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Prologue - A Girl's Bestie Is A Bunny

“Life is all about risks and it requires you to jump. Don’t be a person who has to look back and wonder what you would have or could have had. No one lives forever. ” They say.

So it is funny how Y/N met her little furry friend. A daily morning ride with her bike, was all it took to meet the little guy. Or actually, almost kill it because of her negligence. She was fast enough to hit the brakes and her thin, but huge wheel to stop right in front of the jumpy bunny. She had no idea how the little creature appeared so fast in the middle of the bike road, propably lost, as it was right outside the small park, but she was glad she was fast enough to save it.

Y/N always wanted a bunny. From when she remembered herself, she was always asking for one. Her parents wouldn’t trust her, by believing she was irresponsible to take care of another creature. They were so wrong. Through out the years, the necessity to have one became larger, never changed, never dissapeared. She never wanted any other animal, except a small bunny. Nothing less, nothing more. So back then, she knew that this was her opportunity to have what she always wanted. A bunny’s company.

Lonileness was sure nice as she was this kind of person, but she knew that she could handle a small creature like this. She could cherish and love it just like how she always wanted and she was so glad that she almost, luckily, crashed it with her bike.

She always felt like she was missing something in her life. Maybe that was it. No. She was sure it was it. She believed that it was fate that brought her to this little guy that sunny, but chilly, evening. Ever since that day, Y/N could not think of her life without her little, fur ball.

Nevertheless, not everything was shiny. Y/N was also being a disapointment for her little friend, from time to time. Her little cutie, adored her anyway, anyhow. At least, Y/N knew that her bestie would never leave her. She didn’t have to worry about him waking up one fine morning, deciding she wasn’t good enough for the little guy anymore.

It was not just an attachment to a pet. They had one of a kind sort of love. A platonic kind of love, to be exact, pure adoration.

This is a story of how a few words coming out of Y/N’s lips, turned her life upside down.

Hello everyone and welcome to my story!

I ’ve got to warn you that this is my first story, so please be patient with me, will ya?

I am apologizing in advance, because my english may not be the best, so i am really sorry for any kind of mistakes.

I hope you will like my story.

Just to let you know that this story is a simple fanfic. Every small detail of it came through my imagination and none fact of this story is real, luckily.

I am so excited to start writing this story as it is my first one, as i mentioned.

I would truly appreaciate it if you would vote and comment if you like the parts. It would mean so much to me. You’ll really give me courage to keep writing. It is important because i really need to know if it worths to keep writing this story.

I will try to upload as fast as possible!

So, thank you again and if you still want to go ahead, have fun!

Stay lovely ~

Christine 💜

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