Elegant Deception

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There was a lot of thing on my mind as I woke up. Yet it quickly disappeared as I felt his arms tightened around me, pulling me closer to him. I wiggled underneath his embrace. The silk sheet covering us from the chilly room inched further as I twisted to face him.

I leaned away to get a better look. His hair was ruffled. His cheeks were a bit flushed. And his eyes still close (or pretending to be close).

“Dean, we need to get up. We can’t be late. We’re part of the entourage. And my sister’s going to bust through that door any minute now if lay here for the next five minutes.” I warned.

Moved closer to me and buried his face on my shoulder “She won’t do that. I locked the door.” His words were muffled.

“Oh, yes. You know that. You’ve seen this happened five times already at my place. You don’t think she won’t do it, just because we’re in a hotel room? April will find a way to get a key at the lobby, and then she will…”

He interjected. “Okay. We’ll get up. It feels like you’re the one who didn’t want to stay in.”

I scoffed. “Are you kidding me? I’m lying with you and in a luxury hotel at a romantic location with a lovely beachfront view. We might as well call this our honeymoon now,” I jested.

Dean rolled on top, catching me off guard. “Does that mean you have thoughts of marrying me in the future? I mean, I like the sound of people calling you Mrs. Amy Garcia.” He winked.

I rolled my eyes, and playfully pushed him back on his side of the bed. Then I propped my arm. “Why you’d assume I’ll take your name, Garcia?” I challenged and smirked.

“Well, I’m not against calling myself Mr. Nolan either, as long as I’m lawfully your husband. Whatever works for you, Nolan.” He retorted.

His answer surprised me. He saw my expression and sat up. “Amy, what’s wrong? Did I say something wrong?” He worriedly asked.

I sat up as well and shook my head. “No. You didn’t say anything wrong. I just… did you mean what you said? Would you consider taking my name?”

“With all seriousness, I would if that’s what it takes for you to take my hand in marriage.” He sincerely said.

I smiled and leaned forward to give him a quick kiss on his cheeks. “When the time comes, we’ll talk more about it. And I was just teasing you, Dean. I’m a traditional woman. I will always take my future husband’s last name.”

He shook his hand and wrapped me underneath his arms, making me lose my balance and lay on top of him. I let out a loud groan.

“I know you, Amy. And traditional isn’t one of the things I’d describe you.”

“And how would you describe me?”

He arched his eyebrow. “Is this a trick question?”

“You dug up your own grave, Garcia.”

He groaned in defeat. “Okay, I think I’ll pass for the sake of my safety.”

I chortled and kissed the tip of his nose. “You have this one pass. I won’t be so forgiving next time.”

He smiled. “Thank you, Nolan. I appreciate it.”

We didn’t get to fool around after that when someone knocked on our door. A second later, April’s voice can be heard on the other side of the door, as expected.

“Ams, come on! Get out of bed and get away from him! We need to get change early so we can help Zoey with her dress later!”

“And there’s our cue,” I muttered with a grin and got out of bed. Before I could reply, Dean pulled me back again. He sat on the edge of the bed and put me on his lap.

“I think, for once, I might rebel against your sister.” He playfully stated.

“Any other say I would have gladly allowed you, but no today, Dean. Even I know I have to go and get change or I won’t be able to finish my make-up on time.”

He groaned in defeat. “Well, at least give me one last kiss?” His words hung into a question.

“I’m still going to show and get dressed…”

April shouted again, reminding me she was outside. “Amy! Come on! Don’t make me come in there! I will do it! I don’t care if you two are naked. Well, maybe a little. Please cover yourself up now! I will bust open this down…”

I got up and shouted back. “I’m up, April! Let me show and get the dress first! I’ll meet you at the breakfast buffet in a bit!” I interjected.

“Good! I’ll give you ten minutes! If you’re not there, I will bust open this door!” She warned.

“I know. See you there!”

Dean chuckled behind me. I turned back and looked at him as a guilty criminal. “Don’t distract me anymore. I’ll shower and be out of your hair in ten minutes, got it?”

