Skin of the Night

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Chapter 76. Before You Stole The Spotlight

Since my excited, lovesick grin was a constant on my way home from work, I was positive the people I passed took me for a lunatic. Little did it matter. All I could think of was my boyfriend, and how eager I was to express my appreciation by going down on him the instant I stepped into the flat. He deserved a thorough blowjob, and if he were going to be difficult about it, I’d throw a bloody fit.

“Hello, Garrick,” I greeted as he opened the door for me. “How are you?”

He stared at my huge grin for a short second, nonplussed. “Hiya, Miss Darby. That’s a lovely smile you’re wearing.”

That only made me grin harder. “Thanks. I have a wonderful boyfriend to thank for it.” I lifted the bouquet between our faces to emphasise my point.

He chuckled. “I’m glad to hear it, though I expect no less of Mr Night.”

“Is he home?”

“He is. Returned about half an hour ago.”

I paused. “Returned?”

“Yes, he had plans with his brother.”

“Right. Is Jason here as well, then?” If he were, that blowjob would have to wait.

He shook his head. “No, Mr Night returned alone.”

“Splendid,” I replied enthused. “Well, I hope you’ll have a wonderful evening, Garrick.”

“You too, Miss Darby.”


He paid me a humble smile and touched the brim of his hat. “Cara.”

As I stood in the lift, I expressed my impatience by tapping my foot, and once the doors slid apart on his floor, I scurried toward his door and hurried to unlock it.

The smell of dinner was my welcome, and it was luscious. Was it duck?

“William!” I called as I left both my purse and the bouquet on the chest of drawers, and then rushed to remove my shoes.

“Kitchen!” he yelled back above the noise of the extractor hood.

I nearly jogged my way there while I said, “As much as I love that you’re making dinner, I need you to remove your trousers before you do anything else. I’ve been–” I cut myself off the second I entered the kitchen, since surprise seized my person. It wasn’t that I didn’t recognise him. I just hadn’t thought he could get any more handsome than he already was. Clearly, I’d been wrong to think that, because the sight of him took my breath away. He’d cut his hair, and the result was impeccable.

He arched a brow while amusement formed on his lips. “You were saying?”

My vagina actually throbbed. I’d be running a river in zero seconds if I weren’t already.

“Wow,” I breathed as my heart skipped a beat. In an instant, I blushed scarlet. “You’ve cut your hair?”

He nodded and faced the stove again. “Yeah. All I wanted was some fucking Nando’s, but Jason insisted.”

I ogled him for another couple of seconds, lovestruck. I could hardly believe that this gorgeous man was in fact my boyfriend. “You look incredible, Will.”

“Thanks. Was about time.”

“Did he get one as well?”


Like his brother, Jason made hearts throb, and especially after a recent haircut. Olivia was going to have her beliefs tried today. I wondered vaguely if he had deliberately chosen to do it before meeting her. I wouldn’t put it past him, even if it weren’t a great sign if it were true.

I shook my head as I reminded myself of what was important. “Right. Well, if there was any room for negotiations before this, it’s gone now,” I firmly stated and approached.

Wearing a frown, he eyed me across his shoulder. “Negotiations?”

The second I reached his puzzled person, I untied the apron he was wearing. “What are you doing?” he asked as I removed it from around his neck and discarded it on the floor. Next, I turned him toward me, to then get started on undoing his trousers.

“Wait a moment,” he objected and grabbed my wrists, but the determined glare I sent him made him loosen his grip. “All right, then,” he chuckled and raised his hands, yielding. “You’re a force to be reckoned with.”

“I am,” I said just as I tugged down his zipper.

He shut off the stove while he pressed his lips together, but his laughter spilled out anyway. “Non-negotiable, indeed. I should get a haircut more often.”

I scoffed as I kneeled in front of him and grabbed around his warm member to point it to my mouth. He wasn’t hard yet, but I was adamant to change that. “I was going to do it anyway. It’s all I’ve thought of since lunch.”

“Well,” his grin was huge as he stared down at me and gathered my hair between his hands, “I can’t say I’m upset that my cock’s been on your mind all day.”

I smiled up at him as I flicked my tongue across the crest. “And now it’ll be in my mouth as well.”

His fingers tugged gently at the roots of my hair. “And that’s how I know I’m blessed.”

Eager to pleasure him, I took him in without further ado, and as I bobbed my head, I made sure to synchronise the pattern with my hand while I pumped the base of him. He grew harder and harder within my mouth, took up more and more space.

“Mm,” he groaned in audible delight, and it was a sound I loved. With a sinful smile on my mouth, I pulled away to lick up and down his length as I gazed up at him. Meanwhile, my hand continued its enthusiastic labour.

He stared back at me for a short moment before shook his head to himself and tugged my hair again. “I love my life,” he murmured to himself before a chuckle.

