The Monster's Addiction

By catgirly93 All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica


A PASSIONATE MAFIA ROMANCE - Mafia Man, Viktor Romano was the heartless man who thought love compares weakness. And he was far from being weak. All that mattered was his empire and his family. Mia was brutally trapped into drug addiction, sold, raped and was beyond broken. Viktor rescued the Damsel in Distress just out of sheer pity. Or at least, that’s what he told himself. Little did he know that she was going to be his only ADDICTION! P.S. The book starts off with dark, violent notes with dark shades of characters followed by romantic-erotica.

Devil meets the Angel

WARNING - The story begins with dark, abusive note and hence the readers are warned in advance. It is recommended to 17+. However, it is NOT a dark romance.

This book is unedited so you will find some grammatical errors/misspellings.


I heard that stillness and silence could bring calm and peace.

Whenever I’d felt the needle pierced into my flesh, every sound came to a dreadful stillness while the voices in my head would rise higher and higher like a noxious smoke.

The trance, the silence, the ecstasy - everything felt so haunting with every passing second.

I was 16 years old when I was kidnapped.

Transported from one auction house to another for almost a year, I was then taken by some Italian Mafia Capo, Antonio.
Rape, murder, violence, cruelty, human trafficking – you name it and I had seen it all.

I had lived it. I had survived. So far.

For the past two years, I’d tried a lot to escape from this throttle of hell but fighting against them was like fighting against nature. Impossible.

The day I was dragged to Antonio’s room, beaten and bloodied once again, he flashed that devilish smile and promised to make me ’feel good’.

And I’d released that my fate was sealed. In his defense, he probably did make me feel good. He injected me with drugs every day and raped me while I was absorbed in an everlasting trance. The other times I was raped, pain coursed through my body while I screamed for someone to save me.

I became an addict later on and begged him to inject me, day after day. There were days when I would howl and scream for drugs because my body couldn’t take the withdrawal effects.

I lost myself eventually. I couldn’t even remember the old Amelia Parker.
She’s gone. Lost or maybe, dead.

In fact, she was dead the day I was kidnapped. And there’s no turning back now. My body was beyond recovery as I craved drugs to keep myself alive. It was the only good thing Antonio did to me. Every time I was high, he’d raped me and I found solace inside my head. Fucked up, right? But when those thoughts had started overwhelming, I used to scream and yell – as if I was fighting a battle against myself.

This was my life – drugs, rape, tied to the bed and euphoria. A never-ending cycle of hell.

Until he appeared.

A face, so intense and so overwhelming that it was impossible to resist. His face – something that would haunt you as well as intoxicate you.
A face I could not read.
Shrouded in dark mystery.

But I could only savor through my eyes. It numbed all my senses and surely it wasn’t the drug.

Little did I realize, my fate was about to take an unexpected turn when I met those intense eyes.


When the lion’s on the prowl, the bloodbath was inevitable. Antonio should have known that. He should have known before he decided to cross the Boss-Viktor Romano.

One of the best pleasures in the world, according to me, was spilling the blood of your enemy.

Antonio made a mistake. He chose the wrong family to double-cross.

I’d given him enough time to live and fuck. It was time for payback. And he would pay with his blood. Whatever money he’d stolen from me—he was going to pay me back with his life. Every drop of blood from his body was going to pay for his betrayal.

And I’d never failed to collect the pound of flesh from my enemies.

I didn’t build my empire on forgiveness or mercy. If you had the balls to cross me – you’d better face my fury. Sadly, Antonio turned out to be a pussy. He knelt and begged for his pathetic life as I’d slowly punched one bullet after another in the limbs, incapacitating him.

I sighed slowly. There was no fun torturing a pussy.

Of course, I was determined not to kill him easily. That would have been a mercy. And I was sure as hell not in a mood to shower that on him.

Before the pulling the trigger for another shot, my eyes fell on the corner of the bed from where I’d dragged Antonio.

There was a little curled up human being, sat half-naked, and was chained to the ground.

What the fuck?

