Skin of the Night

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Chapter 39: I Can't Help Myself

The instant after I had opened the front door, William scooped me into his strong arms and headed straight for my bedroom. Jason glimpsed our arrival from where he slouched on the sofa, but his brother lacked the patience to greet him properly.

“Hi, Jason,” he only murmured as he stalked down the hall. Since I was fully immersed in my lust for him, I couldn’t take my eyes off his face to register Jason’s shocked facial expression. However, an involuntary smile interfered with my mouth when William kicked the door shut just as we heard music blast from the living area.

“Wise man,” he stated before he lobbed me onto my bed. As I prepared for impact, I held my breath until the soft mattress welcomed my figure, and when I propped myself on my arms, I watched him tug his white t-shirt off his powerful upper body and toss the fabric away. It was obvious from his movements that he was impatient.

Unashamed, I gawked at his bare upper body. The sheer view made my heart jolt. By now, I had nearly forgotten what he looked like without clothes, and my memory did his true beauty no justice. He was nothing short of stunning, and he was about to bless me with his carnal attention. Fuck yes.

My heart hammered like an aggressive drum when he approached my figure. Meanwhile, his gaze was scorching. I was burning up under its heat when he gripped firmly around my ankle to untie my shoes, one by one. All the while, I stared at him, transfixed by both his allure and aesthetic perfection.

My breathing sounded heavier, more rapid. Behind it, the magnitude of my own feelings was entirely overwhelming, and they seemed to have manifested in my chest, embedded to forever remain. Suddenly, my lungs were sharing the space of my chest with something entirely foreign.

One after the other, he tossed my shoes away and kneeled before the bed to trail gentle kisses up my calves. Under the tingling sensation of his lips on my skin, my body shuddered while the hair rose on my arms.

In his care, I felt electric.

He kissed his way upward, large hands caressing their way up my thighs, until they snuck under the skirt of my dress to hook around my knickers. Since the muscles of his shoulders and back rippled with his movements, I savoured the vision of him. He was exquisitely masculine. I’d never met a more appealing man in my life. Against his robust physique, I was incredibly weak, but it was something I relished. He resembled a human demonstration of a fortress – impenetrable and a source of safety.

Still ruled by impatience, he tugged my knickers down my long legs. Only when the cold air of my bedroom directly touched my folds did I realise how ready I was – completely soaked and just waiting to be claimed, by none other than him.

His soft lips reached my knee, so I swallowed my heart back down and tossed my head back. With closed eyes, I surrendered to the blissful feel of his mouth, drawing closer and closer to my sex.

His breath breezed my thighs. “You have the softest skin, Cara.” After hooking his arms around them, he jerked me toward him.

I gasped. His action, quite swiftly, resulted in his mouth being much closer to my folds, so I whipped my head forward again and watched him with wide eyes. A smirk took to nest on his sinful mouth when he glanced back at me through his long, dark lashes and read my expression. “The taste of you has been haunting me for months, so forgive me, but I demand my share.”

Since I’d – for the moment – forgotten his proclivity for vocality when it came to sex, I blushed profusely. Even so, it turned me on to an extent only William Night could manage. Now rendered speechless at the hands of raw suspense and famished lust, I journeyed my fingers to his hair to gently tug it. The strands were soft between my digits, and yet quite thick.

Still trapped in the unbreakable spell of his arresting eyes, I watched him lean closer to press a gentle kiss directly on my bundle of nerves. Like a most powerful strike of electricity, the delicious friction rippled through my body, leaving me to shudder in my desire for more. Cool air spread across my wetness as he chuckled at my reaction, and then his warm tongue lapped over my folds to sample my taste.

Ah, that felt so good.

“Mm, Cara,” he crooned and strengthened his hold of my thighs. “I want you to touch yourself while I make you come with my mouth.” Erotic William Night. The thrill of experiencing his vocal ways of carnal pleasures again was wildly refreshing.

Yielding to his command, I reclined against the mattress and caressed myself as he drew slow circles around my clit, sensitising me and preparing me for direct impact. If he’d learned this technique during his time with Kate, I found myself incredibly grateful toward her, because I was the one taking pleasure from it now.

