Music of Broken Hearts

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Tara woke up alarmed from a long nap. Cold sweat dripped down her forehead and body shivered.

The nightmares haven’t left her since she left New York. The images of her uncle beating her and Rahul forcing himself upon her kept coming whenever she closes her eyes. The fact she was scared wasn’t hidden from her constant companion Genelia too. Her pacing the floor at odd hours of the night have left Genelia worried. She often asked her to seek some help and get pills in order to silence the chaos inside the mind. But Tara has declined all offers by suggesting that she just needs time to get herself together.

After they landed in Mumbai, Akira announced that she was going on a long break and handed Tara’s responsibility to Genelia. Since then, Genelia is staying the nights to accompany the scared girl. Although she felt pity for Tara, she has not hidden her distaste too and constantly assured her that they were safe and Tara needs to move on from whatever fear was chocking her from inside.

Jumping out of the cotton sheets, Tara stepped inside shower feeling an urge to wash her body and scrub the flesh until it turns red. She could taste bile as the memories of Rahul’s greedy hands on her bare skin revolved again and again. She slapped her forehead for few times in distress than burst into tears. Her soul couldn’t help but thank Varun again and again for making her leave that hell. God knows what those monsters must have done to satisfy their thirsts. She was thoroughly repulsed by the fact that if she hadn’t run away she must be Rahul’s wife by now. Her uncle must have lashed out if she had refused the proposal and lathered her with more hits.

After half an hour, she walked out of the shower and slid into fresh clothes. The clock read 7 a.m. making her sigh.

Old habits never die.

By this time she was supposed to prepare breakfast for everyone in the Gupta mansion. A smile stretched on her lips as she realized that she doesn’t have to do it anymore. She was free of those obligations now. Thanking god numerous times she walked towards the kitchen in order to treat herself with fresh breakfast. The maids have recently stocked refrigerator after confirming from her. So naturally, Tara ordered whatever she likes and was prohibited to eat in her aunt’s home.

Smelling the coffee, Genelia also woke up in the guest room and enjoyed the breakfast with Tara. Tara blushed and chuckled whenever Genelia praised her efforts. Subjected to such friendliness soared her heart because no one ever counted her efforts in past. She was a mere slave for her family and a pretty doll to represent in front of the business associates to earn their favors.

“Damn bitch, this is heaven. Consider me your regular customer. I think you should probably apply as a chef in some restaurant. Because no one can resist such food. Imagine the amount of money we could earn.”

That caught Tara’s attention and she stared at Genelia for a good minute. Actually, the idea wasn’t bad. That way she could earn for herself and didn’t have to depend on Akira for longer. She has already done so much for her.

After Genelia left for her parent’s house, Tara quickly switched on the news channel and scanned the newspaper to quench her doubts. She has never forgotten to watch her back, scared of the possibility that her face might be in the missing list. When her eyes fell on the column of vacancies, she quickly grabbed a pen and marked the lines that fit her requirements. She needs a job.

It was afternoon when her phone rang. With a serious frown marred between her eyebrows, she picked the call on the 4th ring without checking the caller ID.

“Hey, Tara.” Came Akira’s voice from other side making Tara smile.


“What are you doing?” she asked making her look at the newspaper in her hands and shrug.

“Trying to look for a decent job. Job hunting?” Tara mumbled unsure because none matched her status and heard Akira giggling on another side.

“Whatever you are doing, stop it. I’ve good news for you. My brother is in desperate need of a new secretary since his last one has gone on maternity leave. I told him about you and he agreed to meet you before the evening. I hope its fine by your side.” She said making Tara’s jaw drop and the newspaper in her hand fell on the floor with a soft thud. Her heartbeat stopped for a moment and then skyrocketed.

“Oh my god, Akira! Thank you so much. Thank you. I will be there on time. Just message me the address. Oh god, I am so happy. You guys have no idea how awesome you are.” Tara shrieked unable to hide her excitement and control the disbelief making Akira laugh.

“Alright. Don’t thank me, please. My brother will interview you, so all the best and make sure to be there on time because he likes punctual people.” She said making Tara go tense all of a sudden.

“Okay bye. I will do my best. Thanks once again.” Tara said and hung up as her nerves started to heat up again. Shit, shit, shit. She was not prepared for this.

Oh god, have some mercy on me.

Without wasting any more time she started rummaging through the clothes in a small duffle bag and pouted not finding anything appropriate for the interview. Sighing, she decided to jump in regular jeans and crop top accompanied by a blazer. It’s not like Akira’s brother would pay any mind to her dressing sense. Tara swore that after receiving her first salary she will definitely buy appropriate clothes. Her attention fell on the mobile as it beeped with a text.

Heart Industries

She read with a frown and decided it was time to accomplish what she was never granted.

At sharp 5:00 pm, Tara stepped out of the cab in front of Heart Industries established by Vikram Singh alone, Akira’s brother. Here in front of her stood a very proud building covered with navy blue glass panels. Before coming here Tara did a brief scrolling over Google and was star struck by the struggles and hard work of this man to reach this position in such a short time. Immediately she knew, it will be a great start for her carrier. Working under him she will learn many things. Adjusting the navy blue, full sleeved blazer, she entered inside and the guards slid open the double glass doors with a welcoming smile. She smiled back at him and then directly rushed to reception where a lady in her early 40’s was typing something furiously over a laptop.

Tara cleared her throat lowly catching her attention. Instantly a polite smile appeared on her features as she registered a new presence.

“Yes dear, how may I help you?”

“Hello, ma’am. I was asked to arrive here for an interview by Vikram Sir.” Tara said making her eyebrows shot up in hairline. Staring at Tara in wonder, she reached for the telephone and dialed a number.

