Music of Broken Hearts

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Cries of a Heart


New York

The white mansion of Gupta’s stood proudly in a secluded landscape, away from the rush of the city. Quite morning air filtered through the falling leaves of old trees creating a rustle that just added to the cheerful chirping of birds.

A bright orange sun glowed on the horizon marking the start of another busy day. The moment its warm glow slides past the white lacy curtains of a small bedroom, an alarm went off as the hour hand strikes six.

A complaining groan rang as a lazy hand crawled out of the cream covers to shut the whining source. Long bony fingers tapped on the head of the metallic alarm clock and the room once again fell into a peaceful silence.

All of a sudden, the covers were yanked away with a shocked gasp, revealing a mane of thick black hairs and almond shaped eyes. The brown orbs blinked multiple times to get rid of the last remnants of the seductive sleep that could become the very reason for another unlucky day. Throwing some curse words in the native Hindi language, the girl stepped out of the bed and rushed to the bathroom to start her day. Her pale hands fumbled with the toothpaste as she laid the gel on the toothbrush. The moment the minty taste burned on her tongue slightly, her eyes opened wide and greeted the mess from the last night. The trails of dried tears still decorated her cheek. The right cheekbone, just below her eyes was swollen and carried a small cut. She took deep breathes and averted her eyes from the image. It won’t help but build the trauma that she is willing to forget. Her swollen red eyes then fell on the broken nail of a pinky finger. The blood-red flesh peeked from under it making her shudder. While brushing her teeth thoroughly, she reached for the band-aid in the cabinet behind the rusted mirror. Quickly wrapping it around the wounded finger, she brushed for few more seconds and then gurgled with fresh water.

Removing the PJs, she stepped under the warm shower and shivered as the droplets strike against the bruised back. Like other girls of society, her skin wasn’t a flawless canvas. It was decorated and painted with the onslaught of greedy people. The bright red lashes were proof of that. She gently washed her tormented skin and soon wrapped a towel around her body. The moment she entered inside the closet, a rogue tear fell from her eye. A series of expensive garments greeted her along with the best cosmetic collection of the town. A feeling of despair instantly clogged her mind. The uptight clothes composed of fragile fabrics weren’t made to look her beautiful but to hide the ugly reality. The cosmetics were brought so that she could successfully hide the evidence on tortured flesh.

Against her strong will, her mind rebelled and once again rushed to open the memories that squeezed out the air in her lungs. She breathed hard as her eyes fell on the bloody clothing discarded in the laundry bucket at the furthest corner of the closet. The torn piece could tell how the beast didn’t hold back. He mercilessly let out all his frustration on her. The slapping noises of a leather belt against flesh still echoed in her ears and she couldn’t help but cover them to block out the painful screams. They were her screams.

A loud knock on the door alerted her and she instantly wiped her tears.

“Tara, sweetie, are you awake?”

A muffled voice called out from behind the bedroom door and she nodded.

“Yes, aunt Zhea. I am up.” She hollered to the old lady and quickly chose the full sleeved Victorian top and skinny jeans. It was her day and she won’t ruin it thinking of the people that have stepped over her heart more than once.

Last night wasn’t easy for Tara. She was supposed to attend another high-class party and throw a smile in front of dozens of cameras, portraying the perfect heir of a deceased billionaire. She has successfully conversed with other girls of her age and mingled with the desperate crowd of new investors. Why she had to do that?

To save the reputation of her devil of uncle and his bitchy wife.

It’s not like they have let it pass if she had refused. Instead, they would’ve loved to seek pleasure in giving her more pain and raining new ways to crush her spirit. The years of abuse must have taken a toll over her scared mind that is why she feared to raise her voice against them.

Last night, she has once again displeased her Uncle Ramesh by slapping an old pervert, a shareholder in their company, who didn’t pay a second thought before pouncing on her as if she was a piece of the pie. Although the old man left without another word mumbling a quiet apology but her uncle thought different. He was scared of the possibilities of the old man pulling out his money from the endless pit of shareholders.

As a result, the poor girl who has just entered the 23rd year of life had to pay massive compensation for showing such disrespect. She was awarded beating at the late hours of the night, until her rebellious cousin, Varun appeared out of nowhere and pushed his furious father for abusing his innocent cousin sister. Unlike other members of Gupta family, Varun is an open minded lad and carries great respect for Tara and her simplicity. He has always been there for her when she was hurt. He and the head maid of the house, Zhea has tended to her wounds multiple times in past.

Descending the stairs, Tara rushed the colossal kitchen to start her morning rituals in order to avoid harsh judgements. The moment she turned 18, her aunt handed her the responsibility of the kitchen along with little help to cleaning staff here and there. She was living like a maid in her own home. Laughing at the destiny, she cracked the egg to prepare the omelette. The grinding of juicer ranged in the silence as she switched to make juice. Pouring the juice in a jug, she jumped towards the cabinets to prepare a green tea for the aunt. She only had two hands but years of practice turned her into a multi-tasker.

After some 15 minutes when she was done, approached the first room of the first floor.

The room belonged to Uncle Ramesh and aunt Rupali.

Tara hissed at the thought remembering how once her parents used to sleep in the same room. Her uncle didn’t wait even for a day after her father’s death and claimed whatever her father owned. Shameless creatures.

The tray in her hands shook slightly as she carried it to their room. Knocking softly at the door, just to make them aware of her presence, she entered the room and found the two devils sleeping peacefully under the covers.