He gave me a formal salute. “Yes, ma’am.” And then winked flirtatiously.

It was a struggled walking away from a shirtless Dean in his boxer brief. Nevertheless, I found the strength to do so and showered quickly. I put on a comfortable hoodie and sweat pants, knowing I needed it to easily change for my bridesmaid dress later.

As promised, I made it to the hotel’s restaurant for the breakfast buffet. I quickly found April with the rest of the bridesmaid entourage, who were enjoying their meal. Once she saw me, she waved me over and the girl turned and greeted me a brief good morning.

“It’s cute that April has to gauge you away from your hunky boyfriend just to get out of bed. I mean, Jeremy and I have been married for nearly seven years but even I wasn’t that clingy.” Kathy teased.

“You have no idea how to two stick together every chance they’ve got,’ April commented.

“Ignore them, Amy. They don’t know what’s it like to be with someone who’s your best friend and your lover. Until now, Jensen and I still had difficulty getting out of bed when we cuddle,” Kyla admitted. “Well, mostly, it’s because we both are away for work and take turns staying in Charlie’s room until she’s asleep. We hardly have time as a couple…” she trailed off as a realization hit her.

Kathy, who sat beside her, rubbed her back in comfort. “It’s okay, Kyla. I’m sure it’ll get better. Maybe you should ask Zoey and Julian to babysit as practice. That would be fun.” She jokingly suggested.

Kyla perked up at her statement. “Actually, we once did ask those two to babysit for our date night. I’m confident Zoey is competent, however for Julian…” she trailed off with a worried expression.

Kathy laughed. “I think I can imagine what he looked like by the end of that night. I hope he won’t manipulate my sister from not having kids.”

“I think Julian would actually want kids, especially with Zoey,” Kyla pointed out.

I was dumbfounded by her opinion. “Really? Did he say something like that?”

“Not really. But I see how he looks at Zoey when she’s carrying Charlie. I’ll bet within a year, they’ll have a baby of their own.” Kyla stated.

April snorted. “No. I think Julian’s a bit selfish and would rather have Zoey for himself a little longer before her attention gets taken up by their child. You know Julian’s like a child on his own right.”

We laughed in the chorus at our nonverbal agreement.

After breakfast, we retreated in April’s room, which was the bridesmaid’s make-up station. The bedroom was our main room of operations. Chairs were lined up side by side. Zoey’s entourage consisted of five, including April who was the maid-of-honor. It took the three men make-up artist nearly three hours to finish each of our looks. Halfway through make-up (which I finished early since I volunteered to go first), I got a text from Dean stating that the books had just met up for breakfast. In cases such as these, I wished girls didn’t undergo such preparations. But by the end of the day, and after seeing the result, I appreciate the hard work we had to sit and go through to look gorgeous.

Once we finished up, all of the girls hurriedly made our way to Zoey’s room to help her change. She was already doing the last touches of his make-up when we arrived. Behind her, hanging from the top of the closet door, was her wedding gown. All of us gush and cooed in appreciation. After she finished with her make-up, we insisted on getting her dressed. Looking at the time, she was on schedule. So we all watched as a small team of people puts her in the white Valentino gown, with a high neckline of lace. The dress flows in a cascade until the floor. Even after Zoey put on her matching Valentino shoes, the length of the gown only inches up from the height of her heels.

“You look beautiful, Zoey.” Kathy was the first to verbalize what we were all thinking.

Theresa, Zoey’s mother, was looking teary-eyed. “I should get your father here. He’s been calling me if he can finally see you.”

“Get him, mom. Dad would love to see her now.” Kathy urged as she approached Zoey, lightly smoothing a few wrinkles of her gown.

April followed suit and helped put on Zoey’s veil. The rest of the girl started fussing with Zoey as well. But she didn’t seem to mine. She was in a happy bubble. Looking at her, there was no doubt in her system on the commitment she’ll undergo now. She was ready.

On cue, I got a call from Dean. I silently slipped away towards the balcony before answering its phone.

“Hey, how’s everything on your end?” Dean asked.

