Skin of the Night

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Chapter 70: None At All

Rendered clumsy by our fervour, we nearly tripped onto his bed together, but surprisingly, he was the one to ensure our balance. When he pushed against me, his chuckle played across my mouth, and meanwhile, my feverish hands rushed to undo the buttons of his shirt.

“Sorry,” I uttered through a pant between kisses.

“Don’t apologise,” he insisted breathlessly, voice laced with arousal that set my heart on fire. In the back of my mind, the memory of how he felt within me urged me to continue, as the sensation was nothing short of bliss. It was like he’d once said: whenever he entered me, I never wanted him to leave. The feel was irreplaceable. I’d never come closer to experiencing completion. I was certain.

“For this, I’ll gladly break another few bones,” he professed before he pushed his tongue past my eager lips. Though his kiss was harder than usual, I met it with an equally famished passion.

When I managed to spread his shirt apart, I smoothed my hands down his warm chest, and upon feeling how hard his heart was beating against my palm, I groaned. Compulsively, I scraped my nails down his firm muscles, leaving red lanes to emerge as concrete marks of my sublime and absolute desire for him.

Consumed by that transcendent emotion, it felt as though nothing could satisfy the aching absence within me unless I devoured the entire of him. However, as much as I wanted to abandon my inhibitions and attack him with all the passion I contained, I was determined to remain mindful of his injuries.

“Lie back,” I ordered and pulled away from his mouth to focus on undoing his trousers. The second I’d managed, he reclined into a seated position on the mattress behind him. When he tilted his head back to gaze up at me, I immediately yielded to the bewitching hunger of his eyes.

“Shit, Will,” I whispered and cupped his head in my hands. “You’re sexier than you’ll ever know, and you don’t even mean to be.”

A sinful smile spread his lips apart, and I hadn’t seen such boyish joy shine from his orbs in what felt like months.

“Says you,” he cooed and swept his healthy arm around me to bring me closer.

Ruled by impatience, I reached for the zipper at the back of my dress and hurried to yank it down. As soon as the textile loosened around my figure, I pushed it off my shoulders to let it pool around my ankles, and wasted no time with stripping out of my white lace knickers. All the while, I held his gaze as though these were my last seconds on earth. I wouldn’t have wanted to spend them looking at anything or anyone else.

When he lowered his gaze to admire the unveiled view I presented, he inhaled sharply, and the sound made a smile flirt with my lips. Playful, I placed my index finger under his chin and tilted his head back to leave a slow, sensual kiss on his tempting mouth. A breath later, the palm of his left hand locked over the back of my head to secure me in place.

As he leaned backward, he brought me with him so that I was forced to climb onto him and straddle his lap. Then, he released my head to instead journey his hand down my back, and he didn’t stop until he reached my bum. When he did, he squeezed it hungrily and paid it three gentle and loving pats while grinning against my mouth.

“This beautiful bum, though.” He groaned into our kiss and dug his nails into the flesh of it to force me down on him. Like this, the bulk of his erection pressed precisely against my clit, and the friction was acutely tantalising. Yearning for more of it, I started grinding against him, and oh how good it felt. I could hardly wait to feel it rub inside of me, this time without a condom.

Upon my action, his lips broke our kiss by parting against mine. All I heard were the sounds of his lustful breathing as it breezed my mouth.

“Tell me if anything I do causes you pain,” I warned and veered from his mouth to lick the lining of his sharp jaw on my way to the pulse of his throat. Since his earlobe was within range, I stopped by to offer it a few nibbles before I roamed lower to trade kisses with his thumping artery. All the while, his amazing scent drugged my sense of smell.

“I can’t imagine feeling even a trace of pain right now,” he countered absentminded and allowed his nails to graze the skin of my back on his journey toward my bra. Since he seemed to struggle with unclasping it, I stretched up to help him, and the responding look on his face was priceless. He resembled a man robbed of all honour and will to live.

“I would’ve managed,” he muttered when the garment liberated my breasts.

“I’m sure, but I’m too impatient,” I consoled him, amused, and passed him a wink before I descended onto him again. Flattening my hands at the top of his chest, I grinned and nuzzled my nose to his sharper one as I continued to grind slowly against him.

“I want to be on top this time,” I stated.

His chuckle blew against the lower part of my face. “You won’t hear me complaining. Though, I do have a request.”

