Skin of the Night

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Chapter 54: Any Youth In The World

When I heard him shift behind me, I turned my head, vigilant. He was approaching his nightstand, and when he reached it, he withdrew a small object from the bottom drawer that I recognised all too well. Immediately, my eyes widened. It was a vibrator. I was dying tonight.

“William, no!” I both pleaded and protested.

I nearly mistook him for the devil when he flashed me a sadistic grin, blue eyes gleaming above. “Do you have any idea how sexy you look? I reckon adding your cum face to this is going to make it a masterpiece, if it isn’t already.”

My mouth dried upon my sharp inhalation. Within me, my heart pounded. This was not going to end anytime soon.

While holding my gaze under arrest, he undid the sleeves of his shirt and shrugged out of the white fabric to discard it on the floor. When he climbed into the bed again, I swallowed, intensely nervous.

“What’s your record, Cara?” he queried and directed his attention to my lower cheeks. Appearing to admire them, he ran his hand across and lovingly squeezed.

“My-my record?” I stammered.

His eyes shot back to mine, and the sexual twinkle in them were indicating my doom. “Yes. What’s the highest number of orgasms you’ve had during one round?”

Blood sprinted to my cheeks. “I don’t know.”

Underwhelmed, he stared back at me. “You don’t know?”

I shook my head. “I lost count. Well, to be honest, I stopped counting. My brain crashed.”

Nonplussed, he furrowed his eyebrows. “Who holds the record, then?”

I looked puzzled back at him. “Do you mean who was I sleeping with when it happened?”

He nodded, and my blush intensified. Now coy, I looked away from him.

“You,” I barely mumbled.

The responding grin that tugged on his lips was bewitching. He looked ten years younger while he appeared to soar across cloud nine. “Really? When was this?”

Somewhat embarrassed, I meekly said, “After our first date.” That session had been animalistic. He’d left no doubt in my mind that - to him - it had been a matter of reclaiming what was rightfully his.

His eyes glinted with his elated mood. “You have no idea how happy I am to hear that. Though, let’s make it ten tonight, at the very least, shall we?” Upon that note, he switched on the vibrator.

Oh, my God.

His voice was etched with thrill when he continued, “I’ll have you count them aloud this time around, just to be sure you don’t forget. Ready?”

“No,” I whimpered and buried my face against the mattress while my entire body stiffened to prepare for impact. The familiar sound of the vibrator was indexing imminent torment.

His large hands grabbed hold of my waist to flip me around, and when he’d managed, he spread my legs apart to have a seat between them. Fearfully, I stared up at him and swallowed once more. When he placed the vibrator to the concavity between my collarbones, a crooked smile formed on his sinful mouth. Slowly, he dragged it to my cleavage where he allowed it to rest. Meanwhile, his eyes abandoned mine to admire the view of me.

“Cara, honestly, you will always be the most beautiful woman to me,” he stated soberly. “When we’re fifty, I’m going to remember this, and even if lines have creased your pretty face by then, I’ll see the years in them that I’ve spent with you, and that will forever be more beautiful to me than any youth in the world.”

Astounded, I gaped up at him. I’d never heard anything more romantic in my entire life. My heart threatened to burst as a most extreme feeling engulfed it. I hadn’t expected to hear anything so romantic from a man like him who was usually so rubbish at paying compliments. He had surpassed himself this time around, and in the most positive way.

“William,” I uttered high-pitched as my face contorted to respond to the immense love I felt for him in that moment. Caught up in the intensity of my feelings for him, I nearly spilled three words I shouldn’t be. Not yet. It was far too soon. I had to be sure that I truly loved him - that my feelings for him weren’t wavering - before I brought myself to declare something momentous like that. It had to stand the test of time, because once I said it, I couldn’t take it back.

Chuckling, he leaned forward to stare deep into my eyes. “I’m all yours, darling,” he purred and lowered his mouth to place a kiss to the corner of my mouth. Yearning to embrace him I rattled my handcuffs, but it proved futile. It made me sympathise with the amount of frustration he must have endured earlier, because nothing tempted more than to smother him right now.

“Annoying, aren’t they?” he teased and ran his mouth down my throat to trade gentle kisses with my thumping artery. It felt so good that my eyes closed to surrender to the sensation. He knew all the weakest spots of my body.

