Skin of the Night

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Chapter 6: Sandra... You're Drenched

With my breath locked in my throat, I managed through the door and was just about to remove my heels when he clasped my wrist to tug me harshly toward him. Slamming into his robust anatomy, he knocked the little air I had left out of me.

“I’d rather you kept those on,” he crooned and then dipped down to engulf my mouth. Wide-eyed, I melted into his embrace, utterly at his mercy again. The effect this man had on me was beyond my comprehension. He hypnotised me like a snake to its master’s flute.

While his mouth possessed my own, he reached for the door and gently shut it. The noise of it being locked made my heart skip a beat. I was both literally and figuratively trapped, and yet I harboured no desire to escape. Then, was I truly trapped? Perhaps I was suffering a mild case of Stockholm syndrome, because I was surely in favour of my captor.

The taste of him was intoxicating, and so was the scent of him. How had it come to this? I surely hadn’t been expecting his attention earlier tonight, and yet here I was, about to ravish every trace of skin on his beautiful body.

He didn’t waste a second. Impatiently, he slipped his tongue into my mouth and pinned me forcefully against the wall beside a white chest of drawers. The impact caused me to groan into his mouth, and the sound of it triggered a smile of his to interfere with our passionate kiss.

“You know,” he cooed and moved to trace soft kisses down the slope of my neck. When he found my throbbing pulse, he gently sucked and nibbled on it. The sensation of it made my eyes close. So quickly, he’d located one of the most sensitive areas on my body. “You seem to find yourself so lost and desperate that you wound up in my bed after all, despite the despicable excuse for a man that I am.”

Using my own words against me, he riled me.

“Is that supposed to arouse me?”

“No. However, it certainly aroused me,” he countered, preceding a smug chuckle. My lips parted when he thrust his crotch against me. His erection strained against the lower part of my abdomen like a silent promise of pleasure. When his large hands trailed down my waistline to grip my hips, my breathing grew more erratic. The anticipation was thick and dense in the air between us.

“The form of you should be illegal, love,” he stated under his breath and leaned away to stare intensely into my eyes.

Caught by his allure, a groan leapt over my tongue before I flung my arms around his neck to bring his tempting lips back to mine. As the delectable flavour of him exploded in my mouth once more, I closed my eyes to savour it . Like an addict, I was starving for more of the drug-like sensations he invoked in me. Under his influence, I felt high; ecstatic.

Expertly, his tongue teased my own with gentle flicks. I had already fallen victim to his remarkable way of kissing, but that didn’t prevent me from being mystified by it. How was it possible to be so tender and forceful at the same time? He wasn’t eating my mouth, and yet I had never felt so devoured. His lips moved according to the bliss-point; the brink between too much and too little.

Needing air, I pulled away, albeit reluctantly. “Where did you learn to kiss like that?” I breathily asked.

My question prompted his smirk. “I’ll take that as a compliment, if I may. And you’re not half-bad yourself.”

I scowled at him. Arrogant bastard.

When I was about to reply, he distracted my attention by dropping to his knees in front of me. Puzzled, I watched him. What was he doing?

“What are you doing?”

For a response, he folded his warm hands over the pale skin of my bare knees and brought them over his broad shoulders. Thinking I was about to fall backward, I squealed inwardly, but thankfully, the wall behind me served as support. In silence, I commended his original move. It left me even more curious to explore what scenes he could orchestrate. So far, he hadn’t proved to be particularly conventional.

Upon the sound of my squeal, he grinned up at me. The look in his eyes completely paralysed me. Through long, dark lashes, he watched me intensely. Held by his wilful gaze, I didn’t protest to his next advances. Slowly, but confidently, his hands smoothed up my naked thighs, warm and soft, before moving inward. His touch left tingling sensations in its wake, leaving me to pant louder than usual. Raw arousal flooded my veins the closer he drew to my soaking sex, all while my heart thundered in my chest.

Only then did I realise the state of my black lace knickers. Blushing scarlet, I stared bashfully upon him. Not once had he broken contact with my eyes.

When his slow fingers reached the fabric of my wet underwear, he placed the pad of his thumb precisely against my throbbing clit. Acute and sharp, the sensation shot up my spine, all the way to my nose. Compulsively, my back arched away from the wall while my hands gathered in his dark brown hair. My eyes shut.

Holy shit.

“Ah,” I groaned as he rubbed gently across it.

“Sandra... You’re drenched,” he smugly informed me.

Batting my lashes apart, I was yet again caught by his smouldering pair. He had beautiful eyes. A serene ocean, they resembled, of a warm paradise. How ironic. He was anything but that.

“No. Please. Have me already,” I pleaded high-pitched and dragged my hands through his hair. It was soft between my fingers, but thick in its texture.

