Skin of the Night

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Chapter 50: I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way

One thing the tube was great for, aside from being the most efficient mean of transportation in a city like London, was zoning out into daydreams. Today, my favourite daydream was standing opposite of me, reading the news on his iPhone amidst the dense crowd of the train. Even though people surrounded us from every angle, I only saw him.

Last night with him had been dreamlike. Fantastically surreal. I’d never experienced such intense sex in my life. It was as though he’d added a whole new dimension to it, beyond that of the physical aspect. He had demanded eye contact, and now I could understand why. Staring into his piercing eyes, I’d felt as if our minds had connected, not just our bodies. Everything had been intimate and extreme. Plain old sex seemed empty in comparison, if not even bleak. It had been unlike anything else. Eerie. Out of this world.

It had struck me as a revelation. I’d never really been able to distinguish sex from making love, but William had made the difference rather blatant. While sex with him had been fantastic from the very start, he had surely raised the bar yesterday. I’d thought our earlier sessions had been remarkable enough, but after last night, he had showed me the very definition of mind-blowing sex. My thoughts had been completely obliterated. I’d only felt, and what I’d felt was pure ecstasyexultation, even. Compared to it, my past three years with Robby appeared trivial and even bland.

He remained oblivious to his surroundings while I continued to stare at him. Flashing images of last night showed no mercy to my mind. I was staring at him, but I didn’t really see him – not in present tense, anyhow. His clothes were gone, and a faint layer of sweat glistened on his powerful chest in the dim lights of my bedroom. Around me were his arms, caging me to him while he met each of my descents, all while his eyes burrowed into mine.

Slowly, heat climbed to my face and prickled across my scalp. I was taken aback when acute arousal flooded my head till the extent that I felt about to burst. Truly, I’d never felt so close to bursting. I could hardly breathe. Tensing, I dug my nails into the palm of my hands and released a loud, tormented breath.

Upon hearing it, William’s eyes shot anxiously to mine. When reading the look on my face, his eyebrows drew toward the middle of his symmetrical face. “You okay?” he asked.

I couldn’t answer. The aggressive urge to jump on him and rip his clothes off was stronger than any other I’d endured. I’d never wanted him this badly, or any other human for that matter. It was ridiculous. Had we been alone in here, I’d be a lost case.

My eyes widened when a drop of lubrication slid down my inner thigh. Oh, my God. I was going to perish. This was it. I was going to combust at the hands of unbearable lust.

“Cara,” William prompted and stowed his phone into the inner pocket of his suit jacket. Had I not been so momentarily overwhelmed by my extreme desire for him, I would have offered a thought of pity to the fact that he was wearing a full suit in this hot weather. It especially couldn’t be comfortable here on the train, where it was so humid that it might as well have been a moving steam room.

“I’m fine,” I wheezed out and tore my eyes away from him. But I wasn’t remotely fine. I was barely holding it together, for crying out loud.

When he grabbed my jaw to force me to look at him again, I actually hissed. His action elicited the fresh memory of when he’d done that while we made love last night. And the intensity of his eyes had looked exactly the same.

After gauging the frenzied emotion of my eyes, he gaped at me. “Are you...?” It bordered a whisper.

I puffed out another loud breath and tried to ignore how my heart pounded in my chest. His lips were so close. If I leaned in just a little, I could kiss him. Responding to impulse, I tried, but his grip of my jaw prevented me. Sadistic humour shined from his eyes while a wolfish grin dominated his mouth.

“Oh, you just turned the tables against your favour, darling,” he whispered, eyes flickering around us to see if anyone were eavesdropping. “So much for trying to tease me with your dress today, eh?”

A quiet whimper leapt out of my mouth. He was driving me crazy, and he wasn’t even doing anything. God, I had it bad.

Severe amusement clouded his irises when soft laughter poured out of his mouth. “You should see your face,” he uttered.

