Skin of the Night

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Chapter 53: Let's Begin, Shall We?

“Yeah, well, desperate times call for desperate measures,” I cheekily replied while I hurried to undo his trousers. Watching the promising bulk of his erection, I wetted my lips and noticed my own smile. “You brought this upon yourself. I’ve given you plenty of opportunities to let me have my way.”

“Cara,” he snapped and stepped sideways. Trying to escape, was he? Over my dead body. “Take them off this instant!” he ordered feverishly and glared down at me. I heard him rattle the handcuffs behind him, desperate for liberation.

A sadistic laugh slipped out of my mouth while I followed after him, eventually trapping him in the corner of his kitchen. Had we had spectators, this scene must have looked comical. I was literally chasing his dick.

“Lean back and relax, Will,” I replied amused and, with some force, dragged both his trousers and boxers down, leaving them to pool around his ankles. “I’ll make you feel good. I promise.”

Now liberated, his erection pointed straight at me, exposing how aroused he truly was. He could pretend all he liked that he didn’t fancy being controlled like this – his penis told me otherwise.

“I hope you’re ready for the consequence, Cara,” he growled under his breath and glared down at me. “I’m going to fuck you senseless. So hard, in fact, that you won’t be able to walk for the next few hours.”

Reclining onto my heels, I felt my vagina tingle upon his threat. Hammering in my chest was my heart, pumping blood through my veins at frenzied speed. Behind my ears I could hear my pulse thump.

Seeing his erection in such bright lights made me swallow. I was slightly intimidated by the view. I could hardly fathom that it fit into me, much less my mouth. Would I be able to deep-throat him? I knew I’d managed in the past, albeit with some effort, but not without spilling a few tears. Thankfully, I’d worn waterproof mascara today for that reason alone. Remembering how I’d gagged on him the only time I’d performed fellatio on him before, I’d now labelled it my ‘blowjob-mascara’.

“Mm, Will, you know exactly what to say to get me off,” I teased and pushed my tongue past my lips to gently lap it over tip of his impressive length. I barely touched him, and yet he recoiled quite dramatically.

“Fucking hell,” he complained and looked toward the ceiling. “I’d no idea you were this adamant about doing this.”

Wrapping my hand around the base of him, I gazed up the length of his body with a look of mischief. When he saw it, his eyes hooded.

After clenching his jaw for an extended breath, he barked, “Don’t you dare look at me like that. Get me out of these. I’m going to fuck your brains out.”

The breath of my superior chuckle tickled his erection while I leisurely trailed my tongue down the length of it toward my hand. The smell of him was driving me mad with desire. Finally, I would have my way, and I was going to take my sweet time with it. I would torment him, just like he insisted to torment me every time we joined heat.

“Cara,” he purred softly, seemingly changing tactics. “Let me out of these and I promise I’ll let you blow me before I do anything else.” His tone was patient; almost pedagogical.

I managed to stifle my sadistic laugh. “Really?” I instead innocently cooed.

Hope swirled in his eyes while he stared intensely into mine. Repeatedly, he nodded. “Yes.”

“Do you think I’m stupid, William?”

Instantly, the hope in his eyes was slaughtered as frustration replaced it. “You’re going to kill me,” he bleated and threw his head back, broad shoulders sinking. “I want to fuck you so bad I’m going to explode.”

“Aw,” I uttered touched. “Explode in my mouth, yeah?” I continued, and then spread my mouth over the crest of his penis. Closing my eyes, I devoured the taste of his precum. How I loved performing fellatio. Last time I’d done it on him, he’d worn a rubber. Tasting him in the flesh was a novelty to me, and I relished it. He tasted so good, and I was looking forward to sample the flavour of his semen. I wondered if it would taste foul. I knew full well that some men had awful tasting sperm. I was about to find out if William was one of them, though I surely hoped he wasn’t. Robby’s had been just fine.

In that moment, it dawned on me that this might be the one thing William could prove worse than Robby in.

The suspense.

