Skin of the Night

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Chapter 40: Anything To Get You Off My Mind

Sinfully much later, he was finally reaching his peak. Merciless as he was, he would withdraw every time he had been close to coming earlier, to proceed with giving me oral attention instead. By now, I’d lost count of the amount of orgasms I’d had.

This was reclaiming. And it was fucking intense. No man came close to William’s divine lovemaking. He was out of this world. It was as though he’d been created to do this - pleasure women into the celestial. It was a remarkable talent, and blessed as I was, I was on the receiving end of it.

In our current position, I’d been hoisted up against the headboard of my bed, essentially seated against it. With his hands under my thighs, he secured my legs in place, around his waist. Between them he was kneeling, charging savagely in and out of me now.

A thorough layer of sweat covered both our bodies while I crouched over his broad shoulder, close to fainting. I couldn’t make as much as a sound anymore. I was completely battered after my row of mind-blowing orgasms. All I wanted was for him to finally allow himself to come.

“Ah,” he groaned and buried his hand in my hair to tug my head back. I watched him through hooded eyes, saw how his strong jaw clenched while his eyes poured of animalistic pleasures. His pupils were dilated while he grinded his teeth and stared intensely at me. He was close.

Just as he performed his hardest and deepest thrust yet, he placed his mouth back to mine and passionately kissed me. Shocked by the fulfilment of such a powerful shove, I whimpered against his mouth and clawed down his back. “Please,” I begged out of breath.

A crooked smile crossed his lips when he slowed his thrusts but increased his strength. “Nearly there,” he softly assured me and kissed me again.

One hard thrust. Another. Another again. “Ah,” I whined.

“Ah, Cara,” he groaned and suddenly flipped us around. Now beneath him, I stared up at his hypnotising beauty and swallowed to myself, momentarily overwhelmed by the mere view of him. His eyes softened when they locked with mine, and a gentle smile reached his mouth. Letting go of my thighs, he journeyed his hands to my cheeks and cupped them instead, all while he kissed me like I’d never been kissed. Soft, tender, and yet so powerful.

Slowly, he withdrew from within me. He pushed forward again, slowly this time, and groaned against my lips. From the sound of it, I knew he was reaching it. Now.

Retreating again, he pushed a little harder into me, sliding further and further until he reached the very end of me. Fuck, he reached deep. He lingered there, lips growing harder against my own, before he repeated the process one more time.

Finally, he stilled, and a smile became of his mouth as he continued to kiss me. “You okay?” he queried hoarsely and pulled away to stare at me.

I huffed out a loud breath and shielded my eyes with my forearm, utterly destroyed. “You said it was going to be quick,” I whispered in response. It was all I could manage. My sore vagina was pulsating as though my heart had relocated to it.

He chuckled above me and lowered his head to suck each of my nipples. “Sorry. You’ve got yourself to blame. You’re irresistible. And I love watching you come.”

I shook my head to myself and wondered if this was what it was going to be like. Crazy sessions every time we got down to business. Would I survive a relationship of that?

“You’re inhuman,” I whispered back.

His lips trailed down my flat stomach. When he reached the apex of my thighs, I tensed completely. A sadistic laugh escaped his mouth right before he planted a solid kiss to my throbbing bud. Hissing, I jerked away from him and removed my arm to glare at him.

He winked at me. “I promised a reward. Like I’ve said before, I don’t make promises I can’t keep. Now you got it,” he countered amused. “In any case, we require a shower. We’re drenched in sweat.”

Gazing down the length of my body beneath his beautiful one, I sighed to myself. He was right. It looked like we’d been in a steam room.

“You go first. I can’t move yet,” I replied exhausted and closed my eyes again.

He laughed above me and moved to withdraw from within me. I hissed. I was going to be terribly sore tomorrow. I was certain. He was abnormally large, and he’d been at me for ages. Already, I dreaded having to sit by my desk in the morning. As if I required a reminder of him. Lately, he was all I thought about. And now I wouldn’t be able to sit anywhere without feeling his phantom cock within me.

“Why are you blushing?” he asked, curious in his tone. Had he been studying my complexion? I was confident I was flushed from before, so how had he noticed my blush that easily?