When the train suddenly stopped to let passengers off and on, I turned to sneak a distance away from him. His proximity was bloody unbearable. In his presence, I felt high. Glimpsing him across my shoulder, I saw him laugh to himself while he shook his head from side to side.

“See you later, then,” he called after me. My blush intensified while I pretended not to have heard him, even if the surrounding crowd looked puzzled upon me.

By the time I got off the train, I’d managed to regain most of my composure, because I had forced myself to think of my dead cat from childhood, Lizzie - anything depressing, basically. When the familiar electricity of our skin making contact derived from my hand, I’d nearly reached the escalator. His hand tightened around mine while I turned to acknowledge him.

His amusement had not passed. “Ladies first,” he said, and gestured toward the escalator. As I stepped onto it, I saw his eyes drop to the skirt of my dress, and then that his jaw drew shut. Gazing over his shoulder, he looked to the line of people behind him, particularly the men, before he moved up another step to stand even closer to me. We were almost the same height now, albeit he was slightly taller.

Leaning next to my ear, he quietly stated, “Bit too revealing, that dress, in circumstances such as these.”

My face flushed while I hurried to hold my dress firmly around my thighs. I hadn’t thought of that. From this angle, the people below could probably see more than I’d intended for.

Seeing my action, he smirked and sent me a wink. “I got you covered, love,” he purred. “Literally.”

“Thanks,” I replied breathlessly.

“Yeah, gratitude is actually warranted. I’m not doing this for me at all. You see, personally, I don’t mind people admiring what’s mine. I revel in their envy. Boosts my ego. I love the idea that they can look, but not touch. I can, however,” he purred and placed his hands to my hips. I smacked them away. He could be so odd with that twisted mind of his. His way of giving compliments was remarkably eccentric.


He laughed.

“You are so odd, Will.”

“Aren’t we all? You more than most, though.”

I scoffed. “Compared to you, I’m ordinary.”

“Ordinary, standard, normal... I tend to see those words as synonyms of boring,” he countered.

A giggle snuck out of me. “That doesn’t surprise me in the least.”

“And you’re not boring, Cara. You’re anything but.”

That was a much better compliment. “Thanks,” I said, and I meant it. “Neither are you.”

“Could we be more compatible?” His tone was playful.

I shook my head. “I don’t think so.”

“Neither do I.”

It was nearly time for lunch when my boss, and my lover, called my desk. What an odd combination. I’d never thought I had it in me to sleep with my bloody superior. Seen from the outside, it must have made me appear like a gold digger. Little did it help that William was filthy rich.

“Yes?” I answered professionally.

“I’ve got a few hours for you to file. Could you come and collect them?” Ever to-the-point.

“Sure,” I said and hung up on him to ascend from my seat. Ellie was in the middle of a conversation with a client beside me, so I didn’t bother to look in her direction as I headed for William’s office.

She hadn’t been remotely surprised when we showed up together today as well, and the smirk on her face had bordered intolerable. Thankfully, Andy hadn’t been there for her to gang up on me with. However, I gathered it was only a question of time before she would bring herself to ask me quite bluntly what the deal was. I’d have to consult Will about it before I revealed anything, even if I knew he trusted her implicitly. It merely seemed like the right course of action.

After knocking on his door two times, I turned the handle and was puzzled by the fact that he was nowhere in sight. Stepping in, I walked straight into his trap. The door drew to a close behind me, and when I heard it lock, I jumped half a metre forward. I’d barely whirled around when his hands landed on my hips to walk me toward the sofa of his office.

“Will, what are you doing?” I wheezed out and gripped onto his biceps to try and push him away. Meeting his gaze, my remaining breath left me. He was a force I couldn’t defeat.

“I’m taking advantage of your attire,” he purred and thrust me backward so that I fell straight onto the sofa. Immediately, I propped myself onto my arms, but he was much too swift. My heart had barely managed two beats by the time he climbed atop me, hovering. The lust that swam in his eyes when they arrested mine rendered me momentarily frozen.

“We can’t be doing this,” I urged and managed to get my brain to connect with my muscles again. Pushing against his chest, slight panic seized me.

