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Chapter 9


A month away and the school day still ends the same, with the slams of lockers and the echoing footsteps of down the hall. I pull my set of keys out my desk because for some reason I can't find mine.

Walking in the hot parking lot looking for my car I hear two honks which break me out my old routine habits and turn to see Joseph leaning against his car with a of pair shades on.

'Oh yeah, don't have my car. That and some of my other possessions.'

''Don't worry mate will get us more things, replace the old" Onika chimed in happy to see our mate. Not knowing how to feel about her comment I didn't respond and just continued to the passenger side.

"Hello beautiful mate." He greeted smiling after giving me a peck on the cheek before starting the engine.

"What are those?" Slightly turning his head not taking his eyes off of the road as I was putting my backup keys in my bag.

"I-um nothing, just back up keys to my car, it's whatever though I don't need them anymore." I said reassuringly.

He didn't say anything and turning my head I leaned on the window closing my eyes avoiding the eerie silence of the rest of the drive.

At the pack house I asked to go our to finish up some paperwork and relax while Joseph did pack work in his office. I need my own damn office I had one at home I should discuss it with him.

‘Or we could go for a run and go to old home!’Onika said wagging her tail in excitement.

"Run? Girl you're crazy, I haven't ran since middle school" I replied out loud snorting at her comment shaking my head putting the grade on my last report.

I-i can do it, we can do it! We can shift and go now!’She said sounding very anxious now making me anxious as well.

"Maybe we should wait for Joseph,won't this hurt ?"


Speaking to my father and Ares helped my perspective a little, as a warlock werewolf. I tend to spend more time with my wolf it's just what i'm used too. I got him from my grandfather, it skipped my dad and Jordan, I'm pretty sure Jordan would've killed us all by now but mom said since he's a 'late bloomer' correction loner he might be with he abilities as well if he has any.

He came to me around my 25th birthday and his name is Androse and from that point on he's comes forward through me in situations when needed and with guidance helps me with my abilities and maturity. At first I kept calling him a witch much to his dislike.

But him and Ares have seem forgotten that they like distance once Nicole came. It's hard keeping them both down but they've discussed with me they will, well we will become more in-tune with each other once we become 'in-tune' with our mate if you catch my drift.

Suddenly a slight sharp pain erupted in my chest. "MATE NEEDS US" Ares shouted at me as if I didn't feel the same shit happening to me .

"Alpha it's the Luna, she's shifted and is heading off lands!" Nate burst in shouting.

"WHAT!?" I shouted feeling Ares and Androse aswell as I rushed out the house shifting.

I saw Cassandra, Jordan and my father chasing after her, her wolf seemed small but with our help she'll grow.

She's leaving us?’ Ares questioned hurt that she was still going,surely she felt my presence.

‘No, she wouldn’t.” Androse said to him.

I suddenly shifted back and felt him taking over


That shit hurt like hell but I felt so free for once. The wind beneath my slightly damp ombré fur was amazing.

"Where a you going little one?" Joseph's father Anthony asked me through mind-link as he caught up to me. His wolf was black as well like Ares but not as large it seems like everyone else's was bigger than me no matter,though I was free or felt that way.

I was almost there I could smell it.

Shifting back I realized I was naked and stopped across from where the back entrance of the house would be. Onika was over me but this is something we both wanted so I felt like a passenger watching her drive.

"Here Luna " Cassandra said handing me a shirt and some shorts where she got them who knows.

Walking up to the place I used to reside felt like I was dreaming. I picked up the fake rock with key in it and walked in.

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