“Zoey just finished getting dressed, and now she’s being mobbed by her family and April. But she seemed happy enough to ignore the lack of space.”

He chuckled. “Well, that’s good to hear. Julian, Jensen, and his father are in the other room with a glass of whiskey. But don’t tell Zoey that. Jensen told me it was to cool his nerves,” he started. For a second, I was worried. “He didn’t want to start crying when he finally saw her. It’s just a nervous jitter that’ll past.”

I sighed in relief. “Let him drink that whiskey, but don’t get him drunk. The girls will commit murder in holy grounds if he is.” I jested.

“And I don’t doubt that.” He laughed.

It was then I hear April calling my name.

“I think I got to go, Dean. When are you guys driving to the church?” I asked.

There was a brief pause before he replied. “In a few minutes. And you?”

“I think so too. Do you guys have an extra seat? Because I think some people are going with us, unplanned. Zoey’s parents were supposed to go with Julian’s, but they wanted to join us.” I sighed.

“I think we have some extra seat. The boys have carpooled and gone ahead. It’s only Jensen and I going together.”

“Great! Can I go with you? I’ll wait in the lobby.” I offered.

Another brief paused on his end. I could hear him calling out to Jensen, telling him about going with them. “Jensen’s seems okay with it. And he said, if you can gauge Kyla to go with you, we could double up.”

I snickered. “That’ll be easy. Then I’ll see you, boys, later.”

“Can’t wait to see you in a dress.” He remarked.

“I’ll be the one in pastel pink.”

I walk back in the room and told Kyla about my plans on switching rides. Zoey’s parents were taking out places, and Kyla easily went along with me. She didn’t even mind, and no convincing was done on my end. Fifteen minutes later, Kyla and I headed down the lobby and found Dean and Jensen already waiting for us.

“Why are you guys here early?” I asked as we approached them.

The two turned as I spoke. For a second, Dean could only look at me. Beside him, Jensen lightly tapped his shoulder to pull him out of his stupor. “It’s her, Dean.” He whispered too closely to him before meeting Kyla halfway.

Jensen was all smiles as he saw Kyla. “You look ravishing, Kyla. If we weren’t going to my brother’s wedding, I will carry you up back to your hotel room and keep you to myself for the rest of the day.”

Kyla blushed and giggled. “Thank you for your compliment. Even after a child, I thank you for still finding me attractive.”

“Because you have my child, I found you more attractive, my wife.” He sweetly corrected her.

She rolled her eyes, yet her smile was evident. She then gave him a brief kiss on his cheeks. “Let’s go and leave those two for a moment. Dean is still unable to get out of his ogling.”

I met Kyla gaze and arched my eyebrow at her observation. And she was right, Dean hadn’t said a thing. It’s been a minute.

When I turned back to him, our gazed met, and for a single second, I suddenly felt shy. However, I gathered my wits and approached him. “Dean? Are you okay?” I asked.

He shook his head. “Ah, yes. I’m okay. It’s just that… you look…Uhm… wow, Amy. You look so…” he stuttered to find the right words.

My cheeks felt hot at his reaction. “Thank you. I’m glad you seem to like it. Though I only kept things simple, and my hair up in this lovely and intricate twist,” I said and turned, ultimately exposing the sheer and see-through back of my dress.

Dean took a sharp intake of breath and walked up to me. He started taking off his dark navy suit and hanged it over my shoulder. “Okay, I think we should go now.” He stated as his eyes swept the lobby.

“Does that mean you like it?”

Dean grumbled under his breath. “Jensen’s idea felt sane. Maybe I should hide you away for the rest of the day.” He jested.

“You would never.” I stared at him.

He grinned. “I’m joking, Amy. I would not miss my childhood friend’s wedding… unless.” He trailed off with a suggestive look.

I rolled my eyes. “Let go. Kyla and Jensen must be waiting.”

He chuckled and kept a close distance as he escorted me to our car.

It was a short drive, though a difficult one as the media knows about the event. They were ready and equipped to keep the event private and secure for the guest.s

Dante drove us around on the back entrance, which was guarded and needed a special identification the security team had made for today’s event. After we arrived, we could only give our partners a quick kiss and goodbye. We then left and stationed ourselves for the ceremony.