“Oh, we absolutely can, darling, and we shall,” he cooed and dropped his mouth to my neck, striking my pulse with clinical precision. I’d never thought that how well he read my body was going to be an annoyance. Instantly, I melted beneath him while my hands journeyed through the velvety soft strands of his dark brown hair. Meanwhile, his lips climbed higher, toward the line of my jaw, which his teeth grazed across until he found my mouth.

Damn him and his wonderful mouth. I was helpless against it. He used it so well, kissing me into oblivion. Pushing his tongue past my lips, he expertly teased mine while his large, warm hands roamed across my body, caressing and squeezing. The rapid stream of my blood centred my sex, already preparing me for his intrusion. Truly, it was eerie how quickly and how effortlessly he managed to arouse me.

When his hand slid under my dress, his fingers – light as a feather – skimmed the bare skin of my thighs between my stockings and my knickers. His appreciative groan pushed into my mouth, and startling me, he shoved the bulk of his erection right against my entrance. Oh, my God, the friction.

I turned my face to stare blankly at his desk. “Will,” I panted. “This isn’t appropriate. Someone might catch us,” I warned.

He gripped my jaw to force me to face him. I nearly sobbed. He was so bloody handsome. How was I supposed to resist him? Knowing how well he performed sexually didn’t aid my case, either.

“I locked the door, Cara. We’ll be fine. In your own words, you brought this upon yourself,” he stated, and from the breathiness of his voice, his arousal seemed substantial. Christ, his libido was unlike any other I’d encountered. We’d had so much sex recently, and yet he still managed to make it apparent that he was nowhere near having had his fill.

“I proved to you just this morning that I can do quick,” he reminded me and pushed my dress upward until it gathered around my waist. “We’ll be quick.”

“You’re going to be my ruin,” I complained and closed my eyes to spare myself from the gorgeous sight of him; hopeful it would help me abide by reason.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” he purred and gripped around my knickers to tug them down my legs. “Fuck me, Cara,” he uttered through a loud exhalation. “These stockings are lethal.”

I should never have worn them. I’d overestimated myself, severely, and now I was paying the price. Worse was it that the aching desire to connect with him never waned until we actually did. When he wasn’t inside of me, the urge to be closer to him was a merciless constant. I hoped for the life of me that it was only a phase, because if I was going to endure it for the rest of my life, I might as well wave my sanity goodbye. I’d never before wanted another human being so desperately. My craving for him felt as crucial to me as my need for oxygen.

I soon realised that there was little use in trying to resist him. The desire to feel him inside of me was simply too intense. Denying him seemed so painful and devastating a thought that it didn’t even strike me as a reasonable option. Surrendering to the temptation, I lunged forward to grab hold of his trousers. If this relationship pulled through, I was going to break records with how swiftly I could undo trousers. Practice makes champion.

“That’s the spirit,” he commented appreciatively and twirled the length of my ponytail around his wrist. By now, I knew him too well not to realise why he did exactly that. He was ensuring that I wouldn’t manage to blow him, and I hated it. One day soon, I would bloody demand to perform fellatio on him. Though, I expected I’d have to handcuff him first if I were going to have my way.

That idea made a cunning smile nest on my mouth. As the plan formed in my head, I looked up at him with a gleam in my eye. If only he knew what he had in wait.

Suddenly, he tugged my head back, and the pain of it made me whimper. Lowering his face to mine, he stared intensely into my eyes. “When you have that look in your eye, I’m reluctant to be quick about this,” he warned.

I almost said ‘sorry’, but wisely bit my tongue before I destroyed my pride.

“You’ve got five minutes,” I replied instead. “That’s all you get.”

His eyes twinkled, and from it, I could see that he was aroused by my challenge. “Five minutes to make you come? Darling, I only need one.”

I wanted to tear his self-assured smirk off his mouth, but before I could, he placed his hand to the centre of my chest and pushed me down to lie flat across the sofa. Tucking my thighs over his broad shoulders, he sent me a devious smile while he slowly lowered his head toward my sex. When his breath breezed across it, I realised just how wet I was.