I motioned one of the men to come forward and hold down Antonio while I strode toward her. The moment she looked up and met my eyes, fear washed over her wounded, delicate features.

The sad, brown doe eyes—red and swollen from crying—reflected her damaged soul and a broken will. The tainted beauty was curled and chained in ruins. I crouched down in front of her, pushing away the loose strands of hair stuck on her lips as she quivered under my touch.

A little, broken angel, I whispered to myself. And for a moment I was lost... I’d never seen such a fragile, innocent human being in my life. Her innocence was so captivating.

And when she started scrambling further away in fear that was when I realized she was eyeing the gun in my hand. My gaze flitted from her face to my gun and then back to her. “Relax, I am not going to kill you,” I assured her. My voice was almost a whisper. I didn’t want to scare her more.

I was feeling something...something akin to what people called affection. A sudden urge to protect her tugged at my heart. For a moment, I could believe myself.

A little enchantress trapped me in her spell.

The angel bewitched the monster. The little, broken angel...

I quickly composed myself and turned towards Antonio. “Who the hell is this?”

“She’s a whore, a wonderful one. Her pussy tastes like heaven, believe me. You would love to keep her, Viktor. You can take her away. I don’t need her anymore.”

The sick fucker thought that I’d let him go and that too, in exchanger of her? Well, I was anyway going to take her away—one way or the other. I scoffed at his pathetic attempt to save his ass.

Antonio continued blabbering shit out of his mouth. “Please let me go, Viktor. I’ll leave the city. The money... I’d pay you back. Everything fucking penny, you will get it back, I promise.”

I rose to my feet and narrowed my eyes at him. “Of course you will pay me back, Antonio. I am here to collect my pound of flesh.”

“No. No. No...Just hear me out. I can give you a better deal,” he begged, more desperate than ever.

My thirst for his blood was slowly dissipating. Dragging his death would have been fun but the enchantress had taken my mind away. I was getting distracted every second in her presence.

“I am feeling a little generous today, Antonio,” I smirked.

“ would let me go, right? I’d just disappear, Viktor, I’d—”

“Relax,” I cut him off and chuckled. “I said ‘generous’ and not ‘over-generous’.”

His forehead creased. “What do me—”

I didn’t let him finish the sentence and pulled the trigger, aiming between his eyes. Nice and clean shot.

I looked down upon his corpse and tsked. “So bloody impatient,” I muttered under my breath. Glancing up, I ordered my men, “Take the body out.”

I whirled around and my eyes fell on her once again. Her hand was tightly fisted something, behind her, and I could not figure it out. She was obviously trying to hide from me. I stormed towards her, grabbed her hand, forcing her to open the fists.

Mother-fucking-hell! A blood needle?

I pinned her with a deadly glare. “Please...” she begged. Her voice was as mesmerizing as her brown doe eyes.

“You are a drug addict,” I whispered to myself. But she heard me and her gaze lowered in embarrassment.

And then it struck me.

Antonio had a history of dealing with people who drugged and sold women. Flesh business made a hell lot of money. Maybe that was how she’d ended up here with Antonio. The thought of the bastard drugging and raping her made my skin crawl.

I was a monster myself. But drugging or selling women was not one of the sins I’d committed.

And I knew what could have happened to drug addicts. I lost a little brother, probably of her age, because of drug addiction.

I’d watched my little brother scream and howl in pain as he failed to fight the overwhelming urge. I sat by him, night after night, to put him to sleep. At times, I had to chain him down to prevent him from running away. And then, one day, I buried my little Stefan after he had committed suicide.

“This little, broken girl would suffer the same fate if you’d leave her here,” my conscience screamed.

Once again, I crouched down and quickly unchained her. I helped her stand on her feet but as expected, she almost lost her balance. Her fingers clutched my shirt tightly for support even though she trembled in fear.

“Wait,” I ordered, little gruff than I intended. I took her hands and draped around my shoulders as I picked her up. “Don’t wriggle much.”

“No. No. No. No....please don’t—”

I cut her off. “Shh... I am not going to hurt you, little girl. I am taking you home.”

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