Skin of the Night

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Chapter 71: Top This From The Bottom

The response I received was in the form of an animalistic growl that battled against his closed lips, and the sound left a lewd expression on my face as I stretched back up and grinned at him. He did not have a submissive bone in his body, and how I relished teasing that fact in precisely this fashion. Through his eyes, I saw the wild animal trapped within him, and it did not favour being held prisoner.

“You’ll enjoy this, darling,” I cooed and placed my index finger to his mouth. “I’ll make sure of it,” I continued as I dragged his lower lip downward. Then, I proceeded to scrape my nail down the centre of his throat, toward his sternum. As I reached the dip between his collarbones, I descended to grant the spot a chaste kiss, and that was when I started to move my hips.

I settled for spontaneity, since I wanted my pattern to be unpredictable. I knew full well that if I meant to drive him mad, unpredictability was the way to go. Chaos, in the end, was not within William’s nature. It stripped him of any and all power he might otherwise have. To function, he needed rules and order. Put simply: predictability. Being at the receiving end of surprises was not something he was accustomed to, since he was usually the one administering them. Now, tossed around by the winds of my spontaneous decisions, he was susceptible to every direction.

And so I went with circular motions, then back and forth, circular again, all while I switched between deep and shallow descents. Like this, I teased him precisely on the brink of bliss, but never quite enough to tilt him over.

“Cara,” he scolded, and he sounded tormented. Fisting his left hand in my hair, he yanked my head back, and when our eyes locked, I found a plea in his.

The smile I paid him was sadistic. “You feel so good, Will,” I lustfully stated and leaned forward to kiss him. He groaned against my mouth, and the sound of it affirmed that this was the right course of action. From his behaviour, it was obvious that he wasn’t going to last as long as he usually did, and I liked to believe my methods were part of the reason. Since I was bereaving him of control, he had no way to calculate how to pace himself optimally.

Only vaguely did I notice that his hand released my hair to instead trail down the curve of my waist, and after he’d smoothed his hand across my lower cheek, the slick bastard proceeded to shove me onto him until he reached painfully deep. Responding to the impact, my breath hitched and my back jerked backward, leaving our kiss to break.

“Will,” I chided and gripped around the wrist of his hand to shove it away as I ascended to relieve the pain. His responding smile was triumphant and smug.

“Can’t handle all of me, can you?”

“I hope you know you just signed your loss,” I snapped back and held his wrist securely planted beside my thigh.

I had not expected the chortle that poured out of him. “I find it amusing when you try to be feisty like this.”

That irked me. I’d been boosting my ego, and now he was countering it rather cunningly by belittling me.

“I’m not trying. I am.”

I gasped when he suddenly bucked his hips up, and the depth he reached invoked extreme pleasure to surge up my spine until it prickled across my scalp. “Oh,” I moaned and dug my nails into his thighs behind me.

“Yeah? I’ll top this from the bottom,” he responded smugly.

“William,” I whined, “you’re so annoying.” I groaned in despair of him and covered my face with my hands while his body shook beneath mine as he guffawed.

Again, he bucked his hips, and he reached so mind-blowingly deep. This wasn’t going according to plan at all. In search of support, I rushed to grab his shoulders, and while leaning forward, I glared into his eyes.

I had just opened my mouth to chastise him when his head dashed forward to make claim of my lips, but I wasn’t an idiot. I knew what he was doing. He was trying to seduce me, trying to secure my surrender.

“Over my dead body,” I grumbled into his kiss and swiftly leaned away again.

When he realised that his efforts had proven ineffective, a pout took to his face. “I don’t want to come that fast,” he objected. His hand skimmed my flat belly as he held my gaze. “You’re moving like you’re trying to break a record.”

Now that reinstated my ego. While grinning like a conceited idiot, I brushed my hair behind my ear, triumphant.

Seeing it, he rolled his eyes at me. “You’re ridiculous.”

“I am highly enjoying this moment, as well as the power of it.”

“Really? I couldn’t tell.” Even if he’d meant to sound sarcastic, charmed laughter poured out of him. “Fine,” he eventually uttered through a chuckle and grinned up at me. “Do your worst, Cara. I’m all yours.”

My eyes widened with my disbelief. “Really? You’re not going to be difficult?”

Still wearing his winsome grin, he vaguely shook his head. “I can tell you really want this. And... we tend to do it my way, so it’s about time you get to do it yours. Only fair, I reckon.”

I felt like a child on Christmas Eve. How fast could I make him come?

“But–” he said.

“Ugh!” I groaned as my head dropped. Of course there was a ‘but’.

“Try and make yourself come as well. Please. It would make me feel better about leaving you with the charge,” he continued through jolly laughter.

“I’ll prove I’m the best rider there is,” I gloated and leaned down to kiss him in my excitement.

