Skin of the Night

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Chapter 14: Who Says I'd Want To?

I chewed on my lower lip when I met his arresting eyes. “You have to see why this won’t work, Will. Surely, you’re not that daft, are you?”

He glared at me, and I nearly withered under the heat of it. “I must be, because I don’t see the problem. You’ll only be here for three months, Cara. Had it been indefinite, we’d be having a different conversation right now, but it’s not. We’re also adults, meaning we’ll manage to work our way around it.”

“How do you think John would react if he knew?” I countered in my scepticism. To my satisfaction, he flinched at the very idea.

“Exactly,” I said and folded my arms together, seeking to protect myself from impact.

“There won’t be any reason for concern, unless we behave in a way that warrants it. If you can manage, I guarantee that I will as well. I’d hate to see you waste away an opportunity like this – particularly when knowing it would be my fault.”

Mustering whatever I had left of courage, I stared at him with eyes of steel. “If we’re going to do this, I’d like to make one thing abundantly clear. I will not have sex with you again. Do I need to explain why, or are you on board with that?”

I couldn’t believe what I’d done. Never, in my life, had I managed something so outrageous before. I had fucked my best friend’s elder brother. Not only that, but he was also going to be my boss for the next three months. If there had been even a faint chance that I’d want to sleep with him again, it had been completely obliterated in the face of this.

I wondered whether I ought to tell Jason, but immediately decided that I wouldn’t. Since it had only been a one-night-stand, I gathered he’d be better off without knowing. Informing him was simply unnecessary, as it wouldn’t happen again.

Aloofness spilled from his eyes, and his heart-shaped lips formed a straight line. Added together, his facial expression made it impossible to gauge his thoughts.

“Who says I’d want to?”

My breath hitched and my eyes widened. Right. I hadn’t thought of that. For a moment, I considered myself despicably conceited. Two months had passed since then. Of course he’d moved on. What was I doing, thinking he would still be hung up on me? How embarrassing.

“Right. That should make things easier.”

I’d managed to sound stoical, but behind my pretence, I was hiding a rather bruised ego. Rationally, I appreciated his rhetorical insinuation, but irrationally, I didn’t. Being a woman that William Night desired was the most significant boost I’d had in a long time. Alas, the time for that was long gone. However, I had meant for it to turn out this way, so why did I feel so slighted? My feelings weren’t justified, nor did they make any sense.

He sighed next to me. “Well, then. Shall we move along? We can’t really afford to waste more time on this matter. I’m a busy man, with a lot of people counting on me to perform according to schedule. On that note, you should prepare for three intense months.”

It hadn’t been necessary of him to tell me that. I was strapping up for the most challenging three months I’d probably ever have to endure, and it wasn’t strictly due to the tasks I’d be delegated. It was also because I’d be facing intensity in the flesh for the better part of ninety days.

I nodded as I mentally readjusted into my professional character. “Yes.”

Reaching forward, he fetched the document he’d presented earlier and leaned toward me. Now close again, the scent of him struck me with merciless force. Immediately, I was sent down memory lane, into his bedroom, where his alluring scent was etched into the walls, and where his naked skin had caressed and guided mine.

I was certain my pupils were dilated when I looked toward the paper, though I could barely make sense of a single letter. I was much too distracted by my lust for this testosterone-bomb beside me.

I realised in the same moment that there were two dimensions to this. I was divided. Part of me wanted to fuck him into eternity. The other was adamant to remain sensible, and sensible did not favour erotic thoughts of William Night, taking our circumstance into account, as well as the rules I’d laid out for myself, whatever involved romance.

However, I wasn’t deluded. There was no point in denying the fact that I was drawn to him like a moth to a flame. Anything else would be a straight out lie. My whole body tingled where I sat, aching for his sexual attention. He was the sexiest man I’d ever encountered, both in mind and body, and he was my best friend’s brother, as well as my boss. He surely was Satan in a Sunday hat.


He starting speaking again, and like a male siren, his voice sounded to summon me to my doom, “Your tasks will mainly include that of a legal assistant’s. Though I’ll be your supervisor for the span of the programme, Elisabeth will do most of the teaching. She’s a full-time legal assistant of ours. She’s close to your age – twenty-five, and very kind. Patient. I’m sure you’ll get along well. After you’ve signed your contract, I’ll make the introductions.