“Ah,” I groaned and lowered my dress to liberate my breasts. Meanwhile, his expert tongue switched patterns, interchangeably, going around and around and then up and down along the sides of my throbbing clit.

This teasing was driving me mad. He was even better than Robby, and it was nothing short of tormenting. I was desperate for his direct attention. More aroused than I’d ever been, I knew what I had in wait, and I wanted it all. Now.

“Will,” I pleaded and gathered my fingers around my erected, small pink nipples. “You said it would be quick.”

He chuckled against me and paid my clit a single direct flick of his tongue. At once, the intense pleasure of it bolted through me, leaving me to stiffen.

“I can’t help myself,” he claimed and gently pushed the tip of his middle finger into me, but he was only teasing my entrance. “There’s nothing I enjoy more than watching your body respond to me.”

“But I want you now,” I whined and abandoned my breasts to reach for his jaw. I tried to lift his head away, but he wouldn’t have it. After wrapping his hands around my wrists, he locked them by my sides and smiled mischievously at me.

“Trust me, Cara, you’ve got me. Utterly,” he assured me and kissed my clit again. Whilst groaning with pleasure, I collapsed and closed my eyes. There was little use in protesting. Knowing him, he wouldn’t stop until he had his way. He was easily the most stubborn man I’d ever met, although I commended his self-restraint. Truly, he was remarkable, in which he surely wasn’t one to surrender to impulse. Delayed gratification was clearly something he subscribed to.

Nevertheless, he eventually increased the pressure of his licks, and when his tongue swept over my left side, my back arched compulsively. “Ah,” I moaned and furrowed my eyebrows. Shit, that felt fantastic.

Noticing that I was particularly sensitive there, he continued, and I sensed him watch me as I writhed against his strong hold of my thighs and wrists. Slowly but surely, the tension collected in my lower abdomen. God, he was so bloody skilled with his tongue. He wasn’t even hitting my clit directly, and yet I was tensing all over.

“Will,” I whined and shook my head before I started to move my hips against him. Responding to my plea, he flicked his tongue directly over my clit and finally handed it his entire attention.

I failed to breathe. Oh, my God. With rapid speed, he licked back and forth, up and down, fuelling the unbearable tension. My eyes sprang wide with shock. Holy shit. This was fucking intense.

“Ah!” I cried out, and again, my back arched off the mattress. Only vaguely did I notice that his hold of my wrists strengthened.

The tension reached a new peak within me. Above it, I couldn’t locate my lungs. The pleasure he provided was of such intensity and acuteness that I had to dedicate every single brain cell to withstanding it, and so I temporarily forgot how to breathe.

As I convulsed and writhed, he released my left wrist to push his middle finger into me, and once inside, he curled it to rub directly across my front wall. “Oh, my God!” I wailed on my remaining breath and fisted my bedsheets with my liberated hand. It felt like I was going to explode.

I climbed higher and higher, desperate for release, while he determinedly persisted. Then my shudders started and my toes curled.

Fuck. This was sensational.

Overwhelmed, I nearly shuddered away from him, but he was quick to prevent my escape. At once, he withdrew his finger to lock his arms around my thighs again, and his hold was so strong that I couldn’t move even an inch away.

Soon enough, his tongue hit me with clinical precision, leaving the tension to unlock with extreme force. “Ah, fuck!” I uttered, though barely a sound came out since I’d had no air in my lungs.

Bliss flooded my entire body while I suffered through my powerful climax, and it left me shocked over the level of pleasure my body could endure, moreover generate. The second I collapsed onto the mattress again, euphoria stole me away, and to savour it, I closed my eyes. My heart pounded against my ribs while I heaved for air. I hadn’t felt this alive, and yet simultaneously so faded, since the last time I’d been with him like this.

“Mm, I love making you come, Cara,” his sensual voice declared before his mouth trailed amorous kisses up my flat stomach.

Subconsciously, my hands found their way to his lovely hair. Lazily, they massaged his scalp, but since I was robbed of all strength, they fell away once he lifted his head to hover over mine.