I pushed up a bit to catch a better look of him. “Oh?”


My cheeks turned bright pink at the idea of it. Embarrassed, I turned my profile to him to stare blankly at the open door leading to his walk-in-closet. “I’ve actually never done that before.”

Disbelief entered his voice. “What?”

“Yeah. Never.”

Succumbed to surprise, he was quiet for a beat. “Well, knowing you, you’ll do just fine. Besides, I’d say it’s the perfect battle for us. Who’s better with their mouth?”

Meeting his eyes again, I was positive my stare was scorching. “Challenge accepted.”

His eyes shined of an equally sizzling heat. “I hope you like losing.”

“I like the taste of your cum better,” I retaliated through a cheeky smile. His eyebrows shot up his forehead before laughter burst out of him.

“I can’t believe you just said that. I love your crude mouth, Cara.”

“Then I’m sure you’ll appreciate that I’m about to wrap it around you,” I purred and climbed down the length of his body. On my way, I trailed tender kisses along the concaved line between his abdominal muscles. However, when I reached the band of his black Hugo Boss boxers, his left hand fisted in my hair to pull my head back, presumably so that I would direct my eyes at him again.

The resolute look in his eyes puzzled me, but thankfully, he soon explained, “You’re not allowed to make me come with your mouth. I mean it. I’ve been waiting for this day for months – to be inside of you without anything between us; skin to skin. I won’t let you take that away from me for the sake of some silly challenge.”

While smiling back at him, I licked the trail of hair leading to his erection. “As you please, sir.”

His jaw clenched upon my playful response. “You’re too alluring for your own good, Cara. The things I want to do to you...”

I winked back at him and hooked my fingers into his beige trousers to – along with his boxers –yank them down his long legs. His impressive erection sprang free, and the sight of it triggered extreme arousal. Oh, the memories it elicited. How I loved his cock. I hadn’t seen it like this in far too long.

After I’d tossed the articles away, I glanced at the unbuttoned shirt he was wearing. Since his forearm was still in a cast, I couldn’t be bothered to remove it completely. That would demand seconds that I did not want to dedicate to such a mundane task when I could spend them pleasuring him instead.

“Bring me the goods, babe,” he ordered and waved me forward again.

Whilst grinning, I lowered my head to flick the tip of my tongue across the crest of his erection, and the taste of his pre-cum teased my imagination. Meeting his eyes, I caught him frowning back at me, slightly irked. Again, he grabbed me by my hair to pull me forward.

“We agreed,” he reminded me strictly. “Don’t be selfish.”

I snickered on my way to his mouth, and was still smiling when I placed an amorous kiss to it.

“Turn around,” he mumbled against my lips and smoothed his hand down the curve of my waist. To obey, I stretched up and moved to straddle him the wrong way.

Across my shoulder, I cast a lascivious glance at him. “What now?”

He smirked back at me and, using his grip of my hip, dragged my derriere toward him. “Now you sit on my face,” he purred.

While flushing bright red, I climbed onto all four to align my folds with his mouth, and when his warm breath spread across the lubricated tissues, my heart skipped a beat. For some odd reason, I felt far more exposed in this position than when he went down on me the regular ways.

When his fingers spread my folds apart, my breath hitched and I froze atop him, hesitant. Seeming to notice, he used his grip of my hip to further lower me, and then his soft lips placed a careful kiss precisely on my clit. Since it hadn’t received much attention in a while, the sensation of it was so sharp that I jerked forward, but he was quick to pull me back again. This time, he wrapped his arm around my thighs to lock me in place.

“Mm,” he hummed in appreciation, “my favourite flavour.”

His verbosity made my blush intensify while I closed my eyes to try and regain my concentration, but it was proving rather difficult when he started lapping slow circles around my bundle of nerves in order to sensitise it. Sometimes, his expertise was more of a curse than a blessing.

Forcing myself to act, I grabbed around the base of his erection and descended upon it with mouth. The erotically familiar scent of him filled my nose as I pushed my tongue past my lips to flick it across the back of him, a place I knew he was particularly sensitive. A smile caught my mouth when I heard his responding groan derive from between my legs.