My eyes were still closed when he shoved down the bra of my bustier to reveal my breasts. Soon after, his warm mouth covered my left nipple, sucking and nibbling. The acute pleasure of it surged into my core, leaving me to arch to grant him full possession. Down my sides his hands ran, repeatedly tracing the curve of my waist to my hips, all while the vibrator remained in my cleavage.

After a long minute, he fetched the device out of my cleavage and abandoned my left breast to tend to my right. Just as his mouth closed around my nipple, he placed the vibrator to my sensitised left. The delicious vibrations made me writhe against my confines again. He was driving me mad, and he had only just begun.

“Will,” I moaned and opened my eyes, hopeful the pleading look in them would inspire his mercy. Through the long lashes surrounding his eyes, he glanced up at me with a cheeky smile on his mouth.

“Immune, Cara. Immune,” he reminded me and gathered his digits around my right nipple to tug it.

“Ah,” I whimpered and shut my eyes again. Ever slowly, he guided the vibrator down the centre of my stomach toward the apex of my thighs. When he halted just above my clit, my heart skipped a beat.

“Fuck,” I complained and shook my head to myself, mentally preparing.

“Fuck indeed.” As he stretched up again, I opened my eyes to observe him, ever on alert. While holding my gaze, he hooked his fingers into my knickers to drag them to the side. When he’d managed, he lowered his gaze to have a greedy look at the view now presented to him. A smug smile dominated his lips when his eyes returned to mine. “You’re glistening, Cara. Soaked. And I haven’t even touched you there yet.”

The heat of my cheeks increased. “William!”

After another superior chuckle, he lapped his finger through my folds. When he raised the same finger to his mouth to sample my taste, my lips parted. Engrossed, I watched him devour my flavour by sucking on it.

“How I love the taste of you, Cara,” he stated appreciatively and pushed himself backward. Speechless, I observed him lower his head to place a single kiss to my aching bud. Immediately, I jerked backward.

“Oh, that’s charming,” he commented. “You think you stand a chance?” His laughter was pitiless when he lifted the vibrator between our faces. With eyes wide, I heaved for air. But to my surprise, he switched it off.

“My pride insists that I make you come with my mouth first,” he explained and placed it aside. As he grabbed around my thighs to heave them over his shoulders, I squealed inwardly. To secure me in place, he locked his arms around my legs and didn’t waste even a breath before circling my clit with his warm tongue.

I gasped and bent my neck, shocked by how ready I was. He wasn’t striking me directly, and yet the delicious friction of his licks radiated toward the centre of my nerves, pleasuring me slowly toward my peak.

“Shit,” I hissed out and writhed against him. The breath of his laugh breezed my wetness, and the sadist in him inspired him to flick across my clit only the once, simply for the sake of torment.

“Ah,” I groaned as my eyebrows furrowed, responding to the pleasure. When he swept across a particularly sensitive spot along my left side, I thrust against him and gritted my teeth. Shit, that felt too good. Seeming to notice, he focused his point of impact to that precise place.

“Ah!” I cried out as the tension rallied within me, merciless in its magnitude. It was charging at such speed that I was momentarily shocked by it. How could this be possible when he wasn’t even hitting me directly?

“Will,” I gasped as every muscle of my body flexed in an attempt to counter the tremendous force of my looming orgasm. God, I wished I could tug his hair, claw down his back – something, anything – to relieve this paralysing tension that raged within me.

Responding to my cry, he increased the rapidness and pressure of his licks, and it made me gape. Fucking hell, I was going to explode. I shook my head to myself and squeezed my eyes shut. Just when my toes curled, I held my breath and concentrated only on withstanding the tormenting amount of pleasure he provided.

I wasn’t sure how long I held my breath for, but by the time my quivers started, I was dizzy. Truly, it felt as though my head was about to blow off. I wasn’t going to last. This was agonising.

Then, all at once, I was released from the unbearable tension.

“Oh, my God!” I wailed, back arching, as euphoria stole me away. Collapsing again, I heaved for air as I tried to restore my equilibrium. Because I was trapped in utter oblivion, I failed to realise that he had switched on the vibrator again. I’d barely been allowed ten seconds to recover by the time he placed it to my throbbing clit.

