Skin of the Night

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Chapter 21: You Look Like A Couple

A few hours later, I was dropping to my knees within my bedroom, my attention fixed on undoing Robby’s set of trousers. While gathering my long hair in his hands, he cast me a cheeky and lopsided smile.

“So eager, Cara,” he purred appreciatively.

“Well, I haven’t tasted you for a week, so yes,” I lustfully replied and jerked his trousers down his legs. After aiding him out of them, I reached up to trail my fingertips along the line of his grey boxers. His erection strained against the textile, and it made me smile. Cupping it in my hand, I paid it a gentle squeeze. All the while, I gazed up at him through my long lashes.

“Bloody hell,” he uttered through a chuckle and brought one of his hands beneath my chin. Using his thumb, he gently rubbed the line of my jaw. Wonder vibrated in his green orbs.

With a lascivious smile creeping across my lips, I hooked my fingers into the fabric and lowered it to liberate his erected penis. Horizontally, it pointed precisely to my awaiting mouth. Wasting no time, I grabbed around the base of it and pushed my tongue past my lips to lick around the crest. Focusing my point of impact to the back, I looked up at him and saw his chest expand with his deep inhalation.

“Mm,” I purred and slowly wrapped my mouth around the tip. And then I took him deep into my mouth. Over the years I’d spent as Robby’s casual sex-partner, I’d learned to control my gag-reflex. And I had every intention of making use of it today, because I felt like celebrating.

I had been worrying like a madman that I was growing infatuated with William Night, until Elisabeth had severed my growing attachment to him. Now liberated from his spell, I was eager to remind Robby of just how much I appreciated our casual arrangement.

Bobbing my head, I heard him groan above me. His hands fisted in my hair, tugging it until tears formed in my eyes. After a while, my jaw started aching, but I had no sympathy to spare for it. Determined to send him over the edge, I persisted despite the discomfort.

“Ah, Cara,” he warned. “Stop.”

Disobeying, I eagerly continued. While my mouth drew in on him, my hand synchronised with my labour, pumping him. Within my mouth, my tongue swirled around his length, just the way I knew he liked it.

“Shit,” he cursed and, using his hold of my hair, tugged me harshly away from him. “I don’t want to come yet,” he growled under his breath and ministered me toward my bed. With a smouldering look in his green eyes, he glared strictly at me.

“What are you going to do about it?” I teased back. When my legs bumped into the frame of my bed, he leaned toward me, forcing me to recline onto the mattress. Staring up at him, I saw him admire the view of the body he’d undressed earlier.

“Fuck me, Cara,” he breathed and climbed over me. “You’re so bloody gorgeous,” he continued and trailed his right hand up my flat stomach. “Three years of this, and yet I couldn’t ever grow bored.”

“Right back at you.” I giggled and circled his neck with my arms. Bringing his face to mine, I leaned up to engulf his lips. Kissing Robby had never felt wrong, but it had never felt quite right either. Just familiar. By now, I knew the motion of his lips like the back of my hand. But alas, only one pair of lips had managed to set my system on fire, and they weren’t present.

Surprising me, he pulled away from my mouth sooner than I’d expected. Instead, he traced lustful kisses down the slope of my neck. When he located my pulse, a spot on my body that he knew was particularly sensitive, he gently sucked and nibbled on it.

My eyes closed at the pleasure his attention provided. Subconsciously, my limbs locked around him, welcoming the intimacy. After a good minute, he started trailing soft kisses down the valley between my breasts, and then further down to reach the apex of my thighs.

While biting on my lower lip, I resorted to a smile when I gauged his intention. Robby always made a point to return the favour. We hardly ever had sex without him demanding to go down on me. And I bloody loved it. His skill in that department was his ace in bed. Without exception, his mouth on me would trigger my climax.

His tongue lapped over my folds, warm and wet. Groaning, my head jerked backward, and I closed my eyes to invite heaven. Vaguely, I felt his arms lock around my thighs. He knew me too well. In throes of passion, I tended to shudder away when the pleasure bordered unbearable. In time, he’d learned to take precaution.

“Ah, Robby,” I moaned and ran my fingers through his soft hair. He was so damn good at this.

The tension coiled inside my abdomen, spread out all the way to my fingertips and toes, until his expert flicks sent me over the edge. “Ah!” I cried out as my back ascended from the mattress beneath me. Responding to impulse, I caressed my breasts while I savoured the smooth aftermath of my orgasm, a smile ever present on my face.

“You look well funny after you come, Cara,” he teased while his mouth climbed up my stomach. After paying my left nipple a hungry suck, he leaned up to grin down at me.

“Funny how?” I giggled.

“You look high.”

“Well, I am.”

“Good,” he said through a charmed chuckle and dropped his mouth to mine. I could taste myself in his mouth, but I’d never minded the flavour. It was salty, was all. Natural.