“Oh, I intend to, darling,” he assured me softly. While observing me intently, keenly attuned to any response, he pushed up the fabric of my purple dress to reveal my bum. Appreciative of my recently bared flesh, he smoothed his hands across the firm curve of it and, carnal in his methods, squeezed my cheeks before he paid my right side a quick, harsh spank. I nearly jerked away from him, but his hold of my hips prevented me.

“Ah,” I hissed when the sting of his palm burned a mark into my skin.

“That’s for being a bloody pain in the arse earlier,” he scolded and gripped around my knickers. “Now, how much do you care for these?”

Confused by his question, I stared bewildered at him. It was difficult to keep up with him. I was much too aroused to stay focused on anything but his hands on me.

“I’ll just have to find out then,” he murmured after my failure to offer a reply. Shocking me, he ripped my knickers to shreds between his strong fingers. I gaped down at him, overwhelmed by how arousing I found his action to be.

To discard the ruined garment, he tossed it toward his front door. Then, ever slowly, he leaned in to trace the inner side of my thigh with soft kisses.

“Do we need protection?” he murmured as he trailed the tip of his nose across my skin.

“I’m clean,” I assured him breathily. “Are you?”

“I am.”

I swallowed while I considered whether to trust him. “Good. But I’d prefer if we used a condom either way.”

As he moved closer and closer toward my bundle of nerves, I tensed against him. My fingers fisted in his hair to halt his advances. If I went along with this, I would soon discover just what else his tongue was capable of, and that idea was slowly but surely seducing me.

Noticing my reluctance, he replied, “I’ll respect that. However, the scent of you is driving me mad, so I’m willing to risk it. May I?”

I blushed at his vulgar statement. I wasn’t used to verbal lovers, but William appeared to be one. Though, surprisingly, it only made him all the more alluring.

Should I allow him? “If you give me anything, I’ll have your balls on a platter.”

The cool breath of his chuckle spread across my wet folds, leaving my jaw to clench.

“I believe you. But I won’t give you anything other than bliss,” he claimed.

I looked to the ceiling as I contemplated whether to surrender to temptation. The desire to feel his tongue on me was too immense to ignore. I badly wanted to assess his talents with it, since I was confident it would bring me pure ecstasy. Besides, it seemed unlikely that he’d lie about being clean just for a chance to please me. In the end, what he intended to do was entirely selfless. He wouldn’t derive any physical pleasure from it himself.

“Fine. But I’d still prefer to use a condom later, to diminish the risk.”

“You have yourself a deal, love. I can’t wait to sample your taste,” he answered lustfully and placed a gentle kiss to the spot just above my clit.

For quite some time, he continued to circle it with soft kisses. Rigid, I watched his head between my thighs, enthralled. I was close to losing it. If he didn’t pick up pace, I would have to take matters into my own hands. This teasing was driving me insane. I’d never endured such agonising lust before. He was tantalising to a fault.

“Will,” I prompted.

Again, he chuckled against my folds, leaving his breath to fan across them. I reeled in a sharp inhalation before I clenched my jaw and squeezed my eyes shut.

“All in good time, love,” he reminded me and placed a tender kiss directly to my throbbing bud. God, it felt good. The friction was divine. My legs tensed upon the attention.

“Again,” I begged.

Then, a slick and warm sensation circled my clit, expertly sensitising it. It was his tongue, and it was astounding. My mouth formed a circle as my breath abandoned me.

Lowering his focus, he lapped his tongue over my folds to collect my fluids. “Mm. Better than I imagined, even,” he claimed while savouring the taste of me.

What an unbelievably erotic man. Novel, he was. Blushing at his words, I opened my eyes to watch him again. He sent me a wink and, while making his return to my flesh, held my gaze.

“Oh,” I whined as his tongue drew slow circles around me. Deliberately, he avoided making direct contact, and it was driving me wild. My blood felt to have caught on flames.

Hot and bothered, I pleaded for his sexual attention, “Please, Will.”

Finally, he caved in. As he swept his tongue directly across my clit, my head jerked backward to knock into the wall behind me, but the pleasure he provided numbed out the pain. Resolutely, he increased the speed of his flicks, and his pattern was out of this world, being a combination of up and down and around.

He was blowing my mind, literally left, right, and centre. Masterfully, he was crafting a sensational orgasm within me. Never, in my life, would I forget the orgasm I was about to endure. I was certain.

The tension raged through my veins, leaving my entire body to flex as I struggled to withstand it. It centred in my lower abdomen, growing larger and larger. When it reached the verge of unbearable, I cried out his name, “Will!”

Determined to drive me over the edge, he persisted. My toes curled, and my shudders started. Oh no.

“Ah!” I gasped when the most powerful orgasm I’d ever experienced flooded my body. Convulsing away from the wall, I crouched over him while I tugged his beautiful hair, overcome with relief and a sense of liberation.

Oh, my God.

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