I screamed inwardly and tried to writhe away, but his grip of my hip prevented me. Opening my eyes, I found him watching me, seemingly riveted.

“Shit!” I wailed again and shook my head to myself. This was so overwhelming that it bordered torture. Already, I started to climb again. Above the static noise of the vibrator, I heard my own erratic breath.

“Count, Cara,” he commanded mercilessly and stared fixed into my eyes.

“One,” I moaned and struggled to breathe through the fantastic friction that the device delivered.

He chuckled. “Nine to go.”

I bit into my lower lip and shut my eyes. All sorts of weird things happened behind my closed lids. While I couldn’t see a thing, I could have sworn I saw stars – tiny little explosions that were growing larger and larger by the second. They blended with various shades of the colour red.

Digging my nails into the palm of my hands, I bent my neck again and felt my body convulse away from the mattress. Desperate to escape the agonising pleasure, I tried to turn onto my side, but he denied me the satisfaction with his hold of my hip.

“William, please,” I begged and shuddered somewhat violently. It was growing so fast. I was seconds away from coming again.

“But I am pleasing you,” he cooed and dipped his head down to engage my left nipple with his mouth. Fuck. I was going to implode. Quite harshly, he sucked it, and the sensation rippled through my veins to centre on my sex. My legs acted on their own accord when they wrapped around him, squeezing him so hard that I lifted myself away from the mattress.

“Wow, Cara,” he murmured impressed. Opening my eyes, I stared straight into his striking pair. The sight actually pained me. He was perfect. Just perfect. From the look in his eyes, I could tell he was entirely captivated by this intense moment between us. Truly, the mere view of him triggered me like nothing else.

“I’m gonna...” I gasped once more before I locked the air in my lungs, paralysed.

He pushed the vibrator harder against me, leaving my eyes to widen. Even if I tried, I could not utter as much as a sound anymore. My brain had disconnected from my mouth. All I could focus on was the tremendous force that swelled within me.

Higher, higher. It was like a bomb went off within me when I finally came. The acuteness of my orgasm was so intense that I cried out my release on top of my lungs.

“Count, Cara,” he prompted me when I collapsed from around him. To my relief, he removed the vibrator to allow me room to recover.

“T-two,” I barely managed to whisper.

“Good girl. Now, let’s escalate things,” he demanded and slowly trailed his index finger down my flat stomach toward my soaked sex. My heart skipped a beat. Escalate things?

When he pushed a single finger into me to gently massage my front wall I groaned in delight. God, it felt good. I wanted him within me. My craving for his flesh was extreme. I wanted to feel him fill me up, stretching me to my limit, and pleasure me into the celestial.

“Will, please. Get inside of me already,” I pleaded.

His smirk murdered my hope. “Not until we’ve reached at least five.” With that, he placed the vibrator back to my overly sensitive clit and continued to finger me.

“Oh, God,” I whimpered while my face contorted. “Shit!”

“I quite like these handcuffs, Cara. Good thinking - even if it wasn’t part of your plan to be the one caught up in them.”

“Fuck you!” I growled and was sure I resembled a wild animal when I bared my teeth at him as I hissed. To punish my courageous outrage, he pushed a button on the vibrator, leaving it to intensify in its vibrations, and pushed his finger precisely against my front wall.

Fuck! “Ah!”

“Soon, darling. Soon,” he replied smugly and descended to place a belittling kiss to my forehead.

Inserting another digit, he fingered me without a trace of mercy as the vibrator continued to torture my clit. The friction tending to my bundle of nerves, as well as his long fingers inside of me, was driving me mad. I was reaching it at record time. Yet again, my toes curled, and my walls clamped down on his fingers within me.

“No. I’m coming again,” I whined and rattled my confines. All I wanted was to touch him. The desire to do it was maddening. I wanted to cup his handsome jaw, feel the spiky strands of it itch against my palms while I stared into his captivating eyes. I wanted to caress his beautiful, broad shoulders while I clung to him as he made love to me.

I fucking hated handcuffs. I would throw them in the trash first thing tomorrow.

“This is remarkably fascinating. I seriously envy your gender for this,” he commented while keenly observing each reaction of my body. “Then again, even for a woman, you’re exceptionally sensitive.”

