Skin of the Night

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Chapter 7: Satisfied?

While I drowned in my abstract pool of bliss, he shoved my legs off his shoulders. Next, he grabbed my waist to hoist me up against the wall. Only vaguely did I hear the undoing of a belt. I was much too sated to mind reality, but when the crest of his erection swept across my soaked folds, I made a swift return to it.

“Condom!” I chided and opened my eyes to glare at him. I was religious about my practice of safe sex.

With a look of disdain on his comely face, he frowned back at me. “What do you take me for?”

Confused, I directed my attention to his erected member between us. When I saw it, I blinked, shocked. He’d already sheathed his length in the latex, but that wasn’t what shocked me. His size did. Not only was he long; the girth of him exceeded all my expectations. I’d never seen a more impressive penis in my life, and I’d seen my fair share of them.

“Right,” I commented.

“Satisfied?” he queried, seemingly unbeknownst to the fact that I was commenting on his size, and not the condom around it.

“Y-yes,” I stammered and met his eyes again.

“Good.” He reached between us to align himself by my entrance again. “You’d better muster your strength, Sandra. By the time I’m finished with you, you won’t be able to walk,” he warned.

Saliva amassed in my mouth upon his carnal declaration. While staring into his arresting eyes, my heart throbbed in a most unfamiliar manner. Though the sensation was sweet, it was also devastatingly profound. I couldn’t fathom the nature of it, seeing as I’d never felt anything quite like it.

Indeed, he was devastating, but before I could mind my strange heartbeat further, he thrust powerfully into me.

“Ah,” I whimpered when he shoved past my walls until he reached the very end of me. It hurt, albeit faintly. Gripping his broad shoulders, I clawed into the fabric of his shirt and further into his skin.

“Shit,” he breathed, “you feel fucking amazing. The pressure of you–” he cut himself off by demanding my mouth, and while kissing me as though I were his salvation, he withdrew from within me.

“Be gentle, please,” I mumbled against his lips. “You’re very large.”

I felt, rather than saw, his responding smile. “You’ll survive,” he countered smugly and pushed forcefully into me again. His thrust was of such strength that I was pushed slightly up the wall.

I hissed into his mouth and locked my legs around his strong waist. “Fuck.”

He started a punishing rhythm; in and out, and so bloody deep, but the friction he provided was nothing short of exquisite. This man was clearly an expert in the art of fucking.

“Oh.” I panted. My brows furrowed as I submerged into the intense look in his eyes. I’d surely scored myself a ten out of ten tonight, hadn’t I? I must have been storing up some serious karma when I consoled Olivia through her heartache. Nothing else could explain this uncanny encounter. Then again, I’d never believed in karma.

I was just lucky. It was that simple. To express my gratitude, I would savour this beautiful man.

My eyes closed when his large hands began to roam across my body, exploring and caressing every curve. Lost to his eager, he grabbed the fabric of my dress above my breasts to liberate the aching mass. Pushing the textile downward, he grinned at the view now unveiled.

“Just when I thought you couldn’t get any more perfect,” he stated and lowered his head to engulf my left nipple with his mouth.

My face flushed at his sensual compliment, and further when he harshly sucked my erected nipple. Groaning, I buried my breast deeper within his possession, and relished the delicious sensations that rippled throughout my body.

He was well on his way to obliterate all of my defences. Truly, if this was what it entailed, it was tempting to submit to him. Would one night with this man truly be enough? I worried it wouldn’t.

Moving away from my breast, he kissed his way across my sternum and up my neck to reach the line of my jaw, all while he continued to fuck me into oblivion against the wall. We hadn’t even made it to his bed, I realised.

Upon a particularly perfect thrust, I gasped and hugged him against me. He’d struck precisely against my front wall, a spot that was especially sensitive. Seeming to notice the same, he repeated the same motion, again and again.

“Oh, my God,” I mouthed, because I lost my breath.

“Come on, Sandra,” he growled under his breath. “Give in to me,” he commanded, voice chillingly authoritative.

Holding my breath, I squeezed my eyes shut and felt the tension border unbearable. A few more of those thrusts, and I would come undone, whether I wanted to or not.

“Ah!” I wailed as my toes curled again. “No,” I whined. I didn’t want to climax so soon.

Burying his hand in my hair, he tugged my head back to expose my neck. “Yes,” he panted and thrust expertly into me.

Immediately, I was sent over the edge again, reeling straight back into bliss.

I pushed against him, desperate for space. I was so overwhelmed that I feared I’d implode. My entire body was convulsing, but he confined me to him, strong arms becoming a cage.

“Stop, please,” I uttered through a desperate pant.

“You’re exceptionally sensitive,” he remarked, voice full of wonder. He wasn’t the first to tell me that, but that didn’t make it less true. I’d always been like this. Perhaps that was why I enjoyed sex so much. I rarely had it without coming at least the once.

“Yeah, well... for better or for worse,” I hoarsely responded.