“For now, I gather I’ll guide you through the list. If you have any questions, don’t be shy. Tell me to stop, and I’ll explain the implications to my best ability. Understood?”

He was awfully authoritative, and though I didn’t like to admit it, it had a hotline to my libido. When I had thought things couldn’t possibly get any worse, he proved me wrong. William, concentrated and professional, was devastatingly attractive. As he was now, I could watch him for a lifetime, endlessly aroused and fascinated.

When I failed to provide an answer, he turned toward me, and I looked straight back at him, utterly susceptible. As he gauged the look on my face, his eyes noticeably widened.

“No. Cara, do not look at me like that,” he snapped, impatient.

I frowned. “Like what?”

“Like you want me to claim you across my desk, right now.”

My mouth dried as my breath left me. Though outrageous, the idea made my knickers grow damp, and my heart raced within me. I would have loved every second of it, I was sure, until he surrendered his domination of me to remorse.

“What?” I whispered feebly.

“You heard me,” he growled under his breath and charged up from his seat. Walking around his desk, he reached for the black telecom and raised the handset to his ear. Shortly after he’d pushed a button, he uttered through a chillingly low voice, “Elisabeth, please see me in my office. Now.” Hanging up, he directed his eyes to me, and I watched his jaw clench.

I found myself confused. Wasn’t he supposed to guide me through the list before he introduced me to her? And what about my contract?

Before I saw my chance to ask, a person whom I expected to be Elisabeth knocked on the door to his office.

“Come in,” he answered and reclined into the seat of his stylish, grey desk chair.

Turning my head, I watched an average-looking lady of dyed blonde hair step through the door. Her nose was slightly too large for her face, and her eyes too small, but somehow, she pulled it off with grace. Though she wasn’t a person you’d turn your head after on the street, her smile would make you. Truly, she had the warmest smile I’d ever seen on a human being. She oozed of maternal care. Already, I reckoned I’d adore her.

“You must be Cara,” she said, and she had a voice like Lana Del Rey. What a remarkably soothing voice, she had. Cooing was likely a constant for her.

A little chubby in her anatomy, she made her way toward me and extended her small hand. She was quite a short woman, but her breasts were huge. They strained against the dark blue colour of her satin blouse, and I couldn’t help but steal a swift glimpse of her cleavage while I sized her up.

Eager to be spared from the heat of William’s attention, I clasped her hand and ascended from my seat. In my heels, I was at least a head taller than her. “That’s me, yes. You’re Elisabeth?”

Her smile transitioned into a grin. “Please, call me Ellie. Elisabeth sounds so formal.”

“Elisabeth is a lovely name,” I commented. “But of course, Ellie is, too.”

“Elisabeth,” William chimed from behind us, clearly favouring formality, “would you do the honour of showing Cara around the premise? Introduce her to our fellow colleagues, would you? I’ve drafted up a list, explaining her tasks, but I gather you can elaborate on it for me. I’ve got work that requires my attention.”

“Of course, Will. Whatever you need,” she assured him through a sweet smile.

“Good. Did you manage to contact Porter & Co for me?”

“Yes. I’ve sent you an email about it. The appointment should already be synchronised with your schedule.”

Smirking, William looked to me. “Watch and learn,” he teased before he paid Elisabeth a fond wink.

“Certainly,” I confirmed. “But Mr Night,” it felt incredibly weird to refer to him as such, “what about my contract?”

He frowned at how I’d addressed him, but I had done it deliberately, so to create as much psychological distance between us as possible. It was purely a defensive mechanism, to remind me of our professional relation.

“I told you to call me Will, Cara,” he murmured as he opened the top drawer of his desk where he found a two-page document that he later extended to me. “Go over it on your own. If you have any questions, take notes and bring them by me at the end of the day. If you don’t, simply sign and leave it on my desk.”

Nodding my head, I walked over to grab hold of it, but with each stride, the electric charge between us surmounted my heart. As our eyes locked, we watched each other with vigilance, and no words were required. I understood precisely what his eyes meant to convey.

He wanted to fuck me again, and he wanted to do it now.

A little shocked at myself, I realised that if our circumstance had been different, I would have surrendered to the desire. In all fairness, it would have been a foregone conclusion.

However, while feigning obliviousness toward the sexual mayhem that he ceaselessly roused in me, I turned my back to him and said, “Thank you, Mr Night.”

I thought I heard him curse under his breath, but I couldn’t be sure.

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