Inner Demons-ON HOLD

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Not an update!

So sorry for those of you who saw this and were so excited that it was finally an update! Trust me. I know the frustration of being so engrossed in a story that stalls right at the best part! I've been getting several requests asking for updates, so I thought I'd go ahead and answer all at once.

Up until now I would try and update each story a few chapters at a time, as I have several ongoing stories at once. However, I found that I would forget or mix up some of the minor details that were building in the story, or lose my momentum. I saw that this actually caused my updates to be more sporadic and not giving my readers the best quality work I was capable of. I have also started a more extensive full time job so I am not able to update as frequently as I was before, causing the stories to take slightly longer to write, so until then, this story is temporarily on hold.

Because of this, I dove into updating one of my current stories and decided to keep pushing through so that I could complete that one first, or at least come to a reasonable stopping place, before returning to my other stories. I appreciate everyone's patience and I'm so glad you're all hungry and anxious for updates! I promise they'll be coming and I encourage you to read my other stories while you wait! :)

Your votes, comments, and reviews mean so much to me and I read every single one so please keep them coming!

All my gratitude,

L. E. Hunter

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