My smile transformed into a grin when I heard him, and I was still wearing it when I lowered my mouth to lick his sac. Another groan escaped him as I did. Encouraged, I took one of his balls into my mouth and gently sucked.

His hands fisted in my hair, and as I planted my free palm to his thigh for support, I felt his muscles tense. “Fuck,” he uttered breathless. While I switched to the other, I sent him a glance, and the look on his face aroused me like no other. His lips were parted and his eyes were hooded – a sure sign he was enjoying this. That boosted my ego.

Once I returned to his erection, I increased both my pace and the pressure I applied. Managing the pressure of suction was easily most taxing, as my jaw and cheeks always started to ache after a while. I had his size to thank for that. So during quick breaks to relieve the tension, I licked across the head of his erection, particularly around the back where I knew he was especially sensitive.

When he was as hard as possible, it was time for the real challenge. Deep-throating him. After reeling in a long breath, I closed my eyes and removed my hand to use only my mouth. And then I took him in as far as I managed.

“Ah,” he groaned and, carefully, held my head in place. “Fuck, Cara.”

I pulled back to have another go, and this time, I didn’t hold back on the speed. Grabbing his thighs, I rapidly bobbed my head. Tears prickled my eyes as I fought against the urge to gag.

“Love, I’m coming,” he warned through a loud pant. Since I was determined to swallow every last drop, I continued without hesitation, even though a tear did escape my eye.

“Shit, that’s it,” he moaned and tugged my hair so hard that another tear of mine slipped away. When he proceeded to thrust into my mouth, yet another one rolled down my cheek, but thankfully, he spilled himself in my mouth two thrusts after that. After swallowing his release, I milked him for another few seconds, but he slipped out of my mouth when he leaned against the counter in search of support.

I gazed up at him as I cleaned the corners of my mouth with the pad of my index finger. The look of him left a smile on my mouth. He looked high.

“You taste as great as ever,” I commented.

He released a breathy chuckle before he tossed his head back and closed his eyes to savour the moment. In fairness, he was barely standing. “Your blowjobs are astounding, Cara.”

I snickered as I stood and walked over to stand with one of his legs between both of mine. “Come to think of it,” I said, “I do find it quite interesting that I’m able to make you come in mere minutes with my mouth when you last for ages whenever we have proper sex.”

“I can be quick during regular sex,” he argued and lazily straightened his neck again. “But I tend to hold back. I don’t want to come that fast. The act is just as – if not more – rewarding than the orgasm.” When he opened his eyes to regard me, I saw that his bliss was still subsiding. “Holding back when you’re blowing me just seems kind of cruel. And selfish.”

I tilted my head. “Hm.”

All of a sudden, a crooked smile decorated his mouth. “Do you know, I don’t think I’ve told you this, but you’re the first ever to manage to make me come solely from a blowjob.”

I gaped. “What?”

He laughed and nodded his head. “Yeah.”



I looked away from him, blinking. Was I really that good? “That’s... Wow.”

“Yeah,” he chuckled, “I meant what I said. Your blowjobs truly are exceptional.”

I directed my eyes to his again. “Well, you’re the first that’s ever managed to make me come solely through fingering. Usually, the finger doesn’t give me much. With you, it’s another story.”

He grinned. “I wonder if the mental component is to thank for it.”


“I’d say so.”

I patted his chest and focused on the stove where I saw various chopped vegetables occupy a frying pan.

He followed my gaze. “Yeah,” he sighed, “if those turn out soggy, it’ll be your fault.”

I laughed. “I don’t understand what’s going on with you lately. First the enigma, and now this? What’s brought all this on? Why the special–” I stopped talking when panic seized me. Colour drained from my face while I stiffened against him. Now that I thought about it, what had brought all of this on? Was he hoping to warm me up to something serious? A question I wasn’t ready for?

Seeming to notice my sudden apprehension, he grabbed my jaw and forced me to look at him. “Spill it, Cara. Please.”

I gulped as my heart raced – or was it climbing toward my throat? I worried that sharing my thoughts would make me sound conceited, that it was absurd of me to even think in that direction, but at the same time, I knew my concerns were something I ought to communicate. “I’m a bit nervous you’re going to ask me something I’m not ready for,” I blurted out and stared alarmed at him.

He smiled back, crookedly, and his complementary chuckle placated me. “First of all, I’m very grateful you’re this honest with me about your thoughts. I was prepared to have to drag it out of you, so I’m glad that won’t be necessary.

“Second, please don’t worry. It’s nothing like that. This – all of this – is actually something I planned before the assault.” He straightened while he cupped my cheeks to arrest my eyes. “This is how I planned to tell you that I love you before you went and ruined it – before you stole the spotlight.”

My lips parted with my disbelief. “What?” It was barely a whisper that poured out of my mouth.