Reaching between us, I grabbed around his member to align it with my entrance. As I teased myself with the tip of him, I relished how wet I were. I looked up at him with a naughty smile on my lips, starving for more of him.

“Don’t be mean,” he scolded. “You know I lose my head when you do that.”

“Yeah? Which head?” I teased back.

Growling, he thrust harshly into me, successfully repressing my sassy shade. “Both,” he purred and lowered his head to trail hungry kisses down my pulse. It drummed for him, begging for more of him. Gently, he retreated, before he charged forward again, knowing exactly where to strike.

“Oh,” I groaned and clasped his head in my hands to bring his mouth back to mine. His smile interfered with our kiss.

“Stop smiling, idiot,” I grumbled.

Pulling away from me, he laughed and nuzzled his nose to mine. “Sorry, I can’t help it. I’m enjoying my circumstance too much, as well as shredding your sassiness.”


“You’re fucking fierce, Cara, and it makes watching you come undone all the more enticing.”

I smirked up at him. “Whatever gets you off, I suppose.”

“You do,” he assured me and demanded my mouth again, but all of the sudden, he pulled away. “Would you like to do it with your vibrator this time around? You loved it last time.”

Sometimes, I was certain we sounded like a married couple. In many ways, we were. We were so familiar and comfortable with each other that odd questions were now considered normal. The only thing lacking were romantic feelings. Then again, I reckoned plenty of married couples had lost their spark a few years down the road, when they started to take their partner for granted.

“Nah, I’m good with you,” I replied with a shrug of my shoulders.

After three delicious orgasms, I collapsed beneath his figure and heaved for air. When I eventually restored my equilibrium, I hugged him against me and placed a tender kiss to the crook of his neck. He smelled so good, and his scent was particularly concentrated there.

He responded by planting a lazy kiss to my head, before he withdrew from within me and rolled onto his back beside me. Sated, I cuddled up to his side and rested my head on his shoulder.

“You busy this Saturday?” he queried through a drowsy voice.

I frowned, thinking. “I don’t think so. Why?”

“Tyler is celebrating his birthday. He said to invite you,” he continued through a yawn.

I stiffened. Tyler Golding was Robby’s flatmate of three years. I’d known him for nearly as long as I’d known Robby. He was studying to become a teacher.

“Shit! When’s his birthday?” I asked, worried that I’d forgotten to congratulate him.

He chuckled beside me and placed another peck to the top of my head. “This Saturday. Don’t worry. Can you make it?”

“Yes, of course. Any ideas for a present?”

“Boxers. He’s in dire need of them, he said.”

I giggled. Student life in a nutshell, that was. “Sorted.”

“Good. I’m falling asleep, Cara,” he mumbled apologetically.

“Then sleep,” I whispered and placed a kiss to his naked chest. After dragging the duvet over our naked bodies, I turned my back to him. A smile reached my mouth when he hooked his arm around my waist to pull me into our lovely spooning position.

“Sleep well, love. You’re the best,” he drowsily declared.

“You too.”

When I woke the next morning, it was to the feel of being tilted to the side. Eyelids fluttering apart, the sight of Robby’s tender smile welcomed me. Infectious in its nature, I smiled back at him before I rubbed my waking face.

“Morning, sweetheart,” he crooned and reached over to brush my hair behind my ear.

“Morning. What time is it?” My voice was hoarse, so I cleared it. Rolling onto my back, I spread my arms apart and relished how replete I felt. Sex last night had been exactly what I needed, and it had been good.

“Six thirty. I woke up half an hour ago. Made you breakfast.”

“Aw, Robby,” I cooed and surprised us both when I lunged forward to hug his naked back. “Thank you,” I purred and planted a soft kiss to his neck.

“Why don’t you have a shower while I set the table for us?”

“Sounds good,” I agreed and crawled out of bed beside him. I felt his eyes burn into my back while I paraded completely naked toward the door, so with a cheeky smile on my face, I turned my head to catch him in his ogling.

“We’ve got time for a quickie,” he called after me.

“Have you showered?” I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Nope!” His usually patient voice was filled with eager.

“Then let’s spare the environment and do it together,” I proposed on my way toward the bathroom. I heard him charge after me, resembling a young boy in his excitement.

Placing a mug of coffee in front of me on the table, he represented husband material. With a grateful look in my eye, my hand gripped around the black porcelain to raise it to my mouth.

“How long are your days?” he queried while he grabbed the seat opposite of mine.

“Eight to five, but they may differ depending on the workload. You?”

Unlocking his iPad, he opened a newspaper app on it. “Same as you,” he murmured before dragging his own mug of coffee to his mouth.

“Have you spoken to Livy lately?” I asked to change the subject. I hadn’t dared to ask him about it before, because I was fully aware that Colin had become one of his best mates since Olivia had introduced them. And ever since they broke up, Olivia had gone out of her way to avoid anyone who had anything to do with her ex. I wasn’t included in that, because the moment I’d heard what he’d done to her, I’d unfriended him, too. I did not have the capacity to waste time on people who resorted to such evil actions.