She placed the breakfast tray on the bedside table and nudged at her aunt’s feet gently.

“Aunt Rupali, the breakfast is ready. Please have your tea before it gets cold.”

Her aunt groaned lazily and woke up like a princess. Tara shifted on her feet under her menacing glare.

“Did you add lemon in it?” Rupali asked in a hoarse voice and the girl nodded obediently. Then she cleared her throat and looked at her aunt expectantly. Sensing the eagerness in her gesture, Rupali scoffed but asked anyway.


“Ummm… Good Morning, aunt Rupali. You look lovely like always. Umm.. I wanted to inform you that today is my Graduation Ceremony. Would you like to join?” Tara asked already knowing the answer and when Rupali pulled a face she sighed in relief.

“No, I don’t have time for your useless business. Get your degree and come straight to home. Since it’s your final day at college, your uncle has thrown a party on your behalf. There will be many big people and celebrities, so dress up nicely and also assist your sister. Now get lost.” Rupali ordered as always without hearing Tara’s full thoughts.

“Umm, aunt Rupali, I wanted to ask one more thing, can I… Since I am done with the bachelor’s degree, can I apply for internship at our company? Working with uncle Ramesh would be a great experience. He is the best businessman of the time. Please let me.” She requested and closed her eyes. The cup in Rupali’s hand fell on the floor, breaking in hundreds of pieces and spilling all the tea. In the next second, like a hungry tigress she jumped out of the bed and pounced at Tara. A slap echoed in the silence of the room. The hit was enough to whip Tara’s face in other direction and grace her with a throbbing cheek. Tears blurred her vision and she bit her lip, refusing to let out any noise and showing weakness.

“What did you say? Internship? Get lost you pathetic leech before I lose my cool. You should be thankful enough that your uncle let you study and complete your degree. Now as a greedy bitch, you want more?” she yelled at the top of her lungs making sure that everybody in mansion hears the verbal abuse.

“But what is wrong in that? After all, it was my father who established that company in the first place and after his death, if I show interest to be a part of it, then what is wrong with that?” Tara whispered collecting the scattered courage bit by bit.

“Can’t you get it that everything is wrong with it? Now get out or I will ask your uncle to use the belt again.” Rupali spat coldly making Tara’s heart stop. Gulping the lump down her throat, she exited the room immediately. Sometimes she wishes that she should’ve died with her parents in that satin plane crash. At least it would’ve have saved her from this living hell. She remembers that how her parents used to dream about a happy future for her. How their mouths never got tired when they appreciated her efforts and victories. They never raised a finger over her, let alone a hand. She was their princess but look at the game of fate, now she was just a slave of these cruel people.

Wiping the pitiful tears, she held another tray and walked straight to porcupine’s room, a.k.a her cousin sister, Pooja. Tara calls her porcupine since childhood because of her never ending tendencies of throwing tantrums and useless comments on everyone. If you ask Tara then you will know that Pooja is a whore whose life depends on sex. No one knows that from where so much sex appeal comes in her, but she was a slut who didn’t mind to open her legs for anyone with a good bank balance. Pooja and her pervert boyfriend run a club, more like a sex slave and stripper club. No one is aware about that and Tara wasn’t valiant enough to reveal this in front of everyone and become a target of bully.

As soon as Tara entered her room, a horrified gasp escaped her lips and the breakfast tray shook in her hands. Her gasp caught the attention of two people lying on the bed. The woman looked at her with lust filled eyes and let out a pleasured moan as an unknown man sucked her naked breasts like an infant. The moment that man lifted his head from her chest, Tara’s knees buckled.

What the hell?

This man?

Why God?

Tara screamed in her head as he smirked at her and grunted as her cousin shoved his head back in her breasts by tugging his hairs.

“Continue, baby, don’t mind her.” Pooja said seductively making a tear of embarrassment and disgust slip from Tara’s eye. The guy was none other than the driver Winston, who was appointed by Ramesh Gupta to accompany Tara everywhere since she was a child. Either it was school, buying groceries for home, college, charities, or stupid business parties. He drives her everywhere and was a personal chauffeur. The man was in his late 50’s. “Have you got the strawberries and chocolates as I asked?” Pooja asked and without replying Tara placed the tray with a thud on the table and ran away. Their loud laughter mocking her soul didn’t go unnoticed. If possible it made her day worse. That man, Tara looked at him as a father like figure, always.

The people here disgust her. They do know how to play with somebody’s heart and break their trust. The pity and sympathy in Winston’s eyes from long time back suddenly started to disgust her as she saw it replaced by lust today. World is a dangerous place.

Till how long God, till how long will you make me see these sinful things? Why don’t you turn me blind and dumb?

Tara thought and pushing the rising bile back in stomach, she walked to her last resort, her cousin brother’s room. Varun Gupta. Then she will be free.

Varun is two years younger than Tara. He behaves like Tara doesn’t exist yet at times have defended her by taking her side in front of everyone. He dislikes his family to core and is a good student who loves to play guitar. His girlfriend Natalia is also a kind hearted person and enjoys spending time with Tara.

As soon as Tara entered his room, found him doing push up’s as always with sweat dripping from his muscles.

“Good morning, Varun.” Tara greeted quietly and he froze. She turned around and left the room immediately, not wanting to see the sympathy and pity in those brown eyes.

She hates it when people do that. Maybe she was a damsel in distress but that doesn’t mean she needs anyone’s support when they can’t even stop all this. They are just a pack of cowards.

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