Inner Demons-ON HOLD

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Chapter 13

*We are finally hearing from Xander! I hope you enjoy the new POV and change! :)

Xander’s POV

I paced my room, wearing a path into the rug as I moved back and forth from one side to the other. I snarled at the memories racing through my mind, seeing Emma being violated that way. No one should ever have to endure that, and she’d now have yet another memory to add to her previous experiences of pain, and it was all my fault. I raked a hand through my hair in frustration. My first attempt to get to her had been blocked immediately. As soon as she was taken, I’d waited until that evening before I tried to sneak down to the cages and break her free. But, when I left my room, I saw that my father had placed guards down the entire hallway, anticipating my reaction. There were at least ten of them, all waiting for me. I knew I couldn’t get through all ten at once. Even if I could, I knew there was no way for me to break through the silver cage holding her without the key. My second attempt nearly succeeded before my father was alerted and summoned us, leading to the horrible events of tonight. I should have killed that guard.

How could I have brought this on her? I should have never brought her here. I thought hard, trying to focus on the best way to get her out, but nothing successful had come to mind yet. I knew my father kept the pets in silver cages for this exact reason. He wanted to deter any vampire from trying to steal what was his. Only the guards kept the keys to the locks, and they all wore gloves to protect themselves from the silver. I would normally just steal the key, but I had no idea which guard held the key. It changed daily, and there was no way I could get close enough to see which one came and went from the room without detection. My only option was to wait until they moved her. Maybe then I could get to her, but not with the guards posted outside my door. I growled in anger as I felt the hopelessness of our situation. I fell into my bed, restless but attempting to calm myself enough to shut my eyes and rest. Every time I shut them, all I saw was Emma’s pained face as she bit back every scream begging to be released, her eyes shut tight. My eyes flew open and I leapt from the bed. I walked over to grab the bottle of whiskey, dropping into my leather chair and gulping it down. I began to feel the dark liquid warm my belly and the heat rise up my neck. Several more gulps and I began to feel the effects on my mind. Slowly my body began to relax enough to lean back and shut my eyes in a drunken haze. The visions were still there, but blurred, less distinct. Enough to allow me a moment’s rest.

A loud knock on the door sounded. My eyes flew open to see that it was daytime. I must have drifted off. My hands were still gripping the now empty bottle and I leaned forward, rubbing my eyes as I felt it’s residual effects, pounding inside of my head. I placed the bottle back on the desk and made my way to the door, lingering briefly near my window as the light shown in. I inhaled a deep breath, bracing myself and placed my hand in the sunlight. Nothing. The cure in Emma’s blood had made its way out of my system and I was now back to normal it seemed. I released the breath and closed to the distance to my door, opening it to see my mother. Her beautiful brown eyes peered up into mine, filling me with warmth as I moved for her to come into the room. I let out a low growl at the guards and quickly shut the door. She flashed to me, hugging me tight. Her 5′6" frame seemed small as my own 6′2" figure towered over hers, but in that moment, I felt so small. I wrapped my arms around her, hugging her against my chest and breathed deeply.

“I know this has been awful for you Alexander. I’m so sorry this is all happening to Emma, but it’s going to be ok. I know it.” Her voice cooed as she attempted to soothe the ache deep inside of me.

I pulled away and walked over to my window, staring out as I let the sunlight hit me. “How can it be ok? Do you know what he’s done to her?” I spoke through gritted teeth.

She walked over to stand beside me, stroking my back gently. “I do. It’s just terrible how he’s treated her, but it is his right as her master Alexander. You know our laws better than anyone. The moment he knew who she was, you knew he wasn’t going to release her.” Her voice was soft and smooth, trying to calm me as my anger began to build again.

“I promised her she’d be ok. I swore I’d be with her, that I’d protect her. I’ve failed her completely.” I ran a frustrated hand through my hair, my entire body tensing at the thought.

“We will figure this out copilul meu. We will find a way to change his mind. I promise, I will help in any way I can.” I looked into her eyes and saw my own pain being reflected. She hadn’t called me her child in a long time. She was hurting for her child. She knew this was wrong. She knew and she was going to help me. With her help, maybe I could get to Emma. Or at least get a message to her that I was trying to free her.

“What are we going to do mom?” My voice didn’t sound nearly as strong as I’d hoped it would.

“Right now, you’re being watched. Maybe I can get a message to her to hold on. I can at least help her heal in the meantime. Your father has a plan, so we’re working with a tight timeframe. He’s going to use her to find King Philip. He’s already used her blood to question their son, Prince Tristan, but he didn’t know anything more than what they already knew.” She spoke hurriedly, trying to communicate every detail she could.

“When does he plan to bring her out again?” I asked, hopeful that I could intercept her.

She shook her head, her mouth forming a tight line. “I don’t know dear, but I promise I’ll let you know the moment I do.” She leaned up on her toes and placed a loving kiss on my cheek before turning to leave. As she reached for the door, she turned once more to meet my eyes. “You really do care for her don’t you son?”

I nodded shortly, my face pinching into a scowl at the thought of her pain. She nodded again and walked out of my room, shutting the door quietly behind her. I walked into the bathroom, freshening up and rinsing my tired face with cold water before dressing and walking out.

The guards at my door stood to attention, eyeing me, waiting for my response. “I’m just heading to the archives,” I snarled.

I walked down the hall, the guards following a few steps behind. I rolled my eyes as I made my way into the small room on the back of the library. This room held every potential clue as to what had been foreseen about Emma. I spent the rest of the day tearing through book after book with no success. Feeling discouraged, I stood and walked over to the ancient texts, opening one that held the prophecy of the angel. I flipped to the page and saw the same illustration as in the books in my library, although the wording was more specific.

The angel will fall and connect two worlds, able to end one world and rule over it, taking in the demon. Once created, she will become the most powerful immortal to ever exist, and create a line of successors unable to be stopped by any other line, ruling over them all. She would end the vampire world as it is known and create a new one all her own with undeniable force.

I ran my fingers over the image, taking in every detail. The angel looked over her shoulder at the various orbs below her, silver eyes glowing from her. Her white-blonde hair flowed down her side to reveal huge markings creating glowing wispy angel wings flowing down her back and arms before wrapping around her wrists and fingers. They radiated from a single mark, roughly oval in between her shoulder blades. The likeness was uncanny. It looked just like the one Emma bore on her skin. I raked a hand through my hair, focusing on the task at hand. I had to get her out, but how? Now that my father knew who and what she was, there was no way he would let her live. A sudden thought hit me as the realization sunk in. He wouldn’t let her live. He planned to use the cure running through her veins against King Philip. My only option was to wait until that happened, and insist I be there. Once he gave the cure to Philip, I’d be able to turn her.

I slammed the book shut and ran out of the library in search of my mother. I had to fill her in before I lost my chance. My guards stayed directly on my trail, but I knew they would allow privacy with their Queen. I had to tell her and see if she’d seen Emma yet. I had to try and get the message to her that this was the only way. I just hoped Emma would be ok with it.

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