Music of Broken Hearts

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She reminds me of Someone

As Akira soothed Tara’s back, Tara felt as if someone was assuring her scared soul that there was still hope. She sniffed her sorrows back and composed herself. Her eyes cast downwards as she realized that she wasn’t alone but two more people were listening to her story with grim faces. Pity and sympathy shined in their eyes as they took her heartfelt words. Tara wipes her tears and gulped the water that Genelia offered her with a polite smile.

Genelia was an outspoken girl and didn’t give a damn for a second person other than herself. But after hearing Tara’s melancholy she felt lost for a moment. Respect for this girl develops in her heart. This girl wasn’t broken despite tolerating such horrors. The urgency to fight and lift up from the cruelty didn’t leave her. Genelia felt proud and extremely touched.

Pulling back from Akira, Tara wipes her tears and cleared the throat.

“So, what are you going to do now?” She asked genuinely concerned which made Tara smile briefly.

She shrugged her shoulders and released a deep breath. She has never thought of what to do next after escaping. The plan transpired in sudden seconds and to top it all, she wasn’t even confident that she will make it out without getting caught.

“I have no idea. Probably seek for a well-paid job after landing?” She asked confused and Genelia raised a dark eyebrow

“You don’t have to worry about that, Tara. I have promised Varun that I will take care of his sister. If you still want to look for a job then let me know. Since you’ve to stay hidden for a long time in order to cut your family off the chase, I need to look for a secure place to work. We need to make sure that your identity remains anonymous.” Akira cleared and Tara nodded feeling extremely grateful.

“Thank you so much.” She said and Genelia scoffed.

“Stop this because you’ve started to sound like a broken cassette of Thank you.”

Christov chuckled and shook his head. He turned his back to the girls and tried to catch some sleep before they land and resume their duties.

The hostess soon arrived with refreshments and coffee. She placed the tray in between the three girls and left with a bow.

Tara immediately reached for the coffee to get rid of the cold and took a careful sip, to not burn her tongue. She sighs gulping the warm coffee that soothed her sore throat due to all crying. Akira was sitting in front of her, munching over salad sandwiches making a face once in a while. Genelia chuckled but asked her to still eat them because they were healthy and totally fat-free. The manager was more concerned about celebrity’s figure than her own.

It was still hard for Tara to believe that she was sitting in front of a renowned Singer and sharing her thoughts with her.

“So Tara, tell us about your hobbies,” Genelia asked to kill the time as Christov was snoring a few seats away and Akira was indulged in reading some novel, and glared at the two whenever they raised their voices. It was disturbing her concentration.


“I like to dance and read books,” Tara explained smiling relishing all the memories. Whenever she felt tensed and sad, she would dance to cope with her situation and for a moment will forget everything. Her toes would move in synchronization with the music. Aunt Zhea once told her that she was a good dancer.

“Me too. Except for that reading part. I hate books. Even in high school, Akira was the one who used to do half of my assignments.” Genelia expressed her interest taking Tara off guard.

“You two are together since high school?” She asked surprised and Genelia nodded grinning proudly.

“Yeah. We are best friends since high school.” She declared puffing out her chest.

“Stop weaving stupid lies, Genelia, nobody believes that,” Akira muttered without taking her eyes off the book making a frowning Genelia throw a profanity her way.


“You are fired.” Was her immediate answer to which Genelia just rolled her eyes like it was a usual thing. Maybe it was.

“Ignore her. Do you have any crush? Let me tell you a secret, my babe here is flat on Henry Cavill.” Genelia announced bluntly causing Akira’s whole face cover in a beautiful shade of red making Tara laugh out loud. That’s when the bickering started between the two best friends, successfully waking Christov. He woke up blinking his sleepy eyes, but when noticed two girls arguing, sighs and went back to his slumber.

“I like Chris Evans. He is hot.” Tara butted in making Genelia whistle lowly.

“Both of you bitches are smart to not choose The Rock Johnson.” Genelia declared making Tara chuckle and Akira roll her eyes.

Tara smiled lovingly thinking how different it was to be with friends. She never felt this happy and carefree. Her aunt and uncle never allowed her to make friends and made sure that no boy in the campus flutters around her.

“Can I be your friend?” she asked stopping the conversation and they both looked at her in a careless manner.

“You became our friend the moment you told us about your sad story. It means that you trust us. Trust bears relationship and every relationship starts with friendship.” Genelia replied and Akira nodded in agreement, smiling. Tara figured that Akira doesn’t like to talk much but be there for you when you need her. Genelia was totally opposite of Akira. Outgoing and talkative. She can make friends in a moment whereas Akira takes time to let people enter.

