

“Who is the girl to you Drew?” Joseph asked turning his attention to him.

“That’s my sister.”

“So you think it’s okay to beat on someone because your little sister has a crush on someone and get turned down?“he asked the boys looked at each other not really knowing what to say.

“We’ll no but-“he started but was cut off by Joseph hand.

“No butts my office.Now.” He said walking a head of them.

They still didn’t move, probably scared. Pussies.

“NOW!” They scurried ahead mumbling “Yes alpha.”

“Now back to you,how are you going to let all of them pick on you like that?“I pushed his shoulder.

“It was a lot them!” he whined in defence.

"It was alot of them“I mimicked rolling my eyes. “Back when I was your age I could handle my own couple of fights here and there, you could’ve at least tried.“I sigh.

“How old are you?” He asked and Cassandra smacked him in the back of the head.

“Rude, don’t ask a women that.“He rubbed his head looking at her and she looked away blushing.

Weird.. but not my business.

I stood up sticking my hand out helping him up saying.“Come on we gotta toughen you up,your going to train with the others starting tomorrow.”

“What? Luna come on no, I don’t want to.“he kept whining.

I stopped and turned giving him a blank but menacing stare.

“Training tomorrow fine.”

Thought so.


~Flashback ~

“James it’s not that serious you’re overreacting.“I said walking after him watching him take off his suit jacket.

“Overreacting? Overreacting!? Did you see how they all looked at me- looked at you?Like we were just disgusting creatures.“he said frustratingly sitting on the edge of the bed taking off his shoes.

Kicking off my heels I crawled up behind him wraping my arms around his frame leaning my head on his shoulder and we just sat for a moment.

I knew this was how it was gonna be, I warned him to but does he listen to me ?No.

“It’s gonna be fine. Like I said if they don’t like us fuck’em. Now how about I run you a hot bath, how does that sound?“I said messaging his shoulders placing a kiss on his neck.

“With you joining?“he said almost child like with a slight pout.


~End Flashback ~


I opened my eyes seeing Joseph smiling down at me.

“Hi.“I said halfway through a yawn.

“I was looking for you.” he said sitting next to me on the little couch putting my legs on his lap. I look around for a second realizing I was in the library.

“Sorry I had dozed off in here. What did you need something?“I asked sitting up.

“I just wanted to say that you handled that situation earlier very well, very luna like I might add. Aries thought so to.“he said proudly making furrow my eyes at him confused.

“Who’s Aries?”

“My wolf.” he answered and his eyes turned that gold color again,looked sexy if you asked me.

“Thank you love.“he smirked at me.

“Hey, Don’t read my thoughts!“I said swatting his leg.

“Are you Aries?“I asked holding his cheek looking into his gold eyes.

“That I am, and you are very beautiful mate.“he said leaning into my hand kissing it.

“Can you turn into your wolf form?“I really didn’t see it last time since our first encounter was a little crazy.

I watched closely then turned away blushing as he stripped of his clothes slowly turning into his wolf.

Before me a huge black wolf stood. I slowly got up and touched the top of his head, his fur was rough but soft.

Can we do that? I asked Onika.

Not now but we will be able to.

I sat down and so did he laying his huge wolf head on my lap.

“Your not so scary as the first time I saw you.“I said still rubbing his head head had made a slight rumble or growl, I don’t know if that ment he liked this.

He head then moved to my Jean covered core smelling it.

“Hey! Nasty!” I yelled pushed his head and he made what seemed like a wolfy grin and turned back into Joseph.

“The human wants you love.” His eyes swirled back to chocolate brown.

He lifted my chin leaning down pressing his soft lips to mine slowly picking me up as it turned into in an intense make out.

He sat us down on the couch and my arms crossed around his neck as his head went to o the crook of mine sucking on making me moan.

“Joseph.“I moaned out feeling his raging hard on under me completely had forgotten about him being nude.

Peeling off my t-shirt tossing it across the room I let out a shriek as someone had burst into the room leaving me with nothing to cover myself with.

Joseph growled his eyes showing Aries as he covered me.

“Sorry Alpha and Luna but this important.“he said tossing Joseph his pants as I got up hold my chest finding my shirt.

They talked for a second as I put on my shirt Joseph turned to me looking serious and angry plus probably sexually frustrated.

“Stay here with Jack.” He said storming out.

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