“Because I’m not looking forward to sitting tomorrow,” I moaned and looked away from him. He grinned beautifully, lips spreading wide apart to reveal his straight line of teeth, and his eyes sparkled with it. For a moment, he looked years younger than he was.

“You better get used to it,” he teased and descended to plant a soft, extended kiss to the slope of my neck. Afterward, he pushed himself away from me and climbed out of the bed.

“By the way,” he murmured while he walked toward the door. When he reached it, he turned to study me in the bed amidst the tousled and white quilts. He was biting on his lower lip when he smiled lopsided to himself, appearing to appreciate the view. At least the admiration was mutual, because he was unfairly sexy, and he wasn’t even trying. He had such a beautiful body.

“Are you on contraceptives?” he finally continued.

I smiled amused. Eager to drop the rubber already, was he? “Yeah. I’ve had an IUD inserted. Why?”

“Are you clean?” He narrowed his eyes at me. In turn, I arched my brow at him.

“I should be, seeing as I’ve only slept with Robby without a condom, and he’s supposed to use protection when he sleeps with anyone else. To add to it, I last checked myself after I slept with you, and you’re my most recent one-night-stand. Result came out clean. Are you?”

He blinked at me for a second. “I’m your most recent one-night-stand?” he echoed, outwardly surprised.

I frowned at him. “You sound surprised. Is that truly so hard to believe?”

He shrugged his shoulders. “Well, yeah, actually.”

I steered my eyes to the ceiling above my head. “Why? I should be the one surprised between us. Last time we shagged, you said you only had one partner. Was that Violet?”


“So Francesca came after that?” I queried.


I turned to look at him again, intrigued. “Why? Was Violet not enough?”

His eyebrows furrowed. “After I met you, Cara, I think I had more one-night-stands than I’ve ever had before. Anything to get you off my mind.”

I gaped at him in my shock, but he merely nodded, utterly serious.

“You were that affected?” I whispered astounded.

He smiled, but it was a sad version. “Yeah. And I don’t think the mystery of you made it any easier.”

“I... Wow,” I breathed, amazed. I’d made that strong of an impression on him? “Are you being serious?”

He chuckled. “Ask Andy. He’ll tell you. But in any case, I got myself checked last week. All clean. And when I had sex with Francesca last, I used a condom,” he confirmed.

I frowned where I lay. He’d checked himself last week? Had my surrender truly been that much of a foregone conclusion, or was it merely a routine thing, for safety measures?

“Are you trying to say that you’d prefer not to use a condom next time?” My lips twisted with my amusement. It wasn’t like him to beat about the bush, so why on earth was he now?

He rubbed the back of his head. “Yeah. Feels better. But not until you’re sure you’re clean, and only if you’re alright with it.”

I grinned. “I’m alright with it. I’ll get myself checked later this week, yeah?”

He glanced at me with affection pouring from his eyes. “Good. Thank you.” He chuckled to himself as he opened the door. “Jason!” he then shouted, as the music pounded into the room. “Turn down the bloody music!”

“Finally!” Jason roared back, impatient in his tone. “Took you long enough! Jesus Christ, man! How long do you last!?”

The music stopped.

“Why? You jealous of my stamina?” William replied while poking his head out the door.

“Fuck you, mate.”

“Unless you want to see my cock, I advise you to look away. I need a shower.”

“Fucking animal,” Jason muttered. “Is she even still alive in there?”

“Barely,” William replied as he travelled down the corridor, audibly smug.

I giggled where I lay; thoroughly amused by the way they spoke to one another.

William had been gone for less than a minute when Jason announced his approach. “Incoming. Please cover up,” he warned. Lazily, I dragged the duvet over my battered body and turned my head to watch his arrival.

When he entered the doorway, he leaned his broad and tall frame against it and folded his arms. A look of profound amusement covered his face as he analysed my lazy figure. “I gather the date went well, then?” he probed.

I smiled content, basking in the glory of a delicious aftermath. “Obviously, I don’t have much to compare to, seeing as this was my first date, ever, but it was great. Amazing, in fact. I’m impressed by the amount of thought he put into it.”