I clenched my fist around his length as I took him deeper into my mouth. My lips stretched to accommodate him, but I was careful to sheathe my teeth with them while I flicked my tongue across the head of his shaft. A beautiful groan of pleasure drifted out of his mouth when I did, and it prompted me to look up at him. In all fairness, he looked high. His lips had parted only slightly, and his eyes were faded. God, how that look on his face turned me on. It motivated me like nothing else.

“Fuck, Cara,” he uttered and shoved himself deeper into my mouth. “That tongue of yours is lethal.”

I couldn’t help my smile. Deliberately, I hummed against him in my mouth while I slowly bobbed my head, knowing the vibrations were sure to leave tingling sensations in his member. I allowed my hand to abandon his shaft, only to spread both of them across his muscular thighs while I pleasured him solely with my mouth. I was mustering the courage to try and take all of him in.

After a few more gentle bobs of my head, I pushed forward and squeezed my eyes shut when I felt him reach the back of my throat. Tears were triggered at once. I’d always wished I was one of those women who didn’t have a gag-reflex, because I truly loved giving blowjobs, but alas, I’d had to learn how to control it instead.

When I reached the base of him, however, I lost it. Gagging against him, I immediately retreated and focused instead on the long and appreciative groan that escaped him. As I reached the tip of him, I heard him rattle his confines again.

“You’re driving me mad!” he admonished.

“Yeah? Good,” I purred and grabbed around him again to expose his sac. Lowering my head, I lapped my tongue carefully across it and felt him flex against my left hand, which was still planted on his thigh. While tending to it, I made sure to pump him with my hand.

A whimper left him. When I looked up, I saw that he had closed his eyes and dropped his head forward. He shook it to himself, clearly tortured. It made me smile.

Moving back to his penis, I took him into my mouth again and increased my pace somewhat. While drawing in on him, I met each of my sucks with my hand, careful with the amount of force I exerted. Hard, but not too hard. Just enough to drive him crazy, I hoped.

I continued for minutes on end and ignored the fact that my jaw was starting to ache from having to hold my mouth so wide apart for so long. It was definitely painful, but the pleasure it gave him easily compensated for it.

When I was nearing my limit, I breathlessly bobbed my head at increased rapidness, only to be shocked when he started thrusting into my mouth, perfectly synchronised with my movements. Again, I squeezed my eyes shut and welcomed his eager shoves. Since he was abnormally large, tears trailed down my cheeks, but I would not stop. I refused. I would make him come.

“Ah, shit,” he panted and fought against the handcuffs again. “Let me out of them. Bloody let me out of them,” he begged feverishly.

I ignored him completely.

“Cara, darling, I’m going to come,” he warned high-pitched and slowed his thrusts. Responding to it, I increased my own pace instead, pumping him hard and fast with my hand while my sore mouth continued to indulge him.

“Cara, I mean it. Unless you want it in your mouth, you need to stop,” he warned once more, alarmed. I wanted to scoff at him, but resisted. Instead, I silently replied by deep-throating him yet again. Just as I was about to pull back, I felt his warm release spill into my mouth.

“Ah,” he moaned and pushed harshly into my mouth to pump out the rest of himself. I nearly choked on the amount, but not quite. Only after I’d swallowed every last drop of him did I pull away for air, and as I did, I was positively surprised by the flavour of him. Not bad at all. In fact, it was remarkable. His semen hardly tasted like anything. It was quite the neutral flavour. I could tell it was sperm, but it wasn’t remotely distasteful. He must have been made for this – the embodiment of erotica. He seemed created for the purpose of indulging sensual pleasures.

I found it incredibly relieving. Knowing this, performing fellatio on him wasn’t ever going to be something I’d shy away from. Truly, what a relief. It served as a lovely reminder of how compatible we were. I relished performing fellatio, and his sperm was optimal for it.

Breathless, I looked up at him and sent him a wry smile as I cleaned the corner of my mouth with the pad of my index finger. Trapped in bliss, he gazed lazily back at me, large lungs heaving for air.