I wanted to tell him to shut up and let me focus on this agonising build, but since I couldn’t breathe anymore, I was unable.

My jaw clenched as the tension stretched out to my very fingertips and toes, rendering me immobile. Then, finally, it released. The air stormed out of my lungs as I fell limp and battered against the mattress beneath him. In that moment, it was as though dopamine was all I consisted of.

“Ah, stop, Will. I need to recover or I’m going to die,” I demanded hoarsely. Adhering to my plea, he removed the vibrator and studied me transfixed while I recovered beneath him. He didn’t withdraw his fingers, however, but he did stop thrusting them into me.

“How many, Cara?” he reminded me.

“Three,” I replied breathlessly.

“So we still have seven to go. You have better muster your strength. I’m nowhere near finished with you.”

I forced my eyelids apart to look at him in my laziness. “Will, make love to me. Please,” I begged. “I want to feel you within me.”

He chuckled. “And you shall, but not yet. I’m not an idiot, Cara. I won’t fall into a trap that I designed myself.” I realised he was referring to his deceit earlier.

“I will never fall for that again,” I grumbled annoyed. “Hope you’re happy you used your ace already. How dare you exploit my weakness like that?”

Seemingly charmed, his eyes twinkled for a beat. “I’m glad to hear that the idea of making love to me has become a weakness of yours. But in any case, I’ll find other ways. By now, you should know I’ve always got an ace hidden up my sleeve,” he replied self-assured and passed me a wink. I looked surly away from him, annoyed by his superiority, even though a small – big, actually – part of me did fancy that he was able to defeat me. It earned my respect, and it set my libido on fire. I’d always considered myself an alpha female, but compared to William, I was hardly even a beta.

I yelped when he returned the vibrator to my pulsating bud and turned my head to look vulnerably up at him. I was trying to stir his compassion.

“Immune,” he proclaimed flatly and directed his attention to my breasts. A winsome smile covered his mouth as he did. “You know, I never really understood the fascination with tits. I’ve always found them attractive, obviously, but I’ve never been able to fathom some men’s obsession with them. Especially not fake tits. No – I’m all for natural. Small, big - I honestly couldn’t have cared less, just as long as they’re female. But seeing yours like this, I’ve changed my mind. I am definitely obsessed with your tits. And the rest of you.”

Had he just declared himself obsessed with me? That man was nothing short of staggering. Worse was it that he hadn’t exhibited even a trace of shame while he was at it. Per usual, he was totally unapologetic. Overwhelmed by both his words and his treatments, I blushed profusely and looked to the ceiling in my hopeless state.

“William. Now is not the time to be reflecting over tits. I am in agony here,” I snapped.

He chuckled. “Now you know how I feel.”


“What?” I frowned at him, but instead of replying, he pushed his fingers deeply into me, successfully distracting me as the pleasure annihilated any chance at coherent thoughts. “Mm,” I groaned through closed lips and shut my eyes to succumb to the moment.

By the time I reached my fifth orgasm, I was hardly anything but a sack of meat and blood. Exhausted, I couldn’t minister as much as a muscle. By contrast, William’s energy was off the charts. I’d hardly whispered the word ‘Five’ by the time he gripped my hips and flipped me onto my front beneath him. Lifting solely my bum, he then swiftly unfastened my stockings. From his practiced speed, I realised that this was not the first time he had undressed a woman wearing relatively complicated lingerie.

For the first time in my life, I thought I experienced a flash of green emotion. The idea of him undressing another female like he was currently undressing me was uninviting. It made me feel less special, and I didn’t fancy it one bit. I wanted to be the only woman William lusted after. It struck me as a revelation. For the first time in my life, I wanted to be exclusively special to another man.

“Done this before, have you?” I enquired, tone disguised in nonchalance, but behind it, I was hiding bitterness.

“I may have,” he admitted amused. “Though, never with a woman I’ve wanted as much as I want you. Honestly, it pales in comparison, Cara.”

My heart ached as a bullet of affection for him charged through it. While he could certainly be trying at times, I could always count on him to reassure me when I needed it most.

“You always know what to say, Will,” I replied fondly and turned my head in hope to convey my adoration for him with my eyes.

His smile bordered shy. “I mean it, though.”