His responding laughter tickled my eager lips. “‘Best rider’. That’s hilarious. Even so, I already know you are.”

“I’ll remind you either way,” I purred and began moving my hips again. Though my smile interfered, I kept kissing him as I reached for his left hand to tuck it over my breast, and when he grabbed hold of it, a smile made claim of his mouth as well. Since kissing became impossible, I settled with rubbing my nose across his larger one.

“Thanks for letting me have this round,” I cooed.

“Your wish is my command,” he responded affectionately and pecked my lips just before I leaned back again.

Closing my eyes, I revelled in the feel of him within me, bare and hard. Though subconsciously, I trailed my fingertips down my belly and stopped only when I reached the spot just below my navel. Strange as it were, that was where it felt like he reached when he was buried within me. It hurt somewhat, but it was a pleasurable sort of pain. Bittersweet. Reacting to the sensation, my eyebrows drew toward the middle.

“Does it hurt?” he asked, audibly anxious.

“A bit, but it’s a delicious pain,” I confessed and opened my eyes to look at him.

Seemingly confounded, his right eyebrow climbed upward. “It’s not supposed to hurt.”

“William,” I patiently said and closed my eyes again while a satisfied smile decorated my lips, “I am well aware of what it is and isn’t supposed to.”

He chuckled. “Right.”

I grinned to myself when something about this scenario dawned on me. William was an alpha male at heart. That meant he wasn’t in his element right now, so, “You truly have no idea how not to be in charge, do you?”

His tone was uncertain when he replied, “Not really. This is a first for me.”

I wondered if he meant with regards to sex or life in general, but I decided that the question was more appropriate for another time. Besides, he’d probably meant sex, since he hadn’t heard my thoughts.

“Curious how to proceed?” I teased.

“Is that a trick question?” he perceptively enquired. There was no denying that he was bloody clever.


“I’m not supposed to proceed, am I?”


A groan poured out of him when I increased my pace as well as my focus. Now, I settled into a steady rhythm of back and forth with my calculated descents. Since he was above average in size, I had to be mindful of just how deep I took him. Having him bang against my cervix was not desirable in the least.

Upon such a thought, I took note of the fact that William was quite proficient at controlling his thrusts whenever we had sex, because I hardly ever noticed traces of pain, and whenever I did, it was of the delicious variety; it only intensified the experience. However, now that I was on top, it became apparent that it wasn’t a coincidence, but rather his earnest and diligent effort to maintain the delicate balance between pleasure and pain. It wasn’t an easy task, and especially not when taking his length and girth into account.

I’d never considered or even realised the attentiveness he put into each one of his thrusts whenever we had sex. This added a whole new dimension to his expertise. I’d never been impressed by his talents from quite this angle before, figuratively speaking. To be fair, it was a bit humbling. Were there any angles where I wouldn’t find myself impressed?

“Fuck, that feels good,” he claimed, and his comment prompted me to look at him again. With mouth agape and eyebrows furrowed, he stared fixated at the point where our bodies parted and met.

“May I rub you?” he then asked, and his eyes hurried to mine.

I paid him a lopsided smile and shook my head. “Allow me,” I insisted and lowered my hand from my belly till it reached the apex of my thighs. Leaning backward, I supported my weight by wrapping my free hand over his thigh while I rubbed slow circles around my bundle of nerves, and the look on his face was priceless. I rarely felt so devoured by eyes alone, but it was always William who managed it.

But then, all of the sudden, he shut both his mouth and his eyes while his jaw clenched hard. “Bloody hell,” he grumbled through his teeth, and then I watched his torso flex. Was he trying to resist temptation?

“Enjoying this, Will?” I teased and leaned forward again to switch to circular patterns.

“This is much harder than I thought,” he moaned.

“What is?” I chuckled. “Being solely at the receiving end of pleasure?”


“But you take such pride in your practice of self-discipline,” I teased. “Surely, this is hardly a challenge for a man of your mental strength.”

“Cara.” It was a threat.

“Having me wrapped around you,” I teased as I pushed down on him, “feeling me squeeze and cling to you,” I continued, and leaned next to his ear to whisper, “wet, warm and needy­­­... It doesn’t test your resilience at all, does it?”

“Cara,” he barked.

“Feel how I stretch to accommodate you, Will,” I teased and licked the lining of his ear. “How you just barely fit, as if I were tailor made for you.”


I snickered as I lifted my hips and then descended onto him again with a single, harsh shove.

“Ah,” he groaned and, losing control of himself, gripped my hair to yank my head back once more. The heat of his glare was sizzling. “Stop testing me.”

“But you’re invincible,” I replied with a tone of naive, gullible innocence. “I stand no chance.”

“You know damn well that you do,” he growled under his breath. “You’re the only thing that does, so God help me.”