“You guys can rest in the cabin if you want. There is a bed inside.” Akira pointed towards the door at the end of the altar and both Tara and Genelia nodded thinking to give rest to their tired bodies.

After 12 hours and 45 minutes, they kept their feet back on earth. Tara inhaled the clean air and sighed with a dreamy smile.

“Guys, get your legs moving. Department has cleared the way.” Christov announced picking up Akira’s small bag and the girls nodded.

Checking out from the airport turned a hard matter when people attacked them in next moment shoving pen and papers on the face. Well not on everybody but on Akira’s. Tara can tell that she was frustrated but didn’t show it and smiling politely, walked away.

“Have you informed your brother that you have a company?” Christov asked from driver’s seat of Augusta and Akira shrugged.

“Yeah, you need to inform your cranky ass brother before he throws a fit for indulging in trouble,” Genelia suggested and Akira glared at her.

“Don’t talk about my brother that way, Genelia. And no, I don’t think it’s necessary to bother him over such small issues. We can take care of it and shift Tara to a safe household. What about the apartment in Bandra? Tara can stay there until she wants. It’s not like we are going to occupy that place anytime soon considering Vikram doesn’t want me to move out.” Akira proposed and Christov nodded thoughtfully.

“Alright then. Let’s first drop Miss Tara there then we drive home.” Christov mumbled and drove straight to the destination which will be soon a roof over Tara’s head.

“You can stay there as long as you want and I will look for a job for you. We can help you with the initials and, rest you can look for yourself alright?” Genelia said and Tara nodded ‘thankfully’.

“Why are you guys helping me so much?” Tara asked out of the blue which broke the comfortable silence of the car. She knew that they were her brother’s friend but that doesn’t mean they will go to such depth without earning anything in return. Tara was mature enough to understand that the world was a hard place and nothing comes for free, not even kindness.

“Yeah, I know. We are being gods right now. Consider yourself lucky that you’ve got us. It’s all Akira’s plan. Maybe she found you interesting and good. Trust me; stumbling across big-hearted and noble people is so rare nowadays.” Genelia replied as she scrolled through her phone while Akira decided to take a nap. The drive was long.

After half an hour or so, they reached the apartment. It was a 3 floors building situated away from the rush of the city. Tara instantly fell in love with it when saw the magnificent view of sun diving in the ocean from its balcony.

“So, do you like it?” Akira asked while Christov ordered maids to prepare the place and stock the refrigerator with groceries as Genelia was busy on phone talking with her parents.

“I love it. It’s the best view I ever saw in my whole life.” Tara said not able to remove her eyes from the view.

“That’s good to know. It’s three bedrooms, an open kitchen, and living room apartment. Make yourself comfortable. I would like to leave now. My brother must be waiting for me. If you need anything then call the personal caretaker of this place and also, Christov will get you a new phone till evening with his and Genelia’s number saved in it. Alright? Bye.” Akira mumbled and turned to leave but Tara stopped her and gave a hug.

“Thank you, Akira. You are an angel sent by God to help me in crisis. I will never forget this. Thank you so much.” She whispered and Akira hugged her back.

“Thank me on the day, when you will truly get out of all your problems,” Akira said with a small smile and left. Christov gave Tara a brief nod and followed Akira.

Descending down the building, Akira took a deep breath and settled in the car. By now, Genelia and Christov were ready to throw all kind of questions at her. Their curiosities were at peak; hungry to know that why all of a sudden she decided to be a knight in shining armor for a girl they barely knew? In fact, that wasn’t Akira’s style at all. She was a private person and doesn’t like to get involved in other’s mess. She barely opens up to her brother and here, showed such kindness to a stranger.

“What is up in your mind, Akira? Why are you doing this?” Genelia asked for the first time, frustrated with her best friend’s unusual behavior.

“Because she reminds me of someone,” Akira replied with a distant look. A storm thundered behind her misty eyes and heart lurched forward as memories and struggles of past invaded her mind. Only the stars in the sky who have witnessed her every tear know that what soul-shattering scenarios life has offered her brother and herself.

“Who?” Christov asked from the front seat making her smile sadly.

“Vikram.” It was a mere whisper but echoed crystal clear in the silence of the car. Her heart knows that how different Tara was, that how it feels when your own family pushes you in the hands of devils just to satisfy their own greed and thirst. They make sinful deals shattering the innocence of pure hearts.

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