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A marriage is happening between the cheerful and handsome playboy Klaus Lancer and the emotionless and silent Zion Evans for the sake of both the powerful family. It's a business deal closed by the union of two families. Two strangers, both alphas, one coldly furious and the other detached and lifeless. They both knew it'll be a disaster, but would something good come out of it as well after all?

Romance / Fantasy
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1. Not The Usual Day

Zion Evans already knows his worth in the world. A stepping stone for his family. He is the unwanted child of his father and a prostitute. He’s a stain to the powerful Evans family, one they were forced to keep and claim to stop any scandals.

It has been told to him multiple times ever since he was a child that it became ingrained to him.

So it was of no surprise for him when he was told that he would be married off to the supposedly playboy son of the Lancer family. Because that seems to be the only use he has to the family.

Eventhough both of them are Alphas.

“The engagement is already final. What’s left is for you to just walk the aisle and become his husband,” the wife of the house, Madam Lilian Evans informed with a narrow look on her eyes. His father, Master Harold Evans just drank from his red wine while staring at him indifferently.

Zion impassively nodded his head. He accepted the order without any complaints, as was what he should do. As what he was already used to do.

“We will meet the Lancer family this afternoon. Get ready. Be your best self.” After telling him what was expected of him, the couples left him alone in this small house where he lived, separated from the main family house.

Zion just continued sitting at the couch of the living room, not having any intention of moving. He took a deep breath and lightly sighed.

He is going to get married. Though he doesn’t know the exact date, he knows it would be soon. There wasn’t any reason to delay after all.

His supposed husband, Klaus Lancer is also an Alpha. In this union, both of them are at the top of the gender chain. They are also complete strangers to each other. It’s obvious that this marriage is only happening for the connection of both the parties’ family.

Truthfully, this should not even be happening. An Alpha marrying an Alpha isn’t unheard of, but it is unusual simply because both are dominant people. It could not be help that clashes happen.

And between Alphas, that’s disastrous. Especially as their families are both influential people.

Zion could try to understand why a marriage between Alphas are happening with the Evans and Lancer family objectively, but he did not bother. What is the use anyway?

Even if he did know the reason, he won’t be able to do anything about it. The information he would know is useless. He won’t even be able to use it.

In the end, he doesn’t live for himself. He lives for the Evans family. They hold his life in the palm of their hands. He is nothing without them.

He doesn’t have any friends, nor any acquaintance. He cannot go out of his own house as he has always been watched 24/7 every single day. He doesn’t even know how to communicate well. Even his own emotions are a struggle for him. He doesn’t have any connections aside from his indifferent family, the twins and professional tutors.

He’s alone and he is already used to it. At least he could sleep in a good house and could eat anything he wanted.

He’s living. That’s the only thing that matters.

It’s still nine in the morning and meeting his fiancee is in the afternoon. Though he doesn’t know the exact time, there’s no harm in getting ready early.

Though he wonders what the Madam was talking about before they left earlier. Be his best self. How to be his best self?

Wasn’t he always good best self? He behaves, he doesn’t fuss, he doesn’t speak unless he’s spoken to, he doesn’t react.

That’s good right? Because that was all he knows. Just like he has always been in every second and day of living his entire 27 years of life.

Perhaps it’s okay? Because he thinks that what he is today is already his best self.

Maybe it’s the clothes? He’s going to wear formal suit anyway so he’s probably set.

His every move was meticulous as he arranged the clothes he was too wear and things he wanted to bring such as his phone and watch. A part of his routine. The only difference that day was that he was now going out.

This is the only time he would ever be able to step foot outside his house and the Evans property.

For the first time, he felt a stirring of feeling inside his chest. He doesn’t know what it is but he could feel his heart beat getting fast and his lips seemed to be twitching on their own accord.

What is this feeling? He asked himself while clutching his chest. He had never felt that in all his life. He wonders what that is.

Because he likes the sensation even if he dislikes it as he feels that he could not control it if it becomes too large and noticeable.

He had to be his best self. He can’t deviate from his usual actions. It would be ugly.

But his lips continued twitching to the side and his feet kept on bouncing. He felt his energy bouncing higher and higher.

Please, be calm. He instructed his heart. He doesn’t know what is wrong with him but he knows it won’t be good if it continues.

Be my best self. Don’t deviate from usual, he repeatedly told himself.

Thankfully, he managed to calm down before lunch time. He ate his food just like usual and then immediately set on getting himself ready.

He wanted to be done before one even came.

Just as he had slipped his watch on his wrist and slid his phone on the pocket of his tux, a knock came on his door.

“Young Master Zion, the Master and Madam are here.”

Without answering, he opened the door of his bedroom and gave a light nod to the maid before he went down to the living room where the Master and Madam are waiting.

Master simply gave him a simple once over while still staying silent. Madam Lilian on the other hand critically looked at him from the casual style of his long hair down to the shine of his shoes before finally giving a sharp nod.

“Good. You cleaned up.” Zion did not say anything.

“Let’s go,” the Master ordered before he turned around to walk towards the car. Madam Lilian looked at him intently in the eye.

“Do not shame us. Be in your best behavior.”

“Yes,” he answered. That would be a simple thing to do. He only have to be his usual self.

The Madam’s face twisted when she looked at him before she finally turned around and walked towards the car.

Zion silently followed.


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