Hoody And His Gyal 24

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Romance / Thriller
Vaughan Williams
Work in progress
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Samantha and JP still in France


The morning Samantha woke to the sound of a cockerel and the smell of French food cooking. She looked around the room and for a split second, she wondered where she was. As she moved her head she instantly remembered the copious amount of red wine she drank at Jean’s moms Birthday party last night. She glanced around the room again and remembered the beautiful Chateau and vineyard she was introduced to yesterday by Jean Philippe but didn’t remember getting into bed.

Samantha turned over to see what the time was and realised she was sore between her legs and leapt out of bed to check herself. When she looked, her skin was extremely sore looking, red and blotchy. Sam checked the bed to see if she had wet herself in the night because of the amount of fluid she drank, but it was dry. She started to imagine all sorts of things as she sat on the bed not knowing what to think.

It was then, she thought about someone coming into her room in the dark and getting into bed with her last night, or was it in a dream.

Sam realised she was very drunk when her head hit the pillow but wasn’t sure if she would have slept through sex with someone.

Sam was uncertain what to do and after a while, she started to believe someone must have had sex with her while she was asleep and she didn’t know what to do.

Sam sat on the bed thinking hard and was convinced someone came into her room and slid under the bedclothes.

Sam didn’t know if she should cry, dismiss it or shout out about it, as she wasn’t sure what had taken place.

After a while, Sam decided to have a shower and keep quiet, at least for the time being.

She washed and scrubbed herself and noticed a couple of small bruises on her arms. Sam got dressed and decided not to say anything for the moment and see what would happen. When she walked into the kitchen, everyone was talking and laughing while they were either cooking or cleaning. Sam noticed Andre wasn’t about and she asked after him and was told he had left earlier.

“Can I help?” Sam asked. But was told to sit down and Jean poured her a coffee. As she sat sipping the coffee, Sam thought more about last night and was still worried as Jean placed some croissant, butter and jam in front of her. Sam was quiet as she picked at her breakfast and Jean kept asking if she was OK as she was so quiet. Sam pretended to be joyful but blamed the red wine with a nervous smile now and again.

“Sammy, would you like to go and have a look around the vineyard with me? Then after I can take you for a little tour of my hometown?” Sam nodded and pretended to look interested but even the magnificent Chateau had lost its charm. The whole trip had been spoilt for her as she sat wondering who it was that raped her while she was asleep.

“Father, could I borrow your car to show Sammy around the town and the Vineyard please?”

“Bien sûr vous pouvez les clés sont sur l’étagère près de la porte.”

“Je Vous remercie papa!” Jean grabbed the keys and held the door open for Sam and they walked out to the car.

“You are very quiet this morning Sammy, perhaps some fresh air would be good for you, I know just the very place!”

Jean took her for a drive and as he spoke and explained the different things and places, he noticed she didn’t look as if she had any interest. She just kept looking out the window.

“Sammy, what is the matter?”

“Sorry!” she said “it’s my head from the red wine. I don’t drink like that at home.”

“Are you sure Sammy? You look like you are in a different world, are you worrying about your home problems?

“No, it’s just the wine!” she said.

Jean drove on a bit further and then he pulled over into a lay-bye and asked, “Will you walk with me for a while along the edge of the Dordogne River, it always helps me if I have a headache. The fresh air will help to clear it away, this I promise, Sammy.”

Sam got out the car and stood by the door while Jean locked it and as they started to walk Jean said: “Maybe I can take you for some lunch in a little café I know afterwards.” Sam shook her head and said she needed to go back to the house as she needed to pack before the journey home. Jean knew that something was wrong and lifted his arm trying to place it around her shoulder, but she pulled away, screwed up her face and started to cry.

“Sammy, what is it? What has happened?”

Sam cried into the hankie she got from her sleeve. “Someone had sex with me… in the night she blurted out!”

“What do you mean Sammy? What makes you think this?”

