Fake Boyfriend

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I've gotta get rid of my ex... How? Rose was a ordinary, girl. When she faces her ex that cheated on her, she's gotta find a way to make sure he stops following her.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

“Please Baby, I want you back,” said Cedric, desperation clear in his voice.

I slammed my locker getting pissed off. The metal banging to a close. Many heads turned to us. I could feel their stares burn into the back of my head.

Normally, this would embarrass me, but I was too angry to care.

Cedric a few weeks ago had broken my heart, and shattered it like a glass vase and stomped all over it.

You’d think my BFF would help me get through it? By bringing ice cream, watching Chick Flicks, and give me all the moral support in the world?

NO! Because you know what? My ex cheated on me with my BFF.

I still felt a pinching pain in my heart. The two people who I was the closest with, in the world at the time betrayed my trust.

We are not friends anymore, so I basically have no friends, but under no circumstances will I swoop my standards that low.

It didn't help that she was gorgeous. Long, silky, blonde hair. I wouldn't be surprised if she becomes a model in the future. Especially with the ice blue eyes that would match any color.

And I was just a random girl with chestnut hair and green eyes. Nothing special about that.

I finally got over him. Why can't he just let me be!

Cedric has been following me for the past week! Can he just get it in that tiny little brain of his that I don’t want him back?

“Leave me alone! What’s done is done! I’m going to be late to class!” I snapped eyes blazing.

Cedric grasped my wrist, and whispered in my ear. ”You know you still love me,”

I felt his hot breath steaming my ear. 4 weeks ago, I would've though that was cute, but I just felt disgusted.

I pulled my wrist away, almost 100% sure that it would bruise.

Since I snatched my wrist away in a weird way, I got an Indian burn.

I winced looking at the red on my arm, spreading and growing.

I took in a deep breath feeling like I want to cry.

Suddenly, a deep voice came from behind me ” I suggest you leave the lady alone,”

I saw Cedric’s eyes go wide and gulp before he scrambled down the hallway.

I turned around curios who it could be. As I met his eyes, realization sinked in. I knew who it was.

How did I not recognize that voice! He was very popular after all.

Seth Taylors

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