A sinful smile ripped my pretence apart. “I can’t help myself,” I admitted and brushed my lips across his. “I love you, Will. You were right, you know, when you said I never wanted you to leave. Feeling you within me – I wish that feeling could extend through eternity.”

“Cara, fuck!” he complained and wrapped his healthy arm around me. I increased my pace even further, even though he tried to prevent my motions with his hold of me. However, determined as I was, I managed just fine in spite of it.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to orgasm by the time he reached his peak, but that wasn’t what I desired, either. This was about him. All I wanted, in this moment, was to give him bliss, and it was quite simply because I loved him.

Deliberately, I held his gaze while I continued to ride him, and the emotion that resided in his eyes mesmerised me. They harboured such raw intensity, and at the root of it was pure affection, for me. It was uncanny how his eyes portrayed the depth of his feelings for me in such a palpable manner. With William, I needed only look into his eyes to find the declaration that he loved me.

“Cara, shit,” he warned. “You need to stop,” he pleaded.

“I don’t want to. You feel so good,” I told him amorously and, when his fingers dug into my skin, sealed my mouth over his.

“Mm,” he groaned, but the sound was animalistic this time around. From it, I could tell that he was nearly at his peak. To give him the final push, I leaned back up and moved rapidly atop him. When his abdominal muscles tensed with his reluctance to let go, I savoured the view and stored a mental image of it.

“I’m gonna...” he panted, and then tried to stretch up after me. I would have no such thing. That was a reckless move of him, when considering his broken ribs, so I grabbed onto his shoulders and pushed him back down immediately.

“William,” I scolded, but he had already left it in the past. Such became clear to me when he wrapped his arm over me instead, and the hand of it he folded across the nape of my neck to bring my forehead to his. Abandoning all thought, he was miles away into pure feelings and sensations as he stared into my eyes while he chased his climax.

“Ah,” he finally groaned, and I knew not a sexier or more arousing sound in the universe.

Closing his mouth over mine, he tensed around me till the point where I was nearly smothered. I could hardly breathe, but nevertheless, I continued to pump him, determined to extract every single warm drop of his till he softened both beneath and within me.

“Fuck,” he uttered through a loud pant, large lungs heaving for air. Propping myself onto my arms beside him, I hovered over him with a victorious grin on my mouth.

“Now that I’ve tended to my brittle boyfriend, I can sleep well tonight,” I teased and lifted my right hand to run it though the damp front wave of his hair.

“Your hips are lethal,” he hoarsely claimed and opened one eye to regard me.

“Told you I was the best rider you’ll ever come across.”

“You didn’t mention anything about being the last.”

I burst with laughter at his witty comment. “You idiot. That’s implied! You’re stuck with me now.”

“I’m not complaining. If it’s by your hands – or hips, I should say – I’ll die a happy man,” he replied, and my heart melted when I cast a look at him to see the sated smile on his mouth. I’d never seen a man more content with his fate.

“That was sweet of you to say,” I murmured coyly.

“And true,” he added and lifted his left hand to pat my bum. “Anyway, since you didn’t come like you promised me you’d try to, I’d like to make it up to you when I get home from dinner. With my mouth. Or perhaps a bit of both. Why not.”

“That can be arranged.” I frowned when I suddenly remembered my plans. “Except...”

Both his eyes opened, and in them, I discovered vigilance. “Except what?”

“Livy and I are having a few drinks. Might be best to save it for tomorrow. I’m not sure when I’ll be home, and I don’t want you to wait up for me. You need your rest.”

“London’s not safe at night, Cara. It’s hardly safe in the daytime. Please don’t stay out too late. I’ll worry.”

“I won’t,” I assured him and lowered my head to pay him another kiss that soon turned into a five-minute long session. He was such a great kisser, and the best part was that he was mine.

“I love you,” he reminded me when he eventually pulled away to peck my nose instead. “But I ought to get a move on it.”

“Tell them sorry,” I said when I watched him step out of the bed to head for a quick shower.

“No way. I refuse to apologise for something I’ll never be sorry about,” he countered without turning to look at me. “Fuck that. And they’ll know I’m lying anyway, just by looking at my face.” He turned around in the doorway to look at me. “This is how that would go down,” he said and pointed to his mouth, which an impish grin decorated. “‘Hi Andy, Violet. I’m terribly sorry I’m late.’ That look sincere to you?”

I guffawed at how ridiculous he looked and tossed his pillow at him. “You could at least try to seem sorry about it.”

He chuckled. “Lying isn’t my forte. And anyway, I’m never late. I’ve had to wait around for the two of them far more often than they’ve had to wait around for me.”

“I don’t know why I even bother trying to teach you proper etiquette when you never listen,” I mumbled under my breath and waved my hand in the air.