“Show me,” he said. Kinky.

Opening my mouth, I proudly revealed that I’d swallowed every drop of him. A crooked smile nested on his mouth.

“You’re wicked, Cara,” he alleged.

Snickering, I climbed up on my legs and smoothed my hands across his chest. “You taste quite good. I was pleasantly surprised.”

He frowned. “So I’ve been told, actually. Had me worried in the beginning, so I researched it. Apparently, it doesn’t correlate with sperm quality. Just how some men are designed.”

I burst out laughing. “You researched it?”

“Yeah. I want children one day. I got worried.”

I continued to laugh, ceaselessly charmed, and patted his chest. “Good for you, Will.”

Humour danced in his alluring eyes. “Yeah. And you, I suppose, since you’re so determined to give blowjobs that you’re willing to go to the extreme measure of confining me.”

“Was the only way.”

“Let me out of them, Cara,” he commanded. Was I finally starting to grow immune to his authoritative tone with me? “You’ve had your way now,” he added.

I shook my head. “No, not yet. I think I’ll hang onto my power for a bit longer,” I teased and slowly began to unbutton his shirt.

“You’re being unfair,” he protested. After paying him a smirk, I dropped my gaze to the view I slowly exposed beneath my hands. It had me salivating. I’d never stop appreciating how fit he was.

“You’re so sexy, William,” I purred after finishing the last button and spread his shirt apart to admire him in all his glory. With his physique, he could easily have been mistaken for a half-god. While biting on my lower lip, I clawed down his robust chest and watched the red marks emerge after my nails. “Appetising,” I added and shot him a lustful glance.

“Right now, I really wish I wasn’t,” he sulkily retorted and turned his profile to me. I giggled wholeheartedly and grabbed hold of his shirt to drag him with me toward his living area. He stalled me for a moment, struggling out of the pool of his trousers, before he glared in my direction.

“I’m not your pet,” he grumbled.

“You’re my sexual servant.”

“So high on your horse. You’re going to regret this, Cara.”

I pressed my lips together when I realised he might be right. I was essentially taunting a wild beast in captivity right now. “I’m a bit scared to release you now. Maybe I’ll have you sleep in those.”

“Oh, I will have your fucking head if you do!” he snapped impatiently.

I laughed and laughed as I dragged him into the living area with me. When we reached one of his white sofas, I grabbed hold of his strong shoulders and shoved him into it. He was staring up at me with a grave pout on his face when I grabbed the hem of my dress to slowly lift it up my body in front of him. It was really quite comical, because before the garment covered my face, he’d been pouting severely, but after I’d managed to pull it over my head, I found him gawking at me. The floor appeared to summon his jaw.

I smiled teasingly at him while I dropped the fabric to the floor beside my feet. “You’ve always fancied my bum, Will,” I said and turned one-hundred-and-eighty degrees to eye him across my shoulder. “How do you find it now?” I purred.

I’d never seen him ogle me quite so blatantly and extensively before. Unashamed, his eyes roamed up and down my body, repeatedly. After a long and deep inhalation, he shut his mouth and lifted his gaze to mine.

“Let. Me. Out!”

“Ah-ah,” I scolded and turned toward him again. “Don’t think so,” I crooned and moved to straddle his lap. Hooking my arms around his neck, I rested my breasts just beneath his jaw. Perfectly, his stubbly chin fit into my cleavage, and I grinned as I felt the coarse strands of it graze my skin. “Don’t they look good, Will?”

He closed his eyes while a grimace crossed his handsome face. “Cara, I’m in pain. Please.”

Chuckling, I cupped his jaw in my hands, aligned my mouth with his, and leaned forward until mere millimetres separated them. Meanwhile, I started grinding against him. “Pain, you said?”

He sobbed tearlessly, and the breath of it breezed my mouth. “Please, let me out of these. I’ll be gentle, I promise. Just let me touch you. I’m begging you. I want to make love to you. Sweet, intense love to you.”

