Her Secret Smile

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"Behind her beautiful calm smile, there's a secret innocent love that he is not aware off!!" Having a hopeless crush on Siddharth for more than a year Roshini couldn't handle this unrequited love anymore, either she wanted to forget him or to get close to him. Ended up with only these two options Roshini believed that forgetting him will be easier but that's the wrong assumption she ever made in her life. Without knowing a way to get out of this, Roshini stumbled momentarily with those bewildering feelings now slowly turning into an indissoluble love. That time all of a sudden Siddharth reached out his hand to Roshini. It tempted her to see the chance of knowing about more about him so throwing away her other thoughts Roshini held his hand hoping he will be different from her hypothesis of being a good boy. But again her supposition failed when she found he is indeed a good and kind person. Now her conscience was not in the state to overpower her intense affection over him and her mind constantly told that she is in love with Siddharth. So grabbing all her courage Roshini decides to confess her feelings but only she acknowledged the fact that she can never do that easily. Will Roshini's love end in dismay? Or this fate stores something unexpected for her??

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Chapter 1

Love is extremely uncontrollable!!

Siddharth! Siddharth!! Siddharth!!!

Everyone in the crowd was roaring his name, and her throbbing heart converged along with them. Her eyes running along with each and every step he is taking.

His eyes were fixed on that ball that he’s going to kick, he rocked his palms before running, she can feel how much he’s tensed but his face remained calm.

She bite her lower lip when he kicked the ball, it is a penalty shot. If it is a goal then their computer science department will win the overall trophy of this sports meet.

Her eyes widened when the ball was almost caught by the goalkeeper but thankfully he didn’t succeed. She left a small sigh seeing that and she smiled to see the small smile on his face, Siddharth he won. Not only in the match but also her heart a long time before.

Everyone started shouting his name and his teammates carried him on their shoulders. This time he smiled showing his teeth. Her heart raced to see that, it is very strange and unbelievable for her because she never experienced this kind of pounding feeling seeing other guys.

Why it has to be him?

Why is it always him? Roshini questioned looking him.

“What a player he is!!” Nidhi exclaimed looking at him.

“Yeah, he is a great player,” she agreed in a low voice still looking him and can’t take her eyes off him.

“He’s really talented, he only kicked all the goals for our team. I think he’s going to be the player of this tournament,” Nidhi added.

Hearing that she nodded her head. “Even last time too he got the award right!!” she said and stood up from her seat.

“Let’s go Nidhi, we should catch our bus,” she said but Nidhi is not in the state to get up.

“Hey Wait, Rosh, shall we go there and congratulate him. Look our class girls are there!!” she gave an idea to talk with him but she immediately rejected the offer because she doesn’t want to show herself that she is admiring him. And she doesn’t want to give a chance to others that she is having a crush on Siddharth, the prince charming of their college and the most handsome guy that she has ever seen.

Due to Roshini’s compulsion, they walked out of the stadium, and the time is about 6.00 pm in the evening. Roshini and Nidhi traveled on the same bus, and their houses were located in the same area.

“Hey what you’re going to do this weekend?” Nidhi questioned.

“Nothing, we are having assignments right. I am planning on finishing that.”

“Rosh, there is still a month time is there. Oh god why you’re acting this sincere,” she groaned.

“Ok, then what you want me to do?”

“Let’s go for a movie this Sunday, please.”

Thinking a minute Roshini said yes. She too wanted to go somewhere it is very tiring to study and stay in the house all the time.

“Ok then I will pick you tomorrow at 11 am,” she told and they reached their stop.

They walked together talking with each other. Nidhi is a complete chatterbox and no can feel bored around her. And Roshini is very lucky to have a friend who always reaches out her hand when she needs any help.

She met her at the college, the only person who gave a space for her to sit next to her. She doesn’t have any close friends in her school days since she concentrated more on her studies than making friends. They shared a lot of common things and main importantly she is something that made Roshini feel so happy around her.

When they reached Nidhi’s house, she waved goodbye and again reminded Roshini to be ready tomorrow. For that, she nodded her head as sure.

Once she reached her house, she went in. It is a street away from Nidhi’s house. It has turned dark, a chill breeze and sounds of vehicles filled around her.

