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Chapter 8


“Jack what’s going on? Is everything alright?” I asked getting up trying to follow Joseph.

“Luna there a situation and you need to stay safe.” he said blocking my path.

Was it like in those werewolf books where a rival pack or something comes is it?

“Very cliché but yes it’s exactly that.What else do these book say? That vampires sparkle?“he snorted making me roll my eyes at myself for saying it out loud and him for laughing.

“Hey don’t get snippy I’m a human. I don’t know about these types of things.“I pouted crossing my arms.

“But your not a human that’s the thing though.” he said pointing at me poking holes in my logic.

“Am .”

“Aren’t “

“I AM !” I growled at him.. I GROWLED!?

He looked at me with and ‘I told you so’ smirk on his face. Then nodded at me saying “You aren’t.”

“Whatever I just hope everyone is okay.”


We smelled them, and they were approaching fast.

‘ALPHA TO YOUR LEFT’ Nate said through link.

Hearing that Ares jumped right into the incoming rogue knocking him down.

He got up shacking his head then growling at me.

‘He smells different.’ Ares said.

‘Well he is a rogue.’i said before clamping down on his neck growling as he bit my leg.

Picking him up with my jaws clamped down hard I shook him like a rag doll before throwing him into a tree.

Seeing Nate and the others run up to me some covered in blood meaning the others were dealt with I said.

‘Finish him.’

He nodded before he and the others did what they were told.

Now back to my mate.

When I got there she was on the phone with someone.

“Y-yes, ok I understand sir. I’ll be there in the morning.“she said nervously before hanging up.

“Who was that?“I asked before sitting down next to her on the bed.

“My boss.” She said before pulling out her laptop.

Everything with us seems so rushed i didn’t even know she had a fucking job...

“Where do you work?” I asked watching curiously as she typed away.

“I’m a teacher, and my boss had given me a week of because of the funeral and how I needed ‘grieving time’ but that was two weeks ago. He says if I don’t show up tomorrow i’m fired.“she said playing with the ring on her finger.

Ares was slightly hurt that she still thinks about him but I subsided it. I wanted her to only think of us, but at the same time I didnt want to rush things.

It’s like Onika is ready for us but Nicole is not.

“Babe you honestly don’t need the job, we are perfectly capa-“I started but she cut me off.

“I-i know but teaching is something I really love doing. Even though my life has suddenly changed I still want to hold onto some things you know?“she said shutting her laptop looking at me.

I didn’t know what to say, because I felt like she ment more then just school when she said that.

She looked at my expression and touched my face rubbing her thumb across my face before laying her head on my naked chest.

“I’m trying to be the mate you want I promise I am. Everything just feels so new to me and I just feel so torn, I wish time would just slow down.“she said sniffling.

I kissed her forhead before pulling the cover over us.

“Don’t cry everything takes time. You’re my mate you’re already everything thing I want.“I said watching her close her eyes.

I’ll wait, as long as it takes..

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