His chuckle drifted through my ears just before he grabbed my waist to flip me around. Sliding his hands down along my curves to my hips, he then gripped them to hoist me onto all four in front of him.

“You’re soaked, love,” he said and, suddenly, kissed my folds again. I jerked forward, overly sensitive now, but his strong hands prevented me from reaching far. After dragging me back toward him with some force, he focused on my dress and pushed it toward my head to reveal the bare skin of my back. Now that the fabric had gathered just under my arms, I lifted my upper body and stretched my hands toward the ceiling to help him remove it.

The garment landed on the floor soon after, and he didn’t hesitate to return his attention to my skin. As his warm hands roamed across it, they paused over my breasts for a quick squeeze before he tugged solely my nipples. “Mm,” I hummed appreciatively and felt him rest his grinning mouth on my shoulder blade. When his hands continued their exploration, sliding repeatedly along my curves, I smiled as well.

“You’ve got the most beautiful shape, darling,” he claimed and dropped his mouth to the spot just below my ear.

As I closed my eyes, I propped my head on his naked shoulder and circled his neck with my arm. “You’re rather sexy yourself, Will.”

His hands felt to burn marks on my skin wherever they caressed me, smooth, soft and appreciative. How I loved his hands on me. With that in mind, I considered myself either incredibly strong, or remarkably stupid, for having withstood him for as long as I had. In the end, it was clear as day that this was what we were meant to be doing.

Yearning for more of him, I reached behind me to trace my hand up his clothed thigh to his crotch. The bump of his erection strained against my palm, and the feel of it made a lascivious grin claim my mouth. When I paid it a gentle squeeze, I heard him groan into my ear as his embrace tightened around me.

My action must have triggered him, because suddenly, he grabbed my shoulders and pushed me harshly onto the mattress, yet he followed my descent. To secure that I was planted against the bed, he maintained his firm grip of my shoulders when he proceeded to trail hungry kisses down along my spine. As he reached the dimples of my back, he paid each of them extended kisses, and when he finally released my shoulders, he proceeded to claw down my back till he settled on my bum.

When his hands abandoned me entirely, I inhaled sharply. From the sound of it, he was undoing his jeans and removing them. Either way, my heart skipped a beat when I heard him tear apart a foil packet soon after. Now filled with suspense, I stared ahead at the white headboard of my bed.

At last, I would feel him within me again. I had never wanted anything as much as I wanted him right now. It was imminent, and it was intense, so when I heard him sheathe himself in the latex, I bit my lower lip and toyed with my bedsheets as I mentally begged for his intrusion.

At first, his hands smoothed over my lower cheeks, but then he spanked me. Fucking hard.

“Ah!” I was certain the sting of his palm had left a mark on my skin.

“That’s for lying to me last time,” he growled under his breath. After lifting solely my bum away from the bed, he spanked me again, just as hard. I whimpered into the mattress and fisted my bed sheets to counter the pain.

“And that’s for fucking with my head ever since, you unruly girl,” he berated and then thrust into me without a single warning.

The fulfilment shocked me. He was so fucking big. I’d forgotten how deep he reached. Gasping, I clawed into my bed sheets again until my knuckles grew numb.

“Fuck, Cara. You feel so good,” he groaned and leaned forward to twirl my long, brown hair around his wrist. “The pressure of you...” His sharp inhalation resonated through my ears as he pushed all the way into me, slow and steady. Using his hold of my hair, he tugged me backward to pull himself even deeper, and successfully lifted my upper body away from the bed till I was on all four again. At this point, he was buried so deep within that it was on the verge of being painful.

“Shit,” I mouthed out of breath and shook my head to myself. This was overwhelming. He felt so good, stretching me to my limit. It bordered unbearable.

Upon his gentle retreat, he released my hair to grab my hips instead. Then, he started a most staggering rhythm, shocking me again. I’d never encountered more sensual thrusts in my life, and I’d slept with my fair share of men. Each one was slow at first, but picked up pace the deeper he got. As he went, he focused his point of impact to my front wall.

