Skin of the Night

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Chapter 80: Blue

The doorbell rang half an hour later. After unlocking the door downstairs, I waited for him to reach the top of the stairs since he always ignored the lift. Sure enough, he came skipping up a few seconds later.

“Shit,” he panted as he approached my figure with determined strides. “My stamina isn’t what it used to be.”

“Thank God for small mercies,” I joked the instant he wrapped his right arm around my waist to bring me close. When he lowered his head to place his mouth on mine, I felt him smile.

“Oh, I wouldn’t celebrate just yet. I doubt my sexual endurance has been affected,” he countered as he pulled away. “Where’s the garlic? You taste fine.”

I laughed. So he’d remembered that, had he? “I brushed my teeth before you arrived. Ten times or so.”

His eyebrows arched. “Overkill, don’t you think?”

“Better safe than sorry. And I was trying to show some consideration.”

His smile turned crooked. “I’m not complaining.” He lifted his gaze above my head to look into the living room. “Jason in?”

“Seeing as it’s my castle, yes, I am,” Jason replied as he moseyed out of the kitchen to welcome him. Once he caught a proper look of William’s face, his eyes narrowed. “You were prettier with eye-shadow.”

“You’re not pretty at all.”

“If you want, I can reapply it,” Jason suggested and pointed to his fist.

“I’d like to see you try.”

“Hello, excuse me, sir,” I interjected and drilled my finger into William’s chest. “You’re here for me."

“Sorry, J, but my queen has spoken.” Humour danced in his eyes when he dropped his gaze to mine. “I’ll have to obliterate your imitation of dignity at a later time.”

Jason scoffed. “Like you’ll have any strength left in you by then.”

“You might be right, seeing as I intend to spend it all on this one,” he confirmed as he kept his eyes locked with mine. A small smile tugged on his mouth when he journeyed his hand to cup my cheek, and he brushed the thumb of it across my lower lip. It tingled beneath his touch, and I found it strange. It made me wonder if I’d ever grow numb to his caresses.

“Right, I’m leaving. It was nice knowing you both,” Jason murmured and turned on his heel to head for his bedroom.

Surprising me, William dipped down to claim my mouth again, and when he kissed me now, it was with such passion that I was further startled, but I was quick to synchronise with his amorous actions. While holding my head in place with both hands, he walked me backward and kicked the door shut behind him.

When I eventually bumped into my bedroom door, he was quick to journey his right hand behind me in order to open it, and as soon as he’d managed, he planted both his large hands to my waist and proceeded to lift me. Next, he lobbed me onto my bed, and it shocked me. Since he’d been limited by his injuries the past few weeks, I’d forgotten about his brute strength.

With circumspection, I watched him close and lock the door before he turned to approach me, and the sizzling heat of his gaze paralysed me. When he proceeded to climb into the bed, large body hovering above me, I swallowed a lump in my throat. We hadn’t had sex in a position that demonstrated his physical superiority in quite a long time, and it made me feel both small and vulnerable beneath him.

That wasn’t about to change anytime soon, and his next actions made that abundantly clear. Grabbing the sash of my black silk robe, he quickly untied it with one hand. As he spread the garment apart, he inhaled sharply upon the view now unveiled to him.

Suddenly, his eyes shot back to mine, and the lust they harboured rendered me speechless. I rarely felt so devoured by eyes alone, and it only happened with him. “Tell me how hard I should take you,” he said, and his voice sounded so sensual that my walls clenched. “And then I’ll take you just a bit harder,” he continued, ever lascivious.

Since my tongue appeared to have disconnected from my brain, I only gawked back at him, overwhelmed by his sexual prowess. How I’d missed my carnal William.

Since I failed to reply, a chuckle drifted out of his mouth, fanning across my bare chest. “Then you’ll have to tell me if I get too rough,” he demanded and flicked his tongue across my erected nipple. The sensation of it bolted straight to my sex, leaving it to tingle and beg for his attention.

“Okay,” I replied, but it was barely a whisper. How he could arouse me so effortlessly was honestly a remarkable achievement.

While trailing the tip of his nose down my belly, he asked, “I’m extremely impatient right now, so would you mind if we skipped the foreplay?”

“No. Get inside of me already,” I answered breathlessly and clasped his jaw to bring his lovely set of lips back to mine. His smile blended with our kiss while he struggled to undo his trousers between us, but as soon as he’d managed, I felt the crest of him slide across my folds. He groaned into my mouth then.

“Always ready, Cara,” he stated appreciatively and proceeded to thrust into me. Gasping at the fulfilment, I clung to him by wrapping my limbs tightly around his robust frame. Aside from his skull fracture, my man was surely back in one piece.

“Oh, my God,” I breathed.

