Skin of the Night

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Chapter 27: I'm Not Letting You Out Of My Sight

His eyes hooded and took to a darker shade. With dilated pupils, he stalked after me. I had barely managed to pass a few dancing bodies when his large hand gripped around mine. His touch was nothing short of electric. Once he moved to entwine our fingers, I took a deep breath to steady my rising pulse.

“I’m not letting you out of my sight,” he declared behind me. Good. I didn’t want him to, and I let him know by squeezing his hand.

Once we’d reached far enough, I turned to face him. “Can you dance?” I asked, because I was honestly curious.

He chuckled. “With you, I’ll do just about anything.”

His statement roused a blush in my cheeks, but the dark lighting prevented him from seeing it. When he brought his strong arms around my waist to bring me closer, it increased further.

I hadn’t felt so anxious before – not over a man. Because of it, I had to swallow a lump in my throat when I circled his familiar neck with my arms. My blood was simmering in my veins. He was so fucking hot. To my gratitude, the fact that he was my boss, as well as Jason’s brother, didn’t cross my drunken mind. For now, all I wanted was to submerge into his seeming divinity.

Lowering his head, he paused by my ear. “Stay close,” he said and began to move along with the carnal music. With my heart in my throat, I followed his movements and felt arousal drench both my mind and my knickers. All I could think of was my intense yearning for his flesh. How I wanted him. All of him.

I hadn’t thought a man like William could dance, but he was surely proving me wrong. Then again, considering his skills in the bedroom, it shouldn’t have surprised me. He practiced perfect control over his body, and right now, it seemed determined to make mine come undone.

And it was working.

My hands were all over him, exploring and caressing.

We’d danced for a while when he gripped my hips and whirled me around so that my back was facing him. Then he smoothed his hands down my arms until they covered the back of mine. There, he entwined our fingers before bringing our arms around me. My heart jolted when he hugged me tightly. Our new position was powerfully intimate, and it made me catch my breath. When he moved along with my body now, I felt his erection strain against my bum.

Oh, my God. I was going insane.

Resting my head on his shoulder, I closed my eyes and surrendered to the euphoric moment. He was seduction in the flesh. The longer he held me, the more unbearable my lust for him became. Eventually, my desire for him grew so heavy that I would be crushed under its weight if I didn’t act on it.

All at once, lust capsized my sensibility. I needed to kiss him; it felt as vital to my existence as oxygen did.

Opening my eyes, I saw a shadowed part at the far end of the space, and it became my quest to bring him there. His arms fell from around me when I pushed against him with my bum. Immediately, I rushed forward, but not before I cast a lewd smile at him across my shoulder.

“Cara,” he called – though it sounded more like an order – and charged after me. Snickering, I snuck through the crowd, always just barely escaping his grasp. Like a man determined to redeem himself, he followed after me, eyes resolute.


Twirling around, I paid him a wink. “Ten points if you can catch me, Will!” I shouted back. Still snickering like an infatuated young girl, I managed my way toward my desired spot. It was just below the staircase leading to the second floor, and it was shrouded in beckoning darkness.

I’d nearly reached it when I turned to wait for him. About a metre away from me, he stopped, eyes flickering between my mischievous smile and the dark spot behind me. Once he realised my intentions, his chest expanded with his deep inhalation, and in the faint light, I saw his jaw clench.

With a lustful gleam in my eye, I extended my hand to him for a silent invitation. I couldn’t quite detect the emotion that danced in his blue orbs. All I could tell was that it was intense.

Without wasting another second, he gripped around my hand and pulled me forcefully toward him. Somewhat startled by his urgency, I slammed into his robust chest, and before I could recover, he was moving forward, hands on my hips as he guided me to walk backward into the darkness.

Now veiled by shadows, he didn’t stop until I met with the wall behind me. Once I did, he lowered his head in search of my ear.

“You are such a tease.”

I wetted my lips as I circled his neck with my arms. “Am I?”

“I swear to God, Cara, you’ll be my undoing,” he growled under his breath.

“What, you can’t handle me?” I teased and ran my fingers through his hair. Placing my leg between his, I proceeded to grind against his thigh.

“Oh, I’ll fucking handle you,” he grumbled and thrust his hips against me to pin me to the wall. The air stormed out of my lungs upon his lustful action. A heartbeat later, his mouth found mine, and my chest ignited with a passion I’d only felt once before.

Truly, he was the best kisser I’d ever encountered. How I had managed to resist it before was beyond my comprehension. I must be an idiot. The mesmerising motion of his mouth obliterated all my defences. Tender, and yet simultaneously forceful, it ravished my own. His tongue didn’t plough my mouth. It merely teased it, and it aroused me to an extent nobody but him had ever managed.

However, his kiss was somewhat different this time around. It held such resolve that I was rendered powerless.