I closed my eyes and prayed to the god I didn’t believe in that nobody would knock on his door within the next couple of minutes. After that attempt at religion, I brought my arm over my mouth to help me stifle the whimpers that were soon to battle against my closed lips.

When he pushed his tongue out to draw a circle around my clit, my entire body tensed. The nerves were overly sensitive after all the sex we’d had, and because of it, it dawned on me that he was going to prove himself right. Considering how sensitive I already was, and knowing his skill of the art, liberation, in the form of delicious dopamine, was already lurking around the corner. I doubted I’d require more than a minute.

To my relief, he’d meant it when he’d said it was going to be quick. He did not waste his time triggering my climax. He’d barely done three circles before his ruthless tongue targeted my clit with perfect precision, flicking up and down and sometimes sideways.

My breath was on lockdown in my lungs. Fearful anyone would hear us I was scared of releasing even the smallest sound, but the lack of oxygen seemed to speed up the process. The tension rallied in my gut, radiating from where his merciless tongue tortured my nerves. Every fibre of my being seemed to contract while I squeezed my eyes shut to withstand the tormenting build.

Relentlessly, he continued, until I truly thought I was going to faint since I didn’t dare to breathe. When my quivers started, I tugged his hair and felt him tighten his hold of thighs to hold me in place. Desperate for liberation, my back arched off the sofa while I shook my head to myself, feeling about to implode. And then, at last, spots dusted my eyes when the acute force of a blissful orgasm raged through my veins, mollifying me. I’d never climaxed so quietly before, and judging from the magnitude of it, I deserved a standing ovation.

I’d barely been allowed a minute to recover by the time I felt the crest of his penis, sheathed in latex, slide across my drenched folds.

“That wasn’t even a minute.” He chuckled above me. “I commend your silence, though. Very impressive.”

“Sometimes, I don’t know whether to slap or kiss you,” I replied through a ragged breath. His responding chuckle made my heart tingle. In the light blue colour of his orbs, I saw pure affection dance.

“Why worry about that when we can have sex instead?” he countered and, upon that note, thrust into me.

Oh, my God. Nothing would ever compare to the sensation of the first thrust. It felt so fucking good. When a groan escaped me, I rushed to cover my mouth.

“You look like you could use some help with that,” he teased and removed my hand to silence me with his mouth instead. But all of the sudden, he pushed up and withdrew from within me. Instantly, I felt the aching absence of his presence, begging for his return.

I was about to ask what he was doing when he moved off the sofa to grab my hips. Flipping me around, he pulled me toward him until my bum pointed straight at him while I remained on all four atop the furniture.

“Since you demanded quick, this position is better,” he explained and, at once, pushed into me again. From this angle, his thick shaft rubbed right across my front wall, leaving me to clench and quiver around him. Lowering my head, I bit into my hand. Fuck, this was going to be intense.

“Don’t be too rough,” I pleaded. “I’m very sore.”

“Anything for you, love,” he cooed and gently retreated. The motion he started was staggering. While it wasn’t rough, it was most certainly fast. I realised he was holding back. Instead of burying himself entirely within me with each thrust, he focused on pleasuring the head of his length instead, all while acutely aware of that sweet spot inside of me. Was there anything sexual he couldn’t do to perfection? His sexual prowess was invincible.

When my own hand muffled a relatively loud whimper, he grabbed around my ponytail to drag my head back. Soon after, his large palm covered my mouth to help me stay silent, and I appreciated the assistance more than I was able to express. Like this, I was free to just enjoy him.

After a single, harsh shove, he whispered into my ear, “You feel so bloody good, Cara. I will never have enough of this – of you.”

I moaned into his hand and felt my breath condensate against it. Closing my eyes, I revelled in how good he felt within me, even if I was much sorer than ideal. But what I found was that my soreness only increased my awareness of him inside of me, and for that, I was thankful. It served as a reminder of how apparent it was that he belonged there.