Roshini, studying her second-year computer science engineering. She worked really hard to get into this college, her college is one of the top most colleges in her city for engineering, only toppers can get into this.

In her college life, she liked everything and another thing that she liked more is Siddharth. She had a crush on him when the very moment she saw him at this college, in fact, he’s the first person she met in this college.

When she first came to this college she is little confused about how to reach her class since she entered Via another entrance. That time she can’t find anyone in her way when she saw a guy walking before her. She scurried near him.

“Excuse me.”

He turned, she was stunned and gulped the lump to control her racing heart.

“Do you know where is the first year computer science class?” she whispered.

Gazing at her for a second,
“Go straight and turn right, in upstairs your class,” he guided.

Before she could thank him he walked away from her then in a few seconds he vanished from her eyes.

Then she went to her class, everyone was talking among themselves she went and sat on the second desk, Nidhi was sitting next to her she smiled at her and asked her name. Then they introduced themselves. The day went off, their class professors came and informed about the subjects and gave an intro to them.

After a lunch break, three guys and two girls came into their class like bosses. Roshini saw him again looking him her heart started to beat faster, she looked at him and he looked at her but soon turned away like he doesn’t know her.

He started to speak,

"Hi everyone this is Siddharth your senior studying second-year guys," he said and smiled.

I am the department chairman if you have anything that you want to say you can come and meet me in my class when there’s a break, he said and talked about teachers and their participation in the events, Roshini not even listened to anything and only staring at him. Then girls behind her asked his number and he wrote his number on the board for everyone to see.

Then others started to speak they all said us to socialize with others and to participate in every competition. Then they all left. Roshini just smiled and every girl in her class noted his number but she didn’t because she doesn’t want anything to fill her mind other than her studies.

Even though she built a wall around her heart but Siddharth broke every brick on that wall and filled her heart. But she tried to suppress her growing attraction to him and ended up in dismay.

It was her first year-end time there’s a football match she was in the library when Nidhi messaged her to come to the playground then Roshini decided to go there.

There was a huge crowd on the football pitch there both boys and girls and even some professors were there and enjoying the match since Siddharth is playing.

Roshini called her to ask where she is, then Nidhi came to guide her. She already put a spot on the bench so they went and sat in that.

"Why you called me?" Roshini asked her.

"Hey today is an important match you know Siddharth is playing and our department is going to win,” she almost screamed that.

"Oh," Roshini said and looked around to see where Siddharth is, he was standing there and looking at other players and signaling them to stand properly. Seeing him she smiled.

Roshini never showed her admiration for Siddharth to anyone, especially to Nidhi.

Then the match went well Siddharth got two goals and won the special trophy. Every girl in their college was shouting his name and Roshini stunned by his charmingness, Really he’s something, she thought. At that moment she accepted him as her crush.

Then the year went off like this she got two chances to talk with him, but just about event preparation. And he asked her name in that meeting. He was really a great leader and Roshini like his friendliness among others.

But in that same time, she heard about that he had three girlfriends in the two years and he’s a brat, playboy etc so she stopped to think about him and thought she should stay away from him.

When she entered her house her mom welcomed her with a warm smile, Roshini’s mom was a housewife and a very strict woman.
“Hey Papa(Little girl in Tamil) I am going to temple do you want to join me,” she asked by combing her hair.

“No ma I am tired, I am having work”, she replied and went to the bedroom, where her bro was sitting and studying for his upcoming exams.


“Hi, how was your exam today?”

“Good, but lost one mark,” Karthik said.

“Oh so sad,” she smiled in a mischief.

Her little not little, he is taller than her, is working really hard to pass the NEET exams. He’s studying two sets of the syllabus and making sure that he’s well versed in everything. His ambition of becoming a doctor is going to come true soon and she is feeling so happy about that. But still, this society and this education system are pressurizing youngsters getting their dreams. And in that, Roshini and her brother is not an exception.

Her dad is working in the railway, they are a small family yet the happiest. Her parents are very strict when it comes to education, and because of that Roshini and her bro were turned very good in their studies.

She decided to go engineering because of her dad, he wanted her to be an engineer. And now she loves this field.

After finishing off her dinner, Roshini laid on her bed and reminded about today’s match and automatically Siddharth his smiling face came before her.

She doesn’t know whether it is good or bad but he’s making her weak, weakening her with his charms.

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