“Me neither. It’s a fruitless mission,” he responded, seeming to have heard me. “And I listen. I just don’t always agree.”

I continued to laugh at him, endlessly charmed by the unique and candid character he was. In fact, I was so smitten with him that when he walked out of the shower two minutes later, I was still smiling to myself.

“Would you mind?” he asked, seemingly distracted, when he walked out of his walk-in-closet with a new shirt. It was burgundy of hue, a shade that suited him particularly well, and he meant for me to help him dress into it.

As I stretched up to oblige, I was reminded of the downside of not using condoms: the cleaning job.

"Ew," I shuddered and complained. Immediately, I squeezed my thighs together before I collapsed onto the bed behind me. “This is what I hate about not using a condom.”

I watched him struggle to suppress a complacent smile. “To be perfectly honest with you, I bloody love the idea of my–”

“Okay, okay! I get it!” I hurriedly interrupted before he got too vulgar. “Then you may very well clean up after yourself. Go fetch me a towel or something, or I’ll spill all over the floor.”

“Such a waste of high-quality sperm, really,” he brought himself to say, half jokingly and half seriously, before he turned for the bathroom again.

“Well, I’m sure you’ll get to put your ‘high-quality sperm’ to good use eventually,” I murmured after him.

He stopped to poke his head out the door. “Five times?”

I blinked at him, bewildered at first. When I understood, colour increased in my cheeks. “I never said that I’m having your babies, and certainly not five!”

He smirked at me. “You’ll come around.”

I was still gaping when he returned with a hand towel. Like it was perfectly normal, he pushed me onto my back and proceeded to spread my legs apart to clean up his mess.

This man. “You are unbelievable. Don’t you have any sense of personal space?”

“This is my personal space. And you told me to clean up after myself.”

“Oh, my God.” I shook my head from side to side. “William, regarding our other conversation, do you seriously want five kids?”

He met my eyes, and there was a hint of a cunning smile on his mouth. “I’ve already told you this.”

I scowled at him. “I thought you were just pulling my leg.”

“Hm. Your mistake.”

“William, seriously. Let’s say we end up together – I mean, at the end of the day, that is the goal of all this – after five kids, my vagina is going to be wider than a whale’s mouth!”

He pressed his lips together for a long while, and didn’t seem to be breathing, but then laughter spilled out of him, roaring from deep within his lungs. “Jesus Christ, what a comparison!”

“I’m serious! And knowing how dedicated and appreciative you are of sex, that’s a genuine concern of mine!” I argued.

Rather abruptly, he fell silent again. Now, he looked proper angry, if not a bit offended, too.

“Cara Jane Darby, what sort of man do you think I am? Do you seriously think that the elasticity of your vagina is going to be a legitimate concern of mine when you’ve let five small people – that I’ve helped create – borrow your body for nine months each, and then brought into this world? Do you have any idea how stupid you sound?”

I swallowed. “I didn’t mean it like that. I just meant that maybe if a younger girl came along who wasn’t that–”

He actually flinched. “Cara, you are seriously being ridiculous right now. It’s useless to even entertain the thought. You know me. Family is everything to me, which you should be able to tell if you look at how I treat the one I’ve already got. Now, loyalty is equally important to me. Those two combined means that if we end up having children together, I won’t leave you. But if I’m forced to leave you, it won’t be over something meaningless like that.”

I inhaled sharply. “This got very serious very fast.”

“It did. Besides, there’s surgery,” he teased, probably to lighten the mood. “My treat.”

I couldn’t stifle my chuckle.

“Now, to the important matters. Help me?” he reminded me and showed me his shirt.


When I eventually completed the last button, I leaned backward to drink him in. “This colour suits you incredibly well, Will.”

“Enough to draw attention away from my eye?”

I grinned up at him. “Probably to your eye, I’m afraid, since you’re a magnet for glances in this shirt.”

He shrugged his shoulders. “Magnet for glances? Well, they’ll only be looking at what’s yours.” A flirtatious wink followed.

“Hm, I suppose. Though, thankfully, not all of it,” I teased and pressed my hand against his crotch.

“Careful, Cara. Andy won’t appreciate it if you lure me into a second round.”

“Yeah, you ought to leave. I’ll see you later.” I stretched up to grant him a chaste kiss.

“You be careful tonight, yeah?” his tone was stricter than I’d expected, but since I detected concern behind it, I wasn’t annoyed.

“Of course. I’ll have my phone with me if you need me.”

“Good. Tell Livy, on my behalf, to drop Colin. If she’s got any integrity, she will.”

I rolled my eyes at him. “William.”

He chuckled. “I’m joking. I trust you’ll know how to help her best.” After dropping a kiss to the top of my head, he rubbed my arms and went for the door. “Love you. Stay safe, and be available,” he reminded me.

“Promise. You too.”

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