Skin of the Night

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Chapter 55: Delectable Nine

I was heaving for air after my eighth orgasm. Pulling out of me, he wiped away the moistness of his forehead with his forearm.

“How many, Cara?” he prompted breathily.

I couldn’t recall the last time I’d been this physically exhausted. This was nothing short of a bloody fuck-marathon. Because of it, I couldn’t string even a word together. All thought had abandoned me while I concentrated solely on breathing.

Grabbing my hips, he flipped me around onto my belly and quite harshly spanked my bum. A yelp poured out of my mouth as the sting of it etched into my flesh. Judging from the force he had exerted, I was positive the red print of his hand remained.

“How many, Cara?” he repeated.

Mustering my strength for another two breaths, I barely managed to croak out, “E-eight.”

“Indeed, eight. Two left,” he purred and smoothed his hand across the sore area he’d struck a mere moment ago. “But before we get to it,” he murmured and grabbed the back of my bustier to undress me. I was limp as a corpse while he removed every article of clothing covering my skin. When he finished – after unfastening and refastening my handcuffs – I was lying on my back again. It demanded some willpower to open my eyes somewhat. He was sitting on his heels, I saw, eyes devouring the view of me.

“While I fancy you in lingerie, nothing beats the view of you naked,” he stated and trailed his index finger – light as a feather – around my breasts. Closing my eyes again, I felt my sex pulsate. My heart might as well have relocated to my vagina for all I knew. I dreaded sitting tomorrow, and even walking. I was going to be terribly sore after this. And I still had two more to go. The mere thought made me utter a sound that resembled a sob.

“I’ll be right back,” he said and hopped out of the bed, not nearly as a drained of energy as I were. I didn’t bother to ask him what he meant to do. I was merely grateful for a break, and I hoped it wouldn’t be too quick.

Alas, only a minute later I was made aware of his return from his weight meeting with the mattress, leaving me to slide slightly toward him. That awareness was intensified when I felt something ice cold land on my left nipple. Gasping, my eyes sprang wide open to observe what he was doing. Speechless, I watched him drag a spoon of raspberry sorbet across my breasts.

“Time for dessert,” he said and fixed himself another spoonful before he guided it to my mouth. Since I was already gaping, he inserted it without trouble, and the bittersweet taste of it exploded in my mouth.

“You look like your blood sugar is running low,” he teased and passed me a wink. “I hope you don’t mind – I didn’t bring a bowl. It’s been a fantasy of mine to use your body as a plate for quite some time. And I’m in the habit of making my fantasies a reality.”

I swallowed nervously. “You’re kidding,” I whispered astounded.

“Nope. I wasn’t sure which flavour you’d prefer, but raspberry sorbet is my personal favourite. It’s not too sweet, and perfectly savoury, kind of like you. I do have dark chocolate if you’d rather have that, though. Then again, since I’ll be doing most of the eating – or licking – it’s only fair I get to choose the flavour.”

The extent of his eroticism was infinite. I was certain. I’d never done anything so erotic and carnal in my entire life. He was remarkably creative in bed.

Fascinated by his own design, he watched transfixed as he left a trail of sorbet down the centre of my belly. It flexed beneath the cold spoon that heightened the sensitivity of my skin. It was so chill that it gave the illusion of burning. When he reached my navel, he dropped another spoonful within it, before leaving behind yet another line that stopped just above my sex.

Engrossed, I observed him cover even my calves in the sticky dessert. The only place he left alone was my sex, and I gathered there was a reason for it. Knowing him, he probably knew exactly what should and should not interfere with my vagina.

After placing the sorbet and spoon onto his nightstand, he moved to hover above me. While staring deep into my eyes, a wicked smile dominated his mouth. “Bon appétit, the French would say,” he murmured and then descended to collect the trail of sorbet that he’d left on my throat earlier. His warm tongue lapped straight across my thumping pulse and I shuddered beneath it, overwhelmed by the sensation of it.

“Mm, Cara and raspberry is easily my new favourite flavour,” he cooed and lifted his head to leave a chaste kiss on my closed mouth.

“You’re unreal, William,” I replied and met his eyes with affection swirling in mine. Chuckling, he pinched my left nipple.


“Quite real, it would appear,” he teased. “In the end, I exist to make your dreams come true, darling.” I nearly retched at his ridiculous and conceited comment, but was distracted when he replaced his fingers with his mouth to lick away the melted sorbet coating my breasts.