As he continued to strike that vulnerable spot within me, my muscles flexed to respond to the tension that amassed within me. I was climbing again.

“Come on, Cara,” he prompted and used his free hand to rub my clit. The sensation of it was acute. Pleasure surged up my spine, leaving me to arch again. Holding my breath, I squeezed my eyes shut and focused only how close to bliss I was.

But upon a particularly precise thrust, he provoked my quivers. My toes curled and I started shaking. Before I knew it, I collapsed beneath him, but he followed my descent. In and out, he continued to plough into me. I thought I would burst. How it was possible for me to produce such pleasure, and endure it, was beyond my comprehension. Before I’d met him, I wouldn’t have thought anyone capable of experiencing something so physically immense as this.

“Mph!” I whimpered into his hand. My walls clenched around him, warning my looming climax.

“Ah, fuck, Cara,” he panted. “Keep that pressure. Come for me,” he commanded and continued to push into me with that mind-blowing pattern.

I stopped breathing, and it triggered my peak. It was like my mind exploded when I was finally liberated of the torment. Overwhelmed, my back charged up against him while I cried my sweet release into his palm.

“Ah,” he groaned through gritted teeth, and I knew from the sound that he was only a breath away himself. Shoving harshly into me four more times, he finally slowed and collapsed atop me.

His weight was crushing me, and I was desperate to regain my breath. “Will,” I complained. “Can’t breathe.”

Chuckling, he pushed away and reclined against the other end of the sofa. Sprawled over each other, we lay there for a few minutes, recovering.

Finally, I rolled onto my side and lazily studied him. His eyes were closed, and his neck was curled over the arm of the sofa. A satisfied smile reached my mouth. We’d managed.


“Yes?” He sounded perfectly content and didn’t as much as stir.

“Do you think this will ever end?”


“Wanting each other?”

He stiffened, and such a reaction puzzled me. Lifting his head, he opened his eyes to stare at me for a while. “While I can’t speak for you, I doubt it. It merely changes is all. Doesn’t stop, but takes a different form after a while.”

I often forgot what a deep man he was at heart. Now that I paid notice to it, I realised that if ever I introduced him to Dad, the two of them were likely to get along alarmingly well. Like Dad, William had a weak spot for entertaining conceptual and philosophical ideas. Christ, what a dinner that was going to be.

“What sort of form?”

“An abstract one. Instead of wanting me only physically, you’ll want me in other ways.”

My heart throbbed, as it knew precisely what he meant. I’d want his love more than anything else. But the truth was, I was nearing that point at frightening speed - if I wasn’t there already.

“Anyway,” he murmured and looked to his Rolex. “Seeing as it’s time for lunch, thanks for giving me the best meal I’ve ever had.”

I giggled again. “Same.”

“Are you busy this Saturday?”

I eyed him in remote disbelief, sensing where he was going. “Will, I see you nearly every day.”

He chuckled. “I know, but I’d like to take you for another date. My place this time. I’ll cook for you. Dinner.”

Responding to impulse, I dragged myself toward him and cuddled his chest. After collecting his alluring scent, I exhaled content and listened to his heart hammer against my ear. From its beats, I could tell he was more anxious than he let on.

During the scene in his flat yesterday, I’d told him that the pace we were moving at intimidated me. As such, I was confident that he was currently worried he was pushing his luck. But it wasn’t necessary. I knew there were plenty of women out there who moaned about their men not taking enough initiative or making their interest clear enough, and here was I, moaning about the opposite. Well, I was done with it. He’d proved to me last night that I wanted to take a chance on him, and that I’d be silly to do anything else.

“I’d love to,” I said, and hugged him tight. “But until then, let’s take a break with regards to sex, yeah? I’ll need tomorrow to recover. I mean it.”

He chuckled before he said, “Yeah. My cock’s a bit sore now, too.”

“Thank god,” I groaned.