His mouth sealed over mine then, and how I welcomed it. The powerful intimacy of our position struck me hard, leaving me to endure a moment of raw, intense love for him. Moaning into his perfect kiss, I caressed his broad back. His skin was soft like velvet beneath my hands, but upon his next thrust, my caresses quickly transformed into clawing. Clearly, he hadn’t lied. He was going much harder than I’d expected, and it was more painful than pleasurable.

“Oh,” I whimpered and pulled away from his mouth to focus.

“Too rough?” he panted worriedly.

“Maybe a bit.”


“It’s fine.”

Retreating, his next shove was somewhat gentler, but I could tell from his strained muscles that he was struggling to repress his urges.

“Shit,” he uttered through grinding teeth and propped himself on his strong arms on either side of me. His gaze swept across my body beneath his, and once it reached my eyes, he exhaled loudly and lowered his head to steal another hungry kiss.

I loved this position. He couldn’t have chosen a better one. Beneath him, I still felt small and vulnerable, but from the way he was treating me I also felt utterly protected and safe. That was what made it so irreplaceably intimate. He made me feel safe to be vulnerable, because he would act as my shield.

He kept penetrating me with that animalistic pace of his, but I revelled in it. Never once did he fail to make me feel like the sole thing he desired. Even when he fucked me like this, he managed to add a profoundly emotional dimension to it, because there was no doubting the famished lust behind his movements.

“Will, you’re gonna make me come,” I warned on an intake of breath and stared susceptibly up at him. The tension was rallying within me now, centring in my abdomen like a bomb about to go off.

Immediately, he pushed himself onto his arms again and focused his gaze to the point where our bodies parted and met, and I soon realised why. Upon his next thrust, he angled himself to push with perfect precision against my front wall.

Compulsively, my back arched. “Ah,” I moaned and squeezed my eyes shut. Fuck, that felt so good.

To take advantage of the recent gap beneath my back, his hand dashed for one of my pillows, which he then stuffed under my lower back to maintain the angle of my pelvis. Afterward, he reclined onto his heels to bring my legs over his shoulders. When he leaned over me again, head between my legs, my eyes immediately opened with my shock. This angle was out of this world. Like this, he was rubbing precisely across that sweet spot within me, seemingly without any effort.

“Wow,” I breathed in amazement, and made him laugh in the same go.

“You like that?”

“I absolutely love that,” I replied unabashedly.

“Duly noted.” He offered me a complacent smile before he pushed deeper.

My eyebrows furrowed at once. “Shit.”

“Let me know if I’m going too deep,” he urged and gently retreated only to slam into me again.


“Oh, my God, Will,” I wailed when he settled into a punishing rhythm that blew my mind. Since I momentarily forgot how to breathe, I only gaped up at him while I fisted the bed sheets. It took him no more than six thrusts to send me over the edge, so when I cried out in abandon, he hurried to push my legs away so that he could smother my quivering figure with his weight. While I was riding through my orgasm, he switched to a slow and gentle pattern, and I absolutely relished it. It made the aftermath all the more enjoyable.

“I love watching you come,” he murmured and left amorous kisses all across my face – even my eyelids.

“That was an incredible orgasm,” I remarked, and my tone was lazy even to my ears. “Thank you.”

His chuckle breezed my face before he pecked the tip of my nose. “Your wish is my command.”

I couldn’t find the strength to open my eyes again until he shifted above me after about a minute. Once I did, I found him kneeling and about to bring my right leg over, so that I’d be lying on my left side. Afterward, he secured the pillow beneath my hip, grabbed onto the latter, and thrust into me again. Fucking hard.

“Oh,” I immediately uttered.

“Cara,” he groaned, and the sound of it prompted me to look up at him. His lips were parted in that sensual way of his. It was blatant from his facial expression that he was enjoying me, and that both encouraged and turned me on.

He bent over me then, large hands tracing my curves and squeezing my breasts. “You’re so fucking beautiful,” he cooed. “Honestly, you have no idea how stunning you are.”

Heat climbed to my cheeks, and it wasn’t because of his carnal treatments. “I feel that way about you.”

His eyes glinted with his grin. “And you’re all mine.”

“Yes, Will, I am. I sometimes think I always have been.”

He froze for a beat. “What?”

Smiling, I pushed myself onto my arms and pulled away from him. As I turned toward him again, I placed my hand to his chest and gently pushed him to recline onto his back. Once he was lying flat across the mattress, I moved to straddle him and grabbed around his member to guide it toward my entrance. Only when he was buried deep within did I lean forward to answer his question.

His eyes portrayed wonder when I lowered my head to nuzzle my nose with his. “Well, since I’ve never been in love before you came along, I sometimes think my heart was reserved for exactly you. It knew what it wanted, and you’re the only one who’ll ever embody that. Well, the hopeless romantic in me fancies that idea.”