To progress things, my hands abandoned his shaft entirely when I took him deep into my mouth. Instead, I caressed his thighs and felt them flex beneath my palms, responding to my mouth around him. Encouraged by his reactions, I took him in as deep as I could possibly manage without choking, and began bobbing my head until it summoned tears to prickle my eyes. His flesh grew harder and harder against my tongue, which I made sure to swirl around while I sucked.

“Ah,” he groaned, but it was a conflicted version. “Fine,” he growled under his breath. “If you won’t play fair, I won’t either,” he continued, and on that note, he targeted my clit with clinical precision.

“Oh,” I whimpered and, without meaning to, jerked away from his length. A triumphant chuckle arrived from behind me, but it wasn’t enough to disturb his focus. Fixed on his goal, he continued to lick me into insanity without a trace of sympathy.

This was much harder than I’d expected. How was I supposed to endure this amount of pleasure and still be able to focus on him? Dividing and maintaining a balance of my attention was seriously difficult. Nobody had warned me of this aspect of the position.

Well, practice makes champion, I reminded myself. So, with some effort, I concentrated on his cock again and decided to be equally merciless. Gripping around the base of him, I pumped him with my hand while I increased the pressure of suction.

His fingers dug into my thighs. “Fuck, Cara.” He groaned and, surprising me, bucked his hips to thrust into my mouth. Since I hadn’t expected it, I was unable to control my gag-reflex. My throat closed down on him while a tear trailed down my cheek as I rushed up again.

“Arsehole,” I chided and wiped my cheek dry.

He laughed against my folds and shook beneath me. “Sorry. Had to slow you down somehow.”

“You’re playing dirty,” I scolded.

“Indeed. Just the way you like it,” he chimed and, for emphasis, flicked his tongue from side to side across my throbbing clit. I barely managed to stifle a whimper when I took him into my mouth again, determined to meet his challenge.

Raising his wounded arm, he traced my opening with the pad of his index finger and pulled away to say, “With the way you’re going at me, I’ll have to make quick process of this. Now, unless you want to fuck up my arm more than it already is, stay still.”

Since I was not comfortable with him utilising his injured arm, I stiffened immediately and lifted my head away to turn it toward him. “Will, don’t–”

“Just stay still,” he cut me off, authoritative.

This wasn’t fair. In case I could inadvertently hurt him, I was scared to move now, and part of me reckoned that was precisely his intention. “You’re not being fair,” I complained.

“I’m in it to win, darling,” he countered in his sexual amusement and gently inserted his finger. Grinding my teeth together, I closed my eyes and focused on my breathing. Wasting no time, he inserted another one and pushed up against that sweet spot inside of me. A long, pleading groan poured out of my mouth while I savoured the delicious feel.

“Oh, Cara,” he uttered through a low, sadistic laugh. “You’re clenching around my fingers already. I reckon this,” he pushed deeply into me, “combined with this,” he paid me a quick lick, “is going to set you off any second.”

“William,” I whined and pulled my hair in my frustration. This cunning bastard read my physical responses far too well. He was using my own body against me.

“That’s right, love. I exist to serve your pleasures.” With that, he tightened his hold of my thighs and increased the speed of his tongue, and the pressure he applied drove me wild.


“Ah!” I uttered the sound of a tearless sob and clawed into the bed sheets. Clinging to my remaining strength, I lowered my head and immersed his shaft into my mouth again.

Since I was so determined to retaliate, I refused to submit to the tension that he masterfully crafted within me. Even so, it rallied in my lower abdomen, vicious in its density, which made it hard to breathe stably. I’d never wanted to move away so badly in my life. With eyes squeezed shut, I held my breath and continued to bob my head while he worked diligently to make my body betray me.

Upon a particularly perfect flick of his tongue, I moaned on his cock in my mouth and froze completely. Reading my response, he hastily thrust his fingers precisely against that treacherous spot of my front wall, successfully summoning my quivers. Responding, he tightened his hold of me to battle my shivers, and although I clamped down on his fingers, he pushed past the throbbing tissues to extract every single ounce of my looming climax.

Unable to continue, I pulled away from his length. Within me, the tension spiralled like a raging storm.

Then, finally, came the sweet release.

“Fuck!” I cried out and buried my face in the crook of my arm to surrender to the blissful darkness.

To allow me room to recover, he traded only a single, soft kiss with my pulsating clit and slowly withdrew his digits. Then, he gently guided my body to find rest atop his.