Dopamine rushed through my system when the delectable taste of him exploded in my mouth. Though I hadn’t been aware of it, I had actually missed it, I realised. He tasted so good, and he kissed even better.

My heart ached while he continued to possess my mouth. Pleasure feasted on the very fibres of it. When William kissed me, I felt ecstatic. It was as though nothing else mattered anymore. Everything faded. Everything but him.

It just felt eerily right. When his lips blessed my own, I felt completed. As though a vacancy I hadn’t known I harboured had been occupied. As though our lips had been designed for each other. As though we had been fated to combine all along.

“Mm,” he groaned into my mouth and cupped my cheeks in his hands. Pulling away, he rested his forehead to mine and heaved for air to stabilise himself. “Shit, Cara. What you do to me.”

“Less talk, more kissing,” I replied through a ragged breath and brought his mouth back to mine. His stubble itched against my palms when I grabbed hold of his strong jaw, and I felt him smile against my lips. God, he was enticing. I wanted to devour the entire of him.

Adhering to my wish, he kept kissing me for minutes on end, and I never wanted him to stop. He was so bloody good at it. I was addicted to his mouth, and all the things it could do.

Within me, my heart felt to have caught on fire, and his lustful hands on my body were adding fuel to it. Again, a most uncanny feeling was pouring into it, nibbling on the fibres. I hadn’t felt it since the last time I’d found myself in his sensual care.

What was it? It was so alien to me. So sweet, and yet so achingly vulnerable. Delicate, yet profound. I frowned while I struggled to identify it, but when his right hand trailed down my thigh, I forgot all about it.

Groaning into his mouth, I invited his touch to progress. Seeming to understand, he hooked his arm around my thigh to bring my leg around him. After securing it in place, his fingertips travelled light as a feather up my thigh again, and then inward toward my aching sex. He was barely touching me, and yet a touch had never felt more powerful.

“Will,” I moaned and pulled away from his enchanting kiss.

Chuckling, he reclaimed my mouth as his fingers drew closer and closer to my soaked folds, and once they flirted with the wet textile of my thong, he broke our kiss to rest his lips by my ear. Meanwhile, I found myself preoccupied with recovering from the shocking tingling he’d left behind, between my legs.

My breath hitched when he suddenly cupped my sex with his hand.

“Always ready for me, Cara.”

“Yes,” I whined. “You’re driving me insane!” I claimed and hugged him against me.


A smirk took to his tempting mouth as he gently rubbed me. I shuddered against him, caught by the delicious friction he provided. Hooking his fingers into the textile, he then pushed it aside to reveal my wetness. One finger lapped over me the once before he dipped it into me, although barely.

Again, I shuddered, wanting him to continue.

“More?” he purred into my ear.

“Mm, yes,” I replied high-pitched and curled my fingers into his hair to drag his amazing mouth back to mine. He pushed his finger deeply into me then, leaving me to groan into his mouth. It felt so good.

Adding his remaining hand to the mixture, he used the thumb of it to rub across my clit. The sensations of it rippled up my spine and made my head jerk backward to knock into the wall. He seemed determined to make me come with only his hands, and I marvelled in the idea of it. No man had ever managed to make me come this way before. But William was well on his way to becoming the first.

Adding another finger, two were pushing in and out of me now, and he focused his point of impact to my front wall. Meanwhile, the thumb of his other hand continued to rub me. My lips parted and my eyes shot wide. Whoa. This was nothing short of delicious.

The tension rallied in the pit of my stomach. Growing larger and larger, it expanded until every muscle of my body tensed. Shit.

All the while, he watched me intensely in the faint lights, assessing the efficiency of his methods.

Upon a particularly precise rub of his thumb, my walls clenched down on his fingers and my shivers started. My toes curled. Oh no.

The pounding music muted out my moans, and I was tremendously grateful for it, because around us, there were plenty of other couples. But they were too busy with each other to mind Will and I. Besides; he was positioned in a way that looked relatively discreet.

Trapped by William’s arresting eyes, I felt myself drift away as a blissful orgasm raged through my body. When I convulsed away from the wall, he rushed to cage me in his strong arms. Whether he remembered my tendencies was lost on me, but it was perfectly plausible. I always quivered when I came, and he had experienced that firsthand before.

His intoxicating scent filled my nose while I recovered against him, battered. Once I lifted my head again, his followed the motion of mine. A coquettish smile covered my lips when he nuzzled his nose to mine. How could he be so sweet at one point, and so dreadful in the next?

Mercurial William Night.

No words were required. Simply the look in his eyes was enough of a statement. He was happy, and I was the reason.

Tender in his movements, he folded his hand around mine and entwined our fingers. Moving next to my ear, he said, “I’d love to continue this at home, but we need to find Andy first.”


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