His responding grin was so beautiful that I resorted to stare at it, smitten. Meanwhile, his lovely, warm hands roamed all across my body, savouring and worshipping.

“I’d no idea you had the capacity for a hopeless romantic.”

I snickered. “Neither did I. We were introduced quite recently, right around the time you barged into my life.”

A sweet chuckle slipped out of him. “Well, I intend to nurture that hopeless romantic,” he said and cupped my cheeks in his hands to guide me into another prolonged kiss.

“You already are, Will.”

“Have you opened his message yet?” Jason enquired when he exited his bedroom to find my figure standing freshly showered in the kitchen, making tea for William and I.

“No,” I murmured and glimpsed him across my shoulder. “Just about to.”

“Right. Well, I’m going to head out to shop some groceries, so best of luck.”


When he passed my bedroom door, he appeared to halt. “Aye, shithead. I’m heading out to buy some groceries. You want anything?” he asked of his brother.

“No, thanks. Cara’s making tea, though, so perhaps she’d like some butter biscuits.”

Upon hearing his response, I smiled to myself. He knew me so well.

“Good thinking.”


“See you later, then.”


“Dickhead,” Jason replied with a tone of brotherly affection.

When the water had finished boiling, I poured it into two mugs and made my return to my bedroom where my naked boyfriend laid spread across my entire mattress, on his belly. While my duvet was covering his lower body, his calves and feet were poking out beyond the edge of my bed. Consequentially, I arched my eyebrow. Aside from the fact that the view was unfairly sexy and inviting, he made my bed look tiny. No wonder he had a massive one at his own place.

“You make my bed look like it’s miniature-sized,” I commented as I approached to hand him one of the mugs.

Realising what I meant, he lifted his head to eye his legs. “I quite like that it’s not as big as mine.”


After positioning himself so that his broad back was resting against the headboard of my bed, he grabbed the mug I was extending to him. “Well, it sort of forces us to cuddle, doesn’t it? Not much space to go on. Mine’s for acrobatic sex, yours is for lovemaking and cuddling.”

I chuckled. “You have a knack for seeing the positives.”

“Well, one of us has got to,” he teased and slurped on his tea. “Ouch,” his head jerked backward, “that’s hot.”

“Well, duh. You didn’t order the iced version.”

“I didn’t order anything at all. This was your idea,” he argued. “But I’m grateful, anyway.”

To join him in bed, I placed my own cup of tea on my nightstand and proceeded to climb into his lap. Once I was between his legs, I turned to use his chest for back support and dragged the duvet over our lower bodies.

“Tea, please,” I ordered and opened my hand for invitation. Obeying, he stretched toward my nightstand and handed it to me.

“Phone, please,” I ordered next.

“Cheeky one, aren’t you?” he grumbled, but obliged nevertheless.


After leaving a kiss at the top of my head, he rested his chin on it while I unlocked my phone.

“Can you see my screen?” I asked.


Now nervous, I inhaled sharply. “Good. Ready, then?”


I said nothing else as I entered the app to finally open Robby’s message. Within me, my heart pounded. This level of transparency wasn’t something I was used to. Sure, William hadn’t demanded to actually view our chat, but I’d suggested it to show consideration. It simply seemed like the best alternative, because this way, he’d receive a proper, candid understanding of exactly what our dialogue might include, and I sincerely hoped that would inspire him to trust me a bit more down the road. I had nothing to hide, and I meant to prove that to him.

Suddenly, his left arm came around me to press me tightly against his chest. “I can actually feel your heart beating, Cara,” he mumbled into my hair. “I want you to know that this isn’t something I take for granted, and I promise I won’t get mad if he says anything inappropriate.”

“Okay,” I wheezed and pressed my thumb against my screen to open his message. Since he was still online, I started typing ‘hey’ back, even if my trembling fingers were making it difficult.

My heart jolted at how quick he was to read it. Soon enough, three dots occupied the lower half of my screen. Anxious, I sipped on my tea and completely ignored how hot it was.

I was surprised when his reply included a photo of a person with blue hair some seats away from him on the tube, and the memory it elicited made a bundle of impulsive laughter charge out of my mouth.

’Thought I saw you on the tube today’, he’d written along with it.

‘Omg,’ I instantly replied and dropped my phone to shield my face while I laughed.

“What’s that about?” William asked.

Since I was worried that not elaborating would provoke his jealousy, I decided to explain. “During summer holiday two years ago, Robby and I were teammates during a quiz against his flatmate, Tyler, and Tyler’s girlfriend, Rosaline. Since Robby and I were super arrogant about it, certain that we’d win, we said the loser team had to colour they hair blue for a whole month, and... Robby and I lost. Poetic justice, I suppose.”