His grin returned. “Yeah. Like I’ve said before, I’ve known that I love you for quite some time. I didn’t tell you back then since I was worried it would scare you off, so while I was biding my time, waiting for you to catch up, I planned this. Essentially, I decided that I’d give you a month to warm up to the idea before I’d go ahead and tell you anyway. I wouldn’t have been able to last longer than that. Holding back was painful enough already. However, even though you went and told me first – to which I have no complaints, by the way – I gathered I’d pull through with it anyway, since it couldn’t hurt. I’ll find any excuse to tell you I love you.”

My cheeks were burning up. I couldn’t believe it. He’d had all of this planned before he was assaulted? “Seriously?”

“Absolutely. Ask Jason. He’s been tremendous help.”

I gripped his collar rather harshly, overcome with affection. I could barely contain it. “William, I... You’re out of this world. I don’t understand what I’ve done to deserve you, much less all of this, but that won’t stop me from appreciating it. You’re so good to me.”

He leaned in to place a kiss to the tip of my nose. “’Course I am. This is what you deserve. Though, you haven’t seen it all yet. There’s more left.”

He pushed away from the counter to reach for his trousers, which were still forming a pool around his ankles. After dressing into them again, he fished an envelope out of his back pocket and handed it to me.

“Here. Have a look at that while I try to salvage our dinner.”

I wrapped my hand around it and eyed him in my curiosity. “Please don’t tell me this is another IQ test.”

His responding laughter made my heart plummet. It definitely was.

“Is this all part of a greater scheme,” I said as I tapped the corner of the envelope against his chest, “where the goal is to find out whether my intellect meets your standard, so that if I fall short, you can bail before things get too serious?”

He rolled his eyes at me. “Don’t be ridiculous.”

I was still watching him when I pulled a sheet of paper out of the envelope. It took me a few seconds to actually focus on the letters of it, but once I did, my eyes sprang wide before I gasped in utter shock. “Oh, my God!” I exclaimed and turned my attention to him again while I covered my mouth with my hand, disbelieving. Was this real? Was this truly happening? “You didn’t!”

He watched me in evident fascination, head tilted. “I did.”

“No! Arctic Monkeys, William! These are meet-and-greet VIP tickets!” My heart thundered. Soon enough, tears welled in my eyes. From the look of it, he’d arranged for me to meet my favourite band eight months from now, and the truth of it was something I experienced as entirely surreal. “I can’t believe this!” I wailed. “I think I’m going to cry. Yes, I’m actually going to cry.”

Visibly charmed, soft laughter drifted out of him while he brought both his arms around me to hug me while I wept true tears of joy. “You’re like a child about to visit Disney World,” he commented and dropped a kiss to the top of my head while he rubbed my back.

I dried my cheeks while I bent my neck to look up at him. “William, I can’t believe you’ve done this. You’re coming with me, right?”

He shrugged. “If you want. You can give that other ticket to anyone you like.”

I gripped his collar. “I want to go with you. This is definitely a memory I want us to have together.”

That made him beam at me. “Then I’ll come with.”

I wiped my cheek again and stared at the tickets while I tried to comprehend the actuality of this. “This is the sweetest thing anyone’s ever done for me, Will. It’s honestly a dream come true. I’m overwhelmed. I really did not expect this. Ever. I’m so shocked.”

He pinched the paper between his index and long finger, lifted it out of my grasp, and then turned it around between us. “There’s more, but you’ll need to solve this if you’re going to find it. It’s a bit of a treasure map.”

Since I was truly overwhelmed, I hadn’t the mind to scold him for the dreadful riddle present at the back of the tickets.

To some, I take the shape of a line. To others, I form a circle. I have no wings, and yet I can fly anyway.

Once I finished reading it, I steered my eyes back to his and sniffed. “I don’t get it,” I quietly said. “And why is there more? Please, this is more than I’d ever want already, Will. You’re only spoiling me now.”

He smiled lopsided. “Well, spoiling my girlfriend is one of my favourite pastimes. Anyway, this bit is a gift to myself as well. You’ll see. It’s hidden somewhere in the flat, but that’s the only hint I’ll give you for the next few hours.”

My hands trembled when I grabbed around the paper again. I couldn’t recall having been this excited in a bloody long time. The fact that he’d done all this, for me, was simply staggering. Not only did it convey his affection, but it also convinced me of how well he knew me – how thoroughly he understood me. This was a tremendously sentimental gift.

To find my equilibrium, I decided to head into the living area and settle on the sofa. “I feel like such a little brat right now,” I peeped when I just barely managed to stifle a happy sob. “Like I’m a child again.”

His laughter trailed after me. “You’re endearing when you’re like this. I find it very cute.”

With flushed cheeks and protruding lips, I turned to steal a glimpse of him. “I really love you, William.”

He passed me a wink. “I live to remind you of that.”

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