I believed him, and I did because he wasn’t in the habit of saying things he didn’t mean. In the end, his honesty was one of his most admirable traits, albeit brutal at certain times. But even when it was, it was always necessary evil. Tough love, simply.

I was returning his smile when he hooked his fingers around my thong to drag it down my thighs, over my stockings. When he suddenly lowered his head, my eyes widened.

“No don-” I objected, but cut myself off with a groan when his soft mouth met with my pulsating clit. “Fuck,” I muttered and faced away from him as I fisted my hands behind my back.

“This is going to get rough, Cara. Thankfully, you’re more than ready,” he breathily stated and stretched up behind me. After grabbing hold of my left hip, he aligned his latex-sheathed erection with my folds and then proceeded to lubricate himself in my arousal. As he slid up and down repeatedly, I clenched my jaw to prepare for impact. Worse was it that even though he hadn’t entered me yet, my sex tingled intensely upon the attention he was already granting it.

“I am so fucked,” I whispered to myself and planted my face in the mattress.

“Not yet, you’re not,” he replied, seeming to have heard me, and then he thrust hard and deep into me.

Oh, my God. “Ah!” I whimpered. Just like he always did, he stretched me to my limit and halted only when he reached the very end of me. There, he lingered, savouring the feel of me clenching around him.

“Now you are truly fucked,” he stated through a groan and crouched over me, strong arms landing on either side of my frame to support his weight. After withdrawing, he shocked me with his next thrust. The strength he applied was ferocious. It was nearly just painful, but not quite. It was at the stage just before it, on the bliss-point.

I held my breath as I was pushed forward across the mattress with each of his savage thrusts. Only when I reached the headboard of his bed did he stall them. Curling his large hands over my shoulders, he lifted my upper body and moved us forward till he smothered me between the headboard and his powerful body. My chest was planted flat across the dark wood, but as he dragged his hands down to my hips, he jerked the latter backward to better align himself with me.

“I badly want to rip off your underwear,” he growled under his breath, and his statement made me giggle.

“That is seriously a fetish of yours, Will.”

“You look so bloody enticing, and yet ironically, I just want to get rid of it. It’s driving me mad.”

I turned my head to glance at him. “Which is it, Will? Underwear or no underwear?”

He smirked. “I think I’ll make you come both with, and without. In that order. Best of both worlds. I’m greedy like that.”

Now reminded that I still had five orgasms to go, I let out another whimper. Another joined it when he shoved forcefully into me again and immediately recreated his aggressive pattern from earlier. As he continued to plough into me, my breasts bounced on and off the headboard of his bed. Since my nipples were erect, they were susceptible to the friction of it. It was like tiny bites every time I was pushed against the wall.

“Oh,” I moaned and tossed my head back upon a particularly perfect thrust of his. Resting against his broad shoulder, I closed my eyes and revelled in the sensation. There was nothing I loved more than when William demanded possession of my body. His proclivity for dominance wasn’t something I would ever stop appreciating.

“Hear that, Cara?” he whispered sensually into my ear and paid my temple an extended tender kiss. Focusing on my hearing, heat soon flooded my face. Indeed, I could hear it. Below the flapping noises of our flesh parting and meeting was the subtle sound of my audible arousal, blending with the noise of our bodies making contact. I was completely drenched. Now acutely aware of it, I realised my fluids had trailed down my inner thighs. For all I knew, I was soaking his bed as well.

“I love how wet I can make you,” he purred and wrapped his strong arms around me to hug me against his warm chest. “But,” he murmured and suddenly withdrew from within me. As he abandoned me entirely, I turned my head, confused, and saw him recover his shirt from the floor. Bent over as he was, the sight of his muscular back had me swallowing the drool in my mouth. He was so bloody attractive. My heart contracted as I ogled the devastating view of his rippling slabs of muscle.

Upon his return, he met my eyes and smiled amused when noting my puzzled expression. “That much lubricant is ruining the friction,” he explained and gently dried me off. Stunned, I observed his activity from the corner of my eye. When he eventually tossed his shirt on the floor again, he chuckled to himself.

Intrigued, I studied him. “Have you studied sex, William? Who knows things like that?”