Fifteen minutes later, the old church organ enveloped the small church. One by one the entourage walked down the aisle. Guests from both the bride and groom stood up and witness each progression of people. Then, a shift of the tone of the music, the air in the room felt the frenzy. People leaned in further as they watched the Bride marched down hand in hand with her parents, towards her husband. On the bridesmaid side, I could hear April, Kathy, and Zoey’s cousins started to sob. I peered across from us, to the groom’s side.

My eyes wander to Julian, whose eyes were reddish and watery. It seemed the whiskey didn’t help. He was crying. I then looked back at the bride. Even though the sheer veil, I could see her teary eyes watching the groom. At that moment, I also lost it. Beside me, Kathy handed me a small pouch of tissue to wipe my tears.

The ceremony went on and then we reached the vows. And I’m glad Kathy had more tissues hidden in her secret pockets since we were brawling to hear their vows.

“Zoey, meeting you was the start of a new beginning. Loving you was the reason for my being. Becoming your husband was the contract I never thought I dreamt of wanting. You gave me the chance to be this person, to grow into a man that is worthy of your love. I vowed that I will continue to live up to your love and respect. And I vowed to be the husband that your dreams can’t compare. Thank you for loving me, my love, my heart, and now my wife.”

Then it was her turn. Though choked, she powered through her words.

“Julian. When I met you, I never thought you would be someone who would look at me twice. But you did look at me. And you saw me for who I am. Even if our world were different, not once you’ve made me feel like I can never be a part of your life. You love me. And I love you. I promise to be a wife that you’re proud of, and keep you out of trouble.” There was a brief pause as the guest chuckled. “Also, I promise to love you every day for the rest of my life. You are now my beginning, middle, and end. You are my life, as I am yours. I love you forever.”

The pastor called both of their attention as they put on their rings and recited the same words uttered by couples in a union. In which, the two answered with a clear voice. “I do.”

“You may now kiss your bride,” the pastor stated.

And without a second thought, Julian kissed Zoey. The church echoed the loud cheers of the couple’s guest. Then finally, the pastor announced they're lawfully named as husband and wife.

“May I introduce, Mr. and Mrs. Hawksley.”

Across the aisle, I caught Dean’s gaze. When the couple walked towards the exit, we followed close and Dean was able to pair up with me. He intertwined our arms.

He leaned close and whisper. “If you were to choose, would you have a traditional or civil wedding?”

“What?” I looked skeptical.

“Since we’re here, in this situation, doesn’t it make you think?” He phased his words differently.

“Well, it does,” I muttered shyly. My cheeks flushed.

As most women, who expected to be married by thirty, I have my fair share of daydreaming about who’ll be the man at the end of the aisle as I walked in a white gown. For a long time, there wasn’t a face to that man. Until today.

“So? Which is it?” Dean inquired again.

“I mean, this is an elegant ceremony,” I remarked offhandedly.

Dean nodded. He looked serious and calculative for a moment. “Well, with my new job, and maybe a few overtime and working through holidays, I might make it happen in a year.”

“What’s that?”

“Well, I do need to get a ring first.” He added, unaffected by my stunned reaction.

Once he met my gaze, he cheekily smiled and winked. “What do you think?”

“Dean, I…”

“I’ll give you a year to think about it, Amy. And then I will properly ask you again with a ring.”

I smiled and tipped toed to give him a kiss. “It’ll hold you to it.” I grinned.

Thankfully, we were alone by then. So we made our promise to each other. For now, this was enough for us. This was our happy ending.

Thank you so much for reading until the end! This story is the 3rd and last book of a series, the Girl in Suits series. I have been writing these stories for three years. So I've attached to the stories and characters. It was an emotional day when I finished writing the story. However, I'm looking forward to writing a new story content for you. And I hope you'll continue to support my future stories.
Again, thank you so much for the support.
P.S. I will be accepting questions about the series, so leave them in the comment below. I will answer them all. :)
Have a lovely week and happy reading!
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