He took his – quite literally – sweet time with me, leisurely licking me clean. All the while, he made sure to leave my sex for last. It was only when he was licking his way across my calf, toward my knee, that I prepared for what was coming. Kneeling in front of me, he supported my ankle with his hands while his merciless tongue slid further and further up my leg. When he reached my inner thigh, it tickled.

“Mm!” I giggled and tried to jerk away. His eyes met mine, and what I discovered in them didn’t look too well for me.

“Ticklish?” he queried.

“No,” I lied.

Narrowing his eyes at me, he flicked his tongue across my sensitive skin again and successfully extracted another giggle from my mouth.

“Oh, Cara,” he crooned and smiled against my flesh. Running the tip of his nose across it, I saw his smile transform into a huge grin. “Duly noted.”

Had he just found another ace? Damn him.

His laughter was evil as he continued to lap his tongue closer and closer to my awaiting folds. Just when he was about to tend to it, the breeze of his breath spread across me first, and it was cool. Squeezing my eyes shut, I prepared for impact.

“Let’s make it a delectable nine, shall we?” With that, he flicked his tongue across my most sensitive area.

“Mm,” I groaned and gritted my teeth. As I focused on my breathing, my brows furrowed rather heavily. And then he hit me with expert precision. Having his dessert, he blew my mind.

My hips bucked up in an attempt to escape his tormenting treatment, but his grip of my hips slammed me back down against the mattress. I battled against his hold of me, which in turn forced him to dig his fingers into my hips so hard that I was certain I would bruise. Whimpering, my face contorted as an agonising tension simmered within me, spreading through my veins and leaving my body tense. I did not pay a single thought to how I must have looked when I finally cried out his name in abandon, “Will!”

Rendered immobile, I savoured the blissful feel of the orgasm that raged through my system. Nothing else mattered. I couldn’t even dedicate a thought to his existence, and that spoke volumes. But he forced me to remember him when he suddenly penetrated me again.

Gasping at the fulfilment, I was ripped back to reality and made aware of the fact that I was lying on my stomach again, beneath him. After lingering within me for a beat, he twirled my hair around his wrist and dragged us up until I was on my knees in front of him. He did not release my hair when he reached for the vibrator lying beside us and switched it on. Upon the dreadful sound, my heart paused in its beats.

“I say we go all in for number ten, darling,” he stated before a chuckle and brought his arm around me to place the vibrator directly to my clit.

“Ah, no!” I wailed and recoiled backward, momentarily forgetting that it would only push him deeper into me. Jerking forward again, I was stopped by his grip of my hair. I was shackled to him. There was no escape. He was everywhere, inside and out.

“What – did you think I’d let you go? Never, Cara. Never,” he growled under his breath and withdrew only to shove forcefully into me again. Immediately, he started a punishing rhythm that was summoning my final climax. This was fucking unbearable. The friction of the vibrator blended with the agonising pleasure of his precise thrusts. I couldn’t breathe anymore. Oh, my God. I was going to implode.

Not a sound made its way out of my mouth while he panted behind me. Tugging my head back, he bent my neck backward and ravished the slope of it with hungry kisses. Overwhelmed, I started shuddering beneath him while I felt myself climb higher and higher.

In and out, he went, on repeat. And he reached so deep. When my walls clamped down on him, he released my hair to circle his arm around me.

“Come for me, Cara. I’m right there with you,” he commanded and tugged my nipple. Since I had stopped breathing, the lack of oxygen induced my orgasm. I’d never trembled so violently before. Dropping the vibrator, he caged me in his arms and secured me in place while I turned rigid in his arms, overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of my incredible orgasm.

“Fuck!” I cried out and saw tiny spots of silver shoot past my closed eyes.

“Ah,” he groaned and pushed so hard into me that I wailed out his name. After another merciless thrust, he spilled himself within the condom he was wearing and released me, leaving me to collapse against the mattress, utterly spent.

“That was intense,” he stated through a ragged breath and gently withdrew. My vagina was totally beaten. Following his departure, it ached and seemed oddly hollow. After undoing my handcuffs, at last, he rolled onto his back beside me.

For minutes on end, we lay there, restoring our equilibrium. I, for one, was also restoring my sanity.

When he eventually reached out for me, his fingertips had hardly skimmed my skin when I hoarsely stated, “Don’t touch me. I’m dead.”

Disobeying, he chuckled as he ran his entire palm lovingly down my moist back. “We need a wash.”

“I am not moving. This bed will be my coffin.”