Smug, he passed me a smile. “It doesn’t require a Sherlock to understand that, Cara. It’s basic physics. And chemistry, I suppose. Anyway, looks like we’ll have to change the sheets before we settle for sleep tonight,” he stated triumphant and gazed around himself to assess the state of his bed. “In the end, you still have five orgasms to go.”

I exhaled long and loud and looked to the heavens for aid. “I’m going to be severely dehydrated by the end of this.”

His ensuing laughter was wholehearted. “You always know how to make me laugh, Cara, witty as you are. ‘Dehydrated’,” he echoed.

I grinned. That was heartfelt. I adored that I could make him laugh, especially when considering that he was generally a quite sober and serious man.

When his laughter ceased, he grabbed hold of the chain between my handcuffs and reclined to lie on his back, successfully dragging me with him. “Now,” he uttered through a satisfied exhalation when I lay atop his chest. Smearing his hands down my body, he didn’t stop until he reached my thighs. When he did, he spread them apart, bucked his hips up, and guided the head of his erection toward my entrance.

After a single, deep thrust, he rolled us around, withdrew, and shoved harshly into me again, leaving my buttocks to be pushed up toward my back.

“Oh, my God,” I wheezed out. Like this, he was sliding right across my front wall. And he had been right. Now that he’d dried off some of my natural lubricant, I could feel him much better.

“God won’t be helping you tonight, Cara,” he countered playfully. “In fact, I’ll make sure to grant you divine pleasures in His stead.”

I planted my face against the mattress and moaned to myself, knowing full well that he wasn’t lying. I should have listened to Jason. Teasing William had not turned out the way I’d had in mind. At all.

After he’d propped himself onto his arms beside me, he started a different rhythm entirely. This time he was slow, but oh how deep he reached. Grinding my teeth together, I focused on my breathing while I tried to stabilise the growing tension within me. That mission was fruitless. Amassing in my lower abdomen was a vicious climax that was certain to blow my mind.

“Will,” I moaned pleadingly.

An animalistic growl leapt past his lips when he suddenly pushed up. Gripping around the chain between my handcuffs again, he dragged me with him and swiftly circled my body with his arms. I revelled in his embrace. No embrace had ever stirred such immense emotion in me – not like this. When in his arms, I felt like I belonged.

“I love being inside of you, Cara,” he confessed, and it triggered my heart to race at dramatic speed. I was hyperaware of his word-choice. He loved being inside of me.

“And I love having you within me, William,” I bravely replied and rested my head against his shoulder. If only he knew I’d meant within my heart as well.

As if provoked by my response, he tightened his embrace of me to such a degree that I could hardly breathe. Nonetheless, I was surprised when he suddenly dropped his mouth to my shoulder and gently bit into it. It was the way he did it that made it odd, because it lasted for many seconds while he continued to smother me against him. What made it particularly conspicuous was the fact that he stalled his thrusts while he did it. Taking note of this, his action did not appear to be part of his sensual designs. On the contrary, it seemed part of resistance.

“You okay?” I queried breathlessly.

He released my shoulder and leaned away, out of my field of vision. “Yeah. Why?” His voice was devoid of emotion.

“You stopped.”

Promptly, he thrust into me again. “Just catching a quick break,” he joked and cupped my breasts in his hands. I wasn’t convinced, but he provided no opportunity to continue my interrogation when he resumed his earlier rhythm.

“Ah,” I groaned appreciatively as the tension rallied again. “Oh, I seriously wish we could do this forever,” I uttered in my ecstatic state.

His soft chuckle massaged my ears before he nuzzled his nose in the crook of my neck. After planting a soft kiss to the skin of it, he said with affection, “You and me both, Cara,” and then he tugged my nipples. Responding, I jerked against him, and gasped as the movement only shoved him deeper into me. Instantly, my quivers were triggered. My impending orgasm had been looming closer than I thought.

“Fuck,” I whimpered as my walls closed around him.

“Ah,” he groaned. “That’s it, Cara.”

“Mm!” I shuddered in his hold of me, wanting to escape from the unbearable tension that engulfed my entire person.

“Come on,” he growled under his breath and pushed harshly into me. At once, my thoughts scattered as oblivion blended with bliss and stole me away from him.

Only vaguely did I hear him say, “Four more to go.”

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