“What’s your name dear?”

“Tara Gupta,” Tara replied with a smile and she nodded.

“Hello Niya, Ms. Gupta is here for an interview………… Ok……. Alright, thanks.” She kept the phone back and looked at Tara.

“It’s very unusual of our boss to interview someone personally. All the best Tara. I hope you get what is good for you.” She said making Tara sigh and pass her thanks. “His office is on the 23rd floor. Take the private elevator, over there.” The receptionist instructed pointing at the corner making Tara nod in acknowledgment. Entering the elevator which had mirrors on the walls, she pressed the button 23. Immediately the doors closed making her nerves to hike. She rubbed her sweaty palms over the jeans praying to god all the while.

“Please give me strength and peace. Let everything works right. Please.” she mumbled and unclasped her hands as soon as the door opened with a ting sound.

“You must be Ms. Gupta.” A lady in her late 40’s, sitting on the reception of a grand hall decorated by fine paintings and couches pointed out and Tara nodded moving towards her.

“Hi, I am Ms. Verma. Mr. Singh will see you now. All the best.” She said and Tara mumbled thanks. As she reached closer to the double doors carved with the finest wood, rolled her shoulders to ease her tensed muscles. She could literally feel her heart galloping by now and the hold on her documents tightens.

“Get yourself together. You can do it.” She repeated the mantra in mind all the time and knocked on the door twice.

“Come in.” A masculine voice echoed behind the doors making her freeze for a moment. She gulped the saliva to moisten now dry mouth.

Wow. That sounded so…manly.

Shaking her head to erase such thoughts just before an interview she pushed the door open and entered inside. The first thing which she noticed was 4 wall clocks of best brand hung on a brown wall behind the large desk. Two bamboos were planted on each corner into a glass vase filled with water. The interior was impressive and didn’t look tensed at all. Instead, it gave a refreshing vibe. But the same couldn’t be said for the mess on the giant desk. The files and documents were scooped and scattered all over. Then Tara’s eyes fell on the man sitting behind the desk looking at her keenly and examining her from head to toe as if she was a new species to experiment under the microscope. Boy, did she mention that what a mouth-watering male was he? His dark orbs were fixated on her all the time as she stood in front of the now closed door. It left her breathless and stare back at him for a few seconds mesmerized. Gulping nervously and straightening the back, she walked in his direction.

“Good evening, sir.”

Even she was taken away by the fact that how strong and steady she sounded oppose to her quivering insides. Her heart was beating erratically now and she feared if the handsome man in front of her could hear it. He didn’t reply, instead nodded and with his hand gestured towards the chair in front of the desk. Tara settled as per suggested and immediately kept her documents on the table.

“Your name?” he asked in a firm voice making her fidget on the seat nervously. His aura screamed his calm nature and powerful personality.

“Tara Gupta.” She answered immediately and sat in silence as he took her file and lazily flipped the papers while scanning the resume thoroughly.

Tara crossed her fingers on lap, praying to god to let it be in her favor. He looked up from the file and nodded but a serious frown on his forehead left strings of doubts in her mind.

“Impressive. You have scored well in accounts. Do you have any experience?” He asked making her instantly shake her head.

“No, sir. This is the first interview I’ve ever attended. I have recently finished my studies from New York and traveled to India under some circumstances.” She replied honestly and he pursed his lips closing her file.

“If you have noticed, most of my workers looks experienced and are aged. You are a mere beginner without slightest experience about this field. I usually choose experienced workers for the benefit of the company. Tell me why I should give you a chance?” he asked leaning forward and settled his elbows on the desk. Tara bit her lower lip in nervousness and took a deep breath.

“I never asked you to give me a chance, Mr. Singh. Yes, I noticed that your company is full of experienced staff, from reception to that of a manager, everybody looked determined towards their work. I understood your agendas now, that how in such a short span of time you build so vast, it’s because of their hard work and your guidance. If you would have taken new people than it would have taken more time for them to work in flow whereas these experienced people grasped their work without any difficulty. You chose the best employees.

There is no reason for you to select me but I can assure you, sir, even if gained failure or achieved success, I will never stop working hard. My determination towards work will be my only priority. I will give my 100% to this company and never lose my honesty which is a building block for trust.” She answered and he stared at her for a good 5 minutes without blinking. It made Tara self-conscious of herself and tugged the ends of her jacket.

“You may leave.” He said slipping the file towards her and then indulged himself back on a computer screen. Tara sighed in disappointment and grabbed her file, mumbling a ‘small thank you for your time’ and walked towards the door. The uneasiness swirled inside her veins but she shrugged it away.

I should not feel disappointed. After all, it was my first interview and I was unprepared.

She thought but couldn’t help the tiny moisture clouding her eyes over the first failure. Her hands reached the doorknob and before she can twist it, his voice echoed again making her halt.

“You may take your schedule from Ms. Verma. She is right outside and watching over the secretary work.” He announced leaving her flushed and almost stumble in her steps. Tara gawked at the man in front of him open-mouthed unable to collect the words. For a moment she lost all her senses as his sentence kept echoing in her mind.

Her eyes widen in surprise and she turned around to look at him in shock.

Did he? Did I have this job?

“Sir.” She trailed off in disbelief, successfully gaining his attention to which he raised an eyebrow.

“Are you not interested in working here?” He asked and she nodded profusely. “Then join from tomorrow. Now get out before I change my mind.” His warning made her jump in action and she rushed out in lightning speed with her hand resting on the loudly galloping heart. Ms. Verma gave her a bewildered look and immediately rushed to by her side.

“So, what did he say?” she asked concerned making a smile break on Tara’s face.

“I got the job.”

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