“I heard someone come into my room last night and when I woke this morning I was sore down there!”

Jean smiled “It was Flavie; Flavie came into your room last night. We sent her up to sleep with you in case you were ill in the night. My Mother was worried about you when you left because of the wine you consumed. I hope you don’t mind but we were all worried as people have suffocated when they were asleep and very, very drunk.”

“So why am I so sore down there?”

“Oh Sammy, You are suffering from a wine allergy or yeast infection, some people get an allergic reaction to red wine in fact Flavie had one once if I remember correctly. Do you want to talk with flavie to put your mind at ease?”

Sammy looked up at Jean and said: “No if you are sure!”

“Yes, I am sure Sammy, I think she went to the doctors and they gave her some cream. She may have some left for you to use.”

Sam smiles and burst out laughing almost hysterically still wiping her sore eyes. “I’m sorry!” she said, “I never thought!”

Jean smiled, Oh Sammy, “You must drink lots of water today and you will feel a lot better, of this, I am certain!”

Sammy believed his every word and felt a lot better. They carried on with their walk along the River.

Jean picked flowers for Sam as they slowly walked hand in hand chatting and laughing.

Not knowing what part of France they were in, Sam asked, “Are we anywhere near the sea here?”

“No not really Sammy, it is quite a drive to the Bay of Biscay, in fact, it is at the end of this river, can you believe?”

It was a beautiful day and they walked and talked for ages before they decided to turn around and walked back to the car.

As they approached the car Jean opened the doors and said, “Would you like to go for some Lunch, Sammy? I know a nice little place; we can sit outside if you wish!”

“Yes that would be lovely,” she said with a smile.

They drove a couple of miles and pulled into the car-park. Jean opened the door for Sam and again they held hands as they strolled across the car-park. They found a table outside in the sunshine and as the waiter came out with a towel over his arm, Sammy popped to the toilet. So Jean ordered for both of them and asked for two bottles of water.

Jean sat, looking around and waiting for Sammy to come back out.

A few minutes passed before she appeared. “Are you ok Sammy?” he asked.

“Yes, I was looking at the pictures on the wall; I saw one of you holding a large fish!” Jean smiled “Yes I court it in a competition and gave it to Gabroo the owner of this café. I think we ate it for months!” he said laughing. “You took a long time; I was worried about you in the toilet!” “Oh no, I’m OK!”

I have ordered you. Salade de poisson!”

“What is it?”

“It is just a small fish salad and to go with it, a Bouteille de water!”

“A bottle of water?” Sam asked.

“Oui oui, you are learning French, this is good!” Jean said pouring the water into a tall glass full of ice for her.

They sat in the sun and slowly eat and talked. Sam really enjoyed the food and kept washing it down with the cold water.

“Are you having a nice time Sammy? It is so good to see you with that Sourire Etonnant!”

Sammy looked at Jean with an inquisitive frown.

“Amazing smile!” he said.

Then Gabroo came out looking around. “Je ne savais pas que tu étais là!” he said as he knelt on one knee next to Jean. “Where have you been? I haven’t seen you for ages!” He asked. Jean explained he had been extremely busy with work, and then he said how much he enjoyed the fish salad and introduced Samantha.

“This is my very good friend Sammy from England!” Gabroo kissed the back of her hand and looking at Jean he said: “You are a lucky man Jean Philippe, of this I am positive!” They chatted a little longer and Gabroo left them alone and collected some plates from other tables.

When Jean eventually went to pay the bill, Gabroo said: “Your money is not good here my friend!”

With a hug each from Gabroo, they both left and drove back to the vineyard.

As they drove along the road to the house holding hands, Jean noticed a police car on the drive. They parked up and quickly ran to the kitchen door and opened it worried encase something awful had happened. There were two French police officials sitting at the table and Jean’s mom looked as if she had been crying.

“What has happened?” Jean asked.

“Hello, Jean!” One police officer said. Jean recognised him.