He stilled, anxious eyes darting in my direction. “Livy? No. She’s been avoiding me, I think. I’ve sent her a message or two, but she’s never responded.”

“She has, because she thinks you’re still friends with Colin.”


“Are you?”

He grimaced. “He’s just a friend, Cara. I don’t fancy meddling with other people’s personal business. Taking sides when I’m not directly involved isn’t really my thing.”

“Which will make you one hell of a solicitor. Or barrister. Whichever title you decide to pursue,” I replied. I didn’t care if Robby still met Colin from time to time. I wasn’t one for ruling other people’s lives. All I did was abide by my own set of morals, and having a friend like Colin, when he had ruthlessly shattered my best friend’s heart, wasn’t possible because of that. He was dodgy, and I didn’t have time to waste on dodgy people.

Besides, I’d never really liked him much. He was dull. During the span of their relationship, I had always wondered what Olivia saw in him. But in retrospect, I gathered she was just so emotionally abused that she found herself in a place where only his validation seemed to matter.

“I miss her, though. Is she mad at me?” he enquired and placed his iPad aside.

“No. It’s nothing personal – she’d just rather not hang out with a person that has got anything to do with Colin. She’s scared of spontaneous reminders.”

“I feel terrible for her,” he murmured through a pout. “I wouldn’t wish that upon anyone, and especially not her. She’s such a sweet, bright girl. If it’s of any consolation, I don’t hang out with him much. I’m trying to fade away unnoticed.”

“Shy of conflict, are you?” I teased with an arched brow.

He shrugged his shoulders. “Sometimes. Depends on what. That sort of conflict, absolutely. I don’t appreciate the personal aspect. It makes me feel very weird.”

I giggled at him. It was just so typical he.

“Which is why I bloody adore you,” he brought himself to declare. “Three years, Cara, and we haven’t had a single proper argument.”

“No personal arguments, at least,” I corrected him. “We do tend to argue about other things. Conceptual things.”

“That’s debating.”

I smirked. “Yeah. Maybe.”

“Good morning!” Jason exclaimed when he suddenly burst through his door. Robby looked entirely unaffected, but I nearly fell off my chair.

“It’s a beautiful day!” he continued, singing along the lines of U2.

“Bloody hell, Jason! Did you fire crack up your arse this morning?” I scolded him annoyed.

He sent me a smile to die for, complemented by a wink, before he walked over to place his hands to Robby’s shoulders. After squeezing them, he leaned over him to steal a piece of bacon from his plate.

“Didn’t you make me breakfast, Cara?” he playfully queried with a wounded tone to his voice.

“Sorry,” Robby chuckled, “I made it this morning. I wasn’t aware you’d be up this early when you’re on holiday.”

Jason scoffed at him, “Med student. Hello?”

“Right. Serious as they come,” Robby replied amused.


“His earlier show says otherwise,” I muttered while referring to how he’d burst through the door. “But you can have the rest of mine. He made far too much,” I said and pushed my plate toward him.

“Thanks, sweetheart,” he sang and headed over to toast himself some bread.

“Did you wake by yourself today? I was going to go and wake you in a minute,” I asked and turned in my chair to watch his gloriously naked back. Like his brother, he was athletically built and tall, with defined muscles that beckoned straight women and gay men to drool over them.

“Nope. I woke from the sound of your sexual moans arriving from the showers,” he replied without looking at me.

My face paled. “Oh,” I peeped. “Sorry.”

“Was weirdly erotic. I almost got a boner, but then I remembered that you’re basically my sister, so it’s all flaccid.”

Robby resorted to laughter in front of me, while I depressed into my seat, horribly embarrassed. Sometimes, Jason was much like his brother – vulgar and blunt. I wondered who their inspiration was. Could it be John?

Robby left before I did, seeing as his workplace was further away. While I was seeing him out, he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me toward him. Descending onto my mouth, I felt him smile against my lips. It was a sweet kiss, and it was likely to help me last through the day.

When he pulled away, he rested his forehead to mine and said with affection, “Have a nice day at work, love. I’ll see you around.”

“Yeah. You as well,” I replied and couldn’t help my grin.

After shutting the door behind him, I turned to find Jason peeking around the corner.

“Pervert,” I grumbled.

While laughing, he walked into full view. “Honestly, I’m only fascinated. How the hell have you managed to keep your feelings in check for three bloody years? You look like a couple! If I hadn’t seen it for myself, I would never have believed it possible.”

I shrugged my shoulders. “Well, aside from you and Livy, he’s my best friend. I don’t know how to explain it. It just... is.”

“I’m honestly mindblown. Where can I get one?”

I giggled and shook my head at him. “Well, start by breaking up with your hand, perhaps.”


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