His chest shook with his laughter. “Yeah, you’ll get the rest of the day off as well. Enjoy your brief holiday.”

I giggled in despair of him. He was ridiculous. “Your sexual appetite is that of a rabbit.”

“Only when it comes to you,” he replied humoured and brushed my hair behind my ear.

Touched, I smiled to myself. “When do you want me over for dinner on Saturday?”

“I’ve got plans with Alex and Andy before then, but perhaps around seven?”

Alex? Who on earth was Alex? “Alex?”

“Another mate of mine. Best mate, as it happens. We’re a bit of a trio. Been that way for as long as I can remember.”

“Oh. What does he do?”

He was quiet for a beat. “Does Winton Properties ring a bell?”

I frowned to myself before a shocked expression obliterated it. “Alexander Winton? Millionaire Alexander Winton is your best mate?” I asked astonished and pushed myself up to stare at him.

He smiled lopsided. “I am so glad you’re not a gold digger. And in any case, he’s not single. He’s got a dreadful girlfriend named Abigail.”

Majorly offended he could even think in that direction, I smacked his chest, earning me a huff. “Don’t be stupid,” I scolded. “How can you think like that?”

He glared back at me. “Christ, I’m only joking. Well, she is awful. But in any case, you know I get territorial over you. I can’t help it. It’s out of my control, even if I try to keep a lid on it.”

“You’re such a bloody caveman. How your genes have survived extinction – actually, that’s probably how your genes have survived extinction.”

“Exactly.” He sounded so pleased that I rolled my eyes at him, but upon remembering a certain detail about Alexander Winton, I sent him a puzzled look.

“Isn’t Alexander a year older than you?” I queried.

Nonchalant, he supported his head by entwining his fingers behind it and shrugged his shoulders. “So is Andy.” He was?

“Did you attend the same school? Since you say you’ve been friends for as long as you can remember?”


“What, so, you were in a year above your own?”

He smirked. “Yeah.”

I planted my face against his chest, despaired. I’d just fuelled his inflated ego, hadn’t I?

“Clever fellow, I know,” he said, but I could tell from his tone that he wasn’t being serious. “But it was Dad’s initiative. I learned to read fluently when I was four, so he kicked me into school as fast as he could to maintain my momentum.”

I gaped at him. I’d learned to read when I was five, and I had thought that was enough of an achievement. How intelligent was he, truly? “That’s outstanding. Are you joking?”

He shook his head. “Learned to read upside down first, actually. Was quite odd. Dad would always read the newspaper by the kitchen table in the mornings, but he never held it. It was always lying flat across the table, and since I always sat opposite of him, it just happened that way. I’d always study the letters, wishing I knew how to decipher them like Dad did, and then one day, it just clicked.”

My consequent grin was both amused and astonished, and I covered it with my hand, disbelieving. “You’re joking. You’re so joking!”

He laughed sincerely. “I’m not. I swear. You can ask Dad next time you see him. I was three, nearly four, at that time. The first word I read was ‘apple’, and I remember it vividly. I pointed to it in the newspaper, demanding his attention from across the table, and read it aloud. You should have seen his face. I’ve not seen it like that since. Gutted that I set the bar for myself so early on.”

“That’s insane!” I couldn’t help my laughter. I was completely flabbergasted. Caught by my laugher, he shook beneath me.

“Fun fact,” he stated.

“Incredible. Are you a genius?”

He smiled amused. “I don’t care for labels like that. I care about what I produce.”

“So noble,” I teased and patted his chest. “Your brain turns me on.”

He pressed his lips together for a short breath while genuine amusement swirled in his orbs. “I thought you said you were sore,” he finally stated.

A pout formed on my face. “I am, and now I’m depressed because of it.”

He burst out laughing. “You’re bloody hilarious, Cara.”

I looked bashfully away from him and onto the clock on the wall. “Hilarious or not, we need to get back to work.”

“We need to grab lunch. I’m starving, and for food this time,” he countered.

“After you,” I said and climbed off of him.

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