Hello Sebastian, it has been a while!”

“Yes it has, and I’m sorry it’s not a social visit, but I have to ask you some questions!”

“OK, that is not a problem!”

“This is inspector Raphael Caron!”

Jean shook his hand and nodded.

“Jean, have you just come over to France from Amsterdam?”

“Yes, I have why?” Jean said as he pulled two chairs out and sat at the kitchen table with Samantha.

“Do you have an apartment in Le Mairegr…?” Sebastian showed Jean the name on a notepad because he couldn’t pronounce it.

“Le Mairegracht. Yes, yes I do!”

“And you were in that apartment over the last 7-10 days?”

“No, I flew from Birmingham last Thursday morning!”

“A body has been found floating in the water last Saturday morning close to your apartment, apparently it had been in the water for 10 to 12 hours, and when the Amsterdam police looked into it; there was another murder the last time you were there….!” Sebastian looked at his notes. “4 weeks ago, this one was found in another river, the Van Noord…something!”

The Van Noordtgracht!”

“Yes, that looks about right!” Jean shook his head and stood up.

“Surely you don’t believe it has anything to do with me!” he said with his arms outstretched.

“I am only following orders Jean, please go along with me!” Sebastian said as Jean sat back down.

“Do you know a woman called Chloe Dubois and another woman was called Eleonore Girard?

Jean shook his head and pulled a strange face.

“Both murders were identical and carried out by the same man!”

“No, I don’t know those names!”

“Both women were abused and then stabbed repeatedly before they were thrown into the water!”

“The woman called Chloe Dubois was last seen in a café on…!” Sebastian showed Jean the notepaper again.


“Yes thank you, she was in there Friday at around 6pm the same time as you apparently and the Amsterdam police also know you frequent the café a lot, in fact, you eat there most nights around the same time, according to the owners!”

“Yes I do, I have a business just around the corner. I eat there maybe on my way home or sometimes later. I can’t be bothered to cook as I live on my own, you know. So yes, I am in there quite often!”

“Yes I do know Jean, I am also on my own!” he said.

“Do you need to ask these questions, Sebastian? You have known Jean Philippe all his life!”

“I am sorry, Amadour, I have to ask, I am sure it is all a coincidence and it will get sorted, but I have to ask, I have been ordered to do this by the Police of Amsterdam!”

Amadour turned to Jeans Mom. “C’est ridicule!”

Sebastian looked in his notepad again. “Do you own a boat, Jean?”

“Yes, I have a 20ft Fletcher, speedboat!”

“Does it have a name written on it?”

“Yes, it is called Gevangene!”

Sebastian wrote in his notebook. “How do you spell it?”

Jean told him and then said, “It is a Dutch word for, prisoner!”

Sebastian looked at Jean with a frown. The boat is a Fletcher; Ronnie Barker in prison, apparently the first owner was a fan of Porridge?

Sebastian shook his head, I don’t know him. When did you last take Gevan… the boat out on the water?”

Jean shook his head in disbelief and shrugged his shoulders, “I don’t know about three or four weeks ago, I took some clients out along the Zoutkeetsgratcht to see some property we have for sale. I moored at the Westerdok and we had some lunch at a small café on the front there.

As Sebastian wrote in his notepad he said: “Gratcht, is it moat or canal?”

“Both!” Jean said looking at him.

“Can you get me the exact date you went to Amsterdam and when you returned, a month ago?”

Jean nodded, “yes, I have the plane tickets, I think; I have them in my briefcase!” Jean stood up and went to his room.

Samantha was sitting at the table with her hands clasped together on her lap. She sat quietly not knowing what to think as she really didn’t know Jean Philippe all that well. She had only known him about 3-4 months. She met him on one of James’s Photoshoots when he took some pictures in a train station for Jean.

“And who is this good-looking woman?” Sebastian asked Sam.

I am Samantha Sullivan from England. I have just popped over for the day and to meet Jean’s family!”