I wished I could have seen him move like that, as a fly on the wall. I was confident it would have been the most erotic thing I ever saw. The manner in which he bucked his hips toward me, while his big hands held onto my hips, was devastating. If he kept this up, I’d be coming in no time.

Although, ironically, it was obvious that he was in no rush to see this finished. He wasn’t looking to blow his load. On the contrary, he was looking to make me come undone for him, time and again, as though it was his sole purpose in this.

He was looking to experience me.

What a man. From the way he praised and tended to the female anatomy, keenly attuned to our every response, he did indeed make his lovers feel like a goddess. In bed, he behaved like his main objective was to provide divine pleasure, despite his proclivity for dominance. However, it became apparent to me that he had a taste for dominance because he trusted himself to deliver heavenly gratification. It stemmed from his profound confidence, and with good reason.

“Fuck,” I breathed and frowned to myself as I savoured his shaft sliding back and forth across my front wall, which he repeatedly struck just perfectly. In and out. So bloody delicious.

My vaginal walls began quivering around him, and when he noticed, he crouched over me and gathered my breasts in his hands. Struck by the intimacy of our new position, I moaned his name and thrust against him, aching for more of him. I just couldn’t seem to get close enough. I wanted him to consume me. The entire of me.

Across my upper back, he planted hungry kisses. “Enjoying me, Cara?” he asked, and there was a smile present in his aroused tone.

“Mm, yes. Don’t stop,” I answered breathily and turned my head in search of his lips. Realising what I wanted, he carefully folded his large hand over my throat and guided my mouth to his. Dopamine flooded my brain upon the delicious motion of his kiss. I never wanted him to stop. I loved kissing him. It was one of my favourite things to do in this world, as well as experiencing his sensational lovemaking.

He continued to kiss me while the tension rebuilt within me, heavy and dense. My shudders started again; a warning of my looming climax. Immediately, he tightened his embrace of me and smothered me against him. To respond to my impending orgasm, his thrusts changed somewhat; they increased in speed and strength, but still, they were calculated and sensual. In and out, back and forth.

“Oh,” I moaned against his mouth and reached for something to claw into. I was desperate to release at least a portion of this wicked tension that rallied within me, so I gripped onto the arm of his hand around my throat, and I didn’t mind the fact that I was clawing harshly into his skin. I was much too preoccupied with enduring my internal torment.

“I... coming,” I warned breathlessly and tried to pull away from his kiss, but he refused me the option. Like a famished man, he continued to kiss me while I trembled in his hold – so close to the edge that I was only seconds away from coming. Another thrust, and I would reel into bliss again.

He ploughed powerfully into me, successfully knocking the air out of my lungs, and instantaneously, I fell victim to yet another orgasm.

“Will!” I collapsed in his embrace, held up only by his arms around me. My walls clenched around him, quivering and overly sensitive, but he continued to kiss me while I surrendered to oblivion, lost to the world.

Eventually, his smile interfered. I was heaving for air when I finally opened my eyes to gauge his thoughts, but was immediately distracted when my heart melted upon the affection that poured from his pale blue eyes. Whilst nuzzling his nose to mine, he chuckled to himself and closed them.

“Sorry,” he quietly murmured and pecked my lips again. “I just can’t believe we’re doing this again. Feels like I’ve waited an eternity.”

A coy smile teased my mouth while I snickered against him, nose to nose.

“I’m glad you swayed my mind, Will,” I hoarsely replied, but moaned when he pushed deeply into me again.

“I’ve sincerely missed the sound of your moans. Most beautiful thing I’ll ever hear.”

I blushed at his carnal declaration, weirdly flattered. “Well, you’re the one extracting them.”

My response prompted him to open his eyes again, and his stare was piercing. “Indeed.”

Using his careful grip of my throat, he lifted my upper body until I was kneeling in front of him. Then, he closed his arms around me, and he held me so intimately that my heart thundered. Meanwhile, he continued to thrust slowly, but powerfully, into me.

Marvelling in my circumstance, I closed my eyes and rested my head on his shoulder while I wished to myself that we could do this forever. Nothing would ever feel as good as this – as right as this.

I was certain.

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