He chuckled and, to my relief, stalled his thrusts. Instead, he brought us away from the wall and carried me into his living area. Locating his squared and dark brown dining table, he lowered us onto it before he propped himself up onto his strong arms on either side of me.

In silence, we stared entranced at each other; both overcome by the chemistry between us. I’d never experienced anything quite like this before, and certainly not with a stranger. The mere magnitude of it was uncanny. Was this the sort of encounter that would only happen once in a lifetime, if at all? Was I currently staring at the right one, or was he just another fool among the crowd of imposters? My gut whispered he was different, but I was scared to listen.

With a look of amusement, he pushed away from me to take a stand between my legs, but he remained buried within me, which my vagina was hyperaware of. The tissues of it throbbed around his shaft, overly sensitive.

“Your sexual stamina could use a remedy,” he murmured as he busied himself with undoing the buttons of his waistcoat. Offended, I stared up at him.

“Fuck you.”

“You are. Right now, as it happens,” he fired back, thoroughly humoured, and thrust gently into me again.

“Ah,” I complained and, surly, looked away from him.

He chuckled where he stood. “We’ll have to practice, I suppose.”

“In your dreams.”

“There as well, I’m sure,” he twitted. “But I have to say, watching you come – twice already – doesn’t make me the least bit inclined to adhere to your wish about not meeting again. I’m confident that I could watch you come for a lifetime without growing bored.”

My face switched to red. I refused to debate this with him. I wasn’t changing my mind. However, like the solicitor he was, he surely drove a hard bargain, both sexually and figuratively.

When I heard a few soft articles meet with the floor around his feet, my eyes darted in his direction again. Presented to me was a stunning view that made me salivate. Clearly, the man worked hard to stay healthy. He was easily the fittest man I’d ever slept with. I could wash my clothes on his stomach, for heaven’s sake.

I couldn’t resist ogling him. While his muscles were prominently defined, they weren’t too much. They were athletic and proportionate – exactly my taste.

Groaning, I turned sideways and tucked my face into the palm of my hand. This wasn’t fair. I didn’t deserve this. Why was my willpower and dedication to my studies being put to trial like this?

“Either way, we’re nowhere near finished,” he alleged and reached for my arm. Gripping it, he dragged me off the table and slipped out of me in the same go.

Now towering in front of me, he dropped a sweet and extended kiss to my mouth till he whirled me around and reached for the zipper at the back of my dress. While studying my surroundings, I heard it come undone beneath his skilful fingers. His flat was rather large, I noted, and especially if he lived alone. The interior design was neatly put together. Evidently, the man had excellent taste. The whole space was covered in darker shades, of the masculine variety.

“Do you live alone?” I asked when my dress fell to pool around my ankles.

“No. I’m expecting my girlfriend back in about an hour, so we’ll have to be quick,” he replied flatly.

My heart faltered. Slowly, and plagued by dread, I turned my head to regard him across my shoulder. A sardonic smile welcomed me.

“Tosser,” I insulted him annoyed. He’d been pulling my leg.

He laughed, and his eyes squinted with his amusement. “Yes, darling. I live alone. Do you?”

“No. I’ve got a flatmate. Best mate.”

“I suppose we’ll be spending more time here, then,” he conceitedly answered. I was about to murder his hope when he placed his hand to the small of my back and pushed me forward quite tenaciously. Spread flat across the surface of his dining table, I felt his nails claw down my back.

“Mm. You are a sight to behold,” he cooed after he’d left another kiss on my shoulder blade. While stretching up to his full height behind me, his hands smoothed across my lower cheeks. “This,” he squeezed, “is more enticing than I could possibly express.”

I swallowed a lump in my throat and closed my eyes to prepare for his intrusion. Soon enough, the tip of him lapped across my folds, possibly to lubricate himself in my fluids. It was a careful action, and yet the sensation made me shiver. I was overly sensitive now, and it had me certain that I’d be coming again in record time.

And then he pushed into me with a groan that joined my own. Searching for something to hold onto, I spread my arms apart to grip the edges of the table, and when he grabbed my hips upon his steady retreat, I perceived it as a warning. His next shove wasn’t going to be merciful.

However, his following thrust proved me wrong. Unlike earlier, he was being deliciously delicate this time around. He didn’t plough into me. Instead, he settled into a steady rhythm that massaged my front wall in the most pleasurable manner. In all fairness, this pattern was far worse, because it seemed to trigger me much swifter.

“Oh, my God,” I whimpered and gathered my arms to lift my upper body. Using his hold of my hips, he ministered me to meet each of his thrusts, which led him to reach so blissfully deep. I’d never been penetrated so well.

“You like that?” His voice was sexier than any other I’d heard, and particularly when he used that tone of his. It made him irresistible.

“Mm, yes. Don’t stop,” I answered breathlessly.

His warm mouth placed a loud, hungry kiss to the spot between my shoulder blades. As the tip of his nose trailed up to the nape of my neck, he whispered sensually, “If I could, I’d fuck you forever, Sandra. You feel that good,” and then, a single harsh thrust.

“Oh!” I shook my head from side to side. Would I survive this?

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