Sparkles of joy danced in his light blue orbs. “Yeah? He did ring me last night, to get some bounce back on his ideas. I have to admit, I was impressed as well, when I heard what he’d planned. He’s read you well - to the point where it would seem like he’s known you for longer than he truly has.”

I sighed delighted, and dared not imagine how smitten I looked. What he’d said only reminded me of how well William understood my character. “I really fancy him, Jason,” I shyly confessed.

He grinned back at me. “Good. Have you told him?”

I shook my head. “But I’m quite sure he already knows.”

“He’s an arrogant bastard, so I’m sure he does,” he replied, visibly humoured.

I giggled and stretched my hands toward the ceiling. “Anyway, we’re spending the night at his. Just dropped by to collect a few things.”

He laughed at me. “It’s half past twelve, Cara. I don’t think this categorises as ‘dropping by’. You were at it for ages. If we receive complaints by the neighbours, it’s on your shoulders, because there wasn’t a chance I was going to listen to that.”

I blinked. It was half past twelve? Already?

“Yeah. I accept full responsibility.”

He chuckled. “Anyway, I’m happy for you.”

My heart tingled upon his statement. That was heartfelt, and it meant a lot to me, seeing as William was his elder brother. “Thank you,” I replied touched.

“He’s very different with you, you know,” he murmured and rubbed the back of his head. “I don’t know if he’s told you about her, but he’s got an ex named Kate. I remember he never spoke much about her. Didn’t even want to introduce her to us – his family. Drove my parents mad.”

“Yeah, he told me about her today,” I replied with a nod of my head. “I’ve already met his family, though,” I continued and sent him a wink.

“Hell, you’re part of it,” he replied amused. “In a non-incestuous way.”

“Cara!” William then shouted from the bathroom. “I’m finished. Hurry up and shower. We need to leave. It’s already past twelve. And please tell me you’ve already packed while I showered.”

My face instantly fell. Domineering William had returned, and gone was the tender lover I’d spent the past five-to-six hours with. Jason burst out laughing upon the transition in my mood and pointed his finger at me.

“Strap up,” the younger brother told me while he continued to laugh at my expense.

“Tell me about it,” I muttered and waved him away. “Unless you want to see me naked, close the door.”

He snorted. “As if I haven’t seen you naked countless times before. Guess you dating my brother changes things, though,” he responded amused and shut the door between us.

“You’ve seen her naked?” I heard William question appalled from outside.

“Cry me a fucking river, Will,” Jason replied monotone.

“Dickhead,” William muttered before he ripped the door open again just as I was climbing out. When he saw me, his entire body sank. Then, while frowning to himself, he looked to his Rolex and shook his head to himself.

“Tomorrow’s going to be painful,” he said to himself. “I have a meeting at eight thirty.”

“I could always just stay-”

“Not up for debate,” he interrupted and sent me a strict glare. “Just freshen up. I’ll pack your clothes for the morning while I wait.”

My nostrils flared at the idea. “I don’t trust you to pick out an outfit for me.”

“Tough luck,” he retorted. “And I’ve got a decent sense of dress style.”

Valid point. “Sure. In men’s clothes.”

His lips twisted. “I don’t see the problem?”

I blinked. Grabbing hold of my tits, I pressed them together and bounced them in front of him. Engrossed, he watched me, eyes following the motion of my breasts.

“These look male to you?” I asked and tilted my head.

Slowly, his lips spread apart into a wide grin, and his eyes were glistening above it. “No, they certainly don’t. They do look dreadfully good, though. So perky, round and firm. And they’re all mine.”

I laughed. What an idiot. “They’re mine. I only lend them to you once in a while, those few times you behave.”

“But you’re mine, so then those are, too,” he argued and approached me. “All part of the package that is you,” he purred and halted in front of me. It dawned on me the same moment that I was perhaps the only thing capable of distracting William’s attention. Already, he’d forgotten about his earlier urgency.

He was about to reach for my mounds when I recoiled away from him with a cheeky smile on my mouth. “I thought we had to leave?” I innocently reminded him.

His eyes darkened. “You devil.”

“All part of the package that is me,” I fired back at him and went for the door.

“Bloody tease,” I heard him mutter behind me, sulking.

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