After a long sigh, he climbed out of the bed and headed for his bathroom, and I heard him open the tap to fill his tub. He returned soon after and walked around the bed to grab hold of my ankles. Tugging me toward him, he then snuck his arms under my knees and back to lift me across his chest. Completely limp, I opened my eyes to look up at him. He stared straight back at me with a soft expression in his eyes, and it made my heart throb. I hadn’t expected it. But he said nothing.

After lowering me into his tub, he turned for the door and exited. I didn’t bother asking what he was doing. Instead, I revelled in the hot water. It was exactly what I needed. The heat of it soothed my battered body and restored a portion of my strength.

From the corner of my eye, I caught a movement through the open door. Turning my attention to it, I found him changing the sheets of his bed, and the sight warmed my heart. I loved that he was so familiar with domestic chores. I truly loved that he didn’t subscribe to traditional roles of masculinity by avoiding tasks like cleaning and cooking. I thought to myself that the day I found him sweeping floors would be the day I demanded to be his girlfriend.

I smiled to myself while I watched him put on a fresh sheet with meticulous attention. He didn’t allow as much as a crease to disturb the fabric of it. In that he was a striking contrast to his brother. Jason could be domestic, but he was lazy about it. He never made his bed, and if his duvet slipped out of the bedding, he wouldn’t bother to stuff it back in. I doubted William was guilty of the same.

I was still admiring him when he suddenly looked toward me, catching me in my spying. A crooked smile formed on his lips as he stretched away from the bed.

“I was worried you’d fall asleep and drown,” he said. “Glad you’re still remotely alive. I wouldn’t know what to do with your corpse.”

I giggled and turned my head to close my eyes.

“Much less what to do without you,” he added after a beat.

My heart jolted and my eyes reopened. Pure love surged through my chest while his winsome words echoed in my mind. Turning toward him again, I pleaded, “Come join me. The temperature’s lovely.”

“I’ll be finished in a second,” he replied with a loving tone to his sensual voice. Impatiently, I waited for him to finish up, and when he finally did, he sauntered toward my figure in the tub and climbed in to recline behind me. He switched off the tap while he was at it and then brought his arms around me to drag me toward his chest. With my legs encased between his beneath the surface of the water, I snuggled deeper into his embrace and exhaled content.

“We have the craziest dates, William. I’m not looking forward to the sex after date number three,” I murmured amused and closed my eyes. Against the back of my head, I felt his heart pound, but the sensation of it was soon disturbed when his chest shook with his laughter at my comment.

“Don’t worry, Cara. This isn’t going to be the standard we set for ourselves. Next time, we’ll have lazy sex.”

“Mm, that sounds lovely,” I cooed.

“As in five minutes from now.”

I stiffened for a second until I realised he was only pulling my leg. “Ha-ha.”

“Nearly got you there.” He chuckled. Reaching for the showerhead, he then proceeded to wash my hair. As he did, he covered my eyes with his hand to ensure that no water bothered them. When he eventually rubbed shampoo into my hair, I nearly fell asleep, because he was adding a scalp massage to the mixture. Drool gathered in my mouth.

“That feels so good,” I whispered drowsily and struggled to remain conscious.

“I aspire to make you feel good.”

“You’re succeeding.”

Since I was still robbed of all strength by the time we’d washed up, he wrapped me into a towel and carried me back to bed. The clean sheets he tucked me into were like a meeting with paradise. My head had barely rested on my pillow for five seconds by the time I passed out. I didn’t even notice that he snuggled up to spoon me.

Revived, I woke up the next morning to the sound of a phone ringing, but it wasn’t mine. As my eyelids fluttered apart, I was met by William’s irritated frown, even if his piercing eyes were still shut. I realised he was holding me only when he let go to fetch his mobile off his nightstand. Groaning, he opened his eyes to read the name on his screen. His frown intensified.

Sitting, he swiped the screen and pressed the device to his ear. “Yeah?” he groggily answered. I watched fascinated as his entire body tensed. “You did what?” Pushing his duvet aside, he climbed out of the bed and headed straight for his walk-in-closet. Smitten, I stared after his beautiful backside with a content smile on my face. I could never ogle him enough.

“Alex, I’m honestly delighted to hear that. You did the right thing.”

Alex was the one calling him? Turning my gaze to William’s alarm clock, I saw that it was nine in the morning. What on earth was he calling William for at this ungodly hour? Nine in the morning on a Sunday? Was he daft?

No way. I was going back to sleep. Turning my back to him, I snuggled into the duvet and tried to ignore their conversation, but it proved harder than I’d expected when I heard him say, “Yeah, it’s no bother. I’ll be there in half an hour.”

What? Was he leaving? What about my scrambled eggs? Whirling around, I searched for contact with his eyes through the open door, but he was too busy dressing to mind me.