William stiffened against me. “You’ve had blue hair?” he asked disbelievingly.

“Yes, for a whole month. You should have seen people’s faces when Robby and I were walking down the street together, or just in lectures. We made a joke about our anthem being ‘Blue’, by Eiffel 65. Ever since, we’ve always snapped photos of people with blue hair and sent it to each other.”

“That’s brave... I wouldn’t think you had the guts to do that. I mean your sense of style is... well, it’s quite sophisticated and traditional.”

“It’s only hair. It grows out again. And it was only for a month. I coloured it back to brown as soon as I could. It helped that Robby had it as well, though. Solidarity, sort of. I remember Jason cried of laughter when he first saw it.”

He said nothing, so I focused on my screen again, wondering what to reply.

’That’s hilarious 😂’, I wrote, and hurried to open Youtube to send him our anthem.

‘Haha, proper banger that one,’ he wrote back. Unsure of whether to reply, I stared at my screen for the whole minute it took him to start a new message, and once I saw the three dots, I had another sip of my tea.

‘I met Livy the other day,’ he said. ‘But you probably already knew that.’

’Yeah, she told me. How’s Colin doing? 😒

‘Shit. He’s in pieces.’

I don’t feel sorry for him.′

’I didn’t expect you would. Tbh, I don’t either. He’s learned a valuable lesson, though.′

‘Is he back with Jess then?’

‘Nah. He’s trying to get Livy back, but she’s deleted him on social media and blocked his number, so he’s not sure what to do.’

‘Omg. Nothing. He’s supposed to do nothing. Tell the prick to leave her alone. If she wanted anything to do with him, she wouldn’t go to those measures.’

’I have told him

I hadn’t expected to sit here fuming, but the idea that Colin wasn’t respecting Olivia’s decision was infuriating after everything he’d done to her.

“Did you know she’d done that? Deleted him on social media?” William asked of me, and his tone held positive surprise.

“No. Must’ve happened recently.”

“Well done, Olivia,” he commended.

’Good,′ I replied to Robby.

″Anyway,′ he sent back, but then wrote, deleted, wrote some more and then deleted that again. An entire three minutes lapsed before he finally managed to send his next message.

‘I actually reached out because I was wondering if we could talk f2f.’

My heart skipped a beat before I turned my head to look at William. He stared back at me for a while, his expression sober, and I was certain my hope shined from my eyes. Finally, he nodded his head.

“Could you ask him why, though?” he murmured.

I wriggled my head a bit, searching for a kiss, but the one he gave wasn’t heartfelt.

“Sure,” I said and concentrated on my screen again.

‘Sure. What’s on your mind?’

‘I’d rather tell you in person. It’s not appropriate for text.’

I frowned with some concern. ‘Is it serious?’

‘You could say that. Are you available this week?’


‘Sounds good.’

‘Regular pub?’

‘Actually, it would be better if you came to mine.’


‘Seven sound good?’


‘Good. See you then x’

‘Yeah x’

Three dots occupied my screen for the longest time after that, and when he finally sent the message, I soon realised why.

‘And Cara... I’ve missed you.’

My breath hitched. Electricity poured through my heart at his lovely statement, because it resonated. If William hadn’t been here, I would have said the same immediately, but since he was in fact present, I locked my phone instead and stared blankly ahead for a moment, deciding that I could tell him I’d missed him on Friday.

“That was odd,” I eventually murmured.

“I don’t like it.”

I turned to face him. “Why?”

His Adam’s apple ascended and fell with his swallow. “What if he’s going to try and persuade you to pick him? Since he wants to talk face to face, it sounds like he’s going to go all in.”

I placed my mug in the windowsill before I moved to straddle him. Cupping his head in my hands, I placed a tender kiss to his mouth.

“I don’t think that’s it, Will, but if it is, you’ve nothing to worry about. I’m not going anywhere.”

Wrapping his arms around me, he shifted us around so that I was lying beneath him again, and the kiss he proceeded with made my heart explode with delicious butterflies. Starving for more of him, I hooked my limbs around him and kissed him back with all the passion I contained.

I’d no idea how long we’d been kissing for when Jason unlocked the front door and sauntered toward my bedroom. “Oh, my God, really?” He moaned in despair from the doorway. “You don’t even think to shut the bloody door? Jesus Christ,” he complained and tossed a packet of butter biscuits toward us.

Pulling away from my mouth, William glanced over his shoulder at his lower body. Laughter surged out of him then. “Duvet must’ve slipped off when I moved.”

“You’re disgusting, Will.” With that, he shut the door between us.

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