As he smoothed his warm left hand down my back, he triumphantly joked, “Well, it would appear that no harm has been done to my sexual aptitude.”

“Nor your ego, unfortunately,” I replied hoarsely, but I was still too lazy to look at him.

“But you love me,” he countered complacently and patted my bum twice over.

“I do.”

He chuckled. “Sixty-nine was great fun. We’ll definitely be doing that again.”

“Fuck you.”

“Whenever you’re ready.”


His body shook beneath mine with his heartfelt laughter, and it inspired my desire for vengeance. By riding him, I was going to make him come at record time. So, after recovering contact with my muscles, I propped myself onto my arms first, and then pushed up to sit astride him, though my back was facing him.

Sending him a glance across my shoulder, I grabbed around the base of him, ascended somewhat, and guided him toward my entrance. That made him gasp.

“No,” he urged, and his protest held such a desperate tone to it that I halted my actions. “Cara, had this been any other day, I’d love to do this position with you, but I refuse to have sex with you – for the first time without a condom – with your back to me. I want eye contact for this.”

Startled, I stared blankly at him for a few seconds. The vigour in his eyes convinced me he was right to object. I didn’t want that either.

“Right,” I said and conceded by immediately dismounting him to turn around. “I can understand that,” I continued when I moved to straddle him the right way.

Though a smile was present on his lips, he did roll his eyes at me. “You’re quite dense sometimes.”

“Thankfully not all the time, unlike you.”

His smile turned crooked, but when he later allowed his eyes to study my body, it faded completely. Instead, his Adam’s apple ascended and fell with an apparent swallow. “Christ, Cara... You take my breath away,” he confessed unashamed. “I can hardly believe my own fortune.”

Charmed, I leaned forward to cup his jaw in my hands. While grinning, I trailed my nose across the tip of his and said, “Right back at you, Will.”

“I’m done waiting. Bring me home,” he commanded.

I snickered at his reference and reached between our eager bodies for his erected member. “You won’t have to ask me twice,” I stated as I guided him toward my folds. As soon as I had ensured that he’d stay on course when I eventually descended, I returned my hand to his jaw and placed an extended kiss to his warm mouth. Though I could taste myself on his tongue, the flavour was nothing but familiar.

“Ready?” I whispered as I pulled away to hold his gaze.

“So ready,” he confirmed breathily and relocated his left hand to my right buttock. After a nervous swallow, I lowered onto him, and the sensation of it was immense. Delicious chemicals that urged me to continue flooded my bloodstream all at once.

“Ah,” he groaned. Never before had I managed to extract a groan of such a dimension from him. The sound of it resonated through my core like a validation that this was more physically pleasurable to him than anything I’d made him experience before. With lips parting and eyebrows furrowing, his nails clawed into my flesh as he pulled himself deeper.

I didn’t mean to, but because the fulfilment was so profound, my eyes closed to savour it in its entirety. “Wow,” I breathed. Having him inside of me now, raw and hard, was sensational. Usually, I barely noticed a difference if the man was wearing a condom or not, but this time around, it was blatant. There was no synthetic material scraping against my walls. There was only the bare flesh of my lover, and it felt fucking fantastic.

A satisfied chuckle poured out of him when I slowly ascended again. “This is even better than I imagined,” he brought himself to declare.

Wearing a grin of my own, I bit my lower lip and stretched up to find my desired rhythm. However, I’d barely moved my hips by the time he tried to lean up after me. Gauging his intentions, I was quick to grab his wrists and slam them down on either side of his head.

Irked, he glared into my eyes.

“I don’t think so, mister,” I purred mischievously and stared straight back. “This time, you won’t get to use your injuries against me. I’m in charge of your pleasure now.”

In his eyes, I could read that he wanted to toss me over and fuck me into oblivion, but that would demand mobility he didn’t – at the moment – have, and I intended to take full advantage. “Don’t worry, Will,” I whispered sensually and trailed my tongue along the edge of his ear. “I’ll make sure to blow your mind even better than I blow your cock.”

A tormented whimper spilled from his throat while he tensed beneath me, trapped by the current limitations of his own body. “Show mercy,” he pleaded.

I grinned against his ear before I took the lobe of it between my teeth. After a gentle nibble, I whispered, “Or none at all.”

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