My heart throbbed at his phrasing, rendering me frozen. He’d made it sound like a last dying wish. What’s more, it elicited the memory of the last time he’d said something similar. It had been right before he’d introduced me to a whole new dimension of sex, and it had been more profound than anything I’d ever experienced before.

I sighed, surrendering to temptation. I wanted to feel that again. “Okay.”

He stiffened against me, but only for a few seconds. “Thanks,” he eventually said and mellowed under my body. Abandoning him, I headed for my purse to recover the keys for the handcuffs. It wasn’t until I turned around again that I realised he was staring after me, and the sight of him was staggering. He resembled a man who had found his salvation.

Unnerved by the intense emotion in his light blue orbs, I bashfully avoided them while I made my return. “Lean forward, if you’d please,” I mumbled when I took a stand behind the sofa and faced his broad back.

Obeying, he exposed his wrists to me and patiently waited while my trembling hands relieved him of his shackles. Just when I had managed, he whirled around and reached out for me, but my reflexes were too swift. Jumping backward, I stared wide-eyed at him, and the rapacious look in his eyes made me acutely aware of the fact that I’d been deceived. He did not intend to make love to me at all. On the contrary, he looked about to deliver punishment.

For a few seconds, we merely stared at each other, anticipating a movement, predator and prey.

Finally, I squeaked, and the sound of it triggered his lunge. Squealing and screaming, I ran toward the dining table. “William! You promised!” I urged.

“Well, I fucking lied,” he barked back and chased after me. My heart was in my throat when I rounded the square table and turned to look at him. Pure adrenaline heightened my senses, alarming me of looming danger. I was so fucked.

“You bastard!” I insulted him when he crouched by the table, observing which direction I might run. When he pretended to step to my left, I gasped and rushed toward my right, but thankfully brought myself to stop when I saw that he had.

“I am going to fuck you till you can no longer breathe, Cara,” he growled and glowered over at me.

His savage words inspired arousal to soak my knickers. As if responding to what he’d said, I held my breath when I felt it slide out of me. What on earth? Was my vagina an idiot? I should not be reacting like that.

“William, I’m sorry. I only meant to tease you a bit.”

His eyes widened with disbelief. “Tease me? That was nothing short of torture! Get yourself over here before I climb over the table,” he threatened. “I will catch you. You’re only postponing the inevitable.”

Just when I looked to the heavens for aid, he lunged onto the table. Oh, my God. I’d turned him into an actual animal.

Squealing again, I turned for the kitchen, but before I got far enough, he managed to get a hold of my long hair. Using his grip of it, he tugged me harshly toward him until my lower back bumped into the table. I whimpered and angled my face to catch a look of him, and as I did, I found him grinning at me. He looked radiant.

“Cara, I swear, I fucking-” he cut himself off by pressing his lips together. After a composing breath, he rephrased himself, “I find you endearing.”

I hadn’t thought I could blush in a scenario like this; hair being pulled by a ruthless savage about to fuck me into ruins. Then again, suppose the fact that I was in love with him made me overlook it.

“Thanks, Will. Enough to let go of my hair?” I carefully said.

He smirked and hopped off the table to land beside me. “Not in this life, nor in the next,” he cooed and bent over to heave me across his shoulder. Daunted, I stared at the floor beneath my head. What had I done?

We’d nearly passed his sofa group when he suddenly halted. Bending sideways, he fetched the handcuffs out of it, leaving my eyes to widen in horror. Oh no.

“Let’s see how you like your own medicine, shall we?” he purred and once spanked my bum.


“Object all you like, sweetheart. I’m immune as of the moment.”

Charging toward his bedroom, he was a determined man. After he’d kicked the door open, he headed toward his bed and dropped me onto it. I was about to run for it again when he grabbed hold of my shoulders and manhandled me onto my stomach. After a short battle, he secured both my wrists behind my back and locked them in the handcuffs.

Satisfied, he pulled back to admire his craft for a beat. “Now, then,” he eventually said. “Let’s begin, shall we?”

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