Warmth of Winter

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The story of an orphan who found her life back in London, during the bloodiest war in mankind. She has a struggle between death and life after revealing a top-secret o Read romance between best friends, the story of the adventure of a young national hero. The rising number of innocent civilian deaths are representing how much people like her are suffering from the War.

Romance / Action
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Emma Gordon

-Winter of 1939 in Chertsey, England-

‘Madam, I have half a dozen more rail cars to check, you’re wasting my time’ insisted the annoyed conductor while crossing his arms, steadily standing at the cabin door. Inside the four-seater second-class cabin, there was a fair lady who was nervous now. And next to her there was a girl who was looking for the tickets on her own, she seems to be calm.

Mrs Brown has looked everywhere for the train tickets, inside the two large trunks they kept which on the racks above, then in her handbag which was enormous compared to her body size and all over the cabin but the tickets had vanished. She had struggled with the train conductor for the matter for ten minutes. She sighed, at last declaring that she was giving up now.

‘You know it’s illegal’ said the conductor, making her more nervous.

‘I swear Mister, I had second-class tickets from Swindon to London for both of us’ She replied. But her honestly sound words didn’t satisfy the conductor. He was still crossing his arms and standing in the doorway of the cabin.

The poor lady looked at the girl next to her, who was still searching for the missing train tickets under the seats with a worried face. She was afraid more than Mrs Brown; because she had the fear that the police might arrest them. But she was just thirteen, the police won’t arrest kids, she thought for a while.

’I’m sorry madam, I guess you have to get out at the next station and they might send you to the police station″ said the conductor.

Then suddenly Emma got a flash of her memory which unexpectedly leads to something important. Mrs Brown had the tickets in her hand; half an hour ago with her large handbag. And then she kept them in her seat before going to the washroom.

Then, Emma, who is tired by the arrogant fragrance came by Browns French perfume, which she used to call the ″best perfume of all the France″, opened the sliding glass windows to have good fresh air.

It was almost a heaven to breathe the pure fresh morning breeze coming from the English town. Her golden hair blew with the wind, she peeled out. It was the ‘freedom’ she thought. Which she didn’t have in her life before she met the kind lady who used to be her best friend, mother and literally, everything was on earth to her.

″Hold on!” Emma laughed at her mind, Now she was going too far.

“Focus!″ she told to her self.

Mrs Brown left the cabin, she opened the window. The wind blew in, obviously it was a hog wild wind came in. Also, there was one exit where the wind could move out of the cabin.

The ventilation shaft which was on the ceiling. Emma gazed up at the ceiling where a black box was hanging.

″Look up everyone!″ she pointed at it. the conductor and Mrs.Brown followed her.

The grey tickets were swallowed by the exhaust, the two tickets were staying still.

″How on earth they went up there?″ Mrs.Brown was excited enough which she bit one of her fingers.

″ It is the wind Mrs.Brown, the wind took the tickets with it to the exhaust and the grill prevented them going out from the train, Jolly lucky for us!″ Emma gave a keen smile, and she turned around and closed the window cutting off the wind stream which caused this entire panic.

The tickets came down and were caught by the conductor immediately. He gave an amazing look at them as he had never experienced this sort of event in his entire carrier, finally smiling.Mrs. Brown also laughed, so did Emma.

‘Emma, you saved the day!’ said Mrs.Brown and she hugged the girl.

Emma smiled at Mrs Gove and continued looking out of the window. She looked at the houses, trees, people and everything which were passing her on the train past the scenic town of Chertsey.

The trained steamed for hours and now Emma was tired of being inside the cabin. She tried walking along the passage of the rail car but it didn’t satisfy her legs. What she wanted was to get off the train as soon as possible.

‘Mrs Brown, are we close?’ asked Emma, while Mrs Brown was trying to have a cat nap.

‘Pretty much, just hold yourself for another hour or less, perhaps’ she replied. Emma gave a long sigh. ‘I hope Roger had found a good family, and for Emily too. I miss them a lot’

‘They’ll be fine don’t worry child, believe me’ replied Mrs Brown, patting Emma on her hand. Indeed Emma was worriedabout he beloved friends, but she gave her sweet smile again agreeing with Mrs Brown.

Emma’s smile always reminded Mrs Brown of this innocent girl’s past. The old days when she was barely talking with anyone. Hiding from other children at the school, always found under a large oak tree in the corner of the garden. The little girl who loved starring at the things which other people saw was boring. The cheerful girl who found love with birds, squirrels came into the garden. The smart girl who always found everything was interesting.

Emma Charlotte Gordon lost her parents when she was two years old. Her father was a pilot who served his country with the Royal air force. Just two weeks later Emma was born, he went missing with his fighter plane Hurricane doing a patrol mission over the English channel. Emma never heard a single word about him after that day, neither she could remember his face since she was small. The things became worst when her mother died a few months later from a heart attack.

Emma was unaware when these tragedies happened, whenever she asked about her parents there were plenty of answers coming up from the people who were around her until she realized they were not coming again, forever.

Time passes and she grew with her aunt at Liverpool. She had barely told Mrs Brown how harsh her aunt was, and how she managed to survive in their presence. Only fact that Mrs Brown knows for sure is, Emma ran away from her aunts’ place and was later found in Wales by police officers.

Poor communication at the time resulted in confirming her as an orphan and was sent to a children’s orphanage in Newport, the coastal town of Wales. Far far away from where she was born and lived.

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