With that, Jean walked back in and placed his briefcase on the table and flicked it open. He sifted through the files he had in there and as he pulled one out and opened it he said, “I went from BHX to AMS on the 15 of April and came back AMS to BHX on the 12 May.

“Are those dates will do? You see the First girl was found on the 15 May and apparently had been dead for 24 hours. OK, that is all I need at this point and it will do for now!” Sebastian said as he closed his pad.

“Why does a boat have to do with the girls?

I don’t know to be honest but I’m told the first girl had cuts to her back, maybe they think it is a propeller from a boat.

Amadour opened the door and held it open.

“As Sebastian went to walk out after shaking everyone’s hand he turned and said, “Are you left or right handed Jean?”

“Left-handed!” Jean said, “Why?”

“Because all of all of the stab wounds were on the right of the girls’ bodies.

Jean shook his head.

“Apparently they were both attacked from behind after they were raped; the bruises around their mouths coincide with a left hand which means the killer stabbed their victim with his right hand!”

Sebastian waved briefly and they both left. Jean’s dad closed the door, and turned, “Je suppose qu’ils doivent faire leur travail!”

Jean turned to Sam. “Are you ok Sammy?” Sam nodded. Yes, I feel a lot better now thank you!”

“Did you have a bad head this morning?” Adele asked.

“Sammy had an infection from the wine mama!” Jean said as Sam nudged him. “Shh, don’t tell everyone!”

“FLAVIE!” his mom shouted. Flavie walked into the room.

“Do you still have some cream? Samantha has the same rash as what you had after a lot of the wine!” Flavie held out her hand, Sam grabbed it and followed her out the room.

It was Quiet for a moment and Jean said: “I am sorry about the police coming and spoiling the day!”

“It is not your fault Jean Philippe, but like your father said they are only doing their job.”

Jean stood up and hugged them both and said: “I must get Sammy back to England.” Then he left the room.

Thirty minutes passed and Jean and Sammy entered the kitchen with their small cases.

“Thank you for having me,” Sam said to Amadour and Adele in turn. Then she turned and hugged Flavie. Thank you for looking after me, especially in the night!” Flavie gave out a laugh and said; do you remember falling up the stairs and crashing through the door?” Sam laughed as Jean said “Au-revoir!” out loud.

Finally after a lot of kissing and hugging they left, and the driver Louis grabbed their cases.

Not much was said on the return journey to the Airport, it seamed Jean had something on his mind. “Are you ok Jean?” Sam asked quietly.

“I’m sorry Sammy; it is usually me saying that. I was just thinking about the police and those poor girls in Amsterdam. It has put a small damper on a wonderful couple of days with you!”

“It’s all over now so don’t worry. It has gone away, so forget it!”

They went through the airport and onto the plane and arrived back at Birmingham airport at about 7. Jean had left his car in the car-park before he went to Amsterdam and he took Samantha home.

“Thank you, Jean Philippe, for a lovely time! It was so lovely to meet your family!” Sam said.

“It was all my pleasure Sammy; we will do it again very soon and no red wine next time!” he said smiling. Samantha leant forward and they kissed passionately before he said “Bonne nuit ma bella Sammy!”

Sam got out and Jean drove off in a hurry.

Samantha took her case into the hall and kissed her mom, “Thank you for making me go, I had a lovely time!”

They sat in the kitchen and Samantha told her mom all about the Chateau, the vineyard and Jeans family with a cup of tea or two. When Sam got to the bit about the police turning up and all the stuff about Amsterdam her mom shook her head, “I thought he was too good to true! I knew it all along, there’s no smoke without fire you mark my words!” Samantha didn’t know what to say.

It had been a hectic couple of days and Samantha was tired. She kissed her mom on the head and picked up her case. Just as she was on her way upstairs she stopped, “What did the police want mom?”

“I don’t know they wouldn’t tell me!”

“OK, good night!”

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