“Cheers, mate,” he murmured and hung up.

“You’re leaving?” I immediately asked.

Wearing nothing but a pair of navy blue trousers, he faced the doorway with a sombre look on his face. “Alex broke up with Abigail last night. I’ve got to be there for him. And I’m worried he’ll change his mind. This is a critical time. I’m determined to convince him to let this be a permanent solution. It’s not the first time they’ve hit a bump in the road.”

My eyes widened. I surely hadn’t expected that. Vaguely, I noted his changed mission. With Andy, he’d been adamant to guide him back to Chloe. With Alex, he seemed motivated to sever his tie to Abigail.

“You really do not like her,” I remarked.

He arched a brow at me. “To be perfectly honest with you, I hate her. I’ve never met a woman I find more disagreeable in my entire life. She’s toxic, and she’s ruining Alex. He got a bit depressed after his father died, and Abbie hasn’t done anything to ease his suffering. She’s only made it worse. So yes, I actually hate her for that. I don’t want her anywhere near him.”

I wasn’t aware Alexander’s father had died. The information made me gape. Poor man. “His father died?”

He nodded as he fetched a white shirt. “Yeah, two years ago. Spontaneous heart attack. His father was here, but Alex and I, as well as Chloe and Andy, were in the Bahamas together when it happened.”

“Christ,” I breathed. “That’s awful.”

“It is, and Abbie’s only made his life worse ever since. But regarding their break-up, I suspect Ivy is part of the reason. Well, I hope she is, because if that happens to be the case, she might be the motivation he needs to stick with his decision. He can’t be pursuing her while he’s got a girlfriend.”

“I wish there was something I could do,” I mumbled through a sympathetic pout.

He smiled charmed while he swiftly fastened the buttons of his shirt. “I’m sorry I can’t make you breakfast, but I trust you’ll manage on your own. I’ll leave my keys behind so you can lock yourself out. Give them to Garrick when you leave – or Patrick, I think it might be today. Anyway...”

He sauntered toward the bathroom to brush his teeth and groom his hair, and when he’d finished, I admired the graceful walk of his approach. Simply the way he carried himself oozed of self-assurance. When he had rounded the bed to reach my side, he had himself a seat on it and cupped my cheek in his hand. The tenderness that his orbs contained made my cheeks flush. I was dreadfully susceptible to that look of his.

“I’ll see you for dinner at my parents’,” he murmured and lowered his head to peck my mouth.

“You’re coming?” I queried surprised.

His eyes sparkled with thrill. “I am. I’m looking forward to it. They’ve got no idea I’m seeing anyone, and yet there you’ll sit. I’m sure Jason’s looking forward to that as well. Our parents will be completely blindsided, and I find that extremely amusing.”

“You little shits.” I giggled. “Poor Daphne and John; having had to raise you two.”

“They adore us,” he countered smugly and pecked my forehead. “Get some more rest. I did a number on you last night.”

“Ten, William. You did ten numbers on me last night.”

He chuckled, seemingly triumphant. “I love myself.”

I rolled my eyes in despair of him. “At least someone does.”

“Brutal,” he responded with his flinch.

“You asked for it. Now, leave me alone with my dreams. Alex needs you.”

“Don’t you?”

I scoffed. “Not now, I don’t.”

“Nonsense. You hate that I’m leaving,” he argued conceitedly. Well, it wasn’t so conceited in the end, because it was indeed true.

“Get over yourself.”

“Admit it.”

“Fine! I’m really disappointed I’m not getting scrambled eggs for breakfast!”

He burst out laughing. “You can be so nasty, do you know that? Just admit it already! It’s perfectly all right to be gutted that I’m leaving unexpectedly.”

I moaned and shielded my blushing face with my pillow. Like myself, he could be impossibly stubborn. Speaking into it, I said, “Yes, William, I’m gutted you’re leaving, and I can’t wait to see you again for dinner.”

“That wasn’t so hard, was it?”


“Good. Next time, try and upgrade it to a ‘William, I can’t manage without you’.”

I dragged the pillow away to scowl at him. “Take your banter and shove it up your arse, you utter bellend.”

While laughing, he lowered his head to place another kiss to my face, right on the tip of my nose. “So close. I was so close.”

“Not by a long chalk. You should know better than to question my independence.”

His grin was contagious when he stretched up. “Oh, I encourage your independence. It’s one of my favourite things about you. Anyway, you’re the best, Cara. See you soon.”

“Right back at you